7/9/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Monday, July 9, 2007
Central Park Summerstage
New York, NY


SMOKIN from start to finish...Almost 3 hours of music... Keller
was OK but much too hot to sit for him...Although interesting what we heard from outside...

Bruce/Beth , Brooklyn
Cool setting, hot weather, hotter music, good friends and my brother and son both with me! While waiting to go inside, Keller played some "positive vibes for Mark Karan" during his soundcheck, which sounded cool and got the crowd waiing in line outside into the mood, and also, encouraged us to keep MK lifted up in positive energy...

Keller was great, but maybe could have added a few GD covers to his set. He is a fantastic guitarist. My first time seeing him but I hope not my last.

Ratdog's opening energy was intense, carrying us through TNK into Playin. Steve Kimock was excellent on Ramble on Rose. Slowest El Paso I ever heard Bob sing! Corinna got the crowd back to swaying. The Weight was great with Keller back out with the boys. Help>Slip was well played. The long jam out of stuff seemed a bit lackluster, with Bob having apparent guitar difficulties. The reprise of Bird Song (begun during Keller's set with Bob sitting in) was a bit drawn out.

Overall, considering the temperature of about 100 degrees and Steve still getting used to the dynamics, a very good show. Not as great as Penns Peak in March!

Good Vibes and healing thoughts to MK...Get Well Soon....

Eric, Landing NJ
A good time was had by all.

I really enjoyed keller and am looking forward to my next experince with him, real good, real fun, really talented!

The show it's self was great. High lights for me; The Weigh, Lost little school girl and Help Slip was really special.

Should be another fun tour.



Chris, Bernardsville
I'm up in Long Island with my girlfriend for the summer and was fortunate enough to catch this show. I couldn't have asked for a better set. Did anyone else hear the Not Fade Away tease? Keller 'mouth trumpeting' during Franklin's Tower was a big treat for me. And as always, U.S. Blues was on fire!

Jhesse, Morgantown, WV
I loved the opening Tomorrow Never Knows>Playing in the Band>Ramble on Rose.
Nice return back to the world I love.
Went with my best friend, our 29th year of shows....... they always seem to roll along nicely.
Looking forward to later this summer with the Bros at Bushkill,Penn and Jones Beach.
Summer sizzle

Al, Sugar Loaf, NY
Thank you snapple for the free samples on the way in, they certainly helped during this evening scorcher.

Kimock's exceptional playing came through in the Playin' Jam which had lots of 73/74 noodling style. I would say TheWeight was the tightest and best performance of the night. The crowd was in full anticipation of a Help>Slip>Franklin's full suite but Bobby wanted the horns section to take over for his break. Franklin's was a bit of a let down tempo wise but US Blues was chock full of fat licks by Kimock to keep you smiling as we all filed out.

Plenty of gun powder in the air and large amount of people in blankets outside venue with that odd "ssssssss" sound coming from crouched groups of people.....

Perrinswolf, The Bronx USA
Tomorrow Never Knows was very trippy...very aggressive, masterful,lyrical, colorful guitar by Kimmock...Weir looked great, band was so tight which was amazing considering the time they had to rehearse...HELP ON THE WAY!!! Totally out of left field, one of the best I've heard in 25 years on the bus...US Blues KILLER!!MK's vibes were in the air...CLASSIC show completely unexpected!!GREAT, GREAT crowd, almost no security presence, no one to bother anyone who wanted to smoke, or peacefully do whatever...

Ari, Brooklyn

bigboy, woburn
Overall the show was average. El Paso was a snoozer.

TNK was hot

Playing was good

Corrina average at best

I gotta run but PLEASE keep Keller and his "Flugell' OFF THE STAGE. It ruined Franklins

Milton, NYC
Let me preface this review saying the overall show was great. Great music, great vibe, great venue, great night. Keller started it off nice by walking onto the stage already playing. His traditional light sounding harmonics provided a calm segue into the faster Freeker by the Speaker. After that song, Keller kind of lost me. Hearing the same bass, rhythm guitar or drum loop kind of gets boring after five or six minutes, with him just laying a lead ____ (fill in the blank with any instrument) over it. Bobby finally jumped in, saving the day, and played well on Bird Song. However, I prayed the Bobby/Keller Bird Song would be the only Bird Song of the night (with a short Ratdog set, WHY o WHY did they have to do that terrible reprise??!!) Woman are Smarter was good, and finally Keller left the stage and Ken Dashow from Q104.3 promised us that Bobby would be back out soon (for a station that is always at Dead-family shows, you'd think they'd maybe expand the 3 song Dead playlist a little, no?).

Ratdog takes the stage what appeared to be right on time, opening the set up with a flawed jam. Steve Kimock's guitar problems slowed down the jam, which was still able to sound like Tomorrow Never Knows from the beginning with Jay's drum beat. Although Kimock resumed playing, his guitar (I think it was from his guitar) kept out spitting out the loudest feedback during the entire night... A decent sound engineer was desperately needed last night to smooth out the mix (Paul Languedoc, anyone?). As predicted, the Beatles classic opened the set, unfortunately. I was never a fan of any Beatles covers, and this butchering rendition proved me right yet again. Choppy vocals, a sloppy jam, the song was just bad from start to finish. Thankfully, Bobby started to tear it up on Playin', which could've been a more exciting opener. Playin' featured a more spacey jam, something I rarely hear Ratdog to that level. Kenny played some high notes, proving his excellence in musicianship. Kimock too raised the bar, playing a couple of Jerry-esque licks. Ramble on Rose was played next, much to the delight of the crowd ("Just like New York City..."). Good vocals, great solos by Kimock. Sadly, in such a short set, came the acoustic break. After a rockin' Playin'>Ramble came just a decent El Paso. Nothing special hear at all. I was fed up with anything acoustic after Keller's performance and wasn't in the mood for this at all. Corrina was nothing short of amazing, though, and it gave time for all members of the band to do some kind of standout solo. Keller's back out for the Weight, which was also nothing special. The set was so short, and they had to do TWO Beatles songs and another cover?! How about some more Dead or Ratdog songs, please? Well, Schoolgirl came next, to which I wanted to say, "Good bye, little Schoolgirl" time for this song to end. THANKFULLY an AMAZING, FUNKY, SPACEY Help on the Way provided some help in sustaining this show! An amazing jam from all sides, with some funky bass licks from Robin to fast picking by Kimock the jam into Slipknot! was incredible. Maybe tonight was the night for the complete Trinity, but alas, ANOTHER BEATLES SONG stole the mood (after a good stuff). Don't mess with Lennon please, that song last night wasn't Dear Prudence. People may think it is, it may sound like it a little, but it WASN'T DEAR PRUDENCE. As expected, Franklin's, was next. This version was better than most I've heard this year, with Keller mixing it up a little. That was actually okay. My one complaint, which I always have, is: Why can't Bobby actually SING the verses? Just sing it, don't read it like you're a poet in a club or something. Just sing it like the crowd does, and that way it can actually sound like a decent Franklin's EVERY time. Good jam, great horns (NOT from Keller, though). No playin' reprise, just the set ending. Encore, US Blues. Nice and fun, with the flags waving and spreading a good message of peace at the end. Overall, a fun show, with some mistakes, but being in NYC on a nice summer night with Ratdog, I'll take 'em.

Morpheus, Brooklyn
Keller was intriguing, this was my first chance to see him live and I was impressed by his style, but an hour of basically the same looping bass line and guitar licks and the scatting on the mike, too much for me. When he sat in with the boys though, I thought he made a real positive contribution.

When the boys kicked it off it seemed to me that Kimock was a little slow on the uptake and did not look comfortable, until Ramble on Rose, from that time on he was excellent. Definitely different than MK, but an able substitute as he proved the rest of the evening.

Loved the Weight, the Help>Slip was tight, just wished Bobby would have let us have the Franklin's right then and not made us wait for it.

The Prudence was different, a nice laid back version. Didn't need to hear the Birdsong finished, but loved the US Blues encore with Hippie Bill waving that flag!!!!

You can't beat a night of good music in the heart of the Big Apple. Thank you RatDog and Keller!!! Get well soon MK, we miss you!!!

Pigpen10010, NYC
Great vibes and a great crowd on a very hot NYC night. I brought no expectations and I think that's the best way to do it. I was lucky enough to see the end of the Jerry years and broken up enough to put The Dead away until Bonnaroo with Warren. Since then all I expect from Bob or Phil is just a taste of what it was all like. Keller Williams is very talented and I thought he set things up quite nicely. He has a unique approach and lays down some interesting grooves.

And even though Bobby is starting to look like Tommy Chong (man, is he 60 now??), he did a great job and the band was very tight.

Expect nothing and the world is filled with bonuses. A nice time was had by all, and my son thoroughly enjoyed the show, he was excited from beginning to end.

Thanks Bob, see you in MN!

John Tringle

John, Manhattan
Awesome show.

Tons of energy. Great song selection.

The heat made it interesting. Very tribal.

I thought Dear Prudence was a fitting and well played tribute considering Lennon lived practically in earshot of the venue. As was Tomorrow Never Knows.

Ratdog just gets better and better and better and better....

Chris, Glen Cove
awsome show.kimock wailed hard/got 1 of those 1 of a kind jerry vibes from him/all u guys that knocked elpaso r crazy.it was only the 3rd time played by the dog.good old favorite of mine.Bobby sure waved that flag

disco, printon nj
They played in Central Park a few years ago. This was the second time I saw them at Summerstage and Corinna was played in the middle of both shows. They did a good job with it. Prudence was a good one last night. The 10 p.m. curfew kept the show moving along. Semi haunting version of Prudence.

Jake, nyc
I thought this was a really fun show and a lot better then the last Beacon run. Sure there were a few mistakes but TNK was great. Kimmock was outstanding. Rambling Rose which is not one of my favorites was pretty darn good.

I also came with no expectations and walked home really stoked about having a great time out in the park. I have been seeing shows since 1976 and that is what it is all about - just one show at a time - and feeling good.

Jeff, NYC
Thanks again to the Band and Heads for an awsome night. Great music, shared with a nice crowd! What else can you ask for. MK all the best to you!

Zipper, Brooklyn, NY
I love Bobby and his music. Whether with the DEAD or Wasserman or Ratdog. I have never had a bad time at one of his shows. Last night was no exception.
TMK... could have passed, saw it at Penns Peak which was awesome, ditto for Dear Prudence. El Paso was fun just for the fact that I havent heard him do it for a very long time.
Loved Women are smarter ( for obvious reasons :) Nice crowd at the show even though it was hotter then HE-double hockey sticks.... The end all and be all of his shows is just go and have a GREAT time... dont analyze, just ENJOY

Jaki, Cranford,NJ
It was only my second show and it was amazing! Corrina lasted forever which was awesome, and US Blues, which I called as an amateur fan, was a fantastic finale. Women are Smarter w/ Keller kicked ass and even the covers were brilliant. Maybe I'm a newbie, but I thought that it was a terrific show. I'm proud to have been there. Can't wait to see them again!

Flanders and Pretty, Albany, NY
Way too much Keller,a 1/2 hr. would have been plenty.
As for the Dog, I feel they are tighter then ever(good job Steve)but with too much Keller ='s not enough Dog. Mark get well and best wishes from all your fans including the "lone lurker"

Richie. Franklin Sq. N.Y.

rich p, franklin sq ny
Was I at the same show as half the people writing these reviews???????? This show was hoter then the Beacon Shows?? Are you totally insane?? The Beacon Shows are what legend will be made of!!! El Paso was a "snoozer"????That was the coolest slowed down version I've heard in a long time. Not to mention Bobby got most of the lyrics right, and I could understand every word!! You want to talk about "snoozin", "Stuff" will put anyone to sleep!! Now onto Steve Kimock.........he's no MK!!! No animation at all, no emotion(maybe a smile here and there) just sitting on that f ing chair.....Jezzzus KeeRist .....stay the hell home with your wife and kid! I pray every day for Marks speedy recovery!! Keller Williams...not my cup of tea but interesting with all his instruments and all.An hour and a half could have been cut to forty-five mins!!! Very suprised they didn't do "Cadillac"!@#^%$&*($#@%....overall good average show...the weather (for me) really brought be down a bit...smelly fat drunken men bumping into me....I could have done with out them... Some of the high lights:El Paso(loved the slow version) The Weight with Keller...HOTW>SK.....SK>FT. Looking forward to the Camden and Homdel shows...see ya on the road! PEACE

Pauly-p, Flemington, NJ
The heat was brutgal until the sun went down. The show was terriffic, as the band played to the loud appreciative crowd. The Weight, Good Mornin Lil Schoolgirl and US Blues were outstanding! I am looking forward to seeing the show again later this monmth in California locations.

Kenny, Anaheim, CA
C+ to B show in terms of energy and flow. Never seen Keller before. A cross between Jack Black and ucker Carlson. Talented, but after 10 minutes, the novelty of the playback effects and "mouth trombone" wore off. Big time. Felt like an assembly back when I was in 7th grade, or better yet, someone beat boxing on American Idol. Mouth trombone...seriously? Bob is great, but you have to realize that nearly everyone is there to catch some echo of the old gratefule dead vibe. Think back to a smoky dark star 30 years ago...and juxtapose it vs. a talented guitar player doing a very simple lip trick to a poped up franklins tower. Keller...turn the corner man. You've got the chops. Have the self confidence to step up and deliver the real goods. You've got the skills, no doubt. Leave the mouth trombone to my four year old, brother.

troy, new york
Hot day - close to 100 i believe , hot show too . I had a great time , my wife bailed after the 3rd song due to the heat which suited me just fine but boy o boy what a show and what a venue . Sounded GREAT Bobby , love ya man thank you for a real good time.

tim crawford, jackson nj
This show was solid all the way thru from A-Y(don't like US BLUES encores). Bobby was really quarterbacking the band and opening the door for Steve's timely inputs through out the show. The rest of the boys were as tight as ever.... Goota Love that Kenny(the man smiles while playing).
I smiled all night too as I can't think of a better way to spend a birthday...Thanks to Rich
I lurk no more....


All about the music, Long Island NY
Great show, as allways. Can't wait till PNC in August.

Eric, Middletown, N.J.
June 1, 1967 Grateful Deads
First East Coast gig it was a free concert down at Tompkins Square Park, in Lower Manhattan . And here we find ourselves with Bobby & Ratdog Groovin in Central Park July 9th 2007. Got Goosebumps as Bobby sang Tomorrow Never Knows. Wow,,What A Long Strange Trip Its Been. 40 years have past bye our way.
Rode Rail stage left. Odd when it came to me that MK's guitars were not there & a can of Pledge set beside a rack of strange guitars. Steve Kimmock the best unknown player out there. says Jerry.The boy can play. Knew he could when he started out TNK with Jimi-ish re-verb & stylin' a George Harrison Citar sound. It was all smiles as the sun set in Ole NY. Set break was sweet as I got a chance to meet my neighbours.
2nd set with Dear Prudence ,Bobby paying tribute 2 times to John Lennon & Beatles. Fantastic way to end the show with US Blues & Hippie Bill waving the flags... What a nite.
Amazing amount of people outside on way to train.
No Cds after show,Bumma

Richard Alberty, Vermont