7/25/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Wednesday, July 25, 2007
Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre
Santa Fe, NM


um, we left after Uncle John's, how was Stella and Stones? They couldn't have been any slower and low energy than the rest of the show...sincerely,


Andy, Telluride
I couldn't agree with Andy from Telluride more. I was pretty tired so I thought it might be my mood. I too was sorely disappointed. I was actually bored and I was in the third row twenty feet from Bobby. Maybe next time.

John, Albuquerque
First I thought the venue was great, very small there wasn't a bad seat in the house. The sound was crisp and clear. I loved the end of Keller's set with Bob. Deep elem > Cumberland, I wish it was on the CD of the show. Yes I did buy the show CD's. It's only $25 and I thought this was a good show musically. At first I was like damn no beer. But as the night went on I think I had a better time sober. Well at least alcohol sober. :) The event staff was very cool about everything. There was also homemade ice cream at a stand which I thought was cool. Now the show I thought was great. I have been listening to the CD's sense then and I love them. It is a bit more mellow then other shows I have been to but I think that has to do with the crowd also. If I was disappointed with anything it was the fans that were there. Weak response to an epic band in a great venue. I would love to see them here again.

Rodney, Albuquerque
I thoroughly enjoyed this show and while it did have its mellow moments (Even So and October Queen), other parts rocked. Shade of Grey was a special treat and they jammed, especially at the end. I thought it was the best Hell in a Bucket and Throwing Stones that I have heard in years. Maggies Farm and Row Jimmy were highlights. Quinn the Eskimo was huge. The Paolo Soleri is an amazing venue and one of my all time favorites. The design is based on a Native American Kiva and it is very intimate. It was a strange reunion for me as I saw Bobby and the Midnights there in, I believe, 1981. I have seen much more rowdy crowds (perhaps the lack of beer) but compared to the Chastain show in Atlanta, it was wild. We were surrounded by friendly people who all seemed to be having a great time. Finally, Kimock shown and his guitar and peddle steel work was beautiful on Row Jimmy and Stella Blue. Personally, Ratdog's variety is one reason I keep coming back--each show is unique and I always have fun.

Doug, Atlanta
We were at Redrocks the night before. 2 totally different shows, but great in there own right. Santa Fe seemed toned down. but thats an effort to jive with the venue. Been to over a hundred dead shows, and appreciate the effort to change up the performance. Totally appreciate the intimate atmosphere. Once the dead members are gone, that's it! Only cover bands from there, so try to enjoy all performances, 4 star or 1 star, it's still a connection to the "boys". And Bobby still sounds great. See y'all at Phil in Santa Fe Sept. 30.

grateful doc, tucson
Great Show, always great to see new forms and rythyms in the bands arsenal of songs. Standouts for me were the Might As Well encore, some serious heart comin from the band, as well as the Quinn the Eskimo, and I too enjoyed the interplay on the Row Jimmy and Stella, also the jam in Deep End was very good as. Hope they come around again real soon.


El Conquistador, Albuquerque
I had a blast at this show. It was great to see the boys so close up. I enjoyed the whole show and stayed till the end. The Stella and Throwing Stones were perfect. I also really liked the Rat Dog tunes as well.

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO
This is quite possible, wait scratch that. This IS the best Ratdog show I've ever heard before ... simply amazing! I strongly suggest you folks revisit it via a SBD recording of it. I've listened to it twice back to back just now and again it IS the absolute best RATDOG show I have ever heard ... might even be the best post-garcia anything I've heard. KIMOCK!!

I mean the whole show is awesome and the 2nd set is out of this world good ... not since Garcia have I heard such beautiful music. The FOTD, Quinn, Stella, Throwing Stones, Might As Well ... just amazing renditions.


7/25/2007 Paolo Soleri Amphitheatre, Santa Fe, NM [Photos] [Reviews]
I: Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Maggie's Farm > Row Jimmy > Shade of Grey > Milestones > Hell in a Bucket
II: Friend of the Devil@4*, Quinn the Eskimo@*, Even So > October Queen > The Deep End > Uncle John's Band > Stuff > Stella Blue > Throwing Stones
E: Might as Well

Patrick Terrapin, Chicago
I love the Paolo Soleri, it's a beautiful venue in Santa Fe, Go See Shows There. (Thanks Fanman) Keller opening his show from the top of Paolo was cool! I love hearing the good ol' grateful dead, even with all the feedback and Bobby yelling at the sound crew. Seeing Bill Walton jam out the whole show was a huge highlight! Thanks Ratdog for visiting us in this land of enchantment!

Laura, Taos
I thought it was great to see the band in such an intimate venue! This night was very jazzy. During Stella Blue, Steve looked right up at me--making that wonderful version even more special.

Scott Probeck, Littleton, CO
I was at this show and it was a great show. The venue was very small and it made it very intament. Six feet away from bobby the entire time. The stage was level with the first couple of rows. Bobby tore up the mighty quinn.

Eric, Farmington, NM