11/17/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 17, 2007
Mizner Park Amphitheatre
Boca Raton, FL


AWESOME! What a terrific show! They rocked and we needed it after the slow show at HOB. The second set was the best ever and it was just one of the best Ratdog shows I've seen in a long time even though I like them all. Accept last year at Mizner.....this year made up for that totally.
Thanks Bobby and the boys for a wonderful night. The venue is still the worst and wish they'd go back to Pompano. The pushing and shoving has taken its tole on us! It can become suffocating!

Peggy, Coral Springs, Florida
AWESOME! What a terrific show! They rocked and we needed it after the slow show at HOB. The second set was the best ever and it was just one of the best Ratdog shows I've seen in a long time even though I like them all. Accept last year at Mizner.....this year made up for that totally.
Thanks Bobby and the boys for a wonderful night. The venue is still the worst and wish they'd go back to Pompano. The pushing and shoving has taken its tole on us! It can become suffocating!

Peggy, Coral Springs, Florida

There's a slow train coming...That about sums it up. I understand that this is the last show of a 10 month tour and that this was my only show. But that being said I was really ready to dance my shoes off. This was not the show for that! This was more of a "lay back in your lawn chair" show. It opened with a slow, almost melodic, Jack Straw. When the band took the stage I was ready to jump up and down. I didn't get that chance until the last "jack straw from Wichita gunned his buddy down." They went from that into Odessa into Rooster and Slow Train. The long slow train seemed to carry the first set. Don't get me wrong. I was happy to be there, I just was ready to boogie and this was not the show. I kept saying "the second set will rock us for sure!" I was wrong. The only thing that saved it was a rockin' GDTRFB. The encore had everyone bouncing to the predictable One More Saturday Night. So I did leave dancing...but wanting more!!!

Always great to see you Bobby,

Burke Keelin

Burke Keelin, West Palm Beach, FL
I dont know how that last review could call it a slow train with the only thing saving it being GDTRFB, I've been seeing the Dead and all their offshoots live since '84, and that Eyes of the World was one of the most Rockin i've ever seen, Yes, it was a more laid back Blusey show rather than pure rock, but there was plenty to dance to.

And to echo what Peggy from Coral Springs had to say, The pushing and shoving was massive, and no offense to anyone, but it seemed to be the 20 somethings who got all liquored up who were causing the most problems in our area, We were there with our 9 year old daughter, and it was tough keeping her from getting shoved around.

All in all, a good show. Makes me wish i'd hit them up in New Hampshire before heading south.

Matthew, Bar Harbor, Maine
What an incredible show. Plenty of Dance tunes. Smokin hot eyes of the world and everyone playing out of their minds. We thought it was one of the Best if not THE BEST Ratdog shows we've ever seen. Excellent set list and the look on the Drummer's face said it all.... Happy, Happy Happy.... We can't wait to see Kimock playing with our old friends Bobby or Phil again. Broken Down Palace was very heart felt and one of the hottest Sat. Night closers I've heard. Definitely made up for last year's lack luster show. Come back soon and bring that Kimock fellow along. Happy Trails....... MB

mike, margate
Maybe some of you ought to just stay home and let those who know how to enjoy themselves have more room to dance. We caught St Pete, Jax and HOB in addition to the Norva. Three of us thought all were off the charts. I can understand the crowd stuff which we managed to miss, thank God, as we had to be back for work on Mon. ( drove straight thru after the HOB) but you need to move around which is one of the best parts of a GA show. If you can't figure this stuff out for your self just stay home. A Rat Dog show is the best thing going on in the entire universe that night.

Big Mike, Newark, De
My God, that was the best thing on planet earth last night! The vibes were out of this world, the playing so inspired, evryone was playing with one mindset. The structure and jamming, the jazz improv was, well maybe the best I have ever seen. Kimock fit in like he has been there 15 years! These guys carry the mantle so well, I could have been in a time warp. Maybe I was.

John, Ft. Lauderdale
Very Good Show. 3 Words--Money for Gasoline. It was the first time I heard that song (SO?), so the show was definitely worth the introduction.

Brokendown Palace was killer.

Why was the sound so QUIET?

It was nice to get into the car and BLAST sirius channel 32.

We were late & missed the whole first set, sorry to have missed Jack Straw and Dire Wolf.

I agree with Peggy-O, Pompano would be a much cooler venue. It was very sardine-ish.

Also, for alot of the songs, I felt Chimenti could have really cut loose more. There were some "bare spots" in some songs, that would have been filled with piano just nicely. Anyone else felt that? I felt that way when Hornsby used to play when Vince started. As if he was holding back.

4.68 stars

Diane, Coral Springs, FL
Great show though I do find vocals sometimes a little difficult to hear at Mizner. Third year in a row for me at this venue and this was by far the best of the bunch.

Awful feedback at the top of Jack Straw for about 5 secs or so but Bobby made a face that was well worth the price of admission. He seemed to be saying, "What the hell was that?"

Great tour...Thanks boys!

navlen, Maplewood, NJ
OH MY GOD!!! I am so sorry i couldnt make more shows this tour but all i can say is Amen!! HOB>Mizner for me was a slice of heaven. There was a little bit of something for everyone in Boca for sure. You just had to find it. It was a social crowd. Lots of talkers and stuff but it was so much fun. Danced hard and slow and everything in between. Great energy throughout the crowd with the Crazy Fingers Contingency in rare form with styling new tye-dyes thanks to Bubba! So much fun seeing everyone taking up the empty spaces and dancing like no one was watching! Thanks Bobby and friends. We love you more than words can tell. May the four winds blow you safely home. BTW today is the last day to preorder those special shirts! God Bless and well meet on the next run. Peace and Love, Phil

maningreen, Palm Beach Gardens
Mizner was my only show of the tour and it was rockin'. I loved the version of Jack Straw, one of my favorites and Eyes of the World. I was dancin' my butt off with my buddy J. It was quite ironic for me since I am moving back to NY in a couple of weeks and to play GDTRFB and Brokedown Palace, it was the perfect way to end my stay of 11 years in South FL. My last show in FL, I wish it had been in Pompano but we take what we can get down here. I am so happy that once I get back up to NY, I'll be able to catch Ratdog and Phil more than once a year!!!
Peace everyone, see you in the Northeast!
By the way, what did that banner say at the end of the show????

Alisa, Fort Lauderdale

Mark Karan has been diagnosed with cancer and you can go to the message board and send him hugs love good vibes or whatever you want to help him beat this thing.

I made the trip from Colorado to see both of these shows. The Mizner Park show put the HOB show to shame. This is my 48th ratdog show and to be honest when SK plays with them its usually very predictable and boring. This wasnt the case at Mizner. The show opener was great and really got things going. I didnt like the fact that Bobby decided to follow it with Odessa. I think that most of the negative vibes are expressed when ratdog plays a slower paced song or even one of their own in many cases. It would be nice to hear all kick a$S 'Dead' tunes but thats just not realistic as Bobby has made it clear he wants it to be more than that. Unfortunately, I dont think the majority of the fans are looking for anything else besides all GD songs though. Eyes, Sugaree, GDTRFB and One More Saturday all rocked and the place was going nuts. On a side note Bobby really needs to pull it together when adding new songs to the repetoire as he BUTCHERED Dire Wolf...regardless I will continue to see them no matter how bad or how much they charge. Always great people and a great atmosphere. I think once Mark gets back they will jump right back into their old style and start truely rocking once again

Bill, Denver
Pompano a better place to play??? HELL NO!! The last Ratdog show there Dade's finest went car to car with drug sniffing dogs busting people......It really sucked!!! So Mizner is WAY MORE COOLER for a place to play!!
I thought the HOB show was better..........LOL....to each its own, I guess. I lot of long jams between songs.......I LOVED IT!! Can't wait till next year..........You are comming back next year..............right Bobby!!
We love you MK, Get well soon
Peace people.

Gary H, Clewiston, FL
That was slice of heaven. YOU WIN AGAIN!!! DIRE WOLF!!MASTERS OF WAR!!!
And everything else in between...........Best pure setlist Ive heard from RD.

HERE HERE~~THE DOG was barkin in Boca Raton!

Paul, Hallandale Beach
I love this band! I have been seeing the dead since 1970. The vibe at Boca was freakin fun. People were passing pipes and smilin all night. If you were not having a good time you should have been in my head. This was the best Rat I have seen. They were tight and on fire. This was my last Show living in Boca and it was the best send off I could have ever wished for.
It was a mellow throw back to many years ago. People were
happy and groovin. It rocked me. hope you all loved it as much.
Best of luck Mark. I am a survivor for 3 years now and when i need a pick me up the Dead always do it for me. Stay positive we are with you.

See you all in Ca.

Robbie, Boca to Irvine

robbie, boca today irvine tomorrow
Well what can we all say...

We need a DVD from these boys....

We need to have this great music on a visual level so we can all see the magic transform...

Sean L., Buffalo, NY
This was my third Ratdog show of the fall tour. I was fortunate in also catching the Halloween show and the Orlando show. This was my personal favorite! With the addition of Kimock, this band showed renown strength that he gratefully enabled. Having Steve Kimock in your band is like having Tom Brady as your quarterback. Have yourself a happy Thanksgiving! Peace, Gary

Gary, Miami, FLA
Great Night - Huge Crowd - Great Setlist and Steve Kimmock is one BAD ASSED guitar player

Paul, Coral springs
It's not that Kimmock is bad assed - he's a bad ass guitar player = my bad

Paul, coral springs
Hey dudes, in my opinion the show couldn't have been better! it was only my third ratdog show (HOB the night before, and last year's mizner) but i must say it was most definately my favorites especially since last year's mizner was not the best of shows to be honest. This more than made up for that. Shared great vibes with great people and as for the music it was out of hand. I was plugged in and loving every minute of it, even started spinning like mad during GDTRFB and One more saturday night. Sorry if i bumped into anyone i didn't mean to spread any bad vibes but i was just digging the show so much that i couldn't help but get a little rowdy, my intentions were good and pure. Lastly, i think mizner is real straight in terms of both music and chilling, there were some feedback issues but i experienced absolutely no hassle whatsoever and to my knowledge everyone was chilling. WE LOVE YOU BOBBY, YOU MADE THAT NIGHT ONE OF MY BEST EVER AND YOU ABSOLUTELY MUST RETURN!

georgeyboy, Boca Raton
Magical closer to the fall tour. The Venue was the nicest of the florida shows. It was the only outdoor show I caught. The Eyes of the world @ 21 minutes was amazing. Seriouly this show was a smoker. I bought the sound boards after hearing the first set.
Shakedown was in full swing when I pulled in. I got some pizza in the lot.. yummm There was alot of peopel at this show.. way more then the other 3 florida shows.
OMSN was a great way to close the tour out
There was some very beautiful women at this show.!!!
Going the down the road was classic

and the Masters of war was played in florida where the 2000 election was decided that put bush into the office. I met the head Democrat from Broward county Florida. I understand politics a little.

Sorry Sick show, Makes me want to see some more DOG
Steve thanks for an amazing TOur.

Get Better Soon MK

keith, Milford, NH
At the break I reconnect with my date, wander the venue and find Ray with his cousin, not in their usual side front, stage left space, but I recognize his shape in the Dolphin windbreaker. He remembers not to pass to me, ahh, that smell, I get high just from being in the middle of it. Second set opens with acoustic country, old Hank Williams slide guitar You Win Again, we all win, then political Dylan, Masters of War, this is important. But Friend of the Devil is pure fun, sin and sorrow, jail, sex and gambling, for me and all the fallen away Catholics, I’ll always love this song. Oh did I mention the weather is Florida November warm and glorious, after 50’s the night before. And some people brought their dogs to the show, Ratdog lets the dogs in. Second set I dance so far back it doesn’t matter that the guy in front of me goes down, he has a blanket, his friends gather ‘round until he gets up, but I hear it is packed up front. I know how to sway and squeeze between bodies, but don’t feel like it tonight, so I cup my ears and Money for gas sounds good, real good, yeah, it takes two jobs to stay mobile. Eyes of the World corks it for me, the best version I can remember, Ray shakes his head, calls it a sleeper, but then Sugaree, never can get enough sugar, with the requisite Dark Star refrain, which is thank god, short enough not to knock me down and Going Down the Road Feeling Bad is top drawer—we are dancing fools, maniacs, the set closer, holy cow, almost midnight. Brokedown Palace for the encore, kind of sad, but then look out, One More Saturday Night , we know the words, jump up and down, throw our arms in the air, oh Bobby, what would we do without you? And soon we’re in line for tonight’s CDs and there’s some pretty fucked up people in line with me and the stage is broken down, last stop in the fall tour, the venue empties out fast and lights come up. I put on my shades, thirty minutes later we’re on the rooftop, I’m limping a little but grateful to be “where the water tastes like wine, get drunk on the water, stay drunk all the time,” another luscious night in paradise.

RamblonRoze, Cooper City, FL
here's the first set review, in parts:
The Mizner show and we're on top, rooftop parking, I have a date and we stroll down to the bandshell past picnickers with lawn chairs and kids some vending palm trees laced in white twinkle lights, nice. I hear music, look out, Bobby's on time, we hustle, get searched, trash our water and pop, we're through the rabbit hole or is it the foxes den? I beeline for the front, stop just short of thye cement, grass is nice to start with for dancing. "We can share the women we can share the wine" boys in their teens are chatty in front of me, I put my finger to my lips, they must think I'm crazy, I close my eyes, sing, swing and know I'm out of there as soon as Jack Straw finishes.

RamblonRoze, Cooper City, FL
i have seen evry dog show is south florida and this show was by fat the best I ahve seen the energy level was high the music flowed like wine. It was nice to see Bobby fresh he ripped on his guitar and kimmock great addition,freind and sugaree just smoked cant wait till next year!! Thanks Bobby

BigMike, fort lauderdale,fl
third year at the mizner for me and this was a killer show. hung out up front for the first set...then the "snakes" came in pushing and shoving to get up front...reminded me of " take a step back"...got out of there for the second set and danced the night away towards the side. hope this venue becomes an annual event....i do think its time to put saturday night to rest for awhile...see ya next year

dr. richard, naples fl
Third Dog show for me at Mizner. All I can say is ooooooooooolaaaaaaaalaaaaaaaa! Best show yet! Looking forward to next yearsssss

Bruce, Coral Springs, FL
The first time I saw Ratdog was in Phoenix, AZ in 97. I said "Who"? Terrific show! This Mizner show was good, but not as good as Phoenix. Nevertheless, Bob, thank you for a great evening, and keep on truckin'!

Darryl, Baltimore, MD
Anyone who felt unfulfilled @ this show should hang it up. My only negative was not enough porta-johns. The show being the last of 14 for me and my Pretty, absolutely kicked our asses! We can't wait for the Beacon run in the fabulous NEW YORK CITY!!!!!!!

sailor/saint, albany ny
3 years have gone by and I still giggle thinkling of that night.
Little RR to Slow train Masters of war (off the fuckin chain) to GDTRFB
It was nothing but a good time.
Thanks Bobby

Tim, Stuart