8/15/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

with the Allman Brothers Band

Wednesday, August 15, 2007
Post-Gazette Pavilion
Burgettstown, PA


Amazing show. It was my first Rat Dog experience/ dead related show and it lived up to what I hoped it would be. The fans were really into it and dancing and the atmosphere was explosive. Sound quality was really good.
Uncle Johns Band, Estimated Prophet, and Touch of Grey blew the roof off.

To everyone there, thanks for one of the best nights of my life. :-)

Its great to see such peaceful people.

Josh, Pittsburgh
Started off Sweet and just kept getting sweeter!!

Started off with a slower, funky Music Never Stopped, in which the Jam was great. I was super impressed with Kimmock as well.

Some of my personal highlights were: Peggy-O with Bobby on Acoustic. Uncle JOhns Band with Warren Haynes was sweet. Estimated Prophet was probably my Fav though(super Funky as always), and The Throwing Stones was insane.

On a side note, I got to see the show with my dad (which was supercool b/c I'm 26, what 26 yr old goes to Ratdog w/ their dad?) who has never seen Ratdog and LOVED 'em. Over the years I've introduced him to the Dead and he likes 'em, so I was happy he had fun.

Touch encore, although kinda a let down, was good none the less.

Lots of Room to dance, and didnt see any problems with security and fans. Very laid back. Even let me go up close to take a few pics.

Overall I give it an 8 out of 10. :~)

Matty J, Pittsburgh BABY
Man, this show was sweeeeet!!!!!! It was my only show of the tour and it made up for that! Best Dog setlist I've caught in awhile. Started kYnd and got better & better. Had wanted Baby Blue, Black Throated. Estimated, and Throwing Stones all for awhile now and BAM, all in one night! The UJB and Mama Tried was also exceptionally sweet. ABB tore it up too. Out of 16+ years and over 140 shows, this was only my second Allman show. I was thoroughly impressed. The first time was with Phil & Phriends back in '03, and I wasn't really all that stoked after that show (by the ABB, that is. Phil was, as always, superb). However, my opinion changed drastically after last night. They were simply smokin"! All in all, well worth the drive from Indiana. Killer show, good venue, and some very friendy family, kids, and all. PS-Thanks for the pic Steve!!!

John W., Muncie, IN
smokin show, loved black throated wind, great energy and good family show, very easy to get the bones a shakin last night awesome show guys

ryan c, youngstown,oh
I will say I thought the show was fantastic took my 12 year old son and he was up and dancing with the best of them this was his first show and I have to say it was a nice layed back ratdog show and I have seen a lot almost reminded me more of a GD show then ratdog to end the only bad thing if bad is I think bob needs a brake from a long tour this year you could here he was having a rough tiime with uncle johns but still very tight and sweet cant wait for the next.

longstrangetrip, cleveland
Beautiful show from start to finish. It was our girls first Ratdog show (4 month old twins) and the lawn seating was glorious for a family to kick back and enjoy the sweet sounds and vibe of the Dog.... Setlist....hmmmm.....sick!No, seriously, sickening! See ya at Darien Lake.

Feel it, don't fight it!

The Quinn Family, St. Catharines, ON
Sadly missed the begining of show due to traffic and priority....walked in during Casey Jones which was sweet to the ear and then i lifted off. Estimated Prophet was amazing! I was getting down groovin to that....Black Muddy River was an all time fav of mine and i adored its performance fully last night! I grooved to the whole show....i didn't see another soul getting down as hard as i was but i noticed i made people dance....good that's what you're supposed to do! The audience was very laid back....soo chill. I was delighted to hear a UJB and i thought that even though touch was not ever a fave, that that as an encore was remarkably perfect....epic performances by both. I was hoping to see bobby and them join ABB for an epic encore and jam the groovve would have been unimagineable. Was also hoping to see a Shakedown St.....but oh well just another reason to see another show! Peace all

Jimmy, Greensburg, PA
One of the better Ratdog shows we've seen in the last
few years. Don't know whether it was the setlist (favorites
were played), Kimock (who does a more than adequate job of things), the shorter time allotment, or the fact that
this was not exclusively their audience, but the energy level was higher than the last two local appearances. Nice job guys. Prayers and vibes to Mark.

PS The Allmans were good too; boy, can they play! But
can't anyone do a blues tune in under 3 minutes anymore?
See Howlin' Wolf's Greatest; 8 songs, 22 minutes.

KGoon, Pittsburgh
Awesome show. The last time Ratdog played the area (Greenburg,PA) the show was very disappointing. This show was the complete opposite. Black Throated Wind was great, UJB was a nice favorite, but Estimated and Throwing Stones were the icing on the cake. Steve Kimock did a fantastic job of filling in for Mark. Touch of Grey was a great upbeat choice for an encore and my faith has been renewed in the Dog. Next time the Allmans should bve the opening act!

Brent M., Butler,PA
WOW. At exactly 6:30, I knew the music was beginning and was never going to stop. Fabulous opener. Each song unfolded into the next, just as each member of the band accentuated the talents of the whole. Great tunes for a grateful audience, full of energy and enthusiasm exuding from the band.

Warren Haynes jammed hard with UJB...making that a song worth dancing to and celebrating with the rest of the audience.

The first time I heard Bob play Throwing Stones was at the original inauguration of Clinton. Ironic where we are now, politically...where RatDog is now, musically howling into the night, spreading the spirit, and enjoying the ride.

Thank you.

Renee, Latrobe
FANTASTIC !! The band was tight and played some great jams. They blew The Allman Brothers Band off the stage in my opinion.

I love Steve Kimock but it was clear he's a bit out of his element. He played solidly but his riffs sounded like SK not RD.

Casey Jones, Black-Throated Wind and Peggy-O were out of this world.

Bill, Pittsburgh
Hey friends... Finally gettin around to write something. This was my fourth show of the summer. Must say that it was not a disappointment. However, only wish Bobby would have played longer...oh well the band sounded very tight and together. SK was a bit more on than early in the summer of course. My first Casey Jones of the year and Black Throated Wind was out of this world. Got my Estimated which made my night. Shook my bones and met some very cool, new friends. Nag Champa, KatieMae and GratefulDad. Hey Steve drop me a line...sure enjoyed sharin the vibes with ya bro. Thanks for the brew and smiles. Praying for a fall tour. Smile

John, Massillon Ohio
I loved this show... I have seen Bobby over 200 times and I was real happy with this show. This was the first concert I have ever taken my kids to (5 year old twins) and my son told me after the show..."Dad, I want to see these guys ALOT!" I know this won't go over real well with most here but I hate the GD sing-a-long shows. This was great but in my opinion...MORE DOG LESS DEAD!! Oh yeah and....Chimenti is f'n awesome

Shawn, Weirton (really) WV
This was a fun night. I was actually suprised that Bobby was the opener and not the Allmans. I walked in during the begining of Casey Jones due to traffic, so I missed the first three songs. I loved what I saw though.
The highlights for me was the Jus' Like Mama Said, UBJ, Throwing Stones, & Estimated. Man, that Estimated was one of the best I've heard or seen in a long time, Kimock blew me away.
I would have rather had Derek come out instead of Warren(highly over-rated) during UBJ. I was five rows back on Kimock's side and noticed how little Warren contributed to the song and that he actually cheapened it with his presence.
I have to agree with Shawn the sing alongs are lame and kinda make it a nostagic act at times.
The Allman's were sweet too but I wish Ratdog played last and longer. It was sweet to have Kenny B come out during Desdamona. ABB need a sax player. Cool show from both bands.

Jason, Eastlake, Ohio
Estimated prophet was really funky. Love to shake them bones. Crowd was really cool,so laid back. Much better than the Greensburg Palace show. Always a pleasure.Until next time, be good ya'll.

Erik Eastham, Canonsburg,Pa
fun show. great family vibe. lots of nice people, beautiful weather, great tunes. what more can you ask for? see ya in the fall.

peach, Altoona, PA
This was my first RatDog show and trust me it will NOT be my last. My hubby bought me the tickets (front row on the left side of the stage) for my birthday and I couldn't have asked for a better gift. The music was amazing, the atmosphere was electrifying and the people were so much fun and so nice. I have been to MANY concerts in my life but RatDog was by far the best. Started off mellow and finished on such a high note. I agree with some of the reviews above that ABB should have been the opening act. I hope to see you guys this summer.

Jennifer, Cairnbrook, PA