3/28/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, March 28, 2008
Royal Oak Theatre
Royal Oak, MI


The 1st set was smoking from the Here Comes Sunshine opener. Brown-eyed Women and Eyes of the World rounded out a fantasic first. This was the best of the tour so far. The 2nd set lost steam and went down hill after Hard Rain. The Days Between should be put to rest. Play Lost Sailor or Lazy Lightning instead Bobby. St. Stephen was a nice come back surprise. The Royal Oak Music Hall is a great, small venue with many cool bars to hit before and after a show.

Deadhead Dave, Motown
Great show! I dont know if it's because Michigan has been passed by on the tour schedules lately...But I guess good things come to those who wait! Band sounded great!
Rocked til 1:00am. Wish I was headed for New York! Also I coulda swore I heard 'Fever' in there somewhere? Royal Oak Music Hall Rocks! Lotsa loyal Heads in Michigan! Thanks again Bob! Dont be a stranger......
P.S. Tell Phil

Brent, Alpena
Grate show! started to fall asleep during second set until Bob brought us what we were waiting for at the end! Please dont forget us in Michigan on the next tour-Royal Oak is our favorite venue!

Randy and Debbie, Flint
This show was a blessing: a simple, strong, and beautiful Spring ritual brought on by the boys on stage AND the gathered family of dancing revellers. Yes, last night's show had that spark of the sacred in it, and I want to say to my sisters and my brothers - Keep the Faith!

Namaste . . . and thank you for making us merry again . . .

Marcus, Dearborn, MI
What a first set!! Great finish too. St Stephen/The eveven and Brokedown Palace encore. I teared up during Brokedown Palace. I know, I'm lame. Cant wait to go again! Thanks guys!

Tim, Toledo
Yes, there most certainly was a "you give me fever" in there, can't remember exactly where. Also, does anyone know who the guest keyboard player was during 'stuff'? Looked familiar... also, I agree with the poster above who said the 2nd set lost steam with the 'Days Between'... it was a little sluggish and lacked the cold elegance of the GD version. Also, it should be noted that there was a strong 'Other One' tease at the end of 'The Eleven' before Bobby brought it back to repeat the first Eleven verse.

All in all, super hot show, especially the 'Row Jimmy' and the 'Eyes' in the first set. Great to have Bobby back in the mitten state!

cactuswax, royal oak
Bob and his band sound absolutely great. They haven't been around in a while, so this was a special treat for those of us in SE Michigan who can't get out and run around like we did 15 years ago. First set was stellar from front to back. Row Jimmy was very tight, as was the HC Sunshine opener. I've vnever heard Bob do She Belongs To me. That was great. He can really do a number on these types of Dylan songs (always have).

The acoustic opener of the 2nd set was great. I've always liked his Blackbird and the Hard Rain was just amazingly powerful. The Days Between was very "blah". Without Jerry, that song is just not there...at all. I, too, had a tear in my eye during Brokedown Palace. I can't wait to get a copy of this show.

Royal Oak Music Theater is the best venue for these guys...hands down. If they do a fall tour, I hope they remember that! The vibe was just great.

Mike Z, Detroit
Strong show, I haven't been able to listen to any of the shows on this tour yet so this was my first chance to catch the bands sound.
I thought they sounded really tight the whole way through the show. A lot better then in the past.

First set was pretty much amazing! I was glade they didnt start out with "jam", energy level is better when they just bust out a great song. Couldn't have asked for more, Eyes sounded amazing. I would have paid full ticket price for that set alone. I couldn't complain about any of it, it grooved so well. The band was on top of their game.

Second set was a little bit blah at times. I personally dont like the whole acoustic second set start and am not a fan of blackbird. Dont get me wrong, bob sounds good when he plays it. I just find that the song is slow and just has no energy to kick off a set. Certain parts of the second set dragged but there were still some great high lights. The jam with guest keyboardist was really cool.

Hell in a bucket was a surprise for me i didn't see that coming. Def. enjoyed it. St Steven was awesome def. the high point in the set for me. Didn't suprise me that they did the william tell bridge in the eleven. I was still holding out hope that the other one would bust its way through, but the tease was enjoyable.

Overall great show by the band.
Everyone down front was awesome to watch a show with!

Two things I did not like and these have nothing to do with the band (and im sorry if people disagree with me)
1) The GSI security people (who i have never really had problems with) had at least one undercover person who would walk around and point where to go to bust people. This isn't really a problem for me cause I wasn't doing anything illegal, but its still sad to see people getting kicked out 2 min. into the show.
2) Whats with the 9 pm start? I know this makes me sound like an old fart, but why so late? I feel like other shows on the tour were starting earlier. Perhaps I am just missing something here.
By the encore I was getting really tired. Would have been nice to have an 8pm start get out of there an hour earlier.

Anyways, Great show! I hope the band can come back soon!

Doug, A2
Amazing show. Days was incredible and I just can't understand the crowd not being into it. My last Jerry show was in December '94 in Oakland. That Days was perhaps both the highest and most heartbroken moment I've ever experienced on tour. To hear Bobby bring that song back is beyond words. Great show all around,

Rachel, A2
Rat Dog has sure come a long way since the Wasserman & Weir days... First set great all the way through. Second set started well [Fever was between Blackbird & Hard Rain Gonna Fall] but I've never been a huge Shade of Gray fan- -not even when I first got Heaven Help The Fool on vinyl back in college. Hell in a Bucket and the 'stuff ' was hot.... Days Between is an amazing composition- -gut and heart wrenching lyrics- -but it's a tune only Jerry can sing. St. Stephen>Eleven, Brokedown finish was a perfect end to a grateful night in Royal Poke.

Doug, Grosse Pointe Park
I've see at least 20 shows per year, and this year is no exception. This was my 3rd show for the Spring Tour and Covington was excellent, but this is probably one of the best if not the best Dog show I've seen.

I can't wait to get to the Beacon shows now!!

Loonyj, Motown
This is the first time Bob Weir & Ratdog have played in Michigan in three years, which was way overdue as often as they tour. However, the wait was well worth it! The band was tight, Bobby was in good form and Mark's guitar playing was scortching!! The highlights for me were Eyes of the World and St. Stephen/The Eleven. Both were simply smoking!!! Also, the three hour time of the show surpised and pleased me as even The Grateful Dead during their last few years didn't normally play that long anymoe. All told this was a most excellent show,, just like old times!

Eugene Groesbeck, Shelby Twp., MI
Solid night all the way thru! Hearing Days Between was very touching and unexpected for me. Thanks! -j

John Heath, Ann Arbor, MI
Sizzling hot! Best show I've seen in years. MK's lead was top notch although all were rockin. The jazzy jam w/extra organist was smoking. Profound renewal of life, bringing you down with Days then giving you a rebirth with St Stephen. An appreciative audience couldn't get enough. Nice to have 3 hr shows. Come back again soon.

Karen, Scottville
The dualing keyboardest is something to check out it was amazing. Awsime show!

David L., Lanising
SWEEEEEEEEEEET SHOW! Thanks Bobby and crew, for bringin' it on. They really put themselves out there, and it was great!

redred, MI
Yes I agree Loony. Best ever Bobby show I have seen. NOT too slow, like some Ive experienced. In facy, it reminded me of the Dead back in the day.

BTW Phil is rockin these days out of control. Def worth checking ouy (band very tight!)

redred, MI
WOW!!!! This show was epic. The band sounded really tight and the set list was awesome.
Best show of the tour so far.

Love ya Jay, your the best!!!!
Rock on Bobby!!!

I'm with Deadhead Dave on this one. A tremendously inspired first set. A disjointed second set with a very juicy ending.

Writing this comment, I'm listening to the CD we got after the show and it confirms my impression at the show that the PA mix marginalized the keys and sax. But all in all, a nice show. Thank you for a real good time!

Tiro Mancino, MI
I am just incredibly happy that this show could come through Michigan. We don't get much. All i can say is SICK!!! F***n AWESOME! I walked out smiling. :)

Jessica, Walled Lake, MI
Since I had to miss the Cleveland show on Wednesday my friend and I drove the 5 hours to Detroit... I guess it was serendipity. I am listening to the CD as I write this and I have to say the band was just GREAT! I just can't seem to get enough. I'll state my usual complaint first... MORE DOG ..LESS DEAD PLEASE!! That out of the way... the band was really strong, especially Mark and Jay (the Swiss Watch). I was standing dead center just at the top of the first set of stairs and had a great view of the pure craftsmanship that is RatDog. The band was real tight and wove a beautiful tapestry from start to finish...but especially the second set. I don't know who it was that sat in on keyboards ...but that just went crazy. Jay seemed to decide to pick the band up and throw it on his shoulders and f'n run with it. Like Emeril (foodnetwork anyone) says.. he "kicked it up a notch. BAM!!" It was mayhem from there on in (with the exception of Days Between). All in all a super fine show. Thanks to all of the fine folks who were around me and at the show in general. Too bad the theatre didn't have one decent beer though! Peace all!!

Shawn, Weirton (really) West Virginia
Nothing to bitch about with this show! I enjoyed listening to it the whole way through. Excellent song selection and execution. Everyone was ON and delivered inspired performances. Thanks guys!!

Scott Probeck, Boulder, CO