3/22/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, March 22, 2008
Riverside Theatre
Milwaukee, WI


high enery throughout! Casey jones into a killer jackstraw. Rooster showed off individual talents Karen especially. reggae watchtower was sweet. dire wolf had the crowd stoked.
second set fun catfish jon into the weight into last time into school girl. getting kinda tired : ) ashes and glass missed a few lyrics but nice jam. stuff was followed by come together back into birdsong and a rockin saturday night. ripple sent us home. boys were more animated than they have been in years! Seemed to be having that 'brett favre' kind of fun. cept Ithink they have plenty of seaons to go. is it just me or does robin seem to get better each tour? Only improvement....turn Kenny up! The dudes popped blood vessels on solos and it's still hard to hear. Fun all around!

chris, milwaukee
Great, great show. So good to see Mark back in action, and in mid-season form on only his second night. Highlight probably the Watchtower that started reggae, then all of a sudden got very rockin', then slid back into reggae. Come Together nice and slinky, the Bird Song Reprise very tasty, and what else to end the night but a sweet Ripple. Man, what a show!

Stu Levitan, Madison
One of the best Ratdog shows I've seen in awhile. The band seems to be re-energized. Excellent song selection. The reggae arrangement of Wathctower was da bomb! Also the second set extended Come Together/Birdsong jam had people screamin'! Did anyone else hear BOTH Mark and Bobby play the melody line of Eleanor Rigby during that jam? (Can't wait to hear it). Killer! And, it's a real treat to hear Bobby doing so many songs that were Jerry songs - even Jerry solo songs (Catfish John!!) Fuckin A!

I do have to agree that Kenny needs to be louder (I never thought I'd be saying THAT!) for his solos. When he's NOT doing a solo, he's down in the mix, which is where the sax SHOULD be. But when he solos, he should get cranked up loud - Clarence Clemons style - in your face! Give the saxman some!

Other that that, a great show! See you in Cincy!

darkstar stu, milwaukee
Not going to say a whole lot other than, excellent setlist. Full animation from Bobby. He was into this one from the first chord to the last.

Very glad to see Mark back in action. He's very blessed.

This show was different than most Ratdog shows I've seen in the past simply for the straight forward jams. They were tight and to the point with the same amount of improvs. Hands down....a MUST DOWNLOAD!! I can't wait until the next stop to Wisconsin for Bobby and the boyz. Thanks Bob!

Phred, Appleton, WI
Addendum to my review printed above:

Re: Kenny's solos.

The mix on the recording sounds totally different than it did down in front. The sax sounds fine on the disc. Possibly a problem with the in-house sound(?). For some reason it was hard to hear his solos where we were down in front. I'd be interested to hear how it sounded in other parts of the theater.

darkstar stu, milwaukee
Awesome show!A big back rub that I hav'nt had in a while.Catfish John, and Watchtower probably the two best songs of night.Bird song was sweet and the reprise I knew was coming and was very cool.Bobby feeling frisky and looks awesome great venue.Milwaukee is a great place to see shows.Good crowd lots of fun wish I could see 3 more.

Ghee180, Mundelein Illinios
Killer Sets, Bobby still knows how lay down a mind warping show, anybody else catch the one more saturday night tease during odessa, lots of energy fun show:)--

deadheadaaron, jefferson
I made the tripp from Chicago to Milwaukee to see the show, for some reason there is no Ratdog show in Chicago. Hopefully Bobby and the boys will hit Chicago on the flip side of the tour.

It was an awesome show!

Watchtower blew me away, Casey Jones was great to hear early in the set; as it set the tone and mood for the night. It was my first time at the Riverside Theater and I thought the venue was equally great. Unlike the venues in Chicago, the Riverside did not engage in the illegal search of every concert goer. I had someone from the Riv (3 yrs ago/in Chicago) stick their finger in each of my shoes. Whats up with dat?

I'll cruise up to the "Land of Cheese" to see Ratdog anytime. The Cheese-Heads know how to have a good time.

Saluki Dawg, Chicago
sweet show. bobby was on all night. Odessa definitely song of the night. We need a Desolation Row for St. Louis. I don't know the Weight was definitely a highlight also. see you tomorrow. Karan is on fire definitely glad to be back

frontrow, central,il
another great show from a great band that just gets better every time out. bob n' the boys jammed, rocked, and everthing in between. very fun saturday night with alot of BOBBY tunes. the band was incredibly tight and it wasn't hard to tell the guys were excited to have mark back. no real low points but some definate "HIGH" points all night long.

mattyd, milwaukee
Riverside Rocks. Reminds me of the Chicago shows at the Uptown Theatre where the Dead always played 3 shows in a row. It was a great show! There was nothing left to do but SMILE SMILE SMILE. Jerry was definately looking down on this one!

randy moore, oswego illinois
Great Show, I totally agree with Stu above, the mix of sax and vocals were terrible down front, I went to the back and they said vocals were excellent. The Sax solos way too low. I used to love to pick each instrument out and just listen to that part, very hard to do with sax, also think Robin was great but maybe too strong(loud)? People in milwaukee awsome as usual!

hamblda, Mundelein
Hey Now,

Great Ratdog show and Milwaukee rocks how about those $6
24 ounce Sierra Nevada's and the half empty theater. The first set was more consistent but the second set was good.
The comments about Chicago are correct. The Riverside is
a better venue than The Riviera or the Aragon. The Come
Together was great.

T. Lucas, Glenview Ill.
Good Sat. night rock out show. Took a first timer and they had a blast. Mil. is so mellow. In and out the front door all night long. I think I could have brought in a case of beer and they would not have cared.

Not to sure about the Bird Song closer that just fades away like that. Come Together is about as lame as you can get. GMLAG needs to be put away for a year or two.
The triple opener of FLAS CJ and Jack Straw was good stuff and Catfish John was nice as well.

Love you boys keep reaching for the gold ring.

Rich, palatine IL
First show for my 9 yr old boys. They had a great time as did I. I could not have asked for a better experience for their firist concert.
Thanks to RatDog and thanks to the fans.

Dan, Milwaukee
This was almost the opposite of the last show I listened to. 2008-03-22 contains a great first set and a lackluster second.
Every song in the first is awesome. After that the only good number was Come Together.

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO