7/16/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Monday, July 16, 2007
Tower City Amphitheatre
Cleveland, OH


overall really liked it...pretty good. 1st set was extremely good with good mix of jam, noodling and rock.
2nd half stalled a bit in the middle but smokin' finish. Love the venue

kav, cleveland
Smokin first set, solid start. Second set was soupy and slow until the end. 0-60 in there seconds Warf Rat, Smokin GDTRFB (croud dug it, great energy) e. Gloria, also sick as hell. Great night, great crowd, solid show.

Icculus, cleveland
Wharf Rat was really really good. The Vault of goodies were open
on the jam for sure.

Uncle Daddy, Cleveland, Ohio
The show was solid overall. Loved Willin, On the road Again and Watchtower, when Bobby sat in with Keller, that was a treat. First set was great, with Golden Road as an opener Railroad Blues was a great set ender. FOTD was outstanding, didn't love the arraingements on some of the second set songs, West LA Fadaway was cumbersome in many regards. It was great to see the sea of humanity at work with GDTRFB, the kids were shakin there bones. Not my favorite show but still good stuff.

mike petit, cleveland
This was a pretty boring show considering the awesome Steve Kimock was sitting in for Karan. Not many highlights really...Supplication, Lazy River Road, Easy to Slip and thats about it. I was very disappointed Kimock didn't go off and rip it up. The second set sucked horribly.

groovemongrel, akron, oh
Its my 80th Ratdog show what a down. Bobby needs to take advantage of having kimock around. show started great then downhill. To slow. they need to bury even so october queen, and deep end. Those three together kill a whole set. started great, ended great, But too much acoustic and too much Keller. Pick up the pace boyz. Is it me or does Robin Slyvester have the graviest job in the world. And Chementi finally woke up later in show. Every time they let Kimock have some room to jam he did. Would rather see him than Karen

Ramble on Brad, Canton
Have not seen Ratdog in about 5 years. Glad I came. Thought it was great. Jack straw was worth the price of the ticket. I really enjoyed the second set although I read here that some did not. Thought is was soulful and jazzy. Thanks Bobby for keeping this going.

Good energy, great show!!Golden road!!!!

Sparkle, Bay Village
I was on drugs.
And the pure, unrivaled energy eminating from the place was almost enough to send me over the edge.
It wasnt a trip. it was an experience.
All the people and there love for one another...
and the pot smoke. DAMN, there was alot of it.
absolutely loved the show.

Justin, Euclid
Those three together kill a whole set. started great, ended great, Pick up the pace boyz.
Jack straw was worth the price of the ticket.

addendum to my first post, ramble on brad and Tim say it all...

the slow, pensive (plodding?) songs are cool...just manage the amount. Give da peeple wat dey want

kav, cleveland
Good 1st set...Cool to be near the river in the Flats...lots of RR themes going on here..Jack Straw...Big RR blues....K.C.Moan...great crowd really cool vibe. Set 2. Even So..Oct Queen ..Deep End..its good stuff off evening moods..not my fav song selection but I am just glad to see RatDog...Wharf Rat was perfect as well as GDTRFB! GLORIA lots of energy but like I said above not my Fav tunes...10 for energy and crowd/vibe
8 for the song selections...I walked right up to the front area in front of Bobby...looking great ACE!

jaybird48230, detroit
Awesome opener with Golden Road > Jack Straw. There was a funky jam before the end of the last verse in Jack Straw I'd never heard Ratdog do before.

Midway through the second set the energy in the crowd died down. Strong ending with Wharf Rat (KILLER jam at the end of this song), GDTRFB and a Gloria encore that surprised everyone.

Overall, a very good show sans a second-set lull for two-three songs.

KYDeadhead, Kentucky
Anybody got a line on a recording of this one? Man was it a barnburner? Any help is so very very appreciated!

Mirmel, CLE
Loved the second set... esp GLORIA! Been chasing it for over 20 years. Thanks, Bobby!

Gloria, CLE
Just one of those "I cant miss another show" im glad i went. My first show with Steve and i was impressed. Thanks for keeping our journey alive!

Bob D, 4 now jtown pa
I loved it!! Great show!! Awesome Jack Straw, Easy to Slip. Very nice acoustic section. Intense Victim. Nice jazzy stuff. God West LA. Heartfelt Wharf Rat. Great to hear Gloria. GDTRFB was smokin'!! It was cut off a little at the end though. Might have to by the cds.

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO