8/21/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

with the Allman Brothers Band

Tuesday, August 21, 2007
Jones Beach Amphitheatre
Wantagh, NY


all i can say is one thing,Bobby's voice was on the money!! The band was off and running from the start and did not let up. Standing on the moon>sugar mag was off the hook . tnx guy's mark get well soon us heads miss ya.

richie p, franklin sq. ny
This was absolutely the coldest concert (weatherwise) I've ever been to. I still can't believe Bobby was only wearing shorts and a tee-shirt! The music was great and the highlight for me was the end, with a really mellow SOTM into a rockin' Sugar Magnolia. Excellent acoustic interlude with Uncle-FOTD. The encore was definitely a nice surprise, but way too short. I think the boys just wanted to get out of the cold. ABB was great as well but, as always, with a relatively predictable setlist. I hope to see Bobby and the guys next year at Jones beach, but with SUMMER weather!

John, Long Island
It was 54 degrees when Boby took the stage. He must have felt right at hom ein the wet San Francisco type weather. The wind was gusting around 20-30mph with blowing rain. It didn't down pour, it was just raw all night. I left the show after Bob's encore. (which ended suddenly much to Greg Allman's surprise). I think they wanted to get out of there. It was nice though. Lovelight seems rare these days. Show sounded terrfic. Brown eyed>eyes was the highlight for me. Two Djinn and stuff was a melt your face mess of music. Thought we'd catch the Stephen but no such luck. Oh Scarlet where art though? Nice old school sugar mags, ssdd. I wondeer when I will see Bobby again? What is in Ratdog's future? Will the band be he same and what will happen to Koran? I pray he will live a long and happy life and overcome his illness. It must be a hard thing to deal with for the family and band. Peace Guys and keep on "playin'."

sean, guilford
The stranger and easy answers were great. A really nice sax solo on Eyes. The rest was rather uninspired, with no great direction in the jams. What happened during lovelight? Early exit. Maybe Westbury will be better ...

Stephen, Dix Hills, NY
Weir was totally on and must have had 'long-johns' hidden somewhere. It was so cold, I felt like we were standing on the moon. Hope they come back on a warmer night.

Ted, Commack
first time seeing ratdog.

is that it?


and people come back for this stuff??


brick, bronx
Holy_Cajolees!, That was FREEZING! Unbelievable August weather. I saw winter coats....and I was jealous! The show was good. Strange to see Ratdog as a "warm-up" act, but they played two solid hours. The Stranger> Easy answers was good. The Eyes was very nice and Kenny really had a nice spot in there. The Standing on the Moon was uninspired, in my view. I know some folks worship at the alter of Kimock, and he is good, but there are tunes where he is strong and tunes where he is not and I think SOTM is not one of his strong ones. Mark really has put is footprint on this band and I miss his playing. The song lists are somewhat limited due to Kimock, but hey, approx. 75 songs on last minutes notice is pretty good. The Sugar Mags was fun, Two Djinn was pretty good.It was unfortunate the weather was such a factor in the evening. Quite windy on the water. The Lovelight encore was something of a waste. I think Greg A. was a little chilly and wanted the hell out of there. I think it was under three minutes! Glad to see 'em though and I hope Mark is back soon! The show was worth the 3 hour drive

Billy, Albany
Gotta luv the shorts. Great Show, Horrible Venue. Where else on the planet earth do they hold a rock-n-roll conert and only serve alcohol to VIP's? LAME, LAME, LAME!!!! Liberty Rocks. Too bad the fans aren't as patriotic as I am. Thanks for the lyric sheets Dennis Mcnally. Brooks must be takin' lesson from Branford. I thought I was having a flashback to MSG during EYES.

See you all on Halloween. Westbury Music Fair Rocks!!

-Robin Zone

Shine on you crazy R. Diamond, Long Island
Hey Rat Dog, that was TOTALLY AWESOME! I had alot fo fun and really really really enjoyed the show. Bob you really know how to rock and get down and dirty. I just want to thank YOU for a real good time. You played some of my favortie tunes like Friend of the Devil and Sugar Magnolia and I think that song about talking to the bird was awesome too and man you really know how to play that guitar better than anyone in the world and it was a pleasure to see you do it and feel the sounds you made ripple through my body like bolts of electricity. Your music makes me happy. You all are the REAL AMERICANS and you put on the best show hands down. I would love to get up there and jam with you. You make magic happen when you get up there and do your thing. That was a real special treat I wish it could have lasted all night long till the morning came around. Thank you.

Oliver Boffi, Mount Vernon,NY
This band has so much depth and talent making for very colorful sounds. Bob sounds strong although he definitely has aged the last few yrs. Yeah lovelight could have exploded but probably didn't cause they're not used to jamming with Greg. I thought Weir was going to come out when ABB teased Other One. And who was that other guitarist during their encore? Derek Trucks is unreal and makes it look so easy!

What's up with Ratdog playin at Westbury on Halloween when Phil's at Nokia? Maybe they know both will sell out anyway so they're not really competing. Still it would be great to see them together again (with the rest of the boys!) I heard Weir/Ratdog signed a 5 yr. contract for halloween shows at Westbury! Cheers...

Bob McEntee, Huntington
Nice show boys well done! My last Dog show was @ Central Park and the weather was soooo HOT, this show was chilly but the one thing you can predict is this band gonna come out and play there ass off.
Bobby's playing was solid and he was articulate with his singing. He sounded and looked great.
Song selection was a great mix.
Steve seemed mored locked in this time for me. MK were pulling for you, get well soon.
Robin, yer right that EYES had ole MSG flavor to it.
The encore had potential to be great but Gregg looked like he wasn't sure what to do even when Bobby looked at him a few times to take the vocals???? Still was a nice ending to a DOG set that you didn't want to see end.
Good show from A to Z...

Bob, Bethpage
Yo, Brick, before you start with your negativity, why dont you take a look at the grand picture. First off, they were the opening act. The opening act NEVER has good sound (never loud enough, etc). Dont know why that is, just is. Second, they are without their usual, and amazing, lead guitarist who has played well over 500 shows with Bobby. Third, it was freezing outside. Im so tired of people getting down on Ratdog. They are the best jamband out there BY FAR. Bobby's voice sounds amazing, Bobby is playing better than ever. So, Brick, before you start in, give the guy a break.

Adam, Boston
I lost track of all the Dead members after Jerry died and only briefly remember the Other Ones but I never went to see them. I kind of felt the Dead died when Jerry did. I also have to admit that I always preferred Jerry's tunes when I was at a Dead show, but you know what? I was wrong. The Dead is alive and WEIR SOUNDED GREAT!! As cold as it was for an August evening, Bob was on fire! I officially apologize for slighting him at Dead shows and I now have a new favorite band.

Mike, East Northport
It was a good Ratdog show. It didnt hold a cancle to 8/17 in Philly though. I thought the bandwas really strong, and Kimock really shined. Stellar on Two Djinn.... What do you all think about Bobby during SOTM? During the end screaming, it sounded like he was trying to sound like Jerry doing it.It was sweet, but for me, he really doesn't HAVE to do that. I like Bobby for Bobby. His personal spin on Jerry songs are heartfelt and inspiring.

It was REALLY COLD! Was it just me,or was the crowd very quiet and still? There were times that my clapping from the second deck travelled all the way tothe stage. Not a great amount of dancing IMHO. The ABB were AWESOME! Stoned Me was a highlight, and Elizabeth Reed was smokin'. The Southbound encore left me wanting more. All in all, agreat time!

First time seeing any of the old band since August 1995. Never thought they could measure up w/o Jerry. Maybe it was the nostalgia, maybe it was the smoke, but I loved the whole show. FOTD rocked, Sugar Mag bounced old time groovy, Rat Dog and Bob made a new fan outta me. Crap weather, great night... Dreaming is real

JP's Brother, Lynbrook