5/3/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Late Night with Conan O'Brien

Thursday, May 3, 2007
Orpheum Theatre
San Francisco, CA



Mark, Rad
Saw it as well on the tele. Bob looked a bit disappointed when he left the stage, too bad he could not play more than one tune

Stilton, Fenerio
I saw it on the tube also.Total lack of emotion and uninvolving. Will he ever shave that awful looking beard?

John Davis, Baraboo,wi
Why don't you calm down and watch it again on YouTube. Listen to the jam at the very end and look at Bobby's face. It was Really Great and he looks happy.

ella, hollywood
Ive heard better Jack Straws, but remember they were on tv with a different crowd. My opinion, the best band touring at this time of our lives. Keep the faith. Thank You Guys

Bob Davies, Johnstown, PA
Outstanding performance, considering it was a one-song TV show.

Dr.K, nc
Given the time constraints and the innate bizarre nature of network T.V., the dog played a sweet altered version of Jack Straw. Waddaya want, Holograms of Jerry noodling?

Will , Floral Park, NY
Yeah -- gimme some of dem Jerry holograms !!!

Nah -- the Conan show just needed 12 or 15 more songs. Bob's beard is no concern o' mine. Can't wait for the next show I can get to ----- THE DOG ROCKS!

Have them back Conan and next time give them at least 2 songs! I've heard them do Jack Straw better and they would have picked up with the next tune I'm sure. It's a very difficult time to do anything well it seems.

Glinda, Canada
Bob singing in front of that scaled down GG bridge was a sight. Beard and all! The band sounded pretty decent and Bob just keeps rollin on. Thanks Bob.

rich, mill valley
Would have been great if they did 2 songs but overall a good jack straw in a strange environment for the dog. Cannot wait to catch some more dog shows this summer

eran, long island
Bob and the Dogs where great for having only one song to jam with, some of you people need to lighten up, where else can you get this close to Jerry these Days!! Nowhere!
Can`t wait to see the Ratdog at Humphreys and the Greek, ROCK ON and 1 St Stephan please

Chris, San Diego
Love the Dog ! You go Bob ! Can't wait to see you at 10KLF !

Listen ,TV has always been a long strange trip

I also thought Bob looks happy jamming, this is a good thing

Peace to All

John, Galena
Bobby: Bohemian Grove?

No other way to try and communicate other than your message board.

I am not one to pass judgement but what is up with the Bohemian Grove society you apparently belong to? Why? It seems so non dead? I am not one to judge but tell me one good reason heads should see this as a good thing?

I only saw 100 dead shows- I sell software now for a living, have a colleg degree, do the corporate thing myself now, so I do not want to judge- frankly I do not care that much, but it is sort of disturbing. I mean, I wear suites everyday so if you want to hang iwth the corporate elite and do weird stuff in the woods with a bunch of rich men then fine, but it is something I wish you would speak out about. Perhaps denying or admiitting your invovlement with Bohemian Grove and explaining it.

I am seriously at a loss here. I always have respected your work and music and side projects but this elitest invovlement honestly make me want to sell the tickets I have for your upcoming tour.

It means a lot to me that poeple have the freedom to do what they want and you deserve the same thing, but this whole Bohemian grove thing does not sit well with me. It is like my grandpa when I was a preist for halloween, it just did not sit well with him..maybe I am the conservative one here but help bob! What is up?

It is your life man.

brendan mcauley, guilford ct
I was really psyched about this, I wasn't really dissapointed with it as i was pissed a conan o'brien for wasting time with stupid frisbees, meanwhile RD only gets to play for 3.5 minutes.....a good version, but no jams, and jay looked scared shitless (nervous maybe)

jeremy , JESSUP PA