11/4/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Sunday, November 4, 2007
Eisenhower Auditorium
University Park, PA


front row seats a little left of center... 25' away (from Bob) with a 3' stage we did not even need to get out of our seats sound was particularly good.... had minor problem hearing sax ... could get down on all 4s and see the tickling of the ivories on the grand piano thru and under the organ.... smell of pot was not too strong and it brought back fond mems..... the crowd noises were part of the Dead show with no EtOH the place was very much
into it..... did not see any one i/we ( Wife) knew From the StCol area but did talk the many Bobby/Dead/Music fans
a 9 out of 10 for us ...complete w drums out side as we drove 1.5 miles Home
Hey Now

Chuck O'Connor, State College
What a great show, it was a really good time to get back to Penn State and see the 'Dog. Out of the 10 or so shows I've seen I felt Jeff stepped out more than I can remember. I always say this but I think Kenny should have been turned up. I forget what song, but some time in the second set I thought the sax dropped out completely at the end of his solo. Great Row Jimmy, raucous railroad blues to end the first set...Looks Like Rain was beautiful. Crowd was loud at time and noticingly quiet at others but very well behaved. Energy kind of dropped out of the second set a bit. Bobby's voice sounded great...he had a lot behind it. First time seeing Kimock...Mark was missed. Steve's a great player but there were times when I expected to hear him and he just wasn't there.

Overall a FANTASTIC show, incredible way to spend a fall Sunday evening in beautiful State College.

Pete D, Philadelphia
Once again it was great seeing Bobby and the 'Dog in a place I call home, the last time being in Erie, PA at the Warner Theater in 2002!

I thought that Bobby was sounding just a good as ever, and I kept having flashbacks to my days of touring with the Dead especially with the Brokedown Palace encore - I must have heard that 10 or 12 times as an E over my career but I was loving every second of it.

I was solo at the show, but kept remembering friends who I have toured with off and on, and where we were, as I was hearing these songs live again, particularly "Looks Like Rain" and an ex-girlfriend of mine. That particular time and place was also captured and released on DVD from July 4 in Buffalo.

The PennState Eisenhower Auditorium sounded (and smelled) great, I saw Mickey Hart and Global Drum Project there last month so I knew this show would be incredible and the boys really delivered.

I really couldn't have asked for much more - An Incredible show 10 minutes from my house and on my campus!
Thank you to everyone involved in bringing Bob and Ratdog to PennState!

It felt great to shake my bones and I am looking forward to the next time.

God Bless you Bobby!

John C, State College
This was a great show with a very well played set of tunes. I particularly enjoyed the first there tunes-Truckin>wangdang> Row Jimmy in Set One and the RR blues closer of set one. During RR, the band really came to a raucus end where they had a reprise and went back into the jam before ending the set. No doubt the band was into it from my view. I was up close and the band seemed realy well in sync. Set two was chock full of some of my faves- Samson rocked ( I love the way Ratdog does this tune) and the Speedway and wheel where solid jams- Kimock is great on the blues and Bob's style fo chords is so smooth and the venue was into it.

I loved this show Bob! Thanks to everyone at Penn state who made this great show possible!.

Thanks Also to the promoters of this show-Kirshner- and 'Syster Silvie' at The Lion FM in State college!

Bob and the whole dead scene has always been true Americana to me and a true priviledge to see and enjoy on a college Campus. Something about free expression and free choices of movement in flow with the music are almost the embodyment of the dead experieine in a falsh of a second.

As sure as Ratdog could play a set- or just a note, the memories and present rythm of the music meld for me in a 'cosmic' fashion. I truly am thankful for Bob and his band and Mr. Mcnally as they tour. It is a special ride and one that should be cherished as future generations and older ones enjoy what truly is American music. An oxymoron it seems given the rebeliousness of the 60's era but that in itself was American.

The music stirs, for me anyway, and always has, a feeliing of hope and curiosity. This night was a very well played show- so well that I am able to philospophize about it tonght 3 weeks later- so this is not some late night ramble...this show was such a strong performance and selection of songs that Even after 21 years of seeing live dead music I feel stired by this evening.

This show review for me I know is a bit of a tangent- the music rocked! Thanks to all!

brendan, Old greenwich, CT
From their beginning 40 years ago and up to this present day, “The Grateful Dead” has been a creative and cultural epicenter of the Psychedelic Cultural Revolution. However, in all that time, even in the face of great political adversity such as the Reagan or first Bush era’s, the band, as a group has remained quiet, politically. 2008 and the compounding crisis’s of this election year finally changed that with two reunion shows of “The Dead” I attended the second and far larger show ( Est. 15000) on Oct 13th at the Penn State Campus in State College PA. This show was amazing three reasons;

Politically, what makes this amazing is the spiritual and cultural energy that psychedelic events produce. When a rock star makes a statement, it is sometimes seen as self absorbed, in the festival setting, the inclusive element one feels gives political interaction empowerment. The message was to engage, contribute and participate. Penn State; an event of 15000 has a real chance of affecting this election. In a college environment, if this event is successful in swaying this very important election, a whole new generation could study political empowerment through music community and art.

The second reason why this show was amazing was because it was a family reunion. I traveled there with my daughter and about 30 of her friends to be part of history. On top of that I ran into about 50 or so people I had not seen in years. In these very difficult times I cannot emphasize my heartfelt joy to be surrounded by so much true family.

Finally my third reason was that the music could not be beat. Warren Haynes sat in the hot seat, performing with his usual class and style. The rest of the band was not just on target musically, but one could sense the camaraderie among them as they clearly were on a shared sense of mission. Finally the song list reflected beautifully the vision and hope who all of us who politically wish for a better day.

Liquid-Steve G

liquid steve, berkeley ca