3/29/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, March 29, 2008
Landmark Theatre
Syracuse, NY


Front row and center! great show,not my best,but great.
Four stars out of Five ****

Beaner, oswego,ny
Beautiful Place - Kind Cops / Security / Ushers - Great Sound - BIG BAR! and many more around the block. THANK YOU SYRACUSE! SHOW: Good Job Bobby .. some small slips .. no big deal - "We Had A Steady Job - Singing Lyrics for da 'Bob'" - nice Encore - SEE YA ON FOOLS DAY!

Pharther Phurther, SCRANTON, PA
nice show, sounded a little muffled up in the balcany but not that bad. I loved the BTW and WLAFA ended up missing the end of the first set becouse of long ass beer lines.(my bad) sweet drums, verry well done. looking forward to another stellar show. THANKS BOB AND THE BAND

potter, canandaigua,ny
This was my third time seeing ratdo, second time at the landmark, and it was easily the best show i've seen to date. Ratdog really brought the heat to a setlist with few "big" songs, the exception being terrapin. from where i was the energy was through the roof all night, and the band reflected it with some quirky humor, (the drummer beatboxing a hip hop beat over a terrapin jam during "stuff"). all in all i was floored by bobs band and i cant wait for next time

Dan, Syracuse
all in all the show had its highs but bobby was clearly under the influence as he fumbled with the lyrics of many tunes.iv seen ratdog at least a dozen times this show rankin at the bottom half.i was lik 15 row and bobbys vocals where pretty low volume wise till the end of the first set.there were some great jams dont get me wrong but bobby needs to tightin up the lyrics..

curtis, norwich,ny
Glad someone esle here had the same opinion as me. The band was incredible - sax, drums, lead guitar.....BUT Bobby was just aweful. I seriously had to ask myself if he might be on the junk or is he just getting old. I counted 5 songs he just completely forgot the words on. For $40 either bring it on,Bobby or stop touring. Bertha was a mess with the lyrics and it just went from there. On a scale of 1 -10 the show was about a 5. I am not familar with everyone else in the band but kudos to them for bringing it. I think at one point the drummer actually got up from behind the drums and tried to snap Bobby out of his drug indused snoozer he was in.

Just one guys opinion......

Neal, Syracuse
Loved it. sat up in the very highest part of the balcony. Interesting perspective from up there. Went in through the side entrance over by the bar and they had a minor crowd control problem, only one door open over there (???) made it a little crazy. good job ratdog crowd not getting too pushy. Also thanks for the HUGE "homemade" brownie someone handed me on the way in !! nice. took care of me all night. made me sleepy as hell later though.

Loved hearing everything last night. Not one thing I didn't like about last night. epic terrapin. couple vocal misques throughout, but big deal. Bobby was on fire, letting the music run through him, as usual. I was FLOORED by MK's fire he brought to the Landmark stage last night. real nice stuff from him on BTW and also El Paso. Nice meeting Extracheese & Co as well as Walt and Hippy Bill. thank you Ratdog !!!

jarvis!!, geneseo
i agree the show was average at best, but when you tour and do it night after night you are not always going to hit a homerun. i thought the fans were electric and the landmark felt like being at an old friends house. thanks bobby and band for snaping me out of my end of winter upstate ny blues. look forward to seeing you in charm city. btw, jeff was on fire last night...man he can play that keyboard.

rachacha, rochester
i thought the show kicked A**!! he might of messed up a few times but who cares!!!! he's only human. the first set was awesome. they played a killer tenn jed. shakedown in the parking lot was a good time too. cops were very cool that night didnt bother anyone on lot.. thanks to RATDOG i had a killer time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

dankman420, seneca falls
I thought this was a very good show. I wouldn't go so far as to say Bobby is on the junk because he forgets some lyrics. Jerry, Bobby, everyone in the Grateful Dead forgot lyrics, and not just in the later years. Most Uncle John's Bands in the Mydland era that I've heard they are all screwing up the lyrics. If you don't want to hear someone screw up some lyrics, may I suggest going to see a Ashley Simpson concert with some excellent lip-synching. And the reason Jay got out from behind the drums wasn't to snap Bobby out of it. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but it was right after Lucky Enough and I thought the crowd response was a little weak (probably the only time during the show) and Jay got up and tried to amp the crowd up. He was raising his arms in the air, I think he even high fived some cats in the front row. It seemed to work as the crowd went wild, and they went into a hot Tennessee Jed, with some nice lyric flubs.

I thought the Terrapin was excellent, my favorite Ratdog version I've ever heard. The acoustic part of the show was great, with a helluva Black Throated Wind. West L.A. Fadeaway was another amazing jam, I thought it was one of the best versions I've ever heard (Grateful Dead included). Bury Me Standing, Wrong Way Feelin, Dear Prudence were all nicely played. This was a good show, a few great moments, but the band seemed to be having a blast and the crowd did as well.

Jay was on fire tonight, as was Jeff. Bob and Mark were playing great and it was awesome to see MK back with the Dog.

Jonah, Lockport
the show was a lot of fun, the best part being the crowd.
the lights were ok, the spotlight driver was on the same "junk" as Bob was... and from where I was the sound was wacky. the sax was loud in some songs, and during a sax solo i could barely hear it (mezzanine). Also, Bob's mic was low and high in the same songs... i think he had to start a verse or 3 over again cause his mic was turned waay down and he couldn't even hear himself. Being on tour all the time should allow the crew to have these things figured out...

song selection was ok. I would have loved to hear last years set list this year though!!

highlights: Tenn Jed, Terrapin, One More Sat Night. Dear Prudence
lowlights: sound problems, long intermission... slow slow start to set II and i would have liked a different encore, or more encore. I was left wanting more.

The band was rocking it. those guys were just ripping. If every song was played and sounded like terrapin and tenn Jed, this show would have rocked!

7 out of 10

If anyone has any cool digi pics of the show they would like to share, please let me know. tomctaylorATyahoo.com

tom, Syracuse, NY
Great venue, great crouwd, lots of fun, lots of drinking opportunities, I'll be back!

The show started out so wonderfully, Bertha was a real treat, I'm a 30 year "casual deadhead" but I didn't know bury me standing, and West LA fadeaway is played a bit too often.
As for the Dylan selection, I was really hoping for Queen jane, we got Watch Tower and I was a tad disappointed, But Big RR Blues was great, and the first set ended on a "high".
Set II: here we go again I was hoping for Peggy-o or Big Iron, like last year, and although I did appreciate All around this world, El Paso for me was tedious. Black Thoated Wind brought me back, and the whole Terrapin thing was amazing, ! more Sat' night was a real gem, and At a Siding > Terrapin Flyer was such a nice pay off.

All's I can say is if you weren't happy with the song selection, "as I wasn't at times", Go see em again!
It's always a good time!

Dan, New Hartford
I would really appreciate it if Ratdog would play at LEAST one upbeat song so that i could dance. we are a great crowd and could really rock out if they would just give us some quick song!!! GIVE IT TO US!!!!!!!!

I wasn't at the show so I have no reveiw but this shit about bob being strung out is bullshit. The man is sixty years old and still steadily touring. I've seen bobby have bad nights and struggle with lyrics but it's never apeared that heroin use was involved.
That kind of drug use has distinct signs that bob does not display. The idea that sixty year old man with habbit could keep up that kind of tour schedule and look as good as bob does, and sound as good as bobby does is ridiculous.

If you don't like a show or have some complaints about a show, this would certainly be a place to post such things. But there is no need to start nasty rumors.People die as a result of that kind of drug use every day and it's no joke. So I think you should think long and hard before you say something like that about a person, and not say anything unless you really mean it. Bobby's a person too, how would you feel if people said things like that about you.

wharfrat04, nashua
I agreee totally. Been following RD for the last three years and I am glad for every show I see. Granted , some are better than others but it's still the best live music out there. Was in Cleveland and Syracuse and had a blast at both shows. Thanks Bobby and RatDog for the great week. I am taking it all in. It won't last forever!!!


Jimmy, Buffalo, NY

jimmy, Buffalo, NY
Wow, holy shit batman. first and foremost thanks to ol'boy who had my extra, he was with his son Phil, I thank you!!! Spent three hours looking with "hundreds" of tixless fools, i came up from Florida fairly last minute, like lunch time, never expected the trouble i had to find my miracle.
Second, you freakin people that bitch and wine constantly, can you please stop coming! Of course theres jams or songs you don't like, me too, but the Dog never fails to bite and bite hard. nobody does it like, nor nearly as good as Bobby and his band. As for the junk, if you saw more then one show a year, you'd see more then one fub, i actually think he digs the reaction, seeing if you paying attention, it is "Rock star Bobby" remember? It is his band, he digs the hand signals, the wrap ups and such. i find it ammusing, wouldn't miss it. Thought second set was as good as any i ever seen. Better not lose your head...just like momma said, Terrapin, and the beat box stuff, if you guys don't get that this kid is a knucklehead, having fun, entertaining you, stop coming please! I love the variety, you never know what he's gonna pull from his sleave. Prudence-smoking, and don't forget what night it was- SaturdayfuckingNight, usually i find this very through the motions, and not a fave, wholly crap they blew the doors off the joint, coming right into terrapin flyer in perfect sync. Thanks Bobby, see ya in Wannee!!! Can't wait. We'll be right by the wood man like every year. stop by and say hey.
Big Mac

Charles MacLaughlin, Macclenny, Florida
Musically they brought it and MK was leading the charge.
He had some powerful runs and definately shined.
Could have used a little more volume for Bob not sure if he was not singing loud enough or too far from the mic most of the night. Some lyric flubs no big deal that's part of the show, always has been always will be.

Highlights for me
1st Set Bertha, Wrong way feelin, Big RR blues( best song of the set)
2nd set BTW was killer.. Terrapin > Stuff(crazy lights during the drum solo like close encounters on speed and flowing like blood pumping though the body) very well done... Dear Prudence was the song of the night, one of those times when you the crowd and the band seem to connect and it just doesn't get any better than that!
Encore was solid

Now about the Sugar Mag tease before Saturday Night, if they went there they would have tore the roof off the Landmark but the OMSN was one of the more energized i've heard.
4 out of 5 Bones and the car almost went down 81 south to Philly cause I left wantong more.

Great venue and Armory Square is a sweet pre/post show gathering spot the Blue Tusk is top notch! Kudos to the 'Cuse I'll be back everytime!

Griffs93, Buffalo, NY
The place was graet. Rippin' Big Railroad - BT wind was just what i was looking for. Dear Prudence was ROCKIN with Karan's party. Great time outside show. It was chilly, but what do you want for upstate New York. Landmark is on my radar. Nothing byt a real good time!!

Pat, Scranton
Had an awsome time! Show was grate from weir I was sitting, too bad for you folks that don't get it. Seen many Dead shows as far back the late 70's and thought Terrapin was right on key! WOW! Still hear it rolling around in the back of my mind two days later. Hey Neal, stop bitching about the price, just payed $136 for Jimmy Buffett tics at the Tweeter. Get a better job. Bobby's the man. He don't need the money, he's doing it us...are ya getting it yet...

Wake-up people!!!! This was one of the worst Ratdog shows yet. The band slept through the show. Nothing great. Come on, Tenn. Jed highlight of fist set????? The second set started off well. The first 3 songs saved the show. Bobby you disappoionted again. Second really bad show in a row. Maybe it is time for Bobby to tour a little less. Please stop with the slow dull songs...... I wasted my money on this show.....

Tom, Rochester
The show was awesome! Yes, as always there are the slow songs, and there are faster. I do believe it was on Bear's Choice where Jerry says and I quote " c'mon man, a guy can't make a mistake?, why don't you get up here and try ?"
it MAY have even been during I've Been All Around This World.
Tom, sell you ticket to someone who is looking for the miracle next time.
We should all be so lucky to be performing as well at 60...I do hope all of you 'bashers' (critical f-ks) are anyways... I plan on sliding sideways into my grave with a used up body and a 'hell of a bucket' ride completed. 60 could be a stretch for me...ha ha
After all the years, ALL the years...touring since before many in attendance were BORN ..and stlll managing to keep a small economy going in each parking lot all this time. Thanks Bob Weir, thanks to the whole band, thanks for keeping the spirit of Jerry and the Grateful Dead alive in our hearts, (sure I could complain about how I prefer this or that tune sung by certain OTHER G.D. members,-- I adored Jerry singin Prudence, or Brent singin Blow Away..-but those days have passed and I still have memories of Jerry screwing up BAD at times, SO WHAT?!? every rain song possible in the cold hail of Ohio..in one show! umn...WHAT-EVER!..)
The music is meant to be played and you're playing it fabulous, mistake free or not, I haven't heard anyone else who has the right to play it-play it as well... remember Phish? them being the next Dead? where are they now? certainly not still touring. So get a grip gripers... next time give up that ticket and let someone who WANTS to enjoy it do so...instead of being the armchair critic, show us your stuff, let's see YOU hold 15 tunes in order, all the lyrics, the guitar, the beats... and perform it out loud..mistake free and FAST.. . Shame on you for being so unforgiving. I will go anytime I can, and whether it's a great or a poor performance (that's based solely on one's OPINION anyhow)- I will always appreicate the memories, the history and the music that just never seems to stop. and yes, I've been to some Yawner Dead shows, I see they still sold out, after all these years. Thanks again Ratdog, glad to have seen you, yes I have more FAVOURITE songs..maybe next time, maybe never, but at least I can still have hope...and appreciation for the history we have had.
Anyone who wants a constantly rocking mistake free live sound, go to Metallica, at those shows you get the studio sound, the same thing, EVERY TIME. (yawn)

I- for one - prefer the variation- variaty IS the spice of life.

russ, rochester
I am always thrilled when Rat Dog comes to Syracuse. A lot of the bars downtown were keeping up with the scene by playing Grateful Dead music before the show (thanks PJs, The Bar and Tusk). I thought it was a good solid show. The jam into Bertha was great. West LA Fadeaway was a lot of fun. Set II was even better. I got cold chills when Bobby pulled out the acoustic and played Been All This World, El Paso is one of my favorites and Terrapin Station was EXCELENT. I really enjoyed Dear Prudence. MK its great to see you again you sounded and looked great. Will some one please thank the old chap Robin Sylvester hes doing a great job keeping a tight bottom end to Jays great drums. Thanks Bobby see you next year!

Scott, Syracuse
'The storyteller makes no choice, soon you will not hear his voice, his job is to shed light and not to master...'
The boyz really stepped it up for the second set! The Terrapin/Dear Prudence stretch was the highlight for me. Black-Throated Wind is always cool as well. How hard is it to sing? I'd go horse after belting out that tune-ha,ha... Bobby missing some of the lyrics is part of the show, to see if the fans take his cue and chime in ahead. Can you say audience partaking? Yes, you can!! Thanks to the Dog for a fun night at great venue. Hey, how about a show at the NYS Fair? Ah, perchance to dream....

Chas, Syracuse
I wasn't at this show, my first show was 76 at the Syracuse war memorial, long story short I saw the dead many times over the years.
I've seen bobby & the midnites and Ive seen Ratdog maybe five or six times, last was Utica 11/06 and that show was Amazing. There is no way Bob is on the "junk" the guy is sixty and in phenominal shape for his age. I hope I am in as good shape in fourteen years, Wake up This guy is an american treasure, haven't been disappointed yet.


Tom, Syracuse
In my opinion this was the best Ratdog show I have been to. I think the best part was a toss up between Black Thoated Wind and Terippin. Man the Terripin was of the hook. And the Dear Prudence was AMAZING (but that is my favorite Beatles toon). The cops weren't even that bad. They deffanitly weren't as bad as most of the places I've been. I don't think I have anything bad to say, exsept for the fact that someone though up in my seat but hey it happens. Thank you for One more saturday night Syracuse. Much love Willow

Willow, upstate NY
Thank you to russ in rochester, you saved me some typing. Obviously some people do not recognize or appreciate the unique talent and style of this band. "Not enough Dead..., Too much Ratdog..., I wish he had played the song I wanted to hear..., They should have rocked out more..." <-Just some examples of the narrow mindedness that I sometimes encounter. Yes, some shows cause my heart to beat faster, but I value each one I see, and have never walked away disappointed. This was a good show and my life is brighter for having seen it.

Dan, Apalachin
probably my 20th dog show - must say that i was severely pumped for this show - had 12th row tickets and downed as many heiney's as i could at the corner bar before the show - the security was great, didnt bother anyone - atmosphere was superb like it always is at the landmark - maybe its me in my old age(30) but it seems like bobby is slowing down in is old age - always likes to keep things slow until the end of the show - i know most of his original fans are baby boomers but they still like to rock - first set was ok - black throated wind was the highlight of the second set and prudence was off the hook - i wanted to dance all night after prudence but realized that we had one song left, maybe 2 - back into terrapin was great but i'd really love it if bobby rocked a little in the first set just to set the tone - maybe its old age, maybe its just the new style but when i go to a show i dont want to sway back and forth for 2 hours, i want to dance like crazy - it may just be me but the next show i hope he picks it up a little - no doubt i'll be there - LETS DANCE BOBBY!!!! I MISS IT!!!!!

cusedog, cuse
This show features a good second set. The first was more spotty. I liked the jam>Bertha and West LA. Wish the audience would get used to how RD plays it and not sing before Bobby does--awkward! Also, please don't sing after the first line of Dear Prudence--they don't do that there. Anyway, liked the acoustic selections, B.T Wind was great--one of my favs. I really wish that the band would drop some of the bad and boring songs though--like Lucky Enough--we've had enough!!

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO

tiziano, pula (croatia)