7/13/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

All Good Music Festival

Friday, July 13, 2007
Marvin's Mountaintop
Masontown, WV


i can not tell you how much i enjoyed it and i wasn't even really there.I have icast ( sorry if i am wrong = i will remember you, bob weir and the ratdog fan site - for this opportunity to watch a show with my dog, josie ( josephine it's my desire... and the outlaw josie wales... She really got it tonight = we usually watch baseball ( Sje is a member of the WORLD SERIES CHAMPION CARDINALS CHEERING SECTION) I TRAINED HER WELL - SHE WATCHED THE SHOW WITH ME TONIGHT - THANKS AGAIN,,, AND SHE WAS VERRY, VERRY GOOD AND THE WHOLE WORLD WAS WATCHING WHICH GETS ME TO MY POINT ..... I HAVE BEEN A DEAD HEAD FOR YEARS BUT RATDOG>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WHERE WERE YOUR SONGS?????? THEY ARE A MISSING PIECE THAT YOU HAVE EARNED - YOU KNOW WHICH ONES WE LIKE- - AND WE ENJOY - BUT HELL IN A BUCKET WAS NICE TONIGHT..... >>>> PLAY THEM. TONIGHT WAS A REAL TREAT = I HOPE TO SEE ALL OF YOU AT THE NEW AMPHITHEATER IN ALTON SOON... THANK YOU FOR A REAL GOOD TIME!!!!!!!

Saw the show on iCast and it was awesome. The camera work was stellar and the sound couldn't be beat. Seeing the breathe roll out of Bob's mouth when he sang was neat. Musta been chilly out in WV that night.

The show was so much fun. I thought Bucket and Lazy River Rd. were hot potatoes. My fave part of the set was the UJB>Supplication Jam>UJB sequence. Stellar jamming on that before bringing UJB back home safe and serene.

I was really surprised to see how big All Good has become. When the cameras panned out from the stage into the crowd, it just really looked big to me. Walther has come a long ways since producing shows at Wilmer's Park, MD, home to the original All Good fests, among many others.

For playing a setlist that kinda seems so-so on paper, Ratdog nailed it.

James, Annapolis, MD
I was at the All Good show and I must say that the first half of the show was very slow. The Casey, Miracle and Hell In a Bucket seemed to be played at a much slower tempo then normal. I don't know if this was due to Kimock playing with the band but a lot of people I talked to were very disappointed and bailed after the first half of the show. It may have seemed better sitting at home watching it on iclips, but you could see the crowd wanting to dance and yell during the rockers and the band just didn't pick it up. As much as I appreciate Kimock, the man does not seem to want to rock on the rockin' tunes. When the band looked to him to play the big crunchy opening riff on Hell In a Bucket, he kind of wimped out.
That being said, the mellower stuff was certainly more Kimock's cup of tea. Dark Star, TN Jed, and Come Together were very good and the addition of Keller on Uncle John's Band was nice. The band finally got the crowd rocking on Throwing Stones.
Overall, I gave this show a 5 out of 10 because of the slow first half.

Tony, Richmond VA
I was at the show and i dont know brother i've been to about 25 dog shows and i have to say this was one of my favorite shows, this was a strange one and they definitly went big with everything and reprented for us deadheads at allgood. it was a dark star show and bobby just kept on playin, right on through the duos time slot. definitly sick ujb>supplication>ujb and throwing stones gave me new faith in ratdog after a show with a lot of technical difficulties up in central park. SK is playin sick, very jerry-esque, still miss mk, hip hop jam under the rainbow was just what i needed to dry off. thanks a lot guys, peace love and balance

RR, rochester
Hey folks! This was Bobby's first AllGood appearance, hence it was also mine! I had a much better time here than GOTV last year. Best Keller I've heard, Les Claypool, Assembly of Dust, and moe were all amazing! On the way to the festival, my brother and I were talking about the band and I said that I wished, as great as RatDog is, that Bobby would just go with the moment and jam out longer sometimes when the spirit was there. I couldn't believe this set! It was almost like they heard me or something. This set featured a 21:30 Uncle John's Band, not a note wasted in my humble opinion, a 15+ Dark Star, probably the best post-Garcia version I've heard, and long perfromances of Tennessee Jed, Hell in a Bucket, and Throwing Stones. I thought Kimock was magical at times, and so was Bobby's playing. The only complaint I has was the truly awful Casey Jones opener and the plodding pace of Miracle and Bucket. This was a great show. I'm so thankful to Bobby for really trying(and succedding) hard to play up to the large crowd, and thankful to Kimock for bringing his wonderful sound into the band during this difficult time. I hope Kimock will be present in August when I see them again, and I hope MK gets well real soon!

Tyler Ainley, Royersford,PA
LOVED THIS SHOW. Must agree with SK sounding Jerryish. I loved it. Great vibes
thought that the boys lacked the extra electric umph without Mark, esp. noticiable during Throwing Stones from my recall, 3.2.07 Stones stole my heart tho. VIBES TO MARK!
All and All excellent show, my first Casey Jones, UJB, Dark Star and Tennesee Jed. Also the best show I've been to.
All Good was nothing but goodness!!=)

I have seen Ratdog over 30 times and I absolutely love this band. That being said, this was without a doubt the worst show I have ever witnessed. Slow, meandering, and uninspired are the words that come to mind. I agree with the above reviews that mention the awful Casey Jones opener followed by a lackluster I Need a Miracle. All one had to do was look out at the crowd of 12.000+ and see that most of the audience was not moving, dancing, or having anything close to a good time.
I hate to complain and to be honest this is my first review on .org. But I was just hoping Bobby would deliver that night. Instead, what we got was a sleepy, forgettable show that was perhaps the low point of an otherwise memborable weekend.

Dr.D, Washington, DC
Rat Dog sucked he played an hour to long and the entire time i was just waiting for him to end so we could actually dance to the Duo I thought the Duo was right on by jammin after the end of his set and before the encore. Your good but not that good Bobby Boy. Quit bein a tool and get ur shit together put me in Aww next time not to sleep

Dano, Baltimore
I honestly don't understand how anybody can praise this show. Not only was the vibe just completely not there, the band really had to carry Bobby through the performance, who couldn't even remember half the words to Casey Jones. I've seen many Ratdog shows and this was not only the worst Ratdog show I've seen but quite possibly the worst show of the weekend. It was just really sad that everybody was wanting to get into the music but Bobby kept boxing in SK with his rhythm guitar and wouldn't let him just rock out until a brief moment in Throwin Stones. Additionally, the set was somewhat similar to the Bonnaroo show, which was a little disappointing. Lastly, I don't know why Ten Jed as well as some of the other songs were played at half tempo. Anyway, sorry for the negative review but really just an unfortunate show. I'll be seeing these guys again in about a week and hopefully it'll be a better show. Peace.

Max, DC