12/15/2007 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Also Little Feat and The Waybacks

Saturday, December 15, 2007
The Warfield
San Francisco, CA


NO KA OI ! Wow, was that an amazing ensemble of musicians working together thruout the entire show. Bobby joined the Waybacks for a smokin set that included St.Stephen like never before before......We had to help along with BIG RIVER, as Bobby was having a Pre/Senior moment or 3....Little Feet was unbelievable and is sporting a female vocalist that has such incredible range, I hadn't seen them in like 18 years or so...The vcollaborations continued thru the night with each one getting better. This band was spectacular. Then, finally The Dog took the stage and Barry Sless was ripping right off the bat ! Then MK hit the stage kind of in his own little zone off to stage right and appeared to be enjoying himself quite well. Funny, but of all the songs that stick put, EVEN SO and TRUCKIN was the highlight of Bobs set. The end of the show featured 12 musicians jamming together like a cosmic Grateful Deadish orchestra. It was unbelievable !!!!! It just went to another level.....................This was a great evening of family friends and music that I will try to remember forever ! They are indeed a band beyond description

BlackForrestbro, Kelseyville,Ca
loved the st. stephen>william tell>big river. teh Big River startded out Wayback style and they had to slow it up for Bobby but thats when it got good. Little Feet rocked with "Robert" joining them for a jazzy Dixie Chicken>tennessee jed>dixie chicken. Ive seen tons of dog shows and havent caught a truckin (my last truckin was '95 Dead in Vegas) so that was a huge treat for. and it was a BIG truckin' for sure. loved the Even So>other one. the Franklins Tower with everyone and I mean "everyone" was stellar. slowed down a bit it made for some tasty piano jammin'. the rapper seemed a little out of place but I like that kind of stuff. Most of all though...MK is back and he ROCKED!!!! What a treat for sure....

desertdan, oakland
This show was absolutely rockin'. I can't wait for Bobby's return! I've never seen The Waybacks but I'll definitly go again whenever I get a chance. You should check them out you'll be pleased. Also, Little Feat was the best they've been in years! Thanks guys for the rockin' show.

Vicki Dahl, Grover Beach
Killer Brown Eyed Women with Mark Karan
One of his best performances I've ever seen
Good show

Carla, Truckee CA
It was December ... and I'm in Kenzo... the next thing ya know I'm at the Warfield , a Rex Benefit...standing in line for tix and I got the last one !! ... to see one band I'd never seen or hardly heard of... one band I had no clue even toured anymore and of course the one band I would cross the country again just to see one show ...and then proceed to hang out in Northern Cal for a minute or two !!!! As usual the long strange trip had it's ups n downs... it was all n all beyond description. Rediscovered what it's like in January in San Francisco when it rains... it Rains !!! Also discovered Christmas on Jones Street ... another incredible tradition in the TL. Volunteerism is very big ...and sometimes I can choose to be part of it , because it's the right thing to do. :-) "...once in awhile you can get shown the light in the strangest of places if you look at it right..." ;-)

alan, Kenzo to the TL