3/24/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Monday, March 24, 2008
The Pageant
St. Louis, MO


there was a 2 jinn in between the lay me down and the slipknot

high c, evansville IN
great show last night....the band took off about 1/2 way through the golden road! they blazzed into the set break with Johnnie Johnsons horn section leading the jams!!!outstanding!!!!
they horns were also shinning on the end of Oct. Queen...the O1 was electric with big horn solos and great meaningful JAMS!!!

my personal HIGHLIGHT was THe To LAY MA DOWN!!!! what a great song for the JERRY BAllAD SPOT out of SPACE!!!

great show, great energy and so well played !!!

rob, SEMO
Had to much fun at this show ! Bob Weir and Ratdog are in fine form. I all most collapsed from the intensity of the West L.A. Fadeway and Iko Iko to close the 1st set. The 2nd set had a fantastic Other One with the extra horns. The Slipknot>Franklin's Tower was very good to close the show. Johnny B. Goode is a little over played in St.Louis but that's alright by me. This show beat the shit out of the last Phil and Friends show at the Pagent and was half the price. Bob Weir Rules !!

Tim MacGregor, Columbia
Sorry, but I couldn't get into last night's show. The band really seemed to lack direction and Johnnie's horns saved the show. Why no backdrop? This show really felt as if St. Louis was getting in the way of more important things! We have been rewarded in the past with the Terrapin show and the phat jam session sith Johnnie's horns the first time back after Johnnie's death. I'll be there next time with high hopes for something special!

Chineecat, St. Louis
First Set: A+ Hilghights: Everything up to West LA Fadeaway

Help on The Way>Slipknot was awesome. The whole band was really locked in tight. Crazy, Angular, Amazing. Queen Jane was very well played and got a wonderful response. Golden Road was a real highlight. Great guitarwork by Mark and bass by Robin. Energy was through the roof!

Easy to Slip>Supplication>Easy To Slip was another homerun. The band was really getting it. Book of Rules had that great reggae feel. The show was all good up til now. West LA Fadeaway and Iko Iko were good with the horns.

Second Set: B- Highlights: Big Iron, The Other One, To Lay Me Down>Two Djinn>Sliplknot>Fraklin's

Second set: Big Iron is a really cool song. I had never heard it before and I really enjoyed it. FOTD was nice and mellow. Well played version. Victim was good, but after the first two songs, Victim did not help bring up the energy in the room. I thought it was well played, dark, intense, etc, but the flow of the show was slowing down...which was not good.

Even So>October Queen>The Deep End was very well played and hardcore Ratdog fans probably loved it. I thought it was good and I enjoyed it, but given that the band had yet to really rock at all during the second set, the energy was slipping further away. The horns did fit in nice on this medley as they did during the 2005 St. Louis gig. Then the energy came back with avengance with the OTHER ONE! Robin's bass intro was spot on. This was easily the highlight of the second set up to this point. Nice work Robin! Other One had all of the raw power that you would expect.

Stuff was stuff. To Lay Me Down was full of good intentions and it was fun to hear. Two Djinn was excellent. Really rocking and fun. Slipknot was once again very nicely executed and Franklin's Tower was pretty nice too although there were micropohone issues with the horn players so while the trumpet player was blowing away, no one could hear him.

Bobby apologized to the crowd before the encore saying that he just couldn't help himself because he was in St. Louis and then played surprise surprise, Johnny Be Goode.

Overall a pretty good Monday night in St. Louis!

ad, St. Louis
This was my first ratdog show. I wasn't really for sure what to expect. I LOVED IT. the energy in the all the jams especially friend of the devil and Iko Iko. the drum solo alone seemed to make the show. Can't wait for my nest ratdog show

Danny Borries, Teutopolis ILL
Great show!!!
I don’t care what anyone thinks this was a good show. Sure the tempo might have been a little slow, but the boys still held it down. The whole first set rocked, I especially dug the Golden Road.
Only Bad thing about the show was all the “super freaks”, I understand you guys are trying to have a good time, but have some consideration when you’re throwing wild punches everywhere.
All in all show was very tight. MK was in fine form.

Mike D, ChucksBurg
A great show. I have seen Ratdog since 96 and this was by far the best show. In the past Ratdog shows would loose my interest somewhere along the line (especially when there was not a lead guitarist in the band), but tonight the covered the spectrum of a Dead show with interesting sensibilities of its own.

At one time, I did not care for anyone singing Jerry's songs, but I thought Bob & the Band did a great job on every one of Jerry's songs, especially West LA, FOTD & To Lay Me Down!

As we used to day in the old days, it's worth the trip!

Joe , St Albans