10/30/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, October 30, 2007
North Fork Theatre
Westbury, NY


Last show before this one was Jones Beach with the ABB. T
Not only is Westbury a cool place to see Ratdog, the sound, staff and seating is awesome
The band put out a gem last night with terrific blends of tunes, Shakedown, Rooster a great Easy to Slip, and always good to hear Bertha. 2nd set with acoustic surprises and a GREAT Been all around this world. One of the best Dear Prudence I've heard Ratdog kick out.
The first set was worth the price of admission alone.
Can't wait for tonight

Bob, Bethpage, LI
Other than asking for my fantasy setlist, this show couldn't possibly been better otherwise. The band was tight & Steve shredded on every song, no leaving anything behind on this particular evening. Every song was given the full treatment and it felt like it they were fleshed out to the max. Westbury is one of the nicest places to see/hear a show and they have been super-cool 'bout the scene and, fortunately, the assembled masses did not seem to want to do anything but smile smile smile:D! And, of course, shake our booty!

Highlights for me was the best Easy To Slip that I've ever heard live in the 1st Set and the 2nd set TNK>Stuff>Dear Prudence suite that left me dabbing at my eyes at its conclusion. WOW!


Alex, Sunnyside, NY
Great show. Bobby still has it but even with the tele-prompter he forgot the words as least 3-4 times. Not sure why but he just shook his head each time. What an awesome place to see this band up close, there is no other option since it is so small. The sound was nice and loud and it was all fun.

Highlight for me was an arrousing Loser and a slow but well played Bertha to close out an awesome first set. Covers of The Band (The Weight) and the Beatles (TNK, Dear Prudence) made the 2nd set one to be remembered.

Chuck, Glen Head, NY
What a great night to bring my son to his first show. Killer shakedown actually just loved the whole show. Hard to believe there is a better band anywhere. Jazz, blues, country, rock all done with emotion and masterful musicianship. Cant wait till tonite if there is a better way to spend an evening I want to know about it. Its all about the jam. Peace

mike, Bellmore NY
By far, the best Ratdog show I have ever seen. The energy in the beautiful North Fork theater was more than electric. We were boogying like nobodys business! SK just torched the place all night long! This is a band on a mission, and it was an honor and a priveledge to be there. And this was the night BEFORE Halloween! I shudder to think what they will pull tonight. Look out!

Jules, Eugene, OR
Great all around show. My highlights were loser with insane guitar work by SK,Easy to slip was a real treat,all around the world, and one of the best dear prudence's i've ever seen. Who wants to bet they pull out a warewolves tonight.Great venue to see the boys. The only glitch was Bobby's early guitar problems and amnesia on some lyrics.

A somewhat disappointing show. Typical Bobby hit or miss, with lots of misses. While Shakedown was nice, it was slow and plodding and set the tone for the first set. She Belongs to Me >Loser was the first set highlight here. Second set opener for Porter Wagoner, Green, Green Grass of Home was nice beginning for spotty second set. Love The Weight, but not the treatment Bobby gave it here. Milestones>TNK was excellent and was followed by a decent Dear Prudence, but I could have gone home there. Nothing memorable from that point on. Hope Phil is better.

Dennis , Mount Sinai, NY
Outstanding show by Ratdog!!!! Bob pulled out all the stops and the show was most definitely high energy. Nice touch remebering Porter Waggoner on the first cut on the second set....The Weight was top notch as well as Not Fade Away. Wish I had tixs for tonight's show.


Mike Skidmore, Weatogue, Connecticut
a great venue, sound was crystal clear, place was rocking jammed full with seats sold all around... nice structured opening jam>killer shakedown,also a killer loser done with real emotion, an over the top easy to slip> an above average bertha were the strong points of set 1/Bobby bounces out for set 2 with the acoustic and says "so this ones for Ole Porter" a nice salute to Porter Wagoneer who passed the night before, and nails green green grass of home, a great break out version of all around this world thana robust version of the weight great fun..a real nice tight milestones pulled the band together and than they went ga ga on tommorow never knows with wild feed back, effects by kimock>a powerful dear prudence.. they had the house jumping for a smoking throwing stones>nfa sing ALONG RAVE UP.. A NICE SUPRISE ENCORE FOR ME CASEY JONES.. one of the better ratdog shows Ive seen the band seems to be energized.. Bob was in good spirits and voice.. special notice to Jeff who played all over the place,, somw sweet piano, great organ..catch these guys now they are hot.. the crowd was verry kind.. an a plus venue for sure...

bobbyk, oceanside
No review - sat here in England! Hope to get over next year tho' for more Beacon shows.

Anyhows - on Bobby and the teleprompter. Think on this - ya gotta remember to keep looking at the teleprompter; forget to and you are going to get out of step. And regardless of that, it would not be the same if he DIDN't flub some lyrics along the way :-)

Jeremy Poynton, Frome, Somerset
as i sat first row, i was able to see the set list taped to steve's monitor.

i thoroughly enjoyed the show- but my post is about the statistics on this website. you know- the band played this tune x amount of times etc...as there is relatively little spontaneity (sp?) in the selection of songs, i had to chuckle. keep up the good work anyway.

mike, huntington
Steve Kimock. Holy shit. THE DUDE IS SIMPLY TAPPED IN!!!

His solos on Milestones, TNK, Dear Prudence were soaring in a way that only 1 other guy has taken them, IMO.

Thank you Ratdog! Thank you Steve! WOW!!

Robin also played spectacularly. This band is hot!

Mirms, Cleveland
Very impressive song list, great to see the intensity level , Ratdog continues to perform at optimum point. The Beatle set was never performed like that! I was totaly blown away . Continue HEALTH AND HAPPINESS TO YOU AND YOURS THRU THE HOLIDAYS. THANKS TO ROADIE FOR SONGLIST BOTH NIGHTS AT WESTBURY.

Nice Easy to Slip (so true) First set was short but SWEET!

Postman, Haworth
I was at thr Red Rocks show, which was GREAT!!!
But this show almost topped it.
Not fade away Bobby.
This band rocks.

patty r, bailey, co
Great show! Kimmock for Mayor!!

Ted, Commack
Great first set!! The Easy to slip was epic!Everything Bobby picked tonight just worked! From Shakedown to Bertha it all worked flawlessly!! The GGGOH for a 2nd set opener was awesome![I grew up w/ my mom playing the Tom Jones version] The Miles tones was totally on target! Once the Beatles stuff started i thought well this sux!!{ As a Deadhead i don't like the Beatle covers because i think The GD was better} But the song's were played so flawlessly i couldnot complain!

Patrick Rogan, Lynbrook
Another strong finish to another strong show. I was glad to listen to a GD style ending. I also loved the She Belongs to Me, which was beautiful. Bertha was too slow. City Girls I passed on, but I really enjoyed The Weight. That was eleven minutes long!! It's one of my favorite songs and that was a great rendition. Miles Stones was cool and jazzy. Well done!!

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO