11/6/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, November 6, 2007
Sovereign Performing Arts Center
Reading, PA


Great show! How cool it was for Bob Weir and Ratdog to come to Reading. Many thanks to the band for making the trip. The guest saxophone player's name was Tim Price, who lives in our area, but plays alot in NYC and stuff. It was great he got to play with the band tonight as well.

Skip, Reading
The guest sax player on 11/6 was Tim Price, who is a local jazz player from the Reading area

Steve Walker, Barto, PA
i go to see the dog 4 - 5 times per year, nice venue and solid show. some real nice energy from the stage and everybody looked happy. hate to say it but i like kimock on the guitar better then MK. he really knows when NOT to play and when he adds he nails it. i like MK but SK is a real unique player. anyway, always great to see bobby marching on and playiing at the top of his game. the man works really hard.

tim, bucks county
I have lived in the area my whole life and this was the first time I had been to the Sovereign Performing Arts Center and the first time seeing Ratdog. I am so glad they came to Reading, and this is a great venue! The show totally cooked, the croud was really into it, and the people at the "SPAC" were totally chill. I am going to catch Bob and the boys every chance I can from now on! Thanks for a great time!

Shane Prutzman, Reading, PA
Great Show! First set was smoking....The SPAC is easily the best venue in the Greater Reading Area....I was second row balcony and you could feel it shaking beneath the collective dancing throughout the show, most especially during a sharp, but too-short Love Light to close the second set. I'm starting to agree with Tim in Bucks County about SK...he totally tore it up. Bob sounded great, the crowd was cool inside and out...no problems...nice people....Great night for Rat Dog and Reading.

tj, reading pa
What I learned from RatDog on 11.06.2007

If it was love, now how would I know? Still I Feel like a stranger. Promises made in the dark dissolve by light of day, ain't no easy answers, what I'm tryin to say. The vagabond who is rapping at your door, is standing in the clothes that you once wore, It's all over now, Baby Blue. Woke up this morning, felt around for my shoes, oh babe, that's when I knew I had them old walkin blues. Ten years I walked these streets, my dreams were riding tall. Tonight I would be thankful, Lord, for any dream at all. Always the same wherever you go. It’s wheels up above, yes and it’s hearts here below. Fly away, I wanna fly away, right now, right here tonight. Had a steady job hauling items for the mob, pay was pathetic, shame those boys couldn't be more copasetic. Pretty lady ain't got no friend ‘til the candyman comes around again. If you go down to Deep Elem to have a little fun
Have your ten dollars ready when the policeman come. Well it's three-days ride from Bakersfield and I don't know why I came. I guess I came to keep from paying dues. Cherish well your thoughts, keep a tight grip on your boots, ‘cause thinking and drinking are all I have today. I don't mean to misplease you, or get mad with you now. What if fire comes raining on the hills and all the poets took to throwing stones? Guess we're on our own, no way out and no way home. In the end there's nothing left to say. Just one thing I ask of you, just one thing for me, please forget you knew my name, my darling Sugaree. I get a little lonely in the middle of the night, need you baby to make things alright. Without a warning, you stole my heart. I don't know, don't really care, let there be songs to fill the air. If I knew the way, I would take you home.

Jesi, Shillington, PA
Great show! Nice little theatre, I think Bobby and the boys were anticipating to jam a little more but all together it was an awesome show. Second set was killer. It was great to see Kimock play a little lap guitar, I like that southern twang he mixes in, plus it was good for the area they were playing. By far the best Sugaree I have heard in a while!!
Off to Norfolk the go!

Matt, Scranton PA
What a great day! I was fortunate enough to be in Reading when the tour bus pulled up. Despite the body gaurd trying to sweep Bobby past me, Bobby stopped and signed my event poster. Thanks!
I really hope Ratdog makes Reading an annual stop!
Great crowd and the band really sounded great. Tim and Kenny sounded great with some serious improv!
Ripplewas a fitting encore to a special day!

Kent, Sinking Spring, PA
All in all... great crowd, quality tunes and the venue deliverd fantastic sound! I really wanted either a stranger or shakedown opener... sweet. I thought Kimock sounded great... almost reserved at times, but when he added in... dynomite!

I wish he could've filled some more of theose Garcia rifts (left untouched). That's about the only thing (if I had to be critical) I would want more of... but it's always a good night when you get to boogie on with the boys!

Props to my buddy William James Haines III for being there with me. Good times. More to come bro!!

John Neison, Barto, PA
The Reading show was rocking with Bobby and the boys.
The guest Tim Price was exceptional. Very into the Ratdog sound and quite an addition which was obivious. Weir realy digs him. A great hook up and Tim pumped the band up with his saxophone energy and soul.
A concert to remember always.

Matty, Philly
I must echo everyones vibes on the sax of Tim Price!
The man plays for keeps.He also knows the music of Ratdog because he just was inside the sounds. And yea Bobby gave him some big props with shout outs. I liked how Kenny Brooks and Tim had blend going. Real brothers in cosmic sounds I'd say. A joy to hear.

I saw Tim with this band somewhere else too, this guy should be a Ratdog member he has the vibe.
I liked Kimock a lot too and the thunder of Jay Lane behind the Ratdog.

Beautiful stuff Jerry would love.

Judy Blue Eyes, Hilton Head SC
Excellent Show!!! I saw and heard Ratdog in Camden over the Summer. It was a blessing for them to play in my hometown. I hope they come back to the venue.
Tim Price was a sweet addition of local talent. He plays also at the Annual Berks Jazz fest in March. He will be performing at Gerald Veasleys Jass Base @ the Reading Sheraton with keyboardist Rachel Z. within the next month. They , Ratdog, should think of playing the Sovereign Center on Penn Street next time around. Fare thee well!!!

Geoff Miller, Reading,PA
Time to go,.. wife pregnant, feeling sick, can't go, but blesses my solo mission to Reading. 3 hour drive and so worth it... Thanks babe... Thanks Bob Great show!!!! Better be another tour I owe her one.

Mike, Malaga, NJ
This show was fantastic.... I saw the Dog twice this summer but they really hit it this time... Thanks Bob! Can't wait till the next tour...

Tennessee Ed, Asbury, NJ
it killed , verry surprising and definately hit the spot .
stranger was also a sick additive to the list as well as west LA fadeway . I love hearing bobbys version of deep elem blues after hearing phills at the weeter center last month in camdwen, its nice to see whwere theyre each taking there music and the feel that there boys bring out in it .
candyman was a great crowd songs as well as ripple , and tim price with his sax differeentiated the list and gave us something a little diffent .
The venue was also great, no frisking the pockets and the balcony seats were nicly arranged for viewing .
GO RATDOGG , still kickin ass

the Mini , uper darby