11/7/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, November 7, 2007
The NorVa
Norfolk, VA


This show was absolutely terrible. Poor setlist and SLOPPY music. At least Steve Kimock is getting a good paycheck out of this. Hopefully this Ratdog stint will finance a nice Steve Kimock Band tour soon!!

Cryers, Norfolk, VA
Good thing they had some energy drinks available or I would have been sleeping on the floor. Great Ramble on rose and thats about it.

Wow! I'm not sure where "Cryers" was last night, but he or she wasn't at the Norva. Bob and the boys were in great form, and put on a great show. While I really miss Mark's presence with the band, Kimock is really amazing. I've enjoyed listening to shows with Kimock lately, and everything I've thought about what he adds to the band was confirmed last night. His solos are letter perfect and have a clear beginning, middle and end. His jam during "stuff" was spectacular. Highlight for me was Wharf Rat>Around and Around (I called them both, so I was pretty stoked). Ratdog always put on a great show at the Norva, and they are always welcome back any time.

BarkingPenguin, Chesapeake, VA
Dude, how can you be so critical? We all know Bobby isn't "peaking"... and the dead aren't touring still, but Bobby & company are still kicking with some great tunes. How can a show be absolutely terrible when playing these classics.

It's a shame your experience wasn't better.

I had a great time in Reading!!

John Neison, Barto, PA
Agree with the first review. They never got going in this show. The sound was terrible to start off with, everything was off. They seemed to pull it together at the 3 minute mark of Ramble on Rose, but other than that the 1st set was blah! Second Set had a few nice moments but the band obviously wasn't listening to one another. Bring Back Karen!

busdriver71, Gloucester,VA
This setlist was indeed unusual, and I also felt the band did not flow as smoothly as they are able, but to say that the show sucked and was played sloppy is to miss the subtleties of this performance. How can you not appreciate some great Dylan tunes (Bobby almost remembered all ten stanzas of "Desolation Row"!), a darn good Hank Williams' "You Win Again", my first live "Catfish John," a couple of Chuck Berry rockers to close the night, and some classic Dead tunes to keep things cooking? "Wharf Rat" was excellent, and you gotta dig the rousing "Might as Well" and "Iko Iko"!

A friend of mine always says, "No expectations...just high hopes!" I think the boys were exploring some traditional roots last night, and it took them in directions not usually found at a
typical Ratdog show. I too would have loved to hear SK let loose on some freakin' Jerry riffs, but all in all, there's not too many places I would have rather been last night!

Normano57, White Stone, VA
Maybe some reviewers were on the second floor where the sound truely was not the best, but no fault of the boys. Once we moved to the first floor we were blown away.

Arosethatrambles, VA Beach

Been to every Ratdog show at the Norva, all 7 and this was without question the weakest of the previous 6. Not a knock on Bobby and the boys at all. I know it's hard to bring it every night.
The TNK>Playin' opener was decent enough although Steve appeared to have serious guitar issues at the beginning. Ramble on Rose was sub standard. Once again, Bobby flubbed the lyrics (which he's done everytime I've heard him perform this number), no big deal, but I felt the song was played at a snails pace and I could've taken it or left it. Slow Train and Catfish John were the first set highlights. The Miracle>Picasso>Might as Welll portion to close the first set was mediocrity at its finest.
Things picked up in the second set. Loved the You Win Again with SK's pedal steel effect. Same with Desolation Row, always a favorite. Tuesday Blues was a treat, but Iko Iko to me is a ceremonial throw away. Finally after 2 and a half hours of a horribly average performance, we were rewarded with the goods. Stuff>Wharf Rat>Around and Around. Now we're talking! Wharf Rat was perfect and Around built up like it's supposed to. JBG encore, Ho-Hum, 3 and a half minutes and out. Fitting way to end a show that lacked energy and execution.

Lackluster, Norfolk, VA
One of the best shows ever. I watched the entire show from the V.I.P. section (balcony) right above the stage. I heard the music from the stage monitors and it sounded fantastic. I just loved "Ramble On Rose" and "Bury Me Standing". I especially enjoyed the "jazz fusion" jam between Robin and Jay. That was so entertaining!!! Everyone else in the V.I.P section told me they really enjoyed the music. I thought Steve Kimrock did an exceptional job on that hollow body guitar. Thanks, guys, for a very exciting evening!!! Luv you all, Rose

Rose Rodak, Virginia Beach
just listened to the cd of set 1. the opening jam is crazy, sounds like they're trippin or somrethin, i loved the tomorrow never knows, there was a nice reggae like jam with kimock soaring, ramble on rose followed, this was the first time hearing ratdog play slow train coming, this song is sounds like it was written this year, not 19080, (all that foreign oil), and a first for catfish jon, and a rockin miracle, and a new improved might as well. great stuff. can't wait to hear the second set

greg, usa
I enjoyed the show. I really enjoyed the Weir tunes such as Piccaso Moon and Iko. The guys were sounding so good, especially Weir tunes and his vocals. To me Weir's vocals are getting better as he gets older. Reminds me a bit of the early Kingfish days. Weir has a great voice....well except for the wails sometimes. lol

I had a great time and the crowd did too. It wasn't as good as the last time they were here which was incredible and I'm sure expectations were high. I heard that the show from the previous night was killer also.

My only disappointment was that I thought the second set ended too soon, and I really didn't want to hear JBG as the encore, though it was good. To me JBG is just a quick exit encore and played when they really don't want to do a encore. I expected more from an encore.

Keith, Chesapeake, VA
OK - the show started a little slow - but Playin in the Band-Ramble on Rose - I Need a Miracle - Might As Well. And that was just the first set. From where I was (upstairs) this show rocked. Everyone around me was "Dancing like nobaody is watching" - and having a great evening. 2'nd set was totally rockin. Almost cried at Wharf Rat. This was the best time I've had since the last RD concert!

rby, Chesapeake, VA
Man, I just don't get the bad reviews. Okay, I admit, this was my first Ratdog show. But then again, I saw the Dead maybe a hundred or so times, so I feel pretty qualified to give a thumbs-up review. Bobby jumbled some words? Oh, like Jerry didn't do that like every night? I thought the show was great, from the Dylan tues to Catfish John, and an Iko is always nice. I can't wait till they're in the area again.

Andy, Chesapeake, VA