6/17/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, June 17, 2007
Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival
Manchester, TN


Kudos to Bobby and the band for working all these years to push the sound out there. They have captured that synchronicity of music maker, soundscape and audience participation made a part of our collective soul by the Grateful Dead. For all the world, they sound equal to the Dead in sound, aspiration and feel.

Loved the show! When's the next one?


Van Bunch, Signal Mountain, TN
The boys played a really good show in the heat of the day.
It was fun to hear them on that sound system. Really fun,despite the heat.
See you at Allgood.

Fozzie, Ashevegas
All I can say is wow...This show was blistering from the moment they stepped on stage. The set choice was optimal for an hour and thirty minute slot, with hardly any slow points, mostly due to not picking up any acoustic instruments. They just didn't slow down. They were all enthusiastic, espescially Mark, and Rockin' Robin tre The Other One apart as soon as Bobby gave him the motion. Truly satisfying for my first show of Summer.

John Schumm, Columbus, OH
The boys came out on a scorching Tennessee Sunday afternoon and laid down a solid show for sure. The opening jam meandered for a few minutes before building toward a nice Help and Slip that got the crowd into the show. The transition into Minglewood was flowing and Bob mixed in several Tennessee references and a verse I hadn't heard before: "Going to San Francisco, even if I have to crawl, Cause the women in San Francisco sure know how to ball (bawl?)." The band kept the jam going, but I thought She Says really let the energy out of the crowd. Everyone just had to sort of stop dancing at that point. I think a smokin Maggie's Farm would have been nice in the spot, for obvious reasons and to throw a Dylan song in the mix. Towards the end of She Says security opened up about a ten foot space in front of the stage for photographers and literally about 100 press photographers came pouring in while band was jammin. They bust into Money for Gasoline and the whole place was rockin and the boys were all smilin for the cameras. This song was the highlight of the afternoon for me, as the band sounded great and everyone was groovin and feelin the newer song, and the press was snapping away. We said goodbye to the photographers with the Bucket, and they all stared into the crowd as we sang the chorus. Hell, even the security supervisor in front of me was singing every word. A nice little jam into OO, which seemed short, as Bob booked it off stage as soon as he possibly could. It was probably close to 95 degrees at this time, so maybe he was just warm, but he looked hot and bothered when he left the stage. Jay gave the crowd a little tease with a "Tennessee, Tennessee, tell me what you got for me" chant during stuff, and Bob was back after a few minutes to lead the band into Come Together. Now I like this song, but every time I see it either the audience messes up the chorus timing or Bob forgets the words, and we had both on this one, even with the lyrics taped to the stage. I think this one either needs to be aced or put back on the drawing board. The show ended strong with a standard Stones and a funky Franklins. McNally was checkin his watch but Bobby led the crowd in a Sunday service with a nice Sampson. I think the second chorus Bob led the band with a tambourine, and it was a nice touch to the ending of a great afternoon with Bobby and the Boys and 50,000 of my closest friends.

Overall, I think the band was rushed with this time slot, but it was a great afternoon. I think they should have had the 5:30 spot instead on this stage, but this illustrates how Bonnaroo is moving int he wrong direction IMHO. They even spelled it "Bob Wier and Ratdog" on the official schedule. Complete lack of respect.

JackStrawfromWichita, Wichita