8/11/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Gathering of the Vibes

Saturday, August 11, 2007
Seaside Park
Bridgeport, CT


What a great venue first of all for something this fun, I rated this show and Epic, great energy, smoking eyes, still trying to soak in all the fun from this weekend but def a must get on a download

Erik, Englewood NJ
Wow! Wow! Wow! I cannot wait to hear that Easy to Slip through Eyes again. Thanks for giving me the best birthday I've had in a long time. Solid show.

Ski Nose, Portland, OR
That would have to be the best Ratdog show I ever saw. This band keeps getting better with age. I am amazed. Ramping up by going on with Les Claypool one by one definitely set the tone. An energized Bobby brought his "A game.''
Whew, I am still wiped from it!

Jphn, New Paltz, New York
A Hard Rains a Gonna Fall was astounding. Bobby screaming into the mike from the Jerry side, his eyes squeezed tight with conviction, truth and integrity. I was mesmerized. Go Bobby Go!

Big Daddy don, Bangkok
WOWW what a phenomial show and a great venue .. cant even explain how great that was wish they never stop playinggg cant wait too see them in buffalo

Collin Ausfeld , schenectady
I loved this show! It was great hearing Dark Star, and the band really nailed St. Stephen! I also really enjoyed hearing Money for Gasoline, which I hadn't heard until this tour. It's a catchy tune. I wasn't disappointed that they didn't play Lovelight, which I thought they might. I liked the reprise of the Eleven, and the Saturday Night, Ripple encore was fantastic. I was just thinking earlier that I was the GD had played Ripple more, and I got two hear it twice in one weekend! Fantastic!

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO
it was a great show and a killer evening i cant wait till next time

jeff d, endicott ny
After an hundred plus Ratdog shows, this stuff amazed me and left me bewildered. From the opening to close I was wowed at how the band has stepped up and mustered the energy of a dead show itself, with Kimock adding a masterful guidance that has been missing since its rebirth in the wake of Jerry's death. Don't get me wrong MK is dearly missed, but to see Bobby with a good sparring partner once again is KI! Made my year period!

Raymond J Romanoski, Troy, Maine
The best show Bob Weir and Rat Dog have played at the vibes in the last 3 years. Dark Star was fantastic and my high light of the show was Eyes Of The World..

Lewis Mrotzek, Toronto, Canada
Aboslutely wonderous performance. Had a mystical edge to it ,a timeless performance of epic proportions! Have been a fan of Bobby since '68 and I dare say he voice was just about as good as it gets.Kudos to RATDOG can't wait to see them tonight at Jones Baech. I hope Mr.Dylan gets to hear a tape of A HARD RAINS GONNA FALL because it was done w soul , style & grace. A TRUE ARTIST MR WEIR IS !!!p.s. the crowd was a sweet as humanity gets*****SAINT STEPHEN LIVES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bill Kelly, Speonk,N.Y.
Thank you for a real good time! I agree with Raymond - this show was 'on' from start to finish! Eyes, Two Djinn - and Me & My Uncle were personal favorites. Thank you!

Pat, Lincoln
Two Djinn was awesome!!!
Wheres the dvd from the show?

Grog (CraigInCT), East Hartford
Man, what a show! The crowd was a bit nuts, but we like it that way;) From the first 4 minutes you could just tell that this was a night to remember, and the sound system at the vibes blew us away, clarity all around. When Shakedown broke out it pretty much lit the fuse on the powderkeg, and about 6 minutes in you could tell that the crowd was about to explode. Well, they did, and for 2 sets we all experienced an amazing show. Money for Gasoline was placed perfectly in the first set, folks needed a tune to freak out to, and that sealed the deal. Two songs later, Supplication offered the type of experience crowds always look for, being together with the band, and everyone responded with their,"Wooooooooo, Hoooooooo, Hooooooo.", made my day man, seriously. The second set was just as amazing, Come Together was silky, St. Stephen as good as it gets, and to top it all off, One More Saturday Night. Unreal show guys, we are all still talking about it, the vibes get no better than that.

Dave, San Diego
This was OUR (Wife Debbie,10 yr old Bobby and I0 first time@ Seaside Park and We can't wait until next year! The only thing I missed about Indian Creek was (A Hard Rain didn't A Fall) at least not while we were awake. Right from the start of Shakedown St to Ripple I was amazed @ how GRATE Bobby and the Band sounded. I was Standing on The Moon actually on the right side of the stage for the first set and was so blown away. I moved to the sound board to try to even off my hearing loss for the rest of the show. I MISS Jerry but Dam the Boys SURE CAN PLAY! Went to Cape Cod on Sunday and tuned into a local radio station and I heard Bobby singing, realized it was live and coming from Lowell 2 towns over from where We live talk about GRATE LUCK. Debbie enjoyed her birthday 8/12/19something. The Gathering has been an AWSOME beginning of Our Vacations for the past 6 yrs I would like to THANK Ken Hayes and the Terrapin Family for ALL they do! I also want to THANK the Bridgeport Police for the GRATE job They did,Bobby(10 year old) got a little bite from T-Bone (horse) but he was warned. Anyway once again LOVE to Shake it on SHAKEDOWN ST Bridgeport definitely has HEART See Ya All Next YEAR, Hey BIG DADDY(MY BRO)

Bob Bryant, Wilmington,Ma
Saturday-- Sun was shining, the ocean breeze was nice, a overall good day of music. Ratdog Rocked!!
Shakedown rocks me
People were getting crazy all weekend.

Music was an 8 and the festival itself was a 9.5

GOTV is the way to go, as long as bobby and the boys show up!

Bellew, Milford NH
kick ass show, absolutely loved it! had a blast!!

Cassie, Bedford Hills
WHAT A FUN SHOW! the whole CT crew was there!!! Les joined BOBBY on stage it was awsome!Hope BOBBY and the boys willbe back next year!!!!!music was a 9 and GOTV was a 10!!!!!!

Jamie(CTDAWG), Bristol,CT.
I loved this show, and it's great hearing it on cd. The only problem I had was that they ended with an Eleven Reprise. They should have played Lovelight!! Other than that it was great! Wonderful Eyes, She Belongs to Me, Easy To Slip.

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO