10/31/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, October 31, 2007
North Fork Theatre
Westbury, NY


Folks you know the Grateful Dead has come and gone. You know Jerry Garcia has come and gone.

There are no strings of music that you can hold, feel, dance or walk away with in this moment of time.

In this window of life which is today, tonight and if your lucky tommrow. The whole and singular or the Grateful Dead and Sweet Jerry-O is gone.

Four hearts remain.

Two in Drums.

Two in have Bands.

If your looking for that one heart.

Let your words glow.

A voice within the music.

In this window of life...

To lead must follow.....but if you...

You might get lucky and see how it feels today.

Folks Have Fun on Tour.

I'm going to Mexico with Amanda who will be turning 8 in Nov in ol' Mexico, 6 year old Jack 'Straw' my loyal wife and a damm good case...

If I knew the Way I Would...

Thanks, Bob.
Thanks Phill.

P.S Howdy, Bill and Mickey.

Enjoy the Ripples while you still can


ChickenWing, Marshall,Va
breathless from wire to wire. absolutely epic. speechless here. kimock is a beast.

mosscone, LB,NY
only thing i can say after 2 nites is WOW

richie p, franklin sq
Hey Chicken Wing, thanks for your philosophies on life. Do you teach? After reading your words of wisdom, I would put you right up there with Socretes and Plato.

Andy W., Tampa
1st things 1st: This run blew away last year's Wesbury's run. Wow!

Secondly, it's once again hard to pick out highlights when the entire show felt like an entire highlight reel but Music went to some outer spaces that I've never heard it go to, the Weather Report suite is always sweet and the 1st set Golden Road closer (my first-ever seen/heard live) had me grinning so much during it that my face literally hurt for a couple after its conclusion. But it was a happy hurt:D! And while everything in the 2nd set was great, it was finished off with an absolutely blistering Stephen>William Tell Bridge>Eleven that felt like it was the musical fireworks version of the 4th of July, bristling and crackling with waves upon waves of energy. This was the way to end a phenomenal and triumphant two-night stand 'cause this was as perfect as perfect gets in this inperfect world.

Fare thee well...till next year. Wouldn't miss it for anything in this world...


A shout-out to Tony & Rob, who I met before the show and were some kewl dudes to hang with and made the experience a total one:).

Alex, Sunnyside, NY
Great Show. I thought the first set was sorta weak but after looking at the picture of the setlist that was posted there should have been a supplication and All Along the Watchtower which would have made that first set epic. The second set was hot right from the start. Gotta love any night that has 3 dylan tunes and the full Weather Report Suite/ St. Stephen-William Tell-The 11. See you next time you come around.

Sal, Nassau
I dont teach. But I did stay at a Holiday Inn once and I have gotten a bit banged up to the point of becoming a border line prophet by defult.

ChickenWing, Marshall,Va
awesome show . golden road 2 unlimited devotion !! awesome costumes, open scene in the lot , etc.
alot of fun

stinky, bayside,ny
Holiday Inn Express, whatcha talkin' bout, Chicken Wing

Arnold Drummond, New York City
Well I've seen and listened to a lot of the big name acts...Phil and his crew, Widespread, Ween, Claypool, etc. None have matched the overall concert experience (from the music to the fans to the random magic) that a Ratdog show provides. Bless these boys and I hope they play for years to come.

Keith, Norwich, CT