7/28/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Keller Williams opened

Saturday, July 28, 2007
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA


Very slow, spacey show (in a good way) with lots of great interplay -- hard listening was going on up there. The jam in "Easy Answers" stood out, as well as a very mellow and soulful "Franklin's Tower," "Althea" (Kimock gets wired right and goes off) and a "Good Lovin'" that was rollicking and brought a smile to everyone I saw.

Oh, and "Masters of War," which Dylan closed his show with the night before in nearby Paso Robles, was dead on, too. Bob (Weir) sang the hell out of it.

Kimock was clearly not up to speed on a couple of tunes, but he was game, and when he did step out, he was wonderful.

At the end of the show, the entire band, crew, friends and family held a big banner across the stage reading "Good Vibes MK," for which there was a huge roar. Take care of yourself, Mark. We're all thinking about you.

Jeff Beresford-Howe, Oakland
One of the best Ratdog shows I have ever seen. The song selection was excellent. Kimock did an outstanding job at lead guitar. To bad we couldn't purchase a CD of the show.

Joe Cuadros, Santa Clarita
Great show on a perfect night with a full moon for all the 'dogs to howl at! Great setlist and great interplay. Bob looks like he is in really great shape and it's obvious he and Keller are enjoying this tour together. Nice gesture at the end to get everyone together to send "good vibes" to MK. Get well soon man...we love you. We are all so lucky to have this wonderful community of people to hang out and dance with!!

Michael Cansler, Laguna Niguel
Had a great time and a GREAT venue. The nearly full moon and the warm summer evening brought out a mass of young maidens who really seem to love the old tunes. I had been wishin' for Help on the Way / Slipknot! / Franklin's since I caught the Ventura show in Feb. This was a cool version but of course, lacked the lead guitar I needed to hear.( Sax and Keyboard are sounding f***ing GREAT though !!! Easy Answers stood out for me also, and Bird Song was much tighter than the Ventura show. Good Lovin' was a lot of fun to end the 1st .
Second set was really great. MASTERS OF WAR was excellent and we all need to hear it more these days into another personal wish fulfillment, BLACK-THROATED WIND !!! and Althea and Scarlet -- HOT DAMN!!
Then space (STUFF) slides into Dear Pru for your beatle's fix and the crowd was lovin' it !
Kimock sort of "hung around" the edges and stepped in (from a sitting position) with very tasty bits 3 or 4 times. couldn't really hear Shul but I dig Spearhead. and while I enjoyed the tunes that Bobby played with Keller, I have to agree with my hermit cousin that generally KW plays too fast and the same thing over and over again. anyhow, the show was great - the venue and weather were perfect and MK is greatly missed. GET BETTER NOWWWWWWW !

Mako, San Pedro
hmmm. What to say about this show....I went to the night before with a couple of good buddies in San Diego (Humphreys)....much better show.. DARK STAR..mexicali..touch....black peter...

After that smokin show...my buddy bought some tix for the Greek (from his I-phone) and off the LA we went...

Good vibe/scene in the parking lot....

Went in when we heard keller finishing up, and got to our seats to see the bobby/ Keller songs...pretty good..monkey and the engineer...always a treat...

Nice full moon....thought maybe a Picasso Moon or Standing on the Moon, would have materialized, but no dice..

So on the show...I REEALLY missed MK this show....i only felt Kimlock a few very brief times last night....sadly.

Standouts: Blk throted wind, Scar begonias, and of course ALTHEA...

Verrrrry mellow show, and at least for my liking, a bit too slow..but all in all it was RATDOG baby, so it is what it is...

There were times throughout the show that the crowd...at least were i was at....was ready to EXPLODE if something really special would have happened....but nothing really did...

Cant wait to see the Dog again with MK....some of my favorite moments have come from that union....

Wishing you well MK....missing your jams....!

tony, Mission Viejo
First set was interesting; GOOD LOVIN' ROCKED! No signs of this being last show on tour, plenty of fuel left in the tank.

Black Throated Wind "Going back home, that's what I'm going to do." I could feel Bobby meant it and deserved it.

Show progressed nicely. I expecected Franklins closer, and perhaps a Saturday Night, but was BLINDSIDED NICELY by Scarlet.

I could see Keller boogie'n in the wings on Dear Prudence just like the head he is!

Suggestion: Keller please get So Many Roads on the Grand Piano back into the mix.

Best Wishes to MK,

Bobby has shown time and time again how tight and professional the group is. Hats off to this group of artisians.


Fat Pat, Anaheim, CA
I'm still trying to get my head together after last night's show. Let's see.....oh yeah Monkey And The Engineer and Dark Hollow. First time for me on those 2 songs. Thank you Keller for making it happen. It sounded like it did in 1981. After that I needed some help and I got it in the form of Help On The Way>Slipknot! The Greek was rockin'! First set highlights for me was Good Lovin' and lazy river road. 2nd set Masters Of War great singing from Bob, great lyrics from a great song writer. listen up kids to the lyrics on this one. Powerful stuff. There a reason why Bob plays a Dylan song every night. I loved it. Black-Throated Wind reminds me of and girl I dated back in the Jerry years and brought a tear to my eye. Bobby's going back home that's what he's gonna do. Althea is my favorate song of Jerry's and Bob did him right. Chills up and down my spine! >Scarlet "the Bomb" I say no more. and then a beatles classic Dear Prudence again nice singing from the band. Good job boys, John would be proud. Saturday night it was and the crowd broke out the rockin shoes. I was dancing til it hurt. and then the send off "may the fore winds blow you safely home" Bob's way of saying goodbye. he get's better every time I see him. thank you for ending the tour in my home town. easy drive home. see you next time

Harmonica Ray, Lakewood, CA
Very excellent Ratdog show of the first order. Weir had it going so great so that at one point, the entire stage somehow looked like the Taj Majal or something with these wild and snaky grooves and hornwork-- just BLAZING-- and it was like...now what?? And then Weir tiptoes out on top of the whole thing-- literally, he was like walking on the clouds and then it was suddenly the luscious Dear Prudence and he was like "Hello? You mean ME???" And he's like looking behind him and shit...and it's like I've seen him pull this crap like five years ago or whatever...off the hook PRICELESS!!!! And then, going back into the Cassidy they had it going like the entire band was like this BUZZSAW and Kimock was this GIGANTIC two by four and he was just shoving one end into the buzzsaw and...oh my God is it was EXQUISITE!!!!!! Can't say enough about Kimock. In the first set, it was running hot and cold at times, but the guy is just such a monster player. Wow, the Lazy River Road was absolutely exceptional and then, on the Birdsong, it was like this underwater/reptillean trip, with these octopuss-like suction cups. I was really appreciating Lane's power and detail at this point. It was like Godzilla or something, just absolute RIPPING from Kimock, succulent and just...perfect. I cannot begin to explain the brilliance of him and this band together... Then I think they went into the Cassidy and he was just ripping on that and then they had to like end it so I think they did Good Lovin'-- I think that's what it was-- but it was fairly perfunctory after what happened prior. I mean, they could've just ended the set 15 minutes earlier and nobody would've complained but it was a GREAT Good Lovin'!

softmonkey, Los Angeles
This was a great, show.... nicley paced... I have seen them many, many times over the years and must say the Ventura show earlier this year and this show were among my favoriets--I thought Scarlet was awesome and thanks for the Monkey and Dark Hollow ---Very nice!...Great venue and parking lot scene--everyone was very laid back and cool.
I appreciate Steve K filling in for Mark........when he played, he nailed it--Thank you Steve!
Best wishes to MK---We all hope to see you soon.

Doug Q---Apple Valley, CA

Doug Q, Apple Valley
Wow, Great Show by the dog. Still buzzed from it. I love Kimock sitting in with these guys. He brings an exquisite jazzy/ jerry sound to the mix, sensative but he's a monster when he get the engine revved up. Just can't say enough about the guy, by far my fav bay area guitarist. I love Karan and hope he gets well soon, yet there was something special with those guys last night. Hope he continues wiht them after Mark gets himself healthy again. I was in the pit, and the smiles and musical surprises were plantiful. The Help Slip was stellar,, great jam out of easy answers and the second set scarlet was funkified and electric. The Dear Prudence was soulful with Kimock on slide. Hell it was just a really finely played show. The Good lovin traditional rocker to close the first set a nice touch to get us dancin hard. Bobby looks great up close, healthy even for a last night of the tour, as someone said plenty o gas left in the tank. A better show then the last dog I caught in Vegas in May? at HOB. May the four winds blow you safely home.

Jeff J. L.A.

Jeff James, Los Angeles
Wow. I too, thought this show was phenominal! I must admit that I wasn't in a big hurry to get to my seats for KW. But, once I heard Monkey playin', I grabbed my beer and pretty much ran in. It was amazing to see how happy people were to hear that song. I mean folks had ear to ear grins, myself included.

Ratdog's set started off great. From the opening notes, we could tell we were in for an awesome time. LRL>Cassidy>Bird...unbelievable. All were beautifully rendered. Of course closin' out the set with GLovin' is always a blast. A look at the set list for the 2nd set shows a brilliant star. Though, IMO, and I love Althea, the song seemed to fall a bit short for me. It's always funny how we all listen to the same song but walk away with different opinions. On the other hand, Begonias, NAILED it!!! Damn it was smokin. I can't say enough about how well the band played. Prudence...unbelievable. Back in to Cassidy...I am still smiling. Saturday Night, to be expected. But it's still fun to dance and sing to. Yeow, was I not expecting to close with Tower. Glad they did cause it's one of my ATF's! Too bad we can't get a board mix of the show off Munck. Hopefully, though, someone will have it available somewhere.

I've seen the Dog evolve over the years. This has to be one of the best I've seen. Ventura runs close behind. But the sound and environ of the Greek is hard to beat in the area. Thankfully, the stayed away from House of Blues. Anyone else think HOB has bad Ju Ju?

Already looking forward to a winter tour! Go Dog!

heycable, L.A.
It' so weird Heycable says that about HOB. that's EXACTLY what folks were saying to me at the greek. I haven't had a bad experience myself but it sounds like you've been talking to newport alex.
Also - I've GOT to give Kimock another chance. Many folks here seem to think he really had it goin' on. Maybe I was distracted
RatDog Keep on
Good thoughts for MK

Mako, San Pedro
Moneky and the Enginer with Keller Williams was a treat
Fist Set kind of slow.

All I can say is Scarlet Begones and Dear Purdence That was the show and also very Jammy set.

2grateful, L.A. California
OK, a great great show. To be in CA visiting uncle and seeing him to his first show made this a great trip. Plenty of great music and all played well. Yes, with SK this band sounds different. Playing part of the show from a seated position he did shine.

Thought first set was excellent, and really, for me, it all began with monkey...dark hollow and whats that other one they played...well, all a very nice prelude to a beautiful sunset in the California hills and a ripping close to this tour.

Highlights included Lazy river which is always welcome being a personal favorite, cassidy complete with multiclimactic jam, a nice birdsong where Kimrock shone, and of course the Bob Weir standard of the decades, Good Lovin.' My Uncle thought this was an apt ending for such a first set. I agree UM.

Second set did not disappoint either. BTW was monumental and Scarlet Begonias was the surprise of the tour for me. This version was meant to echo across thebeautiful southern cal mountainside as we were swept away by its ratpurous melody line. The right song played the right band at the right time in the right setting, to a most appreciative audience.

All that being said, security at this venue was the most ridiculous I have seen in a long time. I constantly felt their presence and they were always in earshot. I mean c'mon I know tobacco is bad but you are not even allowed to smoke in the parking lot... and they were enforcing it. That and the twelve dollar draft beer would cause me to pause before considering booking another date at this venue. Nonetheless, if another date is booked, i will attend because the music is worth the hassle.

Thank you Ratdog for another great tour. Best wishes MK, our thoughts and prayers are with you... keep those fingers limber you will be back soon.

Fred S.

fred S., NC
The weather was perfect for a show. Full moon, balmy. The band was very patient, working through a nifty Help/Slipknot and you could tell everyone WANTED Franklin's, but we were denied and the band abruptly crossed into Easy Answers. But, the beauty of it was twofold, first Easy Answers wound its way into a wonderful jam and second, Bob proved his karmic works are still strong by playing a wonderful Franklin's as an encore. What a way to end by wrapping right around to the beginning!

I must say that I do like the pulsing sound the Dog is generating on Money for Gasoline - it is becoming a favorite, and this was a good one. Cassidy/Bird Song was laid back, but excellent. Then, the cork popped with a rousing Good Love. It made me realize how little I really hear them play that song.

The second set was even better than the first. Althea and Scarlet were beyond good.

Sometimes opportunity comes from tragedy. It seems with Kimock finding his place with the band there is a little more room for the other fellows, and they are filling in the spaces nicely. We do miss you, MK!

The Dog is really finding a pace right now. I could feel it at the Ventura show, and it continued with this Greek Fest.

Bill, Ventura
grateful show !! everyone above pretty much covered it...I am curious why there is no download for the show.. all the other stops on the tour have downloads

wassup with dat ??


billiam, oxnard

There is no download because either the Greek or the Union won't allow the sale of the concert. Or perhaps they want too high a cut. That's the same reason you won't see any of the LA House of Blues shows for sale. You can find a download of it on the etree.org site. There is a link for it on this page. Look for Ratdog Tunes Online...

Rob , L.A.
Man* Whew* I mean this show was fantastic. The venue, the scene, the weather, the family!...so many new and familiar faces.:) I was here for the San Diego and Ventura shows - which were HOT ! - and this show just put the psychedelic icing on the musical waves of good times and awesome vibes. Thanks Bobby, Ratdog and friends for refreshing, reviving and renewing my spirit! And Mark - There's a Lot of Good Love out here for ya so know we're all pulling for ya.

Susan, Memphis
Excellent show!!!! The highlight other than the music was Bob hopping-up to front stage, sliding to his knees and playing a few chords. Never, ever have I seen that at any shows. Wow! Up-tempo, energized, and a trip back through the good ol' "Way-Back Machine" (Mr. Peabody)!! That's what will be talked about... "Hey, did you see when Bobby ..." 30 years from now. I had to ask the person next to me 3 times if she saw it too. Yuppers.

I want my download/disc of the show. Hey guys, you control your work, not the Greek or the Union. No generic Contracts. It takes two seconds to amend such an agreement prior to signing it. Just a thought.

{{{{{{{{{{{{ MK }}}}}}}}}}}} Good Vibes.

Dogness !!!!!

Dave B., Granada Hills
Great show - I feel like the prodigal son here: the last time I saw Bob was with the GD at the Forum back in 1989. Perosnally, I think he's become a much better performer over the years; the shrieking falsetto is almost entirely gone, and I love what he does with Jerry's songs. Respectful, not stodgy. The truly cool part is I only had to walk about a mile from home to get to the show.
BTW they were anxiously enforcing the smoking ban because SoCal is in a near-record drought, and a huge portion of Griffith Park already burned back in May

Paul, Los Angeles
Wow----don't tell me this town has got no heart. I looked around and saw everyone having a great time. The music, the tribes and the "Good Lovin". It's always good being surrounded with people who think just like me. I enjoyed the song list and got emotional with Althea>Scarlet Begonia. I still miss Jerry very much however this was my favorite Ratdog show~~~~Gracias~~

Ron and Nena Garduno, Sizzlin South El Monte, Ca.
What a way to end the tour! I feel that Ratdog is much better with Steve Kimock on guitar. He is a far superior player to MK in my opinion. I was a little confused at the end as to whether the Good Vibes were to MK or from him. Where they also related to The Gathering of the Vibes? Not sure. Anyway, I really enjoyed this show and was glad they gave the ending of Saturday Night a second run to really get that energy out there. Thanks for a wonderful experience the whole way.

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO
L.A. is a rare place to see Bob anymore and he obviously still enjoys playin there........No "Heaven help the fool" without Mark but lots of great spirited music with Steve and a few rarities for those of you whom follow the band....
My wishes came true second set with BTW that caught me offguard stoppin strangers jus to shake a hand or 2.... THANKS BOB ! So, I left L.A. city of news, and couldn't figure out how that music was over soo fast, 30 years of this stuff and still can't get enough. Very slow, well articulated stuff. Most enjoyable show in a longtime and the staff was non-existent to hassle anybody mostly caus we didn't need any hasslin'.........Gave a few tix away and it felt oh soo good, loike Calico said it would......
Seems like they played LRR but didn't see it on the setlist. Easy Answers kind of set the tone for the evening, " I don't wanna no, don't wanna know...." That guy on the drums just lays it down right where you want it. Congrats Jay, you took my job and we love you for your devotion. The rest is pudding.........Thanks to the Dog, The Rat is in Arrears.......And the we need to be fed every few years............ I am no longer hungry. Wuish this was the house band at the pearly gates

Forrest Bro, Kelseyville,Ca.
Show was very slow good opener but down hill from there until Good Lovin Put a Smile on everyones face.Kimock needs more time with Ratdog they weren't as polished as with MK.I could be tainted as I went to the San Diego show which I thoought was MUCH Better The Dark Star was great and I got a personal RD favorite thatv was great Ashes & Glass loved it!!! That said LA was a GRATEFUL TIME get better ASAP MK((((((( good vibes)))))))))

Mark, San Diego
best show i've seen this year out of four (ventura, anaheim, milwaukee, la---so far). actually thought ventura was the worst of the four, but still a great show. milwaukee was steve's first, and they were not nearly as tight as they in mil town as they were this night. the progression was evident. show prefrence is subjective based and has factors such as song selection and bobby remembering words (ventura was definetly the worst). btw>althea>scarlet>the best space since dj logic sat in. a help>slip, easy answers, money, prudence.....


i'd like to thank the band, fans, and wish mark the best.

chad, redondo
Great show. This was the first time I saw Keller Williams. Killer. When Ratdog came out, the evening cooled down a little, as it had been rather hot and humid in southern California. Althea alone was worth the show. As I have told most people I meet in life and to all of my friends, Bob Weir is one of the best rythum guitarists alive today. Don't miss Ratdog in the fututre, as Bob and his band sounds better than ever. An added bonus-I saw Bill Walton!

Paris Merriam, Irvine, California

out of a dozen ratdog shows, humphrys and the greek are on the top. the greek was rocking from the getgo. i think the band can turn on a dime like a souped up caddy, and adding kimock is like adding a flex compacitor. i hope for more west coast shows...

jesse, missoula
I'm impressed with Keller Williams...great opening vibes!

I'm even more impressed by you Bob, delivering a killer Ratdog show that brought a huge smile to this old deadheads stoneface. Thanks for the help with that easy answer which I didnt want to know coming from your right top balcony. I always keep a fire watch and did not see one after scarlet....I thought I heard a....but I dont want to know. I new Frank was coming....a good lovin feeling...I wanted it to comtinue for eternity...but Saturday Night brought it all so plainly back to reality for me because I knew that the end was near....and I said weirs frank?....I knew though you were hidding him backstage.......
Thank you Bob for doing what you do.

To all non-Bob members of Ratdog: You guys all had your moments but you just need to let go and each take Your turn in being the spotlight. There's so much talent in each of ya....thanks for making Ratdog's future even huger.

...overall the show...... 4 something out of 5 having never been to a east coast show......Hats off to brig. I was and still am happy to have been there for that solidly rockin show.....

Dont ever stop...

...its corn..., West USA