7/21/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

10,000 Lakes Festival

Saturday, July 21, 2007
Soo Pass Ranch
Detroit Lakes, MN


Started off with a powerful Help/Slip and then totally shut down the energy and went into Liberty. Couldn't figure that one out? But Ratdog did deliver with an awesome Terrapin in set two and two killer jazzy jams. Love that Kenny! And Steve Kimock rocked! Thought Jerry was in the house a few times!
What are we gonna do when Bobby is gone? Get out and enjoy Ratdog while you can! They were THE band at 10klf!

Tlove, Eureka Springs, Ar
This show was excellent! It was the best Bobby show I have seen in years. Help/Slip was fantastic and he kicked it all in gear with Big Railroad Blues. Words alone couldn't express how phenomenal the 2nd set was but Come Together blew me away, it was like the whole band was together again. It goes without saying but, do whatever you have to do to catch Bobby on tour

Camille, Kansas City, MO
very good help>slipknot but the rest of the first set was very bland. The second set however was nothing short of epic topped a phenomenal Terrapin Station. Then finishing off the Help>Slipknot segue with Franklin's Tower for the encore was excellent.

dave, crystal lake
Tlove is right on -- in a weekend of great music, RatDog was winner and still champion. An absolutely epic Bird Song, with a reprise AND a coda. Warren Haynes brought fire and steel to Big RR Blues. Bobby sang the shit out of Hard Rain. Breaking up the Help>Slip>Franklin's with Liberty did seem strange at the time, but the subsequent Frank was certainly worth the wait. Couldn't hear much of Keller's guitar in mix on Come Together, but everything else was aces. This one's a keeper, kids.

BTW - 10KLF was about the best weekend of music I've ever had (and that includes many years of New Orleans Jazz and Heritage festivals). A perfect little gem of a jam band festival. And the Old School bands were in top form -- next to Bobby, the best shows were from Little Feat and New Riders.

Stu Levitan, Madison WI
same as the others... the first set started good (for me anyway), then hit the extreme mellow zone, and not in a particularly good way.

Jam > Help on the Way > Slipknot! > Liberty > She Says > Tennessee Jed > Cassidy > Lazy River Road > Bird Song > All Along the Watchtower > nothing in that stretch would get a new fan on board. and that's a sad thing to do as the main headliner at a fairly large music festival.

there were so many people leaving at intermission that the MC came on and had to tell people to stay cause there was going to be a second set. something must have kicked in with the band, cause it was a lot better. as for this being a 5/5.... not even close. 3/5. maybe less. Hard Rain and Milestones were the best parts of the show and those are slow. the only really rocking tunes were Railroad Blues and Franklin's (although Come Together gets a nod). if I was running 10klf I wouldn't ask them to come back unless they wanted to make up for this disaster. that all said, as a GD and Ratdog fan, I personally found a lot to like in it. It was the brutally slow pace that killed it.

castle_, Winnipeg
Great show with great jams. But I know I heard spanish jam which the set list does not show. Am I crazy? Somebody please let me know.......

austin, st joseph mo
Agree - the entire end of first set was funny - I was off to the side and all of a sudden, the entire floor is clearing out and MC is up there going wait, wait, wait - we are doing another set so go take a break and come back......I think they simply tried to do too much in set1 ..... but what do I know.....

Scott, Minneapolis
Have seen the Dead and Ratdog many times. This show was pretty avearage. I have seen very good Ratdog shows, but this wasn't one of them. Pretty good setlist, but a fairly weak delivery. I'm definately not a Bobby hater, but Ratdog is just way to slow and laid back for me. The energy just isn't there. My suspicion is that Bobby doesn't want a dominant lead guitarist to show him up, and that is why the show are so lackluster. If he would just commit to a blazing gutarist and a faster tempo, he would improve things greatly, and I think, convert a lot of the people who have written him off or marginalized him.

Mike, Council Bluffs
I saw the Dead many times from 1976 on, and have now seen Ratdog a half dozen times too. This was a really hot performance from start to finish. Back in the day, set one was the songs and set too was the trip. But Ratdog seems to start each show jamming and the only time they really stopped playing during the 10KLF performance was at the set break and between the now standard acoustic mini-set opening the second half of the show.

I thought the jams were terrific - and as others have noted the second set was simply epic. An excellent show - worthy of 5 stars!

Bill K, Madison, WI
I would have to agree with Camille, Bill K and Tlove and Stu, and respectfully disagree with Mike and castle. Not sure what show they were at, or what type of self-projecting expectations they bring to a concert, but for me and the other 20,000 people who were dancing, this show was very similar to what the Dead brought when they were on. There is a vibe the Dead brought that transcends tone and loudness and pace and song selection and musical perfection and getting lyrics correct, and Ratdog tapped into that vibe. The show was super tight. No one can dispute this. Bobby made no mistakes, as many on this board are quick to point out. His voice was outstanding as it was at Bonnaroo. Kenny's parts were spot on, and I'm not fond of his style, but it is "his". Kimock was incredible and was channeling Jerry all the way. Impeccable tone and floaty melodies that carried you away. After seeing Umphrey's, I knew they were easily the best band at 10KLF... and then I saw Ratdog, tighter than ever. Ratdog was the best of the best this weekend. It seems everyone has picked up the slack created by Mark's absence, like a sports team when one of its stars goes down. They were doing things musically they haven't done when I've seen them. I'm not talking SLOW or FAST or LOUD or songs I personally like and dislike, as some here define good shows (very shallow in my opinion). Bob was taking risks on leads. He had Keller and Kimock and Warren and himself onstage, and there was room for everyone because of their small egos. I've only seen a dozen 'Dog shows, but this one was easily the best. It was perfect. They were the best band that generated the most excitement the entire weekend. The people who complain come to a show EXPECTING something, which is why they are so easily let down. I do not. I let the band and songs take me where they may. Free your minds people. You just missed a once in a lifetime opportunity and you were there. Ratdog blew my open mind and gave me a little taste of what I missed by never seeing the Dead. Thank you to Ratdog for making the 2600 mile journey one I'll remember forever. You sounded like a band that had played together for years, when in fact you've only played for weeks. Incredible!!!

shane, orlando
I agree with most of what has already been said; However, I do not believe the show was too slow, lacked energy, etc. Anyone who says this apparently wasn't at the same show I was. At a festival were so much of the music focused on dance beats (bump bump bump chicka bump,) RD finished it up with what we all really wanted to hear: some classic jam-core done dead style. Don't get me wrong Cheese, Umphreys, Zappa, et al. absolutley wailed... they just didn't have the same energy and spirit. RD played many songs that Phil and friends played last year, but I think Bobby's stronger vocals really made the difference, and PaF just didn't seem as tight as RD. I am still realing from all the good music of 10klf, but I think RD may have been the highlight of the weekend.

JasonB, Red Lodge, MT

cisco, cottonwood,az
Wow! Kimock! Wow! Get him AND Mark up there next month! 10KLF was a great place for the Dead vibe and the vibe was building all day. During Help/Slip I thought we were all going to levitate with the great beat. Kimock sounded like Jerry a LOT! Terrapin? WOW!! And 3 songs bookended: Bird Cassidy Franklins. If you weren't coherent for this in the middle of the woods, I don't think anyone can help you...

Dan, Los Angeles
As a huge Dead Head, Bob and RatDog were obvioulsy my attractiont to the festival this year. After stellar performances the previous two nights by umphry's and String Cheese, Bob and crew came out and blew every other show last weekend away. They truly were the headliner of 10KL. I agree with other posts here when they say that it sounded like Jerry was present...
This show exceeded my expectation levels!

Mat, Sioux Falls, SD
First of all, I loved Shane's review.

I thought the whole festival was incredible, and I enjoyed so many bands that weekend (ZPZ, Tragically Hip, Particle, Mule, etc.). However, I was happy that Ratdog was the headliner. I thought the entire show was very good, with the second set both exceptional and spiritually intense (the solemn Hard Rain to the lighthearted Milestones to the incredible Terrapin.) So many kind folks were dancing and listening together, it was a simple joy to be there!

Thank you band and wonderful audience!

Joe, Minneapolis, MN
For people who wouldn't know me, I am the kind of person who is seeing music all day and night at 10k. The Mule show that preceded Ratdog was really, in my opinion, the perfect way to get the peeps going for Ratdog. This is a very important aspect that others didn't touch base on. So I thought I would fill in those less inclined. Again, though, if it was between two openers for Rat it would be between Shakedown or Help/Slipknot. So, a definite good way to get the groove going and a perfect way to caryover the good groovin Soulshine. I thought it was quite alright the way they slowed it down for a bit with some Liberty just cuz the old bones were feeling a bit sore from the weekend. Was glad to see a great Cassidy. Reminds me of Winterland 12-27-77 version. Its a good one. Lazy river felt great. Pre-show this is the song that my good budy from Aimes was hoping to see. Right then. Finished off the set with awe inspiring Bird into Railroad Blues to end the first set. It seemed that the vibe for the whole weekend was just super chill, but this night proved that there is no better fan than a dead one. (phish works too). The second set is really where things got screwy, though. The terepin was rediculous. I mean it was really off the hinges on this night. Blew my mind!!! They took that all over the place than came back to finish off Bird Song and Cassidy right into, of course, one more saturay night. From the beginning of Terrapin until the end of the second set I really thought i died and went to heaven. I could have swore that Gerry and the guys were all there playing in full force. After I thought they couldn't possibly top themselves i was wrong. Again Finished off Slip then went into Franklin's tower. I was waiting to hear it in the first set but they got me so confused i forgot about. So when then played it i started jumping around like a crazy person. i.e. Me Finished the show off with an always rousing rendition of the good ol' US Blues If i could tour with any band right now it would be either umphrey's Ratdog or DSO If you get a chance to see any of them do so. If you must pick get out and see ratdog. I have a sick feeling that they won't be kickin like this forever. Plus both of the other bands are gonna be around forever still. Just see RATDOG PLEEEEAAASSSEE!!!!!! peace out

Eric Palmer, Aberdeen, SD
I went to this fantastic show,purchased the cd,and have played it over 30 times as of 8/23/07.The cd is more astounding than the show,because u don't have to listen to the goofball next to ya yelling on their cell phone.BUY THIS RECORDING! THE BEST YET!Every tune throughout the show SMOKES! This band is on fire!Bobby,thanks for walking the dog way up north for us tundra dwellers. Hoping to see ya @ next years 10KFL in the DEAD of summer. Gratenorthernear MARK,GET WELL SOON. WE ALL LOVE YOU!

Gratenorthernear, st.paul,mn.,u.s.a.,planet eart
With the end of summer already approaching us, I would have to say 10k was the highlight of my summer by far. The people, the music, and everything else just made it an experience that I'll never forget. Seeing Ratdog and Bob Weir on the last night was truly an experience. I think they put on a great show. I walked around controlling a big glow stick doll through out the show and that just made everything that much more exciting. Definatly recommend 10k to everyone!

Eva, Crystal Lake
This was a pretty outstanding show, especially the second set. 10klf is a great fest, in a nice location, with beautiful people. The only beef that I have is that this year the cops were out of control, especially in North Woods campground. Compared to last years fest, this year was a total pig free-for-all. Anyone else notice this?

peach, Altoona,Pa