7/11/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Wednesday, July 11, 2007
Twin River Event Center
Lincoln, RI


Good show! No barn burning opener, however a strong finish. I was at the show the night before and was left wanting more, this was the more. Solid Terrapin good China / Rider. Was surprised at Bobby's missed cues and forgotten lyrics. It was a good thing the band took a break to regroup and come back with solid finish.
Steve Kimock and Keller Williams Stella Blue "Nice"!

Blake, Glendale
Arrived arnd 3ish. saw tour bus in breakdown lane on I-295 on way down from Boston. Stopped & offered help. Blew Serpentine belt & over heated. No help needed so on the road again. Hung out in lot for while. Security was breathing all over us.. No walking dogs no this no that... Inside the Vibe was even worse... Getting dirty looks snubbed & talked down upon. by security staff. Got in line early with others & headed for rail back in front of Steve. Dave who was takin pics was to my left as he was in Cntrl Prk. We all got moved back a couple feet from stage. Security was flexing muscle... standing in way of stage & just being a nuisance & condescending in my opinion. Got in my face & kid standing next to me. Threats of eviction because We asked politely if he could move to his left about 18 inches. Never again any Casinos for me. Once the music started it seemed to lightin up a bit. Boys mixed it up & played 2 sets. Whole lotta shakin goin on..
Bill handed me the set list so that made the night for me. Got show CD & off to VT. Met young couple from VT on way out. Pretty Kool..
see yah in Lowell on 12th Aug.
Peace & Love
Richard Alberty

Richard Alberty, Vermont
Had a fun time...some great leads and back and foth from Kimock added some grea texture to the evening. Highlights for me were the Terrapin,China>Rider and a nice rockin Odessa.
As far as securtiy goes, this place is in Rhode Island and we are still dealing with the aftershocks of the Station nightclub fire.Many of us lost friends or family at that concert...since then,every places security staff takes no guff from anyone about keeping lanes clear. Could they be more diplomatic about it?? Sure... but Idon't let it take away from a fun concert like this one...great job,Dog!!

Matt Thomas, Pawtucket RI
What a disaster the first set was. Bobby forgot thr lyrics in Mission, Red Rooster was a struggle at best. Bertha never really got to smoke like it should have. At this point if this was my first show it would have been my last. However, what ever they did at the break it worked. Set II smoked! That Terrapin was hot and the China/Rider to close the Set was both a surprise and one of the best I have ever heard! Even the butchered lyrics in Might As Well could not damper the set. The boys played strong through it. Yes, I will continue to go to shows. After all 5/10/08 will be 30 years of great times. Thanks again for a real good time.

Charlie, Cumberland, RI
I've been out of the loop for awhile (last bobby show was weir/wasserman '92or '93), so i can't compare to what has been going on lately. (I wasn't even aware they were playing so much of jerry's material as of late.) I had so much (drug free)fun that the miscues and forgotten lyrics didn't faze me. it's par for the course that some times jam bands need a moment to regroup.Second set was smokin'.
As far as security went I didn't have any problems, nor did I see anybody else being given a hard time. The few employees I spoke to, or said "hi" in passing, were amicable and friendly. The tickets were pricey but I liked the venue(never daanced on a carpet my feet weren't sticking to before). Plenty of open space to move. On a personal note I'd like to say thanks to johnny for buying me my ticket. wouldn't have been there without you buddy. see you all in Lowell

Eric, Taunton MA
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Dave B., Universe
well i'll start by saying i had myself adamn good show!venue was clean sound was awesome danced on plush new carpet ,barefootin yamun.food and drink reasonable.I don't know if i've heard an aqoustic high time before definitly haven't heard wake up lil suzy or monkey didn't know much about keller but he has great energy awesome musician!caught show in boston thought this show blew it away(no offense to the band) mission was beautiful,ithink bobby had a hard time because of emotion,could be wrong.the entire 2nd set rocked i'm still in awe'just when ithink i can't hear any better ,they prove me wrong.steve really opened up last night,ithought he was amazing .2 sets was great i think they got the blessing to play late closed up @12:15 again like to shout out to mk thinking and praying for bro see you soon!forever grateful

andrew, gloucester
My wife and I loved everything about last nights show. Keller set the tone for a rockin night in a wonderful venue. Security was non existent, lots of dance space, general admission was a blast from the past, and Ratdog sounded great! The encore was also something I wouldn't have guessed. What a show!

Brian, Orleans
Great show, except for the security hassling us on the way in. Security hasseled us for not having ID on hand and tried to turn us home, but we found our way in. I also saw an upset couple that was turn away because "no babies allowed". Kimock added a nice soulful feeling for the night, aswell as Keller. see ya next show.....

J-Boogy, NH

bigboy, rockport
Weir recreates magic of the ‘Summer of Love’

Review: Ratdog with Bob Weir and Keller Williams, July 11, Twin River, Lincoln

For The Narragansett Times

It’d be too easy to compare the present to the past when it come to any offshoot of the famed Grateful Dead.
With this the 40th anniversary of the “summer of love,” it’s just plain refreshing to see Dead rhythm guitarist Bob Weir still cranking out exquisite music and the Haight-Asbury vibe long after others from the San Francisco scene have retired or worse.
For those who missed the whole hippie thing, this was their chance to get a health dose of the vibe.
Such was the scene July 11 at Twin River casino in Lincoln. Tie-dye, dreadlocks and noodle dancing were alive and well for the show, which paired Weir’s Ratdog with up-and-coming star Keller Williams.
With Steve Kimock sitting in on lead guitar, the show was definitely an old-school Dead event. Ratdog has always been known for genre bending with a heavy emphasis on jazz and blues.
Wednesday’s show was for the most part straight-ahead rock ‘n’ roll, Dead-style.
Of course, there were some traditional R & B and covers, including the Everly Brothers’ “Wake Up Little Suzy,” which he performed with boy-idol Williams and standards like “Youngblood” and “Little Red Rooster.”
But Weir did what he does best in recreating magic of the Dead through Ratdog.
Sure, there were some glitches along the way such as Weir botching lyrics on the late great Jerry Garcia’s “Mission In The Rain” and “Might As Well.” But when your repertoire includes literally thousands of songs, what do you expect?
And, anyway, the crowd filled in the blanks in loud booming voices.
My personal favorites of the night were rousing versions of “Big River,” “Bertha,” and “Mexicali Blues.”
On those songs, Weir and the band were in tune, in synch and in the groove. I flashed back to all the Dead shows I had the pleasure to take in when the band, sometimes referred to as the best in the land, was chugging along like a steaming locomotive on the rails to musical nirvana.
Equally moving was the fine resurrection of Dead favorites such as “China Cat Sunflower,” “I Know You Rider,” and “Deep Elem Blues.”
And Bobby and the boys threw a nod to Bob Dylan with a stunning “Knocking on Heaven’s Door,” which almost made me cry except for the drunken buffoon behind me singing louder than Weir.
Weir also hit a homerun with stellar versions of “Odessa” and “Book of Rules,” which were big-time crowd-pleasers.
One interesting aspect of the Ratdog show was the use of material from Terrapin Station, a quasi-theme album from the 1970s.
After an initial opening jam, Weir kicked off the show with an upbeat version of “Here Comes Sunshine,” and followed it in the second set with the release’s “Lady With A Fan,” and “Terrapin,” before closing the show with “At a Siding - Terrapin Flyer.”
Many of the younger fans had never seen it performed before live and all I could do was smile, smile, smile.

Joel B. Wharf Rat, South Kingstown, R.I.
Had a great time. Saw the Boston show the night before which was hot!!! I needed one more night of the Dog to hold me over till vibes. Was not disappointed. Jam bands are never perfect, and the mistakes just add to the music and mixing things up. I had no issues with the venue or security. I think some of us don't realize that we are guests in these places and there are local laws and rules that the venues need to live by in order to have concerts. As far as people bringing babies to a casino thats just silly!! Nowadays RatDog plays 18+ venues more often than not.
And Bob, I dont know if you read this stuff or not but in case you do, I want to thank you and Jay again for taking a moment to shake hands with my son and me. It took me 22 years and 200+ shows to meet you face to face. It only took my son 3 years and 12 shows. (Lucky bastard) It really made for a special night. We would have liked to talk another minute or two but I know we started to draw a crowd and kinda forced you to skidaddle away.

Scott L., Milford, NH