7/24/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Red Rocks Amphitheatre
Morrison, CO


Definitely a very good show, although a bit dark and introspective. Highlights for me included the Victim, Standing on the Moon, and Let it Grow -- which featured some amazing interplay between Jeff and Steve.

As was mentioned by someone on the message board, I thought I saw Bobby crying a little during Standing on the Moon -- he teared up after the "somewhere in San Francisco" verse.

There was also an extra verse in Minglewood that I've never heard before:

I'm goin' back to San Francisco, even if I have to crawl,
I'm goin' back to San Francisco, even if I have to crawl,
Cause the women round there, they sure know how to ball

The Keller-Bobby Dark Star was a real treat -- at twilight, with the moon partially obscured by clouds, hanging over the trippy rock formations: 10-15 minutes of acoustic jamming, and Bobby belting out those lyrics as heartfelt as I've ever heard them sung. As Keller said just before it started, "Nothing ventured, nothing gained."

All in all, a smokin', trippy show on a very hot day -- it was nearly 100 degrees when I got to the lot.

Eric, Oakland
This show was HOT! I don't know what this band has sounded like earlier in the tour, but I guess most bands play their best on the rocks. Kimock has the Jerry tone down perfect and hit notes that I haven't heard anyone hit in many years. He is by far my favorite of all the GD-related players out there. I almost wished that Kenny Brooks would step back so that Kimock could play all the Jerry leads. Bobby was on top of his game, not forgetting any words and laying back on some of the Garcia lyrics. The "She Belongs to Me" was great, as was the "WRS> Let it Grow". "The Other One" was on point as well. Highlight had to be the "Standing on the Moon". Bobby was crying during the song, and let me tell you, he wasn't the only one. I don't know if there was a dry eye in the house. But in typical GD style, Bobby turned it right around and hit us with a Sugar Mag>SSDD. All in all a great night on the Rocks and a highly recommended tour to see.

Marc, Boulder
Awesome show last night! I've already heard a good chunk of the songs from earlier in the tour, and redrocks brought out some VERY solid versions, more so than what I've heard. I don't remember Bobby forgetting any lyrics, except for a minor fumble during Money for Gasoline..and Kimock absolutely SMOKED. I don't know if I've seen Bobby wave his fingers around (meaning: keep the jam going one more measure) that many times during a show, but Kimock's solos were so nice that there were MANY extended jams. Lots more Kenny than I was expecting too. I went to the RatdogLive booth during setbreak, already jonesin' to get this show after the first set, and they had already sold out. Bummer, but I wasn't too surprised either, lol.

Highlights for me were the 15 minute long loopy Dark Star, with such great, trippy interaction between Keller and Bobby on acoustic. Shakedown opener was great, although it took about half the song before Jay really started rolling. Minglewood Blues had an added verse about a woman in San Francisco..don't know how new that is, but since I had just gotten back from the SCI shows at the Greek, and came directly from the airport to the show, it was great to hear. Lots of people obviously hadn't heard Money for Gasoline, but by the end of the song and kimock's solo, most of my friends were dancing hard.

I'm not a huge fan of Bobby's take on Loser and BEW, but I really enjoyed having those songs shared by Keller. When Bobby has a nice vocal counterpoint (ala Hornsby or Joan Osborne) I really like some of those Jerry songs that are otherwise a tad mediocre for me. These versions were pretty smoking, very well executed. But the biggest highlight was the INSANE WRS>Let it Grow. Kimock played slide during WRS, which is the first time I've heard the song in its original, psychedelic form. Don't know how to describe it, but it just had that beautiful, Jerry feel to it...then Let it Grow went straight to the sky. Kimock had a killer section, which was abruptly cut short, but then it went into another slinky, trippy jam with Kimock and Kenny chasing each other with Bobby doing the super trippy effect...then back through the usual let it grow exercises and peaks. A must hear for any Ratdog fan!

Second set took a while to build steam...Victim was really cool and dark, with some beautiful work by Kimock...kind of lighted up the song a little. Half Step was a very solid version (with pinky), at least with the Ratdog-prankster style, with a beautiful crescendo that went straight in to the highlight of the show for me, the Other One. Kimock started by using the effect he used with the Rhythm Devils, very high treble and trippy. This got very swirly, and some great lyrical work by Bobby (again, no flubs during this set!). After the first verse Kimock locked in to a cool envelope filter effect and things just transformed. Some crazy effects by Kenny too... just gotta hear this one, as it was an amazing treat to both hear and watch. Stuff was awesome too! Jay seems to be locking in to a little of Mickey's spirit, with some great sample stuff on drums that just sounded surreal, and then it went in to this full throttle intersteller fusion John McLaughlin style jam where Kimock just went insane again. Very surreal jamming, with Jay playing some familiar commercial theme while the rest of the band tripped it out.

SOTM was beautiful, with Bobby pointing all over at the stars and moon as he went through ther verses. Great to watch the video screen, as Bobby was showing a lot of emotion singing this song. A treat to watch his youngest daughter dancing in circles to the swirly lights behind the band too. Awesome Sugar Mag, and the At a Siding>Terrapin Flyer was just a perfect ending to a beautiful evening. I will have to say that if you haven't heard any shows this tour, or are feeling like downloading a sbd, this is definitely worth getting, and cranking up loud! I briefly saw crossed paths with Kimock backstage after the show, and he seemed like he was completely blissed out.

Also wanted to thank Keller for attracting all of the beautiful young women, who made the show an extra treat, lol. Great to have such young energy for a bunch of old doggies. Also kind of funny dancing behind DSO Bobby while real Bobby was on stage!

Ryan Lappi, Nederland, CO
Whew! A hot day at the Rocks! I took my brother to his first show and now he is on the bus! As a veteran of many GD and Ratdog shows this rates very good in my books! The Standing on the Moon was was inspirational and moving. too bad the live discs were already sold out after the show but if you were there you could see why. Thanks Bobby!

Mike Greenwood, Wichita,KS.
As I drove up the winding, dark canyon after the show last night on my way home, I found myself uttering only 2 words -- "wow" and "amazing" -- no tunes goin in the car -- no need. I've seen ratdog about 12-15 times -- this was the best of them. Seen over 100 GD/JGB shows since 1981. This band has it.

Eagle, Rollinsville, CO
Why was Til the Mornin' Comes left off the setlist?

AC, Denver
There was magic in the air at Redrocks! Ratdog pulled out all the stops and played their hearts out! What a setlist too! WRS>Let It Grow! The Other Ones! Kimock's guitar seared the air.... It felt close to the old days...like the Dead used to play. Mind blowing, high energy jams, lots of soul and passion on every song, lots of power! Felt like Jerry was looking down on us when they played SOTM; thought maybe that is why Bobby was teary-eyed. A very special, beautiful show that is a must hear for all Ratdog fans.

Tlove, Eureka Springs,AR
Wow! As is the norm for a Red Rocks show, the band really played up to the venue. I mean, bands just seem to really dig playin' here always do killer shows. This was an all GD show...no Black Bird, Odessa, or the like. Kimock was superb! Bobby was right on too. As others have said, no dropped lyrics that I could hear. I was really moved when I looked up to the JumboTron and saw tears welling up in Bobby's eyes (although they didn't streak down his cheeks) when he got to "...somewhere in San Francisco...". I felt as if he was really thinking about and missing Jerry....I know I was. I would have liked for Kimock to have played longer solos instead of handing it off as much as he did. The BEW with Keller was GREAT and the Me and My Uncle really hit a home run here in COLORADO!
Victim was dark (as it should be) and Other One was intense (as it should be)! Weather Report Suite was beautiful. Great show!

Neil, Evergreen, CO
A really solid show overall as everone has been saying.

I feel like when acts come to Red Rocks, they like to step it up a bit, since we have such a rich culture that apreciates this sort of music.

I've been keeping up on this tour and some of the song selections and I could say that this one was quite suprising, maybe slightly lacking a formula but still overpowering that with strong performances all around, especially from Jay and Steve.

Opener Shakedown was a little bit obvious (saw Phil open with this at Hunter Mtn, NY), but still an exciting opener.

Sick "She Belongs To Me" and a pretty unusually funky "Loser" with Keller comming out to add some intensity to a sometimes slower song (when performed by Ratdog that is). Hot Brown Eyed Women.

Highlight of set one was really the closer, a full Weather Report Suite. Other than the vocal bridge at the end of Part I which could have been more melodically rich (guess the Jerry, Phil, Donna, Bobby Part I can never be brought back so I'll take what I can get). The whole Suite was brought together by Kimock's tight playing. He has obviously studdied Jerry closely and this Dog show felt more Jerrified than usual due to Kimock, which made it slightly creepy and a little sad, but in a positive way.

A slightly less inspired set 2 has a standout Half-Step, Other One, and closer Sugar Mag. Not a huge Victim fan in general, so I'll leave that aside.

The encore was mind blowing with a "At A Siding" which might have topped the whole show due to Jay's outragously accurate Mickey Hart-esque drum work. Solid job!

Overall great show, topped the one I saw last year at Rocks and I will come again.

Dylan , Boulder, CO
I agree with everyone. Best show I've seen at Red Rocks since 9/7/85.

I wonder if Bobby was crying during standing because he was thinking of his pal mark. Who's prolly somewhere in san fran just lookin' up at heaven wondering how the band was doing in Colorado. He misses his good friend.

Ski Nose, PDX
Wow! I've been to a lot of Red Rocks shows but this one was my all-time fav! The band was on fire, running on all cylinders. Everyone shined at different times. Jay was amazing on At a Siding. Jeff is clearly the best key board player Bobby ever had (including Dead days). Steve Kimmock was unreal this night and tunes I do not normally gravitate to were incredible thanks to him. Listen to what Steve K. does to The Other One & Victim...the sounds and tension he produces is nothing short of amazzzzing. The set list might look average but the show was the best Dog show I've ever seen and I've seen a lot of shows. This is the best jam band on the scene right now.

Steve, Denver
Like others, we found ourselves saying "wow" and "amazing" early and often during this show, and like others we didnt need music in the car afterwards as the music was still playing in our minds. The show started with an interesting "Easy Answers" teased jam and then went into a fairly predictable and pedestrian (yet well played) "Shakedown Street". From there it was one highpoint after another. A nice "Minglewood" with the new "...goin to San Francisco even if i have to crawl" verse and a solid "She Belongs To Me" got us started. While many in the crowd hadnt heard "Money For Gasoline", I had eargerly anticipated it as I think it's one of the best new songs from Ratdog in a long time, and by songs end most in the crowd were wearing out their dancing shoes. Next came Keller sitting in with the boys and he added a nice touch to "Loser" and "Brown Eyed Women" with a nice comedic moment when Bob played the first few notes of "W.R.S." before stopping and saying "come on back Keller. I couldnt read my own writing," but the highlight of the first set was definately the complete "Weather Report Suite> Let It Grow" finale that followed. A Beautifully played and sung version that had me and others swaying with misty eyes.

The second set also started with a predictable (but fun because of the Colorado and Denver references) acoustic "Me and My Uncle", but quickly went back to the emotional theme that had developed from the "W.R.S." and kept the crowd enthralled throughout. We listened intently to a dark and inspiring "Victim or the Crime", and then enjoyed a sing along with "The Weight". "The Other One" is always a straight forward rocker, and this one was no different. As he did throughout the night, Kimock really showed his prowess and unique style here, and the band played hard and fast into a "Magnificent Seven" themed "Stuff".

From there, the emotions came pouring out of everyone as Bobby sang a glorious "Standing on the Moon". Twice Bob had to wipe away a tear, and it seemed both band and crowd deeply missed both Jerry and Mark. The "Sugar Mag> Sunshine Daydream" closer was icing on the cake, and off went the band. An already wonderful show, and I was expecting a "Touch" or "Brokedown" encore, so when the band played "At a siding> Terrapin Flyer" we were all pleasantly surprised, and Jay was furiously banging away on his drum kit to the crowds delight.

I've been seeing Ratdog since its inception, and this stands as one of the best shows I've ever seen or heard. From Bob sitting in with Keller for an acoustic "Dark Star" right through to the encore, the show was played with enthusiasm, emotion, and precision. This is one of those shows that I will listen to over and over again.

Thank you Bob Weir and Ratdog. Thank you very much, and please come back to Denver soon.

Jake , Castle Rock, CO
Hot as hell in the Rocks. Everyone bouncing and jiving, drenched. Keller starting off a great show for the Dog. Bobby and the boys, fine as wine. I found myself tearing up during SOTM. Very dark show, lots of introspection, but just like the old Dead when I got down all I had to do was let the music take me over and I was sure that Bobby would take me back on high. Twas my first show at the Rocks and I hope to never miss another.

Tor, Albuquerque, NM
The reviews posted tell a story of one hell of a concert. I was there, row 26 seat 69,70 with a buddy who I have seen shows with since our college days (mid 80s). Now I have seen a ton of jam band concerts, and the Dead approx. 90 times. The point I am trying to make is simple...Red Rocks Ratdog 7.24.07 KILLED. It took a couple tunes (Shakedown, Minglewood) to really crank, by the third song (She Belongs to Me), the band hit their perfect stride and blew away my soul with a heartfelt version that put a big smile on my face. A couple more great tunes, mentioned above, and a phenomenal Weather Report Suite into Let It Grow. Super, sensational, scintillating! Get a timeout babeee, as Dickie V. frequently spews out, was the only thing I could think of post WRS Let It Grow. The second set was a continuation of the first with amazing energy in the crowd, the kind where you just know you are right where you need to be right then. Red Rocks with its gorgeous sound, setting, and mystic weather coupled with stupendous licks by Kimock (can I get an AMEN from anyone who witnessed his mastery?)et al. pulled me into one of those Steal Your Face Moments you live for and wish would never end. Bottom line, these guys grooved hard with their renditions of GD tunes and covers. The selection of songs, the quality behind them, and the emotion that swept cross that venue rates right up there with my best shows ever. I, like others who have posted, didn't turn the CD on the drive home. After having seen a cathartic Standing On The Moon (having me longing to be in San Diego in a back porch in July w/a special gal!) and a n oh my god At a Siding, which I thought I would never hear, there was evidently no need for car music because I couldn't take my mind off the show just witnessed.

Thanks Ratdog for a huge show!

Dave, Denver Co.
My wife and I both had a wonderful cathartic experience at the show Tuesday. More patrons at the rocks than Dylan's Friday night show - maybe 85% filled. We've been to more Ratdag than we can count - we were present at the very first one; the forgettable "Laguna Seca Daze" debacle. The second Ratdog show at the Kaiser was very sad. We even witnessed Bob's worst performance ever with about 200 others fans at the Solstice Festival in Brookside near Santa Cruz June 1999 when he fell on his ass into the drum set trying to sing "Estimated" and nobody would help him up, not Wasserman, nor Mark, and I think Dave Ellis actually quit the band soon after that one. Bob sought immediate help for substance issues and has come roaring back so that now in July of 2007 he is playing the BEST Ratdog show we've had the honor of witnessing. Kimock's a wizard. Prayers to Mark Karen.

Matt G., Colorado Springs
Bonanza theme:

"Fortune smiled, smiled, smiled the day we filed the Ponderosa claim"

uncle al, 10kl
When the hell did Rat Dog get soooo good? I've seen every CO Dawg show since JG died and have enjoyed them all. But this RR show was by far, the BEST, most high-energy, rockin' RD performance in Colorado - ever! Period. They rocked the house. Thank you Bobby. Colorado loves you.

Esmerelda, Denver
4:30 am up, out the door, on the way to camp out all day. 24 hours later I will be driving the opposite direction. 23+ years I've been doing it. Sun rose through the clouds just over the Denver skyline-just a red ball you could barely look at because of all the clouds on the horizon. Yea, its gonna be a stellar day-1st in line on the north entrance. Most will tell you how miserably hot, dusty, and stale it is baking on the rocks-sweating under tarps, sunburns; unless you choose the small entrance on the north side. The picture posted by Zeek is the shady view all day looking south-you can follow the exposed Red Rock Formation for miles (Morrison Formation-RR is the largest part of it). But what makes it really great is you camp out between 2 pieces of the northern Rock of Red Rocks thatís called "Creation Rock" (you could think about that with a mindful of wild stuff all day long!). Itís about a 30-40 foot section of cement path (4-5 feet wide) that passes through this natural break in Creation Rock. The rocks on either side are about 12-15 feet high monoliths, and they kinda hang inward on the afternoon side. It is North entrance. Before RR is what it is today, it was called the ho-chi-min trail. My Bro & Sis taught me this delightful gift from their days of doing it in the 70's & 80's. It gets about 2 hours of sun with the most wonderful, cleanest breeze all day long. Not only is the Breeze cool, but being between 2 gigantic pieces of Rock are almost like being in a cave. For the 2 hours of sun it gets, if you sit on one side in the morning your still in shade, and if you sit on the other side in the afternoon your in shade, so basically shade all day. It was so nice I was hiking around just to be in the sun and warm up. Brought my cooler, chair, paper, whatever, and just soaked it up all day. My nemesis from the Dead runs showed up casually about 8 am. You know times have changed and your getting old when the folks in like are playing with their PDAs. Took a nap about 11 or so for an hour. Those poor friends on the steps or the ramp-come party with me next year and enjoy the rocks for a change; itís been ultimate party spot for Centuries. Sound check was Terripan, which you can hear really well...Jay sang the national anthem or star spangled banner afterwards...Ok so its awesome, but thereís more: it enters the theatre at stage level. 20 strides and your 2nd row center. Its not always like that-sometimes the security people try to give everyone a fair chance and let the other gates open a little earlier-they have stairs to climb (oh the wonderful stairs), and so you end up with 3rd or 4th just off center (if your one of the first 4 in).

This day was my day though-Security got the go ahead, and told me to go. I went. 2nd row center, 1st one in the amphitheater. Only one other time have I been this lucky but I don't remember that band it was. Wasn't Bob or the boys anyway.

Keller is a great guy. He is the kinda guy that just has that innocent-happy-act together face that just makes you smile to meet or talk with him. I checked out some of his set lists from before this tour, and he plays some really neat stuff. So Bobby comes out, and they do an acoustic Dark Star-like that ever happens anywhere, anyhow. The coolest part though was watching the Bats -YES BATS- flying over Bob & Kellers heads during it. (and you thought Bobby was just jiving) they actually ducked and looked up like what the hell just buzzed my head-what the hell is up with these bats?. Attracted by the vibes I guess, and the magic of the moment.

I won't go into the rest. Download and listen to it. Opinionate it all you want. Thatís just not me. It was awesome. Just like every show I see is. If you have feelings of regret or boredom or this or that sucked talk to a shrink or read a book, and get with what itís all about.

I will say I missed Mark so very much. After 10+ years I learned this night that I have grown mighty fond of his flavor, and his echos thereof. Bobby was shedding tears for someone...I didn't notice, but it could have been for his brother that has stood at his side for a few years now-just like another we all know. Steve was a very nice treat, just seemed he couldn't really play like himself-I've seen him bunches of times, and this time he was much more...caged...held back...turned on and off like a switch almost...just not what I have seen with his band. God bless him for stepping up and doing it, he is an awesome musician and brother-no one else would be a better fit.

Thanks Bobby! Come back in just a little bit!

Scott, Denver
I was able to attend this show with two friends of mine who both had a great time. Hard to beat a show that has a Weather Report Suite and an Other One. Lots of fun to go around!

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO
I hadn't seen the dog since red rocks of 2001 and nearly lost myself that night at the rocks. Got there really late (just in time to hear Keller's "gatecrashers" and the stellar dark star extravaganza. started orbiting saturn when shakedown started and didn't come down until hours later. my favorite part was watching the twirling girl behind the band (bobby's youngest). my wasted heart broke right then and there, and the image is burned into my brain.
I second the "why was 'until the morning comes' left off the setlist"...i could have been dreaming, but i (and my partner in crime) swore they pulled that one out of the vault.
just goes to show what a wonderful show it was.

MW, Laramie, WY
it's late to post this - i've been away from the computer and regretably don't have time to do this as throughly as i would like but here goes.

((((jeff))))))) lit the opening fire with amazing trumpet sounds at the beginning of "shakedown". he was tripping the light fantastic all night. "she belongs to me" and "standing on the moon" were particularly notable and moving - he captures such depth of emotion.

kenny started soaring then during "shakedown" and never stopped; his playing is complex, dynamic and flowing.

(((jay)))'s singing on 'loser' was excellent. he drummed with the expansive brightness of jupiter - 'mississippi half-step' was particularly amazing.

((((steve))))) is wonderful - i remember a beautiful opening to 'let it grow' in particular - i haven't had the pleasure of hearing him before.

((((the weight)))))

i noticed the tight interactions between ((((jeff and jay)))) all night. their vocals were strong and soulful.

i can't find the words to describe the quality of this evening adequately but i left glowing and inspired. the intricacies echoed in me as i drove up the road to idaho springs - the stars in the sky up there in the rockies glowed like the music.

it would have been completely perfect if ((((((mark))))))) was there as well. i thought of him throughout the show. ((((healing vibes)))))). i l ook forward to his speedy recovery and return to the stage.

Glinda, Victoria, BC, Canada
This too is late....however with good reason. I wanted to download the show, listen to it, taste it again, and then decide if it was as truly magical as I thought in the moment. Answer: BETTER THAN THAT!!! God bless Mark and he is missed, but Steve and his soupy sound was and is hypnotic, emotional, and crystal clear. Bobby's trade mark little licks were sharp, giving me goose bumps all night. The whole show is broken down perfectly from all those preivious reviews. So, my only comment is the encore.....WOW!!!! I've listened to this over and over and over again. It made the red rocks breath, the people groove, and stage glow with (in my opinion) one of those special moments felt several times w the Grateful Dead and fewer (but ever growing) with Bobby and the boys. But for what ever reason..... my heart, the stars, the band, and the good people of the rocks all came in alignment from the first notes all the way through to the end. What a perfect way to end the best show I've attended since Jerry's death. Thanks to Rat Dog and Bobby for their perserverance and love. It shows and grows with every show. As always; they've made my heart smile. Thanks to all who helped make this a very special moment in time. My prayers are with Mark and his family. Be well everyone!

Schultzy, Scottsdale, AZ
This show was unbeleivable. The brilliant energy of the red rocks welcomed ratdog warmly, and seemed to emphasize bob's every breath. The moon loomed warmly above the crowd, giving the scene some spectacular energy that I haven't yet felt. She Belongs to me was beautiful. I love when bob plays dylan. Money for Gasoline was fun as always, but i felt like he had played it every stop of tour. Highlights were WRS, let it grow, mississipi halfstep, the other one (except he left the serious jam for lowell, ma) standing on the moon left not a dry eye in the crowd, not even bob. I was lucky enough to have VIP, and got to be right. Terrapin was great, except he did it better in RI. Favorite shows of tour had to be Boston, Lincoln, RI + Lowell, although redrocks was brilliant.

laura, boston
The only way I can describe this show is that right when it ended I almost quit my job and followed Bobby the rest of his tour like in the good ol days. This show moved me the same way the Grateful Dead had done 20 years ago.

Mark, Denver