11/3/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 3, 2007
Palace Theatre
Albany, NY


Bobby was absolutely amazing. Every song was sung from the heart and was emotionally empowering. I was more than impressed with Bobby's performance and am very anxious to see more of him.

stu, red hook
Incredible show! I didn't know he would ever open with Terrapin. By the time he finished Watchtower, I was wondering if I somehow missed the first set and was catching the second one...:)
So many highlights. I was hoping to catch Peggy-0. and couldn't believe my good fortune. "He's Gone'' was awesome but "Days Between'' simply stole the show. His voice was in tremendous form here. I can't wait to get the CD!

Stella Blue, Poughkeepsie, New York
The Palace was our 2nd night of Ratdog, with a great beginning in Burlington, VT. We were at The Palace Ratdog show exactly one year before, and knew we would be in for a treat. Little did we know how much of a treat was in store! Ratdog came out with the big guns and never stopped. My husband and I couldn't stop smiling.

We've seen quite a few Ratdog shows in recent years and each time they continue to amaze us with their musical skill and executions. Last nights show felt like Christmas.

We listened to the show for the 3+ hour ride north and pulled into our driveway with Days Between playing. We looked at each other and knew just how lucky we were to have been there.

I took some nice photos of Burlington and Albany and will send those in very soon for posting.

Hang on to your hats Penn State, you're in for a special night. Wish we were there.

Thanks Ratdog, I remain Grateful,

Michelle, Chazy, NY
That was an epic moment!!!!!!

The whole show, was over the top and left me dizzy with revelations and realizations.

Lets all be thankful and keep it alive!!!!!

jeff, toronto, ont
Did anyone else see the kid get taken off in a straight jacket, and then Bob played a crazy He's Gone?

Doug Williams, Wilmington, Vermont
Really really great show here from start to finish...awesome terrapin and amazing Eyes...very fun Corrina, explosive Other One, Days Between was pretty much self explanitory, and a sick Flyer to end it ..oh of course what would a saturday evening be without a Saturday Night!!! Thanks a lot Bobby..come back to upstate NY soon please !!

torin, cooperstown, ny
Definately an off-the-hook show. Days Between was jaw dropping. I think i figured out what life was all about during the sick sick sick Eyes of the world. When Robin hit the base before the breakdown in the other one, it scared the bejesus out of me. Was it me and my frame of mind, or were the lights absolutely more killer than usual? hahaha Dude, the DOG was absolutely ROCKIN as usual. There was a pretty cool lot a few blocks away from the Palace, but the cops were absolute fuckin cocks after the show. Cant wait for spring tour!!! Thanks boys! I was goin down the road feelin bad the whole way home b/c I wont get to see them again until spring.

R-man, Syracuse, NY
So tonite was off the hook AGAIN. Ive not seen a medioca show this year. Did 3 shows this tour. Leb, B'town & Albany. Was fortunate to get a Hat Trick with set list 3 in a row...thats a first for me in 38 years of Dead related shows.
Ratdog is most impressive.. Estimated was over the top tonite. Cant seem to shake this smile I am sporting... hope it last till March. Grateful Bobby is still playing & keeping the Vibe alive. Also liked Boby's face rip while doin Hes Gone.
Aye to Saranac Lake Smith crew.. you guys ROCK... TY Bobby for a Real Good Tyme. TY Chris & Amy 4 texting set list for .ORG Oooh Naw Naw dont worry bout me no!!! SK with those Jerry lycks during Est. what a rush ...

RAlberty, Vermont
Outstanding!!!!!!!!! The whole show was awesome!! We cried during Peggy-o, We laughed during Corrina & Orgasimed during Estimated Prophet! If I closed my eyes it was just like being at a dead show again. The guitar player sounded just like Jerry!(He Rocks) Looking forward to seeing a lot more shows like this one. Thank you Bobby for keeping the magic alive.

Jen & Marc Negrin, Catskill NY
Hey R-Man, I too heard that sick bass riff or whatever cosmic magic it was during other ones and it blew me away too.

Great show, saw Bob at Darien Lake (further upstate) and Bob's voice sounded so much better tonight, possibly best I've heard of him. I knew something was special when I heard Days Between but didn't realize it was the first time ever from the dog! killer!

P.s. Needlepoint!

Tralfaz, Avon, NY
this show was really beautiful start to finish... it was that show that brings everything back to the beginning again / so nice to see bobby show how much he still loves and cares about the past the present and the future of what he does. thanks!

RAlberty...hope to see you soon / spring tour ! good vibes man

loobi a-livedead, buffalo/Saranac lake
This show was amazing, left me wanting more and more. This band blew away my latest experiance with Phil and Friends. I hate to compare them but that seems to be what everyone is into now. So Bobby once again put himself and Ratdog way up on top of the list. No comparison!!! The terrapin opener was a great suprise! Sweet Lazy River, Eyes first set Second set soothing opener Peggy-O my two favorite Bobby's Estimated into The Other One ( Bass anyone??), Days between stole the show truley Epic, Terrapin Flyer energetic and Oh yeah One More Saturday Night. Thats Right!!!!!!!!! Thank You Bobby

justin, Oswego