8/12/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

''On the Road'' 50th Anniversary Tribute

Sunday, August 12, 2007
Boarding House Park
Lowell, MA


ABSOLUTELY MONUMENTAL SHOW! Every jam was brought to it's own unique crescendo with all in attendance begging for more.........Ratdog at it's best

simple, pepperell
I could not be in Lowell for the show but was able to listen and be part of it from home in Narragansett, RI. Thanks to Rat Dog and MVY radio. I had an awesome time watching the meteor showers and listening to the show with my six year old daughter who also had a blast. It was like we were there, we could feel the vibe, the show was incredible. Thank You...

Kevin Petit, Narragansett RI
What can you say about this show… My girlfriend and I were front row on the rail as always and it was great to see my usual front row friends. First we waited in line for 2 hours to get in. Bobby showed up late but was nice enough to give us a great sound check to listen to while we waited including a great Book of Rules. When they finally opened the gates it was on and you could feel it. Perfect weather, total outdoor venue which seemed to be built for 700 and felt like a crowd of 2,000. Looking up at the stage there was the normal set with a slight difference. Three office chairs on stage which Bobby and Dennis eventually sat on for a pre concert story telling session honoring Jack Kerouac and Neil Cassidy. Truly amazing to be 5 feet from Bobby and listen to stories of Crazy Neil at wheel and the Acid Test shows. AWESOME and intimate with a nice Q&A for Bobby after the stories. After the interview, while Bobby went back stage to get ready, we listened to Jack Kerouac read from his book to set the mood. Truly unique in every way possible! The show started around 7:15 with a HOT Cassidy into the new one for the year Stagger Lee. The set list was PERFECT and I must say whereas I miss Mark tremendously Steve Kimock is a musical genius, I was blown away. Then we were blessed with the one and only On the road again, thank you Jack Kerouac! Masterpiece was most definitely heard through out the entire town of Lowell that night which for me is a personal favorite and the crow sang loud and proud. Right into He’s Gone the Other One which Dennis blessed us with a poem right in the middle of and ending with Warf Rat… how great is that? There was a little tease from bird song and they were off… but when that unmistakable drum beat started for the encore I knew the boys were gonna tear that whole building down. A stellar ending to a f*#king uniquely stellar show! THANKS BOYS AND WELL DONE!

Michael Neubert, Manchester, NH
It doesn't get any better than this show!! What a great place to listen to some of the greatest music played to date. One could go on and on about the setlist and the intensity the boys were playing with, but this really was a uniguely awesome evening!

JaniceB, Lowell
A special night to honor and show respect for a special group of individuals. On the Road is quite the literary masterpiece indeed. In short, a great musical evening....one for the ages. Kudos Bobby, RatDog, and Dennis,

Ekim, Cambridge

bigboy, winchester
What a great night! Band, venue, crowd and vibe were all near perfect. Please come back next year!

Chris, Chelmsford, MA
It was a very memorable show. Bobby sitting on stage in casual conversation about the old days is something I'll never forget. You knew the setlist was going to be special. Bobby telegraphed The Other One by talking about writing part of it in the Pacific Northwest in the late '60s, and did the band deliver -- a scorcher. Cassidy to open was cool, an obvious tribute to Neal Cassady, and On the Road Again to open the second set was a nice touch, given the Jack Kerouac theme of the show. The antique Lowell trolley was the perfect backdrop for the show, particularly when the smoke and lights were used to such great effect. Stagger Lee was a treat. Puffer called that one in the bar before the show (good call, Puffer). Mexicali Blues and Masterpiece were a great one, two punch. The show wasn't perfect, though. RatDog almost always delivers the goods, impeccably, but Jay Lane had vocal harmony issues for most of the night (maybe the smoke that enveloped him at one point caused a problem) that were at their worst on Wharf Rat. Still, a memorable show.

Todd, Fairlee, VT
I have been to a lot of shows. This was special. Very special.

Thomas, Henniker
It was an amazing show and an amazing format. Bobby sitting telling stories and answering questions was really special to be a part of. The readings, the train, the music, the crowd - it was a very special night. I was glad to be a part of it.

Thanks to all.

Sue, Leominster, MA
Thanks for playin' in my boyhood home. Well pretty damn close. Great show. Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance>Don't Ease. LSD!!!!!!

Ski Nose, Portland, OR
Sweet show, good people. It had been a couple years since I saw Bob and the boys and I am damn glad to have been there. Bird Song was the surprise of the night for me. Wharf Rat, despite harmony issues, spectacular. Danced my way into the White Mountains the next day to share the vibe with the sky. Right on, Bobby, and thank you for being...

trashman, Hiram, Maine
All the years we have followed Grateful Dead and all of it's incarnations, you sometimes feel as though you have hit all the high points. Well, last evening proved that theory wrong.

What a special, special evening. Bobby and Dennis in a very cool conversation with the crowd, a great venue, beautiful evening, Ratdog once again proving what a wonderful band they are and my first On the Road Again, since October of 1980 at Radio City.

At this point in our evolution of this trip how much better can it get?

Thanks Dennis, Bobby and Ratdog for the gift.


Jack, Chester, NH
Great venue! Good vibes! Over the top, out of this world jam during the Other One-after the 1st verse. Kimock stepping up and leading the band. I have now seen him perform about a dozen times, and I have never seen him take such a prominent leading role as he did last night. He really is exciting to hear, killer tone, and imo Bobby's guitar work meshes extremely well with his approach. Yes, some of his phrasing is eerily similar to Jerry, but he has a individual style as well and seems to really push the music in a creative, high quality fashion.

kyle barr, interlaken
Stael your face right off your head.. The connection comes full circle with Neal's tales and back to lowell to get on the road again. Bless Ratdog with Grace..
What a HOT Cassidy thanks for changing the set up Staggar Lee.. major Birdsong Jam . Lost sailor saint . pause Dough Knees. Yes oh Yes, What a homecoming the energy the band had for this oh so special show. The real Deal, the scroll that Jack wrote, On the Road, was on display for real 2.4 Mil it's worth, . On the Road again to open the second set first time ever for the Dog and the bone heads.. The other one was too special with Dennis reading from the book and the band playing softly unbelievable cressendos throughout the set playing like their existance depended on It. Danced all over town that night. Thanks again ..

Loren, Amherst Nh
awesome show. Steve was on fire. The only bad part about the show were jay lane's vocals. At first I thought maybe on Conan he was just having a bad night, but after the Boston and now the Lowell show, it is pretty clear that he should not be allowed to have a microphone any where near him. His drumming is so solid it's outstanding, but he can't sing at all. Thanks for the great show.

dan, east boston
Great show. Great night. Great vibe. Would love to have a transcript or recording of the pre-show conversation. Can anyone help? This was very special.

Tia, Gloucester, MA
It's Tuesday evening, and I am still in a great mood because of this incredible show on Sunday. The talk on Cassady, Kerouac, and the Acid Tests was something quite unique and inspiring. Being able to see Jack Kerouac's scroll of On The Road was a rare treat, too. I loved the trolley, and my only negative note would have to be that they didn't incorporate a bell clang into one of the songs! The band was fantastic. Dancing in bare feet on the grass on a warm Summer night to cool music was awesome. When McNally came out to read a passage from On The Road during the Other One it brought the evening to a rarified crescendo of music and literature. Many thanks to all who put together this memorable night!

Erik, Marblehead, MA
What a vibe!!! Great tunes!!! The setlist resembled a more traditional Dead-show style setlist with the typical first and second set songs being in their respective slots...I like that. The "theme" held out well throughout the show and provided an additional element of fun. Nothing left but smiles as I walked the deserted streets of Lowell back to my car.

august, leominster
Loved all of your great reviews of the show. I found it to be one of my most recent favorites as well. Up in front, as always, having a great time with all of the usual suspects!!!

Rich, CT
Great show.
After all the confusion and bitchin by every1 bout the line. The crowd seemed to smoothly settle in. The interviews were something sweet. Not often do I get to see Bobby jus sittin round bullshittin stories bout days gone by.

More noteable moments for me...
STAGGER LEE.. Wonderful, my first by the Dog..
Sailor>Saint>Dont Ease... This combo rocked!! The jams were phenomenal and the energy was so high by the end that I jus bout peed myself..
On The Road Again... Freakin Sweet. Nuff said.
The entire 2nd set jus felt so right..
The day was sunny, the night was cool. The fans were jus that. It felt like it was all jus supposed to be.
SAMPSON!!!! My first, by ne of the boys.
This night shall not be soon forgotten.
Thank You RATDOG!!!

Rich Bouchard, Bethlehem, NH
Amazing show and amazing venue.. i just want to give special thanks to the man in the yellow shirt for making my night so amazing

Jeff, sudbury
First - Ski Nose from Portland - you must be the guy I hung with during the show. Send me a note. schneids314@comcast.net What did you decide about Stevie Wonder? Etc.
Great show. I loved the intro for The Other One. They managed to disguise the bomb even though we all knew it was coming. Stagger Lee ran through my head for days after. I'm not usually a fan of Lost Sailer/St.C. but this one was good. Maybe I finally got the idea of it after 25 years of shows: within a matter of minutes, make you drift off far enough to forget that that big riff is going to come back around again. Birdsong was beautiful. Wharf Rat vocals pointed at the only major flaws with this band right now. And I like Sampson & Delilah a bit, but not enough to close with it. There's just nothing that interesting going on in the song. My humble opinion.

Rob, dover nh
This show was a gift. If only the questions asked and comments made would have merrited Bobs' attention. Maybe if we ever have an oppertunity to speak with the master again, then we as Ratdog.org will submitt questions before-hand. My gift was his Masterpiece. Bob is a legened in his own time. Jeff, Robin.Kenny,Jay,in the spirit of Mark;stand in Steve, you guys were eleoquent,strong and masters of your music.I thank you for the night of my life.See you soon hopefully?!!! IN DOG WE TRUST

Heather Botecelli's niece a.k., ManchVegas
This night was absolutely stellar. It was the first RD show I had seen in almost two years and my mind was blown. Between the beauty of the town of Lowell, the quaintness of the venue, the Kerouac vibe that permeated the entire show and the sheer power of the music from start to finish this was a performance that I feel lucky to have been a part of. The Other One was so deep and was topped off to perfection with the spoken word performance by McNally of Kerouac's work. This show is a true gem. Thanks, boys!

Adam, NYC
Quite fortunate to be inside the ropes for this one. Both Lowell shows Weir mighty fine. Vibes after The Vibes were real fine. Thanks for the songs while we waited in line Bobby... Song selection was fitting for the 50th Anniv. of On The Road ... ( She's) On The Road Again was Appropo. Thanks to the Roadies for all they do
& Jeff playin piano during Dennis's Oration. Jay seemed to have a grand time during Stuff. Bobby kicking off his Berks & jammin with Steve. Robin taking time to meet & greet with fans.... Thanks Ratdog your Stupendous
Always nice to shake me bones with the M&M's..

Richard Alberty, Vermont
This was the sickest Ratdog show I've seen. On paper one wouldn't think so, but the playing was phenomenal. There were so many crazy teases in there and Bobby was absolutely on fire. A special evening indeed. Great venue, and mostly great people. However, one can always count on a few assholes these days. NUFF SAID!

weirdo, blue hill, maine
Rippin show, loved the question and answer session. Got To shake Robin's hand near the bus, everyone was coming off the GOTV vibes..
Amazing night of music, the streets of lowell were lit up that night.
familar faces, Short ride home. Reading from On the road during The Other ones was a great highlight of the night.
On the Road ist time played
Cassidy! Lost salor

I cant wait for fall ratdog tour!!

Bellew, Milford NH
All of the above!! But also, I would like to just thank Bobby for his continued "jazzy" strain in the music that I distinctley hear- it not only keeps it fresh for me, but also gives me great pleasure! As a dancer for the last thirty plus years, it challenges me so much! I got there for the whole second set and I was able to completley let go and dance towards the back in the aisle and on the left side-SPACE IS ULTIMATE- that jazz strain was so hard and challenging and perfect and despite what some others may have thought observing me, I was oozing the music through my body and everything was working like a freight train on a silk road ... 360 degree in-air turns and comin down right fu*kin on time!! I thought I was eighteen years old for a minute or two during The Other One...lol

...and for all those would be dancers out there: if you're going to let go and dance, but inhibition keeps you from it...just do it! At a Dead show. And ratdog IS the Dead- just find a dark corner and FEEL IT! soon you'll be flyin in the light and taking over whole rows of seats where people who think they understand the music have long left to stand in a beer line or get a jump on traffic!!!!

....sorry, just an aging Deadhead-(EIGHTEEN, or forty eight, whatever) got lost there for a minute......lol....THANKS BOB!!!!!

Tony Beers, Wash,DC