4/1/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Sherman Theatre
Stroudsburg, PA


The show was so killer it was not funning,Bob and te boys turn down the house last night.The show was smoking

Robert Doyle, Stroudsburg
Almost every time I leave a show people are making comments about how this song could have been better or he should have played that song, but after the the show all I heard was "what a great show." Can't wait till they come back around.

Dave, Seip
a rare scheduling glitch leaves the dog with a night of rest before and after this show, promising some high energy music. A hot stranger with the killer jam leads to the amazing easy answers with the sick sax solo. The brown eyed sizzled, and the liberty closer rocked. The accoustic set was terrific, with a great candyman-corrina, into a smoking estimated- other one. whew! the liberty closer was perfect. PLease no more come together, its a sorry song for such an imprortant jerry slot. I hate it.
Mark is back and not missing a beat. good for him and us as well. He is more consistent than kimock, and the band is far more comfortable, although if you saw something like the let it grow on holloween or the bridgeport eyes, you know that while he can sleep thru entire songs and do zilch, there are times that the band with kimock reaches peaks and levels that are eerie, incredible, jerry-esque, and mesmerizing, in ways mark cannot duplicate. but all in all, its all great, different, and fun to compare. I will take either, but we all have to be fans of mark and root him on, and he sparkled last night. enjoy!!

dan, ny ny
What can I say...what a show this was! Amazing venue, great crowd, and one hell of a band! I thought both sets were packed full of energy! I am back at work today still smiling from ear to ear! It just shows what good music can do! Hope you guys make it back soon!

Matt, Allentown
Had not seen Bobby outside of The Dead in a long time (not even sure if they were called Ratdog back then, with Wasserman, saw them as a duo). I don't want to be a bummer but I just have to say that I never felt the magic last night. Some song selections were not my favs (Easy Answers, She Says and Youngblood?). Liberty was pretty good as was Estimated Prophet. Left before The Other One, old age, it's a drag. Maybe the balcony is not the best spot but saw moe. from there a few weeks ago and liked it alot.
I guess I'm more of Phil Phan. Loved his shows at the Nokia in the fall. Sorry, I hate to admit that I saw DSO last summer and liked them better. But it appeared that most were enjoying the show and it was nice to see a dead related show near where I live and to see the old heads. My wife liked the show better than me. We are both old deadheads (from 1975 to 1994, we always agreed that the worst dead show we ever saw was better than any other show by anyone else). Since Jerry's passing we've seen Phil a bunch of times and have always loved it.
Wish all you the best and glad to see everyone enjoying the show and Bobby looked enthused and I'm happy for him. But I guess I'll stay in the Phil Zone.

john, ne pa
The Sherman is a dump. It smelled worse than everybody else. The mens bathroom next to the bar had two urinals and one can. The manager bartender tried to serve beer by beer off the tap, and then later got the tip to use a pitcher later. $9.00 a piece. Long long lines . The sercurity kept trying to close the back side door by slamming it nearly through the whole first set. They packed the place so soild it's a wonder you could go anywhere.

Liberty was pretty good, but was the end to the real lift off. All the strays got off on anything that floated, while the band attempted songs by trial and error. The Wait encore pretty much said all.

Ratdog made a Foolish decision on going there. They should have stuck with Penn's Peak, regardless of weather, which would have been a knockout party. "Don't .. Check The Weather Chart." .. Take Your Own Advice Boys. April Fools on you!

Phool, Scumtown
another hot show. tough to top phillie tower, though. but it was smokin'.

tight and sweaty up front just like we like it.

joe, nj
This was a verry cool venue .restored historic theatre. Stroudsburg is a great "road trip" little town to have the circus rpoll into.. lots of good vibes.. nice Irish pub down the street had a few pints of guiness to prime the pumps.. met some kind folks for sure.. The show was over the top..from the opening jam into a smokin strangerperfect segue into answers..a very rare but outstand tleo was a highlight for sure.. great version of brown eyed woman Rd has really captured this tune.big fun youngblood had smiles all around..a strong liberty closed a solid set 1.. acoustic highlight was candyman Bobby was so on great phrasing.I had not caught a candy man since westbury 04.. nice treat.. a rave up corrina had the place jumpin.. Mark sounded nice good to see him back healthy, he was smiling alll night..big versions of estimated and a red hot other one complete with bass bombs thought Phil took the stage for a second or two..out standing foolish heart with Bobby belting it out,, repeating the coda after the out play again and again. The wieght done to tee for a closer, I enjoyed the venue goood sound even balance..for a Ga show there was seats along the sides.. I was three rows back and we had room to dance or chill very nice.. we had a beer vendor near us majic hat in eco pints.. first one 9 refills 7, for the brothers who think thats steep wait till you hit the becon and pay 10 for miller lite..I dont do many "road trips" these days but this one was a treat..Thanks to Bobby&company the show was sweet like honey baby...

Bobby, long Island
What can I say? The security guards were really mean, as were the undercovers .. but all the other heads were great.

The setlist was simply amazing, with Liberty & Estimated almost bringing tears to my eyes.

MK sounded great, as did all the other members. Bobby didn't have shorts on, which I must say dissapointed me a little, but that would be the only thing.

Beautiful as always..

Kels, sturgen sturges
This show was killer from start to end. Having been in Covington last week, it was nice to see a show in a place that isnt a dump. To the guy who complained about the Sherman being a dump, you should have seen the Msdison!! I liked how they had the seats out in the middle going all the way back to the soundboard. In 11/06 the seats went all the way down nearly to the stage with only a small dancing floor that cost $10 bucks more to get into.

The Stranger opener was very hot and it grew from there. TheY Love Each Other was a nice treat, and Brown Eyed Women was tighter than P&F at Nokia last 11/5/07!! Way to go boys!!!

Its all over Now and Liberty were solid. Liberty takes on more and more meaning in the political climate we find ourselves adrift in....

The acoustic stuff was superb, especially Candyman...so sweet to hear that tune again.

Estimated into Other One..well...this part was SMOKING....

I loved the Foolish Heart closer and the Weight was right on as en encore.

ALL in all, two very KYND Tuesdays in KY and PA for this GRATEFUL soul. Keep on rocking Bobby...we love you!

Eric, Landing NJ
lots of fun all around- could not sit down if I wanted to (well until I fell) don't get around to letting loose as much as we use to so it always feels great!!!! Never stop....Thanks to all. Scene was cool love wandering the town after the show.

mbm, allentown
Ahh the Sherman...all in all a good show with nice energy..Bobby seemed to let some jams actually go somewhere...great to travel 10 mins and see a show....Sherman is NOT a dump, just old and bathrooms ARE a challenge...over sold compared to 11/06....

Stranger had energy..TLEO nice...nice BEW-great energy...felt like early 80's DEAD w/ TLEO,BEW and All over now in 1st set....Bobby Mcgee and Candyman acoustic nice....Estimated and Other one were sick ( unreal Estimated ?) need to listen to these two....not crazy bout she said, or corinna... Easy answers is just awful.period. and Liberty seems too something-yeah get out and vote-bite me...Foolish Heart was nice....the Weight was great..GReat...GREAt....GREAT...put the load, put the load, put the load, put the load,put the load, PUT THE LOAD RIGHT ON MEEEEEE ! An ol head that had a REAL good time ( Thanks Rob for the last second Ticket) more of a Phil phan but this was nice and the Est>Other one was THUMPIN' !

Finniculi finucula, Poconos,PA
Very good show, just tough the top the Tower two nights earlier.

Its not that the show was oversold, it was not. Just too many people thought the best place to hang was in the back near the beer. This made it a real challenge to get to the lobby, and to the small mens room.

The preparty was a rip off. The "buffet" was french fries and green beans.

The after party at the Pocono Inn bar with Juggling Suns was a great followup.

Its really nice to go to a show were you can walk to the afterparty, and to a decent $59 hotel room.

Penns Peak is a nice venue, just to have to drive to get anywhere from there.

PennsylvaniaPete, Northampton, PA
Wasn't a bad show. I really thought the first set drug on and they couldn't pull it together. The estimated other one was amazing i thought the damn roof was gonna collapse when the "bomb" was dropped into the other one. The coolest part of the night was the estimated other one. I hope i can see more this tour or soon because i was truly dissapointed compared to last years penns peak show, like i said it wasnt bad but i thougt they really didnt have it together.

Stephen, Mansfield NJ
Best show iv;e seen in a long time!!!! The setlist was amazing and i already got the CD of the concert. I cant wait till RATDOG comes arou d again..
May them live long and rock hard

Luke Lynch, Pottsville, PA
great show. smoking brown eyed women. smoking foolish heart. mark is the man.

joe, new jersey
Like most RD shows this had its ups and downs. I really enjoyed the start, but at the end of TLEO Mark wasn't peaking like he should--sounded flat. He played the notes he should have played then for B.E. Women which was marred only by the fans singing. An occasional ooo or ahh is fine now and then but not everyone word. That really wasn't good, sorry.

Second set began pretty tepid but picked up with Corrina. I liked hearing Estimated and The Other One but I thought the jams in O1 lacked some punch and focus. Foolish Heart was a good choice to end the set. The Weight and Come Together I skipped because I just heard them the last time. Young Blood and She Says I passed on because they're bad songs.

Scott Probeck, Boulder. CO