8/18/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

with the Allman Brothers Band

Saturday, August 18, 2007
Mountain Laurel Center
Bushkill, PA


The Show was absolutey off the hook, Bobby & Ratdog was a real crowd pleaser but the really sad thing is that the venue sucks horribley the hill is on a 45 degree angle that is a law suit that is ready about to happen sooner or later when someone slips & falls and breaks their neck from being that their isn't any lighting on the lawn also the food court and the bathroom is a fire hazzard everything was confined in such a small area bein that the fenced area was small. THE VENUE REALLY, REALLY NEEDS ALOT OF IMPROVMENT ~ !

Allen, Hazleton, Pa
NO ENERGY!! from the stage or the audience. No effort, they phoned it in. Have never been so disappointed in a show, set list looks great but nobody brought it. Band has no direction, songs begin & end without any leadership, great back up band for someone eho can pull off the actual thing...seen better cover bands. terepin was a small bright spot in an otherwise dull & total lack of imagination show. parking lot was ok, minimal security & vending, all was good until the show started! Think they all had the attitude of lets bring the audience to the lowest point possible. At least theres Phil in Oct...
Allman's fan's beware-they've become a lead guitar battle between Derek Trucks & Warren Haynes. There are points the soloing is going so long you forget what song they're playing. Dicky Betts has been completely removed, including his songs; blue sky, ramblin' man, etc. just not the Allman's anymore when they've cut out half their songs.
Maybe just a bad night...hopefully.

Judi, New Jersey
awesome show-kimock brings the band to another level-dark star>jack straw and a sick terrapin are the hihlights!get the discs -you wont be disappointed************ scott

scott, nj
Man, I don't know what show Judi went to but it certainly wasn't Bushkill last night. I thought the boyz were in fine form and the crowd was having a good time especially down in front. A little slow starting, but it definitely got hotter and hotter. The Jack Straw out of Dark Star was very cool. Bobby really got off on Casey and El Paso. The band really jammed on Stuff which lead to a Terrapin>Black Peter>Saturday Night that was just sick!! The JBG closer wasn't the best I've heard but Bob gave it all. For some reason it seemed the band was pushed for time. Overall, I'd give the show 4 out of 5 stars. Kimock also seems to be getting more comfortable in his role. He played an "electrified" acoustic guitar during a couple of songs which added a very nice alternative sound. The only thing I'd suggest is for RD to borrow the Brothers screen and light show. Very trippy indeed...

Gary, Altoona, PA
Last show I saw was Albany, 11/03/2007, and was modestly satisfied. Didn't know what to expect with Ratdog opening. The lot scene and security were relaxed to say the least.

Ratdog started with the usual jam, and opened with Tomorrow never knows, which was a great opener. During TNK, Kimock took his guitar off and was playing feedback which was absolutely sick. Next was a fun Tennessee Jed, and a slow Lazy River Road, probably the low energy point. A good Dark Star led into a great We Can Share. The energy in the front was great and Bob was putting his all into the show all night.....The acoustic numbers followed, and I'll go for an El Paso over a Me and My Uncle any day....Watchtower was very cool with the reggae thing going, and a high energy Terrapin was next....the crowd was really into the show, the place was packed and the joint was jumping, hard to imagine Ratdog was an opening act. The OMSN was a rocked out version, and the band rushed back for an encore as they played quite a while, a quicj JBG and they were gone... Anyone who didn't like this show whould probably stay home next time.....Allmans were good.

greg, woodstock, ny
really not a great ratdog show. they found "it" for a bit during jacks straw and dark star. Terrapin was good but short. I agree that they seemed pressed for time. Bobby seemed upset with his guitars, equipment etc.
I am a Ratdog fan first and foremost, but The Allmans were abslutely sick last night. They brought a power and an energy that I haven't seen in a long time. Security was non-existent. This was a mountain venue and the Harley guys were everywhere. We joked that it felt like Altamont.

All in all a great long night of jamming with an edgy feel and some wonderful weirdness.


grateful ken, bordentown
Not a great ratdog show. They found "it" during "jack Straw" and "dark Star" but not much else. The Terrapin was pedestrian, and "Watchtower" was pretty good overall. TNK and Lazy River Road were just going thru the motions.

I must say that i am a big Bobby fan and the Allmans were supposed to be an afterthought. They were unbelievable, and I saw them many times before. The dueling jams with Warren and Derek were mind-blowing. I hate to say it but the Dog was a decent opening act for a big strong juggernaut called ABB. I have been converted.


grateful ken, bordentown nj
Judi from NJ.......were you even at the show???? No energy..are you f@cking kidding me??? Did you see Bobby kicking and jumping around like a pre-schooler? Were you one of those people in that back of the lawn sitting on their hands and so pharmed out on Xanax and Valium that you couldn't even dance? If you were do us all a favor and let some real fans have your tickets next time! If you weren't on any drugs..maybe its time to start!! The show wasn't the best Ratdog show ever, but certainly had some great moments(Terrapin, Watchtower, J. Straw!). Bobby and the band looked like they were having a blast....LOTS OF ENERGY and GREAT MUSIC!!!!
Hey Judi..Have a grateful day..next time go see the Disco Buiscuts instead!!!

Joe, Wilkes-Barre
once you got past the long, single file line of traffic into the venue, matters improved. very lite security, if at all, but lite vending too. extremely friendly folks up there in the poconos. tenn. jed, dark star>jack straw, el paso and terrapin were the highlights. not the most energetic show but relaxing and plenty enjoyable. not disappointing, as judi stated, but one would expect more from ratdog on a sat. night in a new, packed venue.

aaron, lafayette hill
While I can certainly appreciate the optimism of many of you, the truth is that Bobby doesn't sing like he means it. There's no soul or musicality to the way he quickly runs through the lyrics. It is very disappointing. And no, I'm not a lawn/drug person...I started seeing the Dead in 1977, and would love for Weir to just try to make the music better...I don't go to the show expecting the Grateful Dead, but c'mon, Bobby, set the bar a little higher...

Ace, NYC
One of the best. I 100% disagree with the first review. Great little venue. Great SHOW!! Let the tapes speak for itself.

bigfoot, Philly
My wife and I went straight up front as soon as we walked through the door. Lazy river road was a little low key, but things got much better quickly. I thought the high lights were Jack Straw and Terrapin. Bobby was spittin all over! There was a metal grate on the ground directly in front of the stage. If you stood on the grate, Robin and Otiel's Bass' vibrated through your soul. The Brothers were in fine form. I caught Greg's guitar pick when it threw it after playing Melissa. Derek is an animal. Warren is Warren... no more needs to be said. All i can say is it was well worth the price of admission!

Did anyone hear Jaimoe's cymbal jam after the drums segment??

The Reverend, Equinunk, PA
This was my first show of any Dead related musical venture since the passing of Jerry. Its still tough. As for the show To say the least I was very dissapointed. I thought the band was totally off. So was Bobs voice. Terrapin was musically the highlight. The band hit every change it was nice jam. Vocally though wow what can I say is Bobby trying to sound like Jerry. I thought the lead guitar was very simplistic for most of the show. If you want to do Jerry songs kick it up a notch. Watchtower was the worst arrangement I think I ever heard Bobby do. Now to my heartbreak of the night BLACK PETER How can they totally destroy that Jerry classic. That song was all Jerry heart body and soul. His voice his guitar his presence. Bobby and the band killed that song and at one point through my tears I just wanted to leave. There are just some songs that dont need to be redone. I dont ever remember Jerry Band doing any Bobby songs. Well as critical as it may sound I see now why it has been 17 years. Gotta thank the Dead though for all the years of allowing taping it leaves us forever with the best live music in the universe !! Love ya Jerry

umightaswell, canadensis
Great show...had lawn tickets and ended up front and center against the rail in the pit. No one cared where you went in the venue. The venue was out of this world... allowed to bring in whatever you wanted, re-entry, no cops, staff was a bunch of kids. Bobby was on par! Vending heaven... anything went, and no problems from staff! No cops on lot what so ever! I have a feeling the people working this venue had to idea what they were in for...so things may be different if a dead-related band ends up playing there again. Terrapin baby!

Natalie, Troy, NY
FANTASTIC!!! The energy down front was great! I was surprised the lawn crowd was so mellow but that hill was steep. This was the best thing to happen in my neck of the woods in a long time. Thanks to Rat Dog and the Allmans for a much needed dose of 'reality'!!!

JR, Dingmans Ferry
Awesome Jackstraw. Loved Terrapin. The road into this place is a nightmare. An hour and a half to go 15 miles.
Will travel to see them but but a one lane road going in for that long - Never go there again.

KD, Yonkersn NY
The show was off the hook! Bobby & Ratdog ripped it up of course, But the venue wasn't so good. The Venue was not as I hoped it to be the lawn seating was horrible it was on a 45 degree angle good way to break something while you roll down the hill as you try to dance ( A Good Law Suit Their) couldn't see the stage from the lawn that well no screens like any other venue............. I had seats of course but what about the little ones (Children) dancing? and from the vending was god awful had to stand in a small confined area between a table and a fence a very bad set up (A Fire Hazzerd) and a huge ass long line to go to the bathroom. But Mountain Laurel Center Bushkill, PA REALLY, REALLY, REALLY NEEDS MORE IMPROVEMENT,~! Wish they had it @ Montage Montain or even Hershey @ least those venues are safe & more fun, better sound system as well

Tiffaney, Hazleton, Pa
I followed the dead for years and years. I have not been back to many of these "asides" such as Rat Dog or Phil and Friends.... I am not sure what the rest of you are missing but JUDI nailed it dead on. Joe from Wilkes Barre, From your vitriol and venom I'm guessing your 25- 30 and never really saw a GOOD dead show or got the whole scene.... "leave the tickets for real fans"?!?!? When I went, there were just fans.. and we were all entitled to our opinions... that was part of the "the scene" too. Perhaps I was expecting too much or Ratdog had an off night but quite frankly there was no energy and Bob did seem to "phone it in". The highlights where exactly what everyone else has mentioned, Jack Straw, Dark Star, Terrapin...but please, All along the watchtower, Jonney B. Goode... these are garage band songs, god help Bob if he can't pull those off... and he didn't pull of watchtower, it started no where and ended in thin air.. I think I was most dissapointed when I walked to the top of the hill on the lawn and looked out over the lot. It looked like any concert anywhere... "gone are the days...."
I am not surprised at some of your reactions to the negative reviews... Maybe it'sall you have left or you never really saw a "smokin' Dead Show"... Clearly Bob is not a band leader (never was) and all the school girl jumping in the world does not make up for flat out poor execution. The energy was MUCH better up front than out on the lawn but when the tapes come out...I'll pass thanks.
ps: This is an open forum for poeple to express their opinion.... you know... free speach, america, etc... cursing people out and dismissing their opinions because you do not agree.... did some of you vote for Bush??????

John B., NJ
I thought the Tomorrow Never Knows opener (w/ Kimock having fun w/ feedback) and the reggae part of All Along The Watchtower were highlights as far as Ratdog expanding and taking chances. Was it just me, or does anyone else think Bobby stumbled through a slew of lines in many of the songs? Forget the setlist, I've heard them do better. Perhaps the energy wasn't as high, I mean how often is it that Ratdog is not the headliner?

The Allmans cranked (as usual nowadays). For them it was a solid show. Even w/ Kimock sitting in (and smiling) on Dreams), I wouldn't even say that was their highlight. There were just many good songs they played. ...and NO, Dickey is not totally out of the mix. They still do Jessica, Liz Reed, and other Dickey penned tunes.

Dan G, Bullville, NY
Ratdog did a nice two hours to open what was really a "double show" ...they started right around 7:30. The intensity built up after a low-key Lazy River ... But from there, things just kept building ... BTW - Bobby has been protecting his vocal cords for many years now so don't expect to hear him sound like it's 1978 ...I'd rate this a GOOD Ratdog outing ... 7 or 8 out of ten
the venue was "old school" ... parking in a field... no police of security in the lots (or bathrooms or garbage cans) .. I saw no problems anywhere though;
The Allmans did there thing ... doing mostly the good old stuff ... To me, the Warren & Derek guitars are incredible highlights of the current Allmans experience... summarizing the Allmans as "a lead guitar battle" is an insult to the three percussionists and Oteil and to the rest of the band which still rocks hard bringing a steady rock & roll underbelly to the whole set. Some people want only their own expectations fulfilled at a live show ... but if it's good enough for Bob Weir and good enough for Gregg, Warren, Derek and Butch & Jaimoe etc ... it's good enough for me !! See you at PNC !! ROW C right side !!

R L, Pompton Plains NJ
ANY SHOW IS A GOOD SHOW. It's the entire scene, people, music, and the stories, sights, smells and sounds. One of these days it'll all be over and people will say, "I remember when... I was there... and...". ENJOY IT NOW. We love Bob and the supporting cast. I used to get all the GD shows when they rolled into town hoped for at least one great show... and they always delivered. Even Jerry was off on any given night. WASTE NOT WANT NOT. The Dog is here to stay. I'll be there everytime. Are you grumpy ? Go to a show.

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{{ MK }}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

Dave B., Granada Hills, CA
I'm still wiping-off goose bumps, We had a wonderful time and that is all that matters to me. That Terrapin made me cry a little(was I hearing things or did Bobby attempt to sound like Jerry on that one?).
As far as the venue, yes there is room for improvement, but compare it to Montage and the mounted counties with attitude and Mt. Laurel shines. The parking in the field thing was cool, I'd do a tic check over asphalt any given day.
Fourth time to Mt. Laurel, Dylan, BB King w/Dr John and Elvin Bishop,...been there a few times, under new management, the food and beverage choices have been halved to say the least, did not like that, but they got a tight budget. Next time they need an extra 3 or 4 hundred port-a-john's, the restrooms were jammed.
But all in all, nice rustic setting, nice to see the McDonough brother's with Hamlin in tow(as usual) Hey there's those goose bumps again...

Tom, Lake Carey Pa
I agree 100% Dave B. No expecations with an open mind and heart is the only way to go. I was just saying to my bud, got to make as many as you can, because you just don't know when it will be over.

If I had to give it a #, I give it a 7 out of 10. Being up in the pit was a very nice change, as I am ususally near the soundboard and/or tapers. Personally I really dug Black Peter, Darkstar, and Terrapin.

And the ABB< OMFG> what else can I say. I will definitely be catching them on a more reqular basis as well.

Til the next time.

daydream, just west of State College, PA
WOW< I can't belive what some of you FANS are saying.Face it this is what WE have left.Take it or please don't clog my roads in, just so you can bitch up a storm.I thought Bobby was VERY on.His band is playing OUR music for US!They really carried the torch.I was not dissapointed in the least.I can't remember hearing Black Peter live since Jerry died.(made me cry).Of course the band seemed pressed for time because they PLAYED there ASSES OFF!!!!!!The venue is an after thought.Would you rather have cops or traffic???I applaued the boys for keeping this thing going.The Terrapin rivals Phils ANYDAY.Lets just take it as comes.Smile and wave.Its not over yet.
Dowhatchalike,Tommy O.

TommyO., Hamburg PA.
Just for the record for those that think I never saw a good Grateful Dead show, I saw 3 of the 4 shows at the fillmore in 1971, I was at 3 Felt Forum shows in 12/1971, I was at hartford in 1972, UCLA in 1973, Englishtown in 1977, Radio City in 1980, well, there have been about 120 shows thats all I can remember at the moment.

Ratdog is not the Grateful Dead, the pacing, style and sound is different. If there were never a Grateful Dead, Ratdog would be the shit.

greg, woodstock
I have seen many a Dead show since the 70's and beyond,and Bob stuff and Jerry stuff and Phil stuff,these can't be compared to a Dead show, that time has gone,,,,I think its great that the tradition is still alive, San Fran Bay style music, improv, no set lists,"without a net" type of playing,good or bad, is still great!!! I've seen concerts where the same songs are played nite after nite. Complaints, you ask....sitting in my car for 2 frikkin' hours to go 7 miles....that has to be addressed by the venue,for sure before I return..."standin on a tower, world at my command...................playin in the band"" Doc

Doc, Tamaqua
I do also agree on the difference between the dead and ratdog,,,who couldn't,,,,,AN AWESOME SHOW, only really true fans would agree, the band was very tight,,you could certainly see the fun they were having. I felt they didn't play long enough,,,the venue kicked a8s, you couldn't of had a better place to see a show like that. It really reminded me of being in Buffalo, VT, DC, or sometimes Gaints in the early 90's, the people were intense, loving the vibe ,and were completely wasted,,,, there was no trouble to be seen or had,,,,a really awesome time with the site, smell, crowd, and most of all the music. That place got down, and everyone was dancing,,,,ABB was good,,,,musically,,,,not much action from the stage,,,,as ussual,,,,can these guys get on stage without help,,,,,,The MT. Laurel center was killer, and I would attend there to see a concert anytime.

t-bone, Clarks Summit
Hey John B. from N.J.
Just read your review, wasn't at the show in Bushkill so I have no comment on the music. I'm somewhat saddened by your PS. How do you equate, free speach, America, or cursing people out, with voting for a president. I take from your words that if I voted for Bush I must be against free speach, anti American and into cursing people out. It seems like you have a tolerance issue. You reveal yourself with words like "real fans", God with a small g, and ("maybe that's all you have left"). "Vitriol and venum" out of the fullness of the heart the mouth speaks. Pot calling kettle...... is there anyone out there? You make it clear that you don't have to be between 25 and 30 to embrace hate- filled virbage. Let some love into your heart, I think Jerry would want that for you. God Bless.

Tommy Mac, Philly
bob was on...dog was on...we were on. straw, pete, tennesse, terrapin, and saturday night were smokin. I think maybe the nay-sayers were listening to most of the show from the long lines to the bathroom. Dont blame bobby for that. ABB was dynamite.

fulldog, avoca
I'm not going to let anyone bring me down with their negative review(s.) This is a RatDog webpage. Therefore, I will only address RatDog's part in the show.
I was grinning from ear-to-ear from their first note to their last. The only thing that could have made me happier, is if there were more classic GD tunes.
I am still flying high from the music; and, when I thought all was lost with the world, I found myself at this concert, which renewed my hope in the world.
P.S. Every fan I came in contact with treated me as if a was a friend. That is the spirit! Don't let it die.

Kathryn, Milford
i thought the show was pretty good. for me it was nice just to see kimock. the traffic sucked and the bathroom sit sucked but the lack of security made up for all that.darkstar and terrapin were the highlights for me although the long version of terrapin would have been really cool.abb was sweet also

davetherave, millington nj
Wow! as someone who always liked the dead, but never ssaw them live i really enjoy the dog shows. But never see the dead live must have lowered my expectations in the first place. Haha just kidding, ihad an awesome time there would go back to bushkill tonight if they were playing again. Always are a little confused by the diehard Jerry fans, who were never big Bobby fans in the first place. Heres a news flash if you dont really like Bobby dont go see his show, because youre right hes NOT Jerry! But the doig have yet to disappoint me when ive seen them. Or maybe I had such a good time cause I bought this piece of chocolate from some due in the lot that was wrapped in blue paper. yea that musta been it couldnt have been the awesome music could it?


Bob, Allentown
Those of us who actually paid good money for our seats up front do NOT think it's cool to have no security. The person who said she had lawn tickets and then ended up in the front against the rail is a slob. The venue was mismanaged and that detracted from the music. It should have occurred to at least one person on the staff at Mountain Laurel that RatDog draws a different and huger crowd, than, say, the Boston Pops.

JO, Dingmans Ferry
Tommy Mac, Yes, it's ugly isn't it. Particularly when I see a guy named "Joe" saying this "Judi from NJ.......were you even at the show???? No energy..are you f@cking kidding me???" and "If you were do us all a favor and let some real fans have your tickets next time! If you weren't on any drugs..maybe its time to start!!" Is this acceptable Tommy Mac???? Sorry about the lower case "g"... typo.
I have all the love in my heart; you apparently would stand by and watch a woman be abused... I didn't.
My point was that it was an open forum and that each individual should be allowed their own opinion without being attacked and cursed at. You will refrain on the Pot and Kettle but I did not curse and I find it odd that you would point out my "tolerance problem" when I was defending someone else's opinion. I am very tolerant. Just not of bullies and those that would try to silence the voice of others. I will not address the Bush issue as it is self evident... When the vice president tells a member of congress to go "F" themselves on the senate floor, speaking out against the war in Iraq is "unpatriotic", suspending the right habeas corpus... sure there's something wrong there.... just like there is something wrong with attacking someone, telling them they should start doing drugs or "go see the Disco Buiscuts instead!!!"
I see no difference between my response and yours. I guess I'm the pot and your kettle.
"If a man among you has no sin upon his handů"

May Allah smile upon you and bring you peace Tommy Mac.

John B, NJ
I am reading all of these reviews (as I am about to hit Holmdel) and it does go to show you that the experience is different for everyone. I have seen many Dead shows with/without Jerry etc.. have not seen Ratdog for at least 5-6 years I think.. been hitting a lot of Phil - Ratdog just did not do it for me. (after 3-4times) I have been blown away by the Allmans lately and so I will get to see Ratdog again because the Allmans are blowing the roof off again in my opinion...hot jams crazy covers, taking chances etc..(saw them on teh Beacon's last run) they seem to have the energy that the Olde Dead had...makes you want to come back next night. I would like to see the GD boys back together again with maybe some other notables joining them. (they can afford a better sound system together and have more to offer) Anyone who has seen the Old Dead at one of thier "Peaks" has to take Ratdog/Phil with a grain of salt or some purple dots! Not close to the old stuff BUT... "when the world is running down you make the best of what's still around!"
See you in Holmdel.

GC , Scranton
wasnt best show or worse.the venue needs a little tweekin.i spent an hour going to rest room!but no cops in sight!unlike montage where i got shaked down more than once by cops.when you get on 209 take rt.402 n takes you around back of venue and right in.nice little shortcut if ya plan to go ther again.abb sounded better than i ever heard,much impressed.

creeper, pottsville
Have seen about 17 or 18 ratdog shows. This one ranked as OK, but perhaps my opinion is jaded by the buzzkill created by a 2-hour wait in traffic that left me missing the first four songs. The venue looked nice (from what I could see in the dark) and the sound was above average on the lawn, but 209 can't handle the traffic. The Mountain Laurel Center needs to scale back ticket sales for a show like that.
And how about adding some beer lines. I waited in one that was 50-people deep on the lawn. The shame of it is taxpayers put millions into that place. The least we can expect is a half decent experience in return. The long wait in traffic made that pretty much impossible.

Mike L., Bloomsburg
Hey John B, First of all I want to retract the "love in your heart" comment, and anything else I said that may have offended you, please forgive me. I'm sure you have love in your heart. I should have said, fill your heart with love. We all need to fill up on love. I agree that some of Joe's comment were down right cruel. He none the less has the right to say what he thinks, whether we agree or not. I also think your political comments had a level of cruelty in them as well. That's all I have for you on the political front, I don't do talking points, they have no merit. To suggest that I would watch a woman being abused and just stand by, I won't even dignify that one.
The quote you ended with is based on Holy Scripture, John 8:7. I encourage you to seek the source of such wisdom.
I noticed you used the word allah (no typo) to refer to God. Is that do to the Dead lp from the '70's. You would serve yourself well to research the origin of that word.
Lastly, I do have peace, a peace that transcends all understanding. My peace comes from the "Prince of peace" my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. I pray you too have such peace. IN Christ' Love...............be blessed my brother..............
PS First Dead show Spectrum '77 last show Spectrum 3/19/95.

Tommy Mac, Philly
Definitely the weakest performances that i've seen from the dog yet. Get back truckin boys and lose kimmock he's boring. Get well MK!!!!!!!!!!

matt, pa
Tommy Mac,
Mea Culpa on my harsh words to you. The response to Judi set me off. Particularly the "real fans", "start doing drugs", and "go see Disco Biscuit". Everyone is entitled to their opinion but it isn't necessary to hurt others when expressing it. (and yet, I did this to you) - I felt "Joe" could have expressed himself more eloquently if he had a point to make aside from berating "Judi". Politics has no place here either and taking points are most certainly without merit.
Oh, I am not just ripping lines from Dead songs. I am fully aware of the meaning and am also aware of the numerous biblical references that are laced throughout their repertoire. I have studies both western and eastern religions for many years.... So again, not just cheap rip from Blue for Allah.
I pray you too have such peace. IN Christ' Love...............be blessed my brother..............
Thank you. I am blessed. I am a very lucky man and I do not overlook the blessings I receive every day.
ps: 1st show, Spectrum (Welcome Back - after Jerry's coma. Last, Giant's Stadium about 2 years after Brent died. Funny, our paths have probably crossed many times.
Pease be with you. Always.
John B.

John B., NJ
John B.,
Wow! You really blessed this nearly half century old heart of mine. What a beautiful spirit you have (praise God). Seek ye' first, the Kingdom of God. "Keep on trucken" towards the prize, my brother.
I was wondering if you ever caught a Little Feat show? They're an amazing "jam band", not in the same league as the Dead (who is?), but great just the same. My wife and I usually catch them @ the Keswick theatre in Glenside, Pa., a great venue. Perhaps I'll see ya there some day.
Keep expanding the open mind of yours, God Bless.

Tommy Mac, Philly
Tommy Mac,

That first line of yours....Right back at ya.
I'd like to continue.
Drop me a note.
That last line of yours.... Right back at ya.
You speak with the heart of a dear dear friend of mine who,alas, past away.

John B., NJ
I've seen better ratdog shows. Bobby is getting old and the music is getting slow. I agree with some of the comments above......there was NO energy at this show.

Dave, Albrightsville, PA
Never saw the Greatful Dead w/ Jerry but have since been to about 50 shows as The Other Ones, The Dead, Phil w/ all his friends and Ratdog. I'm never disappointed with the crowd or the music. I did think this show started out a little slow but picked up with some of the "dead bones" I really wanted to hear. I had a lawn seat and there was nothing but love up there!! Too bad no trash cans and not enough bathrooms so the beautiful grass didn't have to be destroyed. Got there early enough so no traffic. Parking lot was perfect. Allman Bros were much more rockin than last year at Montage. Love Warren Haynes!! Let's hope Phil and Bob can get together again for another tour!! Peace.

Barb, Mt. Cobb, PA
ALright all you "boneheads" somebody has not been paying attention. This show was absolutely incredible from the laying down of the first drumbeat that eventually gave way to TKN to the final note of the encore. One reviewer made the comment that the vocals lacked something. In fact the vocals were diminished in volume. However I noticed that although bob was not "belting em out" tonight, he seemed to have an exteremely rare passion deep within that was coming out and manifesting itself with a seriousness that was anything but "going through the motions" as another reviewer suggested. They really meant it tonight.

In fact I would never wish for a TKN opener but is was so apt on this particular evening that no better opener could there ever be.

And what an absolutely wonderful crowd. Was all alone at this one and got adopted by some new found friends in the parking lot. They stubbed me in to the 9th row from what would have been a lawn seat and saved my ass from that advanced ski slope of a lawn. This was one of hundreds of GD related events for me and it clearly made its way into the Special Evenings THat Could Never Be Recreated category. The music was all well played and chosen with some sort of theme in mind that is not easily articulated but nevertheless experienced. The Dog was on and this was one of my alltime favorites. Thanks Ratdog. Get Well soon MK and remember your Zeolites.

Fred S.

Fred S., NC