7/7/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Saturday, July 7, 2007
Chastain Park Amphitheatre
Atlanta, GA


Hello!?!??!?! Keller Williams and his one man band act for more than an hour???!!!! KW for 30 minutes alone maybe. Another 30 ith Bobby in acoustic session, which was hot. But RatDog was hot, just not enough. What they played was good, just not enough minutes!!

steve, atlanta
I agrre with steve...this show was awesome, just too short...the set list was a real pleaser and the band sounded so good. this was a real nice time

John, Dahlonega
First I was surprised to see Ratdog play Chastain with all the restrictions that are placed with all bands ie Time curfew sound level etc.. However the boys put on a great show. Just wished it was longer.

Steve, Atlanta
Hey guys - since Chastain is in a residential neighborhood, bands have an 11:00 curfew - it's a city ordinance. That's the reason for one long set as opposed to two.

abc, Atlanta, GA
Chastain Park has a curfew but it was a fun and different venue for Ratdog. Keller Williams was fine and did not play too long in my opinion. Some people paid and came to see Keller. It was a short show but I saw Ratdog play a long, two set show two a half empty venure in Athens four months ago. That said, the music was awesome and I loved Steve Kimock. Jack Straw was clean and powerful (the reggae interlude seemed to have moved to Cassidy). The accoustic Dylan songs were well done and Masters of War was a treat. Sugaree was a highlight, and Kenny's jam was especially hot in my view. I heard no booing but lots of vigorous and hearty cheering. It was a cool misting night in a lovely venue with plenty of room. No complaints here!

Doug, Atlanta
I cannot agree more with everyone here. I have traveled and still travel to the far ends of the earth to see Ratdog. To only experince one set from Ratdog to say the least is...DISAPOINTING. I will be in Chigago for the show as well. Hopefully Ratdog reads these messages and makes some adjustments. But, hey I really shouldnt complain. One set of Ratdog is way better then 5 of Phil and Friends...HA HA!

Josh Perkins, La Crosse WI
Possibly i was watching another show but as verteran of 100 + Dead ahows another 20+ ratdog shows the energy level at this one was one of the lowest I have ever seen. The venue was great but the song selection was mediocre at best and not once did I want to dance with any fever at all. Just my opinion but they had best do better in NYC.


mark, ATL
Beautiful Venue, great weather. Nice set list but, in my opinion, the set was way too short. The guys sounded great so i hate to complain but with the ticket prices being so high I really wish they would have given us another set.

Lacey, Birmingham
Thank You Ratdog for some of the best music. I enjoyed every second. The band was TIGHT, sound was great, energy positive. Yea we always want more... but the songs were full. Great job, extra special for me.

Lynn, ChooChoo Town
I also thought Keller Williams played too long for my liking, but I guess an hour is reasonable, for an opening act. First I've heard him. I found some of the playing really good, but just grew tired of it after a while.

I thought the Rat Dog set was pretty good. I gave it a 5, though I was teetering between that and a 4. No doubt, it had some great moments - like the solos in Sugaree, and Cassidy Reprise. But mostly, it was just OK, in my opinion. I had the thought during Jack Straw, that even though the jamming was tight, it was still slow/low-energy overall. I thought of this, when I read Mark's review. I definitely like Steve's guitar playing.

Mike, ATL
Chastain Park, 7/07/07

time is earthbound
one moment could be an eternity
look beyond

Ratdog is a gift

Celestial thoughts for MarK
Gracious thanks to Steve
Feverish applause to the Boys

Fragment, Sayreville NJ, Oregon, Georgia
Overall, this was not the best ratdog show I have seen. I was not soo upset by the short set, but it is as if they could not get out of the slow blues tempo. No energy.

Song selections could have been better, but Sugaree was strong.

Nonetheless, I enjoyed myself!

Jim, Atlanta
We used to talk about how great it would have been if the Grateful Dead had played under the stars at Chastain, and kudos to Bobby for serving it up. Great show, even though disappointingly short due to local regulations.

Hey Bobby, if you read this, see if you can get started earlier next year, or maybe drop the opening act for the Chastain show, so we can enjoy more of your wonderful music in this terrific venue.

David, Atlanta
Chastain, Chastain..... such disdain for Chastain.... while it was a beautiful venue with a great misty rain, the restrictions at Chastain with the short time constraints is a downer...not to mention that the pricey 6 seat reserve table seating in the front spectators seemed to just sit there all night...oh until the end!.... but OH SO LOVELY A SHOW it was! And Bobby knew who was there to boogie with him alright.. MORE, MORE, MORE seems to be the overall chant......but isnt that always the case? A great setlist mingled through the vibe of the crowd, and found its mark on several highpoints.... and even though it could have rolled on into a stellar second set (?) it was too short (no fault to Bobby and the boys)..great to see in the outdoor venue as always, and I for one will take as much as they give me, but more is always desired! Great Show!

jasons-moon, atlanta
Well played show. 17 minute Sugareeeee! nothing left in the tank after that, but(and it is a big stinky butt) with the high ticket prices , Com'on Ace! One hour and forty eight minutes oh, well hang it up and see what tomorrow brings.

Christopher, Columbia
My first Ratdog show- Blew my mind!!! I'm not sure if it really rivals the days of Jerry, but it was much better than some of the Dead shows I've seen (followed the Dead for a few years all across the US)- but in a way Ratdog is so much more refined. I just really had a blast and Thanks to all of you who came to our city and were great visitors!!! Peace, Jim

Jim, ATL
Great set and they sounded tight for SK only being there a short while, but if they play Chastain again with an opener, they need to start at 6:00

chris, Savananh, GA
Cassidy, Mississippi Half-Step, and Sugaree were worth the price of admission, alone.

That said, I'd like to take my swings at this dead horse.

Keller is just so boooooooooooring. And overrated, I might add. His looping gimmick is cute at first, but it doesn't take long before everything he does starts to sound the same. What's more, he's sings moronic songs about breast implants and who-knows-what-else.

So, for the sake of other fans on this tour... cut down the Keller set to zero to thirty minutes, and let 'er rip!

Can't wait for ALL GOOD!

Jarrett, Atlanta, GA
Short set, but it had it's moments. Kimock played well. Sugaree was a highlight. I enjoyed the Keller set but I only listened to the first half, I was drinking beer outside. The second half, BoobJob, Love Handles, Play for my dinner, and the Bob songs were good. It was a good time, but obviously not the best show. They did well with the time they had and the limited rehearsal with Kimock.

Alex, Orlando
Drove a good while for this show. First and foremost, I am not only a huge Dog fan, but a Keller fan as well. This show, in theory, is the best of both worlds for me. Unlike the majority of the other reviews posted so far, the longer than normal Keller set was greatly appreciated and came to my surprise. Bobby and the boys, as always, rocked it. The time constraints brought about by Chastain though, I must say, are extremely frustrating. If you can't handle the noise, get the hell out of the surrounding neighborhood!

Look forward to more shows from Keller and Bob in the future.

Peace and love!

Danny, Murfreesboro, TN
I bought the show CD and did not get anything on the third CD. The last song on CD #2 was Half Step and Stuff -Nothing more...anybody else experience this?
Good show, just too short. Ms Half Step was highlight for me.

Hal White, Atlanta, GA
I don't have a review for this show. I wasnt there. I do however have a ? for all y'all ATL dogs. How was Kimock??? just a little curious out west....

desertdan, oakland
Ratdog sound beautiful; Crisp, Round, Bright, and loud enough to create some real killer dynamics. Every time I see Ratdog, I have a great time. Before you knock Kimock for his habits or personality, just remember that he is doing us all a great service by filling that lead guitar slot. Excellent guitar work throughout, and on such short notice. Kimock's presence made for some really interesting tension and release, and added a firey element to the jams. I was hoping for at least a double encore, but feel extremely lucky that Bob is still out there doing it for us, and doing it extremely well.

I personally could have done without the Keller Williams set, although getting Weir to do "Dark Hollow" and "On the Road Again" almost made KW's set tolerable. I think looping is cool, but it removes any element of interplay and really seemed to me out of place at this event. Beyond self-indulgent. Just boring. I simply don't understand the appeal of him whatsoever, but maybe he was having an off night. Never heard him before.

Bottom line. Great tunes, beatiful night, stellar sound, Cassidy reprise. Thanks Bob!

midnight, Nashville
How was Kimock? Strong. Articulate. A bit Shy. By the time this tour ends I'd imagine SK's playing will be more brave and confident. The band sounded great. When they played smooth and slow you found your seat and dug the groove. The increased tempo had you up shakin' your heinie. There were a few moments when SK seemed to be quiet as if contemplatiing his next moves. The were the right ones. This is one of my favorite shows. Short, but very sweet. Catch'em while you can.

Moore, Chattanooga
The show was fairly good, well played, SK did very well, but I was not impressed with the set list. It seemed that everything, with the exception of Sugaree jams, never got above a good simmer.

But, be that as it may, it was great to see Bob out there enjoying himself.

Bob, Ellijay
I thought it was a great show - but - as always, sooooo let down by the crowd at Chastain. Old people not there for the band eating shrimp cocktails with their backs to the stage. Lots of cell phone chatting...

Anyone else think that the Masters of War was not an absolute coincidence?

You hide in your mansion
As young people's blood
Flows out of their bodies
And is buried in the mud.

Noticed some sincere unrest from the crowd at the bottom during this one!

While MK was sorely missed this weekend, I came away with a new found respect for Steve Kimock.

I have been very negative of Kimock before, mostly because of the Phil tour incident.

He began to win me over during the Rhythm Devils set at GOTV last year.

His willingness to jump in during Ratdog's hour of need was a wonderful and selfless act. His statement was humble and sincere.

While the Atlanta show had a few miscues, SK's tone and playing was beautiful. I know there is going to be bashing of the Atlanta show, especially for length, but if you weren't there, listen to the 17 minute Sugaree before you condemn this show.

This is a very difficult time for the band and for us as a community (remember 86 and 92 anybody?) Let's keep the spirit of positivity and good will to help us all through this time. Mark Karan deserves that.

So I would just like to publically apologize to Steve Kimock (and Ace) for some of my past mean-spirited comments. Thank you Steve!

Purplybob, Thomasville, NC
I concur with everyone in the too much Keller, not enough Ratdog comments. And never have I seen so many people sitting down at a Ratdog show. A little funny to see 1/4 of the pit area on their feet throughout - pretty much the .org crew - with the rest of the people sitting and chatting.

We had excellent box seats just left of the soundboard and fortunately didn't have many chatty types in our section, so I was more bemused than bothered by the crowd. Someone told me it was especially loud for a Chastain show, but I didn't think it loud enough for a Ratdog show. Sound was crisp and clear though, so I really can't complain in that regard. Just was to short.

Yes, they tore up Sugaree, but for me the highlight was the jam out of Cassidy. Kimock's first chance to really shine, and shine he did. The 'usual' jam was altered considerably with the stand in guitarist, but that just opened the door for a more improvisational rendition. Steve stepped to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Just loved his work.

Mark was, of course, missed. Particularly on Miss. 1/2 step, which while very good, lacked the level of emotional pull that it often has. And although I don't normally notice the harmony vocals all that much, his voice was notable in its absence.

I would assume the absence of any Ratdog originals was in deference to Kimock. Although it may have been geared to the crowd as well, which probably wanted nothing but Grateful Dead songs they'd already heard.

A lovely venue despite the tepid audience and I'd surely go back. But only for two sets. There just wasn't nearly enough Ratdog.

jon c., Tallahassee, FL
Chastain is Chastain, good and bad.

Dark Hollow was an unexpected treat. First time for me in 5 decades!

Masterpiece>1/2 step>Sugaree were "beyond description"

When your only complaint is that it was too short....it's always too short.

Hurry back boys!

Jethead, Atlanta, GA
Good to see Bobby looking so rested. Mark was missed but I was pleasently reminded that Bobby can play. Any shortcomings were on the audience. As usual I didn't get enough and sugaree was a stompin' good time. Robin is a big o flirt. Can't wait to see you all again.

suzi, alabama

look i like a good show like the rest of you, BUT man this was way too short for such a long trip ( i made). and why are they bothering selling the show on 3 cds??? how about two and like knock 7 or 8 bucks off it ? the place was pretty cool (to look at) but that crap about smoking outside and across the street. THE PLACE WAS MADE OF STONE AND STEEL!!! i think MY highlight was the WARF RAT meeting between keller and dog. (waz up my sober friends) pluss ive heard most of the songs that night at the last three house of blues orlando shows i went too. man i dunno. phil & friends are starting to score more points with me. it seems like ratdog is becoming a job while P&F are more like fun! but then again maybe i just need to smoke a fatty and relax. lol just not for 2day !

the fatman, deland florida
I thought it was an AWESOME SHOW...Cassidy, Sugaree! Missed MK but Steve Kimock was smokin! And Yes I agree with everyone the show was short but then again they all are.... MORE, MORE, MORE Bob Weir & Ratdog!

Thanks for a GREAT TIME!

Melissa/ Alpharetta, GA

Melissa, Alpharetta
Too much Keller, not enough Ratdog, way too short. Chastain is a great venue, but bag the tables(some bands play no table shows there), and let the real fans sit up front. I was lucky enough to sit at a table close up, and all the people at the tables wouldn't shut up during the set. A Ratdog show is not a social event, real fans are there for the music. Give us the good seats, bag the opening act, and play 2 sets. Ninety eight % of the people were ther to see Ratdog, not Keller Williams.

Mike, Lawrenceville,GA
i guess I was at a completely different show than most of the other reviewers were!! My impression is not so favorable. I swore off Ratdog a while back for the same reasons A build up to certain let down. I had hopes with Kimock this would be different. No such luck. As usual every time someone starts to take a strong lead Bobby shuts them down!! He cannot stand for anyone to upstage him. His voice is terrible It doesn't even sound like Weir singing Like an impostor. My advice to him is to shave the beard YOUR NOT JERRY!!! Go home to Marin while you still have some respect.

keller with ratdog doing dark hollow was a great start. i agree that keller was long. a two set sunsetting concert would be nice at Chastain. though it was a short show, i thought the sound and song selection was pretty good.
i personally had a blast considering i haven't seen any member of the world greatest band play since the last time they came through with Jerry at the Omni. I will be on the lookout for more ratdog in the southeast next year

bl, marietta, ga
Hey J. F. from Atlanta
I believe that all the Dog fans would appreciate you swearing off Radog shows again. Do it for the good of the fans and the band. Take your negativity elsewhere. You are definitely not deserving of the good times nor do you understand the element of the band. I've only been seeing the Dead since 1979, so I'm no expert on shows, but in my humble opinion, some of the best times on this earth are at a Dog show. So if you can't appreciate it, how about if you just keep it zipped up and not attend the shows, and leave the good times for the rest of us. Thanks Marie

Marie, Sayreville, NJ, lost in GA now
Awesome show!! Beautiful, majestic, soaring, elegant music. Crackling with energy from start to finish. Excellent and fitting song selections. Very cool and funky Stuff segment. Whole show is one big highlight reel. What a special treat to have the sterling and superb Kimock sitting in, although, of course, not under desirable circumstances. So happy to have MK back in Atlanta for two fantastic shows in '09, where he sounded better than ever. Would love to have Ratdog back to Chastain for a full 2 set show. Keep coming back to the ATL, Bobby! We love ya here!

John Phillips, Duluth, GA