11/8/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, November 8, 2007
Ovens Auditorium
Charlotte, NC


Nice Foolish Heart in set 1. Nice Darkstar in both sets 1 and 2. Nicely jammed China-Rider. Really looking forward to the Myrtle Beach and Raleigh shows. Here's to a better song selection at either of them and probably both. Uggh.
Fred S.
Gastonia, NC

fred, gastonia
Unbelievable 2nd set. Loved the Tequila mixed in there. Sick China-Rider to end the 2nd set. Great Job!!!

Nick D, Charlotte, NC
I can definitively say there was no struggling going on last night. Ovens Aud was Charlotte's own jukejoint last night. The boys brought on the funky blues, the highlight being Rooster. At first glance, the mix of songs might seem odd, interesting, promising, whatever. No, it was tight! There was a common thread, a musical conversation infused throughout all of the tunes, linking them together, drawing the crowd in, hooking us! Weir and Kimock were laughing and conversing back and forth with their axes all night. Kenny joined the conversation with some badass downtown lingo of his own. Jeff let loose and absolutely owned the room. Jay and Robin laid it down low and just kept the groove moving. But, man, Bobby and Steve were just *sick* - I mean, listening to the two of them last night, could well make a girl loose her virginity for the second (or third!) time just grooving and melting from their licks. Lord have mercy. I know every woman down front left the house with a smile on her face. Praise BE!

Sunshine Mama, CHARLOTTE Baby!
Loved the funky,dirty opening of Help and was jamming into Slip and am STILL waiting to jam to Franklin!! (old habits die hard) Rooster was a nice surprise and had a new feel...very sexy and funky. Gotta love the Silvio-Tequila and that's when the old magic seemed to rear his head! Charlotte was jamming for sure after that!! Nice venue, event staff were sweet and the crowd was happy! See ya in Orlando!

Holly, King, NC
Hometown venue was surprisingly hassle free. Not even a bathroom wait. Discreet sparking was not a problem. Show started strong with a churning Help>Slipknot followed by a fat spacy Dark Star(1st verse). Then Odessa was off a bit, not Kimock's kind of lead and Rooster was good, especially Bob's slide. The first real treat of the set was a well played and extended Josephine. Good mix and Kimock and Bob really traded off. Then She Says which I can't comment on because there's nothing about the song I like. Just when I'm scratching my head, out rolls a great, lively, free flowing Foolish Heart. This is the one tune I've seen (twice now) that Ratdog does better than the Dead. Great set ender.

2nd set was a step off from the start. Bob read the prompter all through Hard Rain and Quinn never really hooked. I'd been looking forward to my 1st Silvio>Tequila, but I thought it was not quite there. Kenny missed coming in at the right spot twice on Tequila. Then back on track with Bobby just pushing through a crowd pleasing Greatest Story. Althea was well played, but an odd place for it before Stuff. Kimock and all played the strongest Stuff I've heard yet. Majority of the crowd was on it's feet throughout. Steve K. is truly at home in that setting. Heaven's Door was sweet and poignant with Bobby's singing and Kimock on pedal. Dark Star(2nd verse) went twisting way out before returning. The China Cat was unsuspected and well played. The emotional tide really got going on I Know You Rider. Chimenti's lead, the singing and the Kimock cut loose on the lead...actually bobbing and thrashing with Bobby and the band swinging through for one extra final mind blowing crescendo. I can't see this song without thinking of Jerry. It was personally the most moving moment of the evening. Gloria (no Franklin's?) wrapped it up nicely.
Up and down and roundabout, but definitely worth leaving home for. See ya in Raleigh!!

Steve J.

steve j., charlotte, nc
Wonderful Show! Always great to see Bob here in Charlotte. Setlist was wonderful with a nice variation. Jam sessions were fantastic! Definitely a show to have on your archive.
Hope to see Bob and the band back again real soon, would love a two night run!

Lee Keen, Charlotte
My best Ratdog show yet. This one blew me away. A lot of energy and power throughout the show. This night ahd a pronounced steel-guitar theme, and I loved it on Knockin'. Was first row for Foolish Heart and it alone was well worth the 4 hour drive from VA. "Stuff" was really good this time too. The whole show....was just great. A real blow-out. They just keep getting better. Cant wait to see them again...and again.

Mike, Lynchburg, VA

What a show! The level of playing was high throughout the first set. The song selection was demanding fro the bandf and audience, we all had to listen, and look for the hooks, and it made quite an interesting set. They had it in low gear for the most part, slowly casting the songs into the crowd and letting the room simmer until the big payoff. Indeed the whole of the first set seemed to be a setup for the epic, inspired, and beautiful "Foolish Heart". This spng went to that very special place that only this music can transport us to. Breakthrough, unity, euphoria. Set break. The "Hard Rain" opener was simply amazing in every way. Weir has all the words down and is not reading the lyrics, so the delivery was powerful, direct, and hair-raising. It really turned into "the Dylan hour" for this segment, and that is a very great thing. Every selection was played well in the second set, then a new level of playng was reached for "China>Rider" which blew the lid off the place. ^The encore saw Bobby at his absolute best . Great show with many peaks and valleys that were all worth visiting. This will be one of those shows that you will be able to listen to many times and hear new meanings. To sum it up in one phrase---I had the time of my life on the show.

lemon, Raleigh, NC.
Simply AWESOME! looking forward to Raleigh, Keep your EYES open for Branford at this show

chris, NY
A FANTASTIC show that took me on a journey I haven't experienced live in a while. Though the band provides a lot of the ingredients, the magic cannot happen without the greatest people in the world that occupy the parking lots and the seats. I brought along my 16 year old for his first show. Thanks to those that made us feel a part of the community. I saw a change in him that night. As a smile froze across his face, I knew he felt at home. What a great experience...one I know we are destined to repeat.

Walter, Charlotte, NC
All I know is that tonight nov. 11th, the final NYC Phil show, and he pulled out a 3rd set of peggy-cumberland-UJBand-cryptical-dark star-morning dew-I KNow U Rider-Other one-cryptical-dark star-sgr magnolia, encore Unbroken chain-brok palace. I mean bobby is the bomb, but cmon, it was phils last show of the tour, last show of whatever, whenever, whereever, and he let it all hang out, like it was his last show ever, I mean it was positively un befuckinleavable and quite insane, as was the post concert patrami and the carnegie. MMMMM all so tassssty

dan, NYNY
Question: does anyone know where I can get one of the Charlotte Dead t-shirts some people were sporting??

mary, New Jersey
Mary, You can find the charlotte dead shirt at infinity's end head shops in charlotte.

John L, Charlotte, NC