4/3/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, April 3, 2008
Beacon Theatre
New York, NY


Tonight they were a Dead cover band.. Nothing wrong with that!

navlen, Maplewood, NJ
well, the first set closer of birdsong-tuesday blues, aiko was almost as horrible as the accoustic set of catfish into thie lamest franklins which truly went no where fast. the whole show even as we moved methodically on with a nice miracle-ujband-hes gone just moved at a snales pace. The hes gone especially plodded along without much speed. The sugaree was amazing, hottest ever except lake placit 1983 and the lovelite was hot, but do we really need the late game birdsong killing the momentem, isn't one time hearing it bad enough? c'mon, you know you agree with me! 3 out of 10, no better. Bad setlist, mediocre playing, the guests all carried the show big time. thanks.... hi tracer!!!

dip, easton PA
I think mellow intense was the mood tonight.

I really liked the acoustic Frankin's. Very different. Aiko was great. Loser was great. Queen Jane was really great. He's Gone was intense.

Uncle John's was awesome as was Sugaree. Great to see Mark looking good and playing some amazing solos. Warren..Jimmy Herring, Tom Pope, Molitz and Dana What's her name, all in one night and you're complaining? Too each his own. i thought it was great.


CB, Glen Cove
i don't know what show dip was at,but this show ranks up to the top of ratdog shows i've seen. how 'bout some gratitude that the scene is still happening. ratdog/grateful dead... i think they're connected some how. this show eclipsed the sherman show. i've been around the scene since '77, it is what is. tired of hearing all the amateur critics. what other artists take the risk that bobby(and the rest of the dead) has taken for over forty years. you have to take the good with the bad. if you haven't accepted that yet, you probably haven't been around that long.

and about the remark of "a dead cover band" .... how many tunes did the dead cover themselves??? rock on bobby.. thanx for keeping the music alive.

adam, long pond
holy crap, best RD show in the last 5 years. I can't remember a better set list....dip from PA was either on another planet or was having a bad day. Accoustic Franklin...sublime. and of course, to add gravy to the yummy potatoes....Warren always adds depth and soul into everyone he plays with. the crowd was magic as well, as always. :)

Gem, suffern, ny
I didnt think it was as bad as dip stated, but I agree with a couple of his points. Bird Song reprise was a momentum killer after the Sugaree, which the later Warren should have sang all the way through, not just the one gift of a verse. That lovelight was hot though. I also agree with adam, rock on bobby and thanks. I'll take whatever I can get.

adam, pw
I was at the show last night and the song selection was great. I'm an old dead fan and have seen Ratdog a number of times and love it when they crank out the Jerry classics. It brings happy thoughts, great memories and a smile to my face when I get to hear Loser, Catfish John, Franklins, Uncle Johns, He's Gone, Bird Song, and Sugaree played live and with a great band. Speaking of Sugaree, best song of the evening. Warren Haynes is #1 on my list. It was great to see him on the Beacon stage, especially now since the Allman shows got cancelled. He totally raises the game whenever he plays with Phil or Bobby. Great evening!

dshaffes, Wayne, NJ
Dip doesn't get it! This show was outstanding...if they don't play Dead tunes people complain & if they do others complain. Accept them for what they are & stop living in the past. Give them credit for putting their own spin on the tunes.

Enjoy the vibe & the experience...if not stay home & listen to old shows.

Ben, Long Island
Well Dip, might mean dip shit:) Last nights show was over the top, I just love the way Bobby takes some songs and makes them into something special, LOVED the acoustic Franklins, Sugaree about as magical as it gets , Special guests all over the place just one big sing along, and I had girls grabin my ass on both sides of me...GOD I love Ratdog..Phil and Dip who????

wuehler, Englewood
ok, so heres the lowdown...last nights show overall was pretty special...jimmy? warren? cmon, super dope...
the show started about 10-15 minutes early, which seemed to catch everyone offguard..took a bit of time for security to cool down a bit and for everyone to get into the spirit of things...queen jane was very well executed, money for gasoline, always a fun upbeat rocker...when jimmy stepped in for birdsong, the place lit up, his style of playing, very textural, was right on...although a fairly mellow first set, it was kinda nice for the first set of a 3 night run....second set started with a debut of "the box"- a new drum basically, but catfish was ok, but its so hard to wash away jerrys etched voice for the song...acoustic frankilins tower? what? was actually refreshing...not the rocker we all love, but a little bluesey acoustic singalong...youve got to change things up after time, to keep everything new and alive, so i give thumbs up to bobby for exploring new ground so to speak...i need a miracle rocked, hes gone made me miss jerry...the drums>stuff was sick..especially the drums segment...super fast powerful pounding bliss...then warren and friends stepped out...warren haynes is always a treat, and on songs like sugaree, hes a perfect fit, stretched things way out there...when dana got on stage for lovelight, she looked really into it, dancing and shaking around all crazy singing with the tamborine...touch of grey encore...although i love the song, always liked the song, buuuutttt, i fall into the group of heads who never reaallly want to hear it as an encore.to many other genius songs to choose...anyways, i give it 4 out of 5...not the best ratdog show ive seen at the beacon over the years, but not the worst either...keep rockin bobby!

cactuso, amarillo, tx
I've been on the Dead scene for just about 30 years and last night's concert was great! Kudos to Bobby for keeping the music going.

The band was tight and Sugaree was hot!! Surprise guests are terrific! I look forward to tonight and Sat. p.m. to complete the trilogy!

Julie, NJ
OK, to start I was not at this show, nor have I heard it yet, so let the arrows fly! BUT, Dip, man, get with it. I was reading the setlist and my jaw was dropping. It was something of a good one and peppered with guests. I think you may be mistaken with that one. Also the He's Gone was too slow?!?!? When the heck was it ever fast? It is a slow tune (whether you like the song or not). Also, Navlen,I wonder if Ratdog is a Dead cover band? (There were a couple/few Ratdog originals in there by the way). Bob was in the Dead, remember? I think he gets to play the tunes. The logic out there would then make the Jerry band a Motown cover band (i.e. a wedding band) or Phil is nothing but a Dead AND Bobby cover band. Are there clunker shows out there, absolutely, but some of the gripes here do smack at what others are saying; you're going to the wrong band to see what you want to see.
So, my apologies, not a review, just a response

Billy, Albany, NY
I've been reading the reviews. A pretty good mix of hot and cold. Alot of either you like it or don't. I think the younger generation has the KGB while the older heads are still dabbing with the brown mexican swag. The younger kids dont care that Bobby has yet to change his clothes in the past few weeks. Hell i remember many a dead show when the now older heads never changed their clothes. They never found anything wrrong with Bob in his Madonna t-shirt and pink guitar. I thought it was kinda F-uped and i could tell Jerry at times was not to thrilled. But hey that was Jerry and I. Times change. Now Jerry's gone and Bob is singing Lazy River Road and Touch of Gray not that there is anyting wrong with that, but we should leave those songs to DSO.
I'm getting ready for the Ram's head show on Wed. Nite. Now for you DogHeads out there show some love for the old man. If he wants to play Silvo-Tequil- Silvo it will be OK i just hope he plays up there in NYC. For you folks waiting on the Rams head shows lets hope Bob found some time for shopping in the Big Apple for some new threads.

ChickenWing, Marshall, Va
Straight and to the point...
Show started off smooth, they hooped on stage and immediately got into a sweet little jam that went into a pretty routine SHAKEDOWN, I was immediately reminded just how much I missed Mark the last time they were in town, his playing was impressive all night. Shakedown went into Minglewood (very nice, with babby Dylanizing the lyrics) I am not sure why he has to do this all the time, it's almost as if he's screwing with all of us that are singing along... Queen Jane-> Loser was the highlight of the first set both very powerful and strong. Also liked money for gasoline.. Birdsong and tuesday blues were uneventful.. Jimmy (who I have a special place in my heart for after he handed me his pick at an MSG dead show) just didn't sound right on birdsong, he was just trying to squeeze too many notes in there... Overall I must admit that the last three songs were pretty mundane. Overall impression of first set VERY GOOD not excellent.. but I was enjoying myself.
The second set started off with a very nice catfishjohn, very nice to hear bobby dusting off some classics. The franklins that followed was a wonderful surprise, I have never heard it played acousticly and it was a treat, Mark's solo on this song was his best of the night, at the same time it was a very very slow version with Bobby changing the vocal phrasing of the verses (what I call Dylanizing). Miracle was a standard version but it got the croad up and moving... UJB was great, very very very solid version with some amazing fretwork by Jimmy and Mark. He's gone was great to hear, but i wasn't a huge fan of the new arrangement, even the main guitar riff was different, still great to hear though, and to see the emotions that the music can bring out in people (the woman in front of me was crying the entire time). SICKEST DRUMS EVER AT A BOBBY SHOW!!!! then whats that off to the side of the stage.. its a bird, its a plane... its super JAM man... Warren (I seriously love this guy) One of the best sugarees I have ever heard (though still not better then Jackie Green belting it out with phil at the Nokia) Never was a big fan of lovelight to close a set... Touch encore...
This was a very solid show, nothing amazing happened but I was smiling the entire time... can't wait to see them again on Saturday.
On another note... Why aren't people allowed to be critical of a show. While i don;t agree with everything that Dip said i certainly respect his right to have an opinion, being disapointed in a show doesn't mean that you don't appreciate that the scene and the music are continuing. I think it is important to be able to critique something you love. IT IS FAR MORE AMATEURISH TO SIMPLY SAY "I APPRECIATE THE MUSIC AND IT WAS GREAT" then to give an actualy review.

Bieder, Oceanside
Great show, brought my father (61) it was his first time seeing anyone from the dead and we both had a great time. Sugaree with Warren was great, Iko Iko was tip top. We had a blast KEEP ON ROCKIN BOBBY.

P.S. who was the roadie with the grey hair and big beard giving out setlists at the end?

Scott, Long Island
Hey I dont know what Show.Dip was at but it couldnt have been last nights...OMG that show was awsome.lokking forward to tonight...JB

JerseyBob, Louisville,Ky
I don't think dip and I were at the same show last night!! Maybe he wasn't able to actually listen to what was being played, too many distractions, or couldn't deal with the NYC scene, but congratulation MUST be given to Ratdog for such a stellar opening of this 3 night Beacon run.

Danno, New York City
I agree that the show was a bit slow, but still funky. Loved the Queen Jane and the Franklins. Great guests throughout. I am sure they will pick up a bit of speed tonight, but either way it is great to hear these tunes live . . . all these years later.

crazyotto, NYC
Having seen Ratdog many times, I can honestly say this was not close to the best I have seen them. Those posters claiming to have seen one of the best RD shows last night obviously have not seen this band at their best. The band was lackluster most of the night with a few hilights here and there, such as Queen Jane & Sugaree. While the setlist may look good on paper, the band appeared to struggle to get through a few, like Birdsong & Franklins. Valient effort by the band to try and do an acoustic Franklins, but that is clearly an electric tune and it didn't work out well.

Many posters on here are bashing those giving bad reviews, but there's nothing wrong with saying the band had an off night. If you have a different opinion then fine, but Ive seen these guys enough to know the fire from the ice.

Carl, New York
Personally I had a blast last night, even if the overall mood was a little more mellow than I tend to go for. The acoustic deep groovin Franklin's hit the spot, it's NICE to hear different arrangements (if I wanted to hear the same version over and over I'd stay home and listen to CDs, Dip...) Miracle was a rager for me, drumz was DEEP, and the crazy fusion Weather Report/Herbie Hancock-ish jam after drums, right before Bobby came back on... stellar. My body still hurts from dancing so much and I'm at work now with just a few hours of sleep, but I think I might have to do it to myself again for at least one more show... maybe both. Be good y'all...

Jon , New Jerusalem
I agree with some, not all, of what's up here today. The show was fun - occasionally disjointed - occasionally ripping.

I do think the second birdsong was a momentum killer.

The jam in UJB and the Sugaree were on fire! Bobby was smiling alot and having Mark back is a great thing.

One point of defense for Bobby on the Sugaree vocals, I was 3rd row center, he kept trying to pitch the vocal to Warren and Warren was waving him off...I think he "went up" on the lyrics of the verses until he'd hear the first couple words from Bobby - then he'd join in on backup. It was GREAT to see and hear him back up there. Reminded me of summer tour a few years back, when the fire first started coming back strong.

4 more sets to go! A solid opener and tonight we set the place ablaze. And Tear the mother down tommorow!!!

Looked like a great show to me on paper. DIP (shit), you need to give your tickets for the remaining shows to someone who might actually appreciate the music and enjoy whats going on.
I'll take a Catfish John anyday.....

widespread g8r, Hallandale Beach Florida
Awesome show...loved the high energy last night. Loved that version of Uncle John's band and Lovelight was a blast. Bobby and the band were on top of it. Would love to have tix for tonight and tomorrow.

skid, weatogue ct
As was mentioned above, I'm just so happy that Bobby and Phil keep the trip going. Good show or Bad show I just love goin' and havin' a blast. Wish the Beacon security would chill a bit though. See ya'all at the next show! Enjoy all! Bobby thanks again to you and the boys, good to see MK smilin' once again!!!

Zman, NYC
Funny how some alleged heads actually take it personally when they read a critical review. Having seen the boys since 1978, I have seen the amazing (augusta '84, philly '82, hampton, alpine valley show just to name a few) and have seen doggy 40 times since '03. I have also seen many a weak, boring, and uninspired show, and still always loved being there. Even a weak show has its moments! The best part of it all is not only the hot songs and the hot shows, its knowing the differerence between whats hot and whats not, which involves actually listening to, knowing, and truly appreciating the music as opposed to simply grooving to the scene and loving it all no matter what, which is fine, but doesn't add up to a real fan in my book. so widespread g8r, try actually going to a show and then maybe your review will carry more weight than a feather. Oh, you liked the setlist on paper, do you think anyone really cares. Stay tuned for my review of tonights show, I know you all wait with baited breath.

dip, ny ny
dip, are you from ny ny or easton pennsylvania? hottest sugaree since 1983?? Remember that it's a two-way street between the audience and the musicians, and the REAL fans know that. See you tonight!!

Danno, New York City
Oh, to be offered a tix and decline..................
I wasn't there - the setlist sounds decent. Bobby is who he is and the fact that he keeps reinventing himself and tours is amazing..............


MYN, Queens NYC
how are there two people named dip? weird

it's funny how i think about people's reviews and message board posts while i'm at a show.

like someone said on a review "bob play minglewood". and i thought of that guy last night at the show. or one person commented on a previous show about how bird song reprise is pointless and i thought of that last night when they did the reprise.

anyway. this was my 18th show and i got my first queen jane and first i need a miracle. both were rockin. awesome! Loser is a sick sick song. nice. oh and my first catfish john. never saw that live by anybody. my friends who weren't at the show are very jealous. that's a sweet ass song for the band to learn and bust out last year. sittin second row first set when jimmy came out. him and mark ripped a couple times. that was cool. liked franklins. different. he's gone is my friend's favorite song. should have seen his face. that was cool. sugaree was good. warren is nasty. lovelight was just bonkers. mad people on stage. this chick goin nuts. we were goin nuts. liked that. so funny when touch of grey started. place did not seem that happy and you could tell. from my personal experience i haven't seen it in like 13 shows so i was pumped. but i already knew people don't like that as an encore so i knew why the place didn't seem that excited.

overall. first set cool. second set rockin. very surprised all the guests first night. what do the boys have in store for us for the next two nights?

Joseph Moloney, Rutherford
I meant KICKED ROYAL ROCK ASS.................

MYN, Queens, NYC
Dip, interstate reviewing is illegal. Also is Dip your married or maiden name?

ChickenWing, Marshall, VA
I know this a RatDog - review board. But, to all those NYr's, NJ and Philly people, Dana will be headling at the Highline Ballroom 4/12 - her band kicks butt. A few shows, in NJ and on 5/3 - at the World Cafe In Philly...........
Please, Deadheads Unite and don't miss Dana's shows~

MYN, Queens, NYC
born in easton, live in ny, travel to easton, love the rangers, ratdog, and nathans hot dogs

dip, ny ny
The special guests really made the night. The show had some awesome moments but overall lacked volume and energy at times. I guess I really miss hearing the elusive rocker of a show that brings me back to the days of the dead. Highlights were Queen Jane and Sugaree. Bobby played a mean tambourine

TK, New York, NY
Was the tambourine GREEN?

MYN, Bayside, NY
Overall, I thought it was a good show. The acoustic Franklin's was a nice change of pace. Warren was excellent. He really nailed it with the vocals and solos. Jimmy, on the other hand, never seems to connect with the rest of the band. I had never seen Dana with the band and it was a nice treat. After a long show, she gave everyone a shot in the arm and help them kick it into overdrive for Lovelight. Drums was really intense and Jay was obviously having a good time. Afterwards, he indicated that "this is the guy who got me into the Dead at age 16!". Also, a very "jerry" vibe through out with many classic Jerry tunes. The time off for Mark showed in his playing. As much as I like Steve, I am happy Mark is happy, health and "playing in the band". He plays with that rock and roll style that songs like Miracle need to take off.
On a personal note, the 20th anniversary of my first Dead show (4-3-88-Hartford). The Dead have been a very big part of my life since that time and I am happy that Bobby, Phil and Mickey keep the music alive.

Hendi, Hartford, CT
4/3/2008 Beacon Theatre, New York, NY

I: Jam > Shakedown Street nice opener harmonies really spring out to open the show on this one
> Minglewood Blues >nice pumpin with bob throwing in a verse about san francisco was hopin for a jeff rippin solo but didnt really hear it maybe he did have to check tapes
Queen Jane Approximately > queen jane the band started to really open up here
Loser > sweet loser bob
Money for Gasoline, this one seemed to have a bit less of the original reagge ish vibe to it that it used to have when they broke it out also I noticed bobs vocals are either down in the mix or age is finally catchin up with our boy bob. I think its a bit of both a little sad.
Bird Song* >jam with herring more straight forward not as spacey as i would have liked it
Tuesday Blues* >really a high point in the first set here herring added some life into it
Iko Iko* ok but never reached the real POP of what an iko can do though

II: Catfish John@, beautiful beautiful a fine example of why karan is so good. He played this signature jerry song without trying to play like jerry or turning it into a typical blues number but kept it pretty and gave it his own sweet guitar lines , welcome back
Franklin's Tower@, acoustic franklins with jay makin a debut of a precussion box was absolutely the highpoint of the night just a colorful ride into this song deliver by the whole band
I Need a Miracle > miracle chant
Uncle John's Band* >good
He's Gone >very cool howling at the end like dogs at least it seeed like the crowd was
Stuff+# >16 year old played drums with jay
Sugaree# > ouch warren ouch
it tried and tried
it seemed at times it was good but (sorry to warren fans) warren sucked the life out of this song
first he should not be singing period
second his playing of sugaree as a blues number not a slow groove meltdown that it is is just uunforgivable
his solos are just loud rock guitar not a fit in such a song
once again sorry to warren fans but please god no more warren
Bird Song (reprise) > Turn On Your Lovelight loud warren and some chick singing just not good
I think bob even knew it was over during this one
E: Touch of Grey nothing to write home about

sorry for the downer show review
it was stilll wonderful when the moments were happening and I will still be there tommorrow

jack straw, nj
GREAT SHOW!!!Bobby put on hell of a show.light show was great .(especially since i was tripping my ass off)i like when he plays money 4 gas. perfect time to take a piss and grab a beer. sugaree blew my mind away. franklins tower acoustic was ok but couldnt hear it to well. he's gone was moving . made me miss pappa bear . think i shed a tear or 2.(could have been the lsd).iko iko was fun as well as miracle. bobby must have packed dana's nose up good cause she was loaded with energy, great lovelight, shakedown was cool. but i wish he would hve done more of his own tunes . he always nails them. with jerrys stuff it always hit or miss.(except for bird song he always nails that)oh yeah HOW ABOUT FREE PARKING RIGHT ACROSS THE STREET FROM THE BEACON YEAH BABY.

chris zotta, queens
SUPERB SHOW!! By far the best IKO IKO that I have seen and/or heard. An awesome way to close out set 1. I do not know what that dude DIP was listening to. Sugaree was off the charts as well. I am a Grateful Dead Fan for over 30 years (as well as Dog, Other Ones, Dead) , but for the last 5 years I have also been going to the ALL BROS shows at the Beacon....having Warren Haynes step out was a real nice treat, especially with this years shows "delayed". This man, along with Derek, basically is the Allman Brothers Band at this point.

Coming out of Sugaree into a reprise of Bird Song was the total opposite of a buzz kill as one attendee suggested. He does not understand the concept of "connecting different points in time through the music". To me, it brought a great show full circle. Lovelight not one of my personal faves, but Dana really rocked it. Touch of Grey sent us all away wanting more, and I was ready to come back the next night (but life other obligations unfortunately told me no). As an aside, bumping into friends I haven't seen in quite some time always makes these events surreal. As my boy Post says, it is still a communal event just like back in the day.

I think that the current Ratdog are a group of tightly knit and very talented musicians who play multiple variations of great songs.

"Is it not written in the sky?"


Futt, from Jersey

Gary Futt, Manalapan, NJ
Momentum killer...Great vibes, playing but order of songs...WHY? My 18 year old who LOVES the shows even said..."a little low key" even with the killer setlist. He's gone very heartfelt...lots of Jerry but momentum killer...same on Sat.

Brown eyed-woman (BEW) , BROOKLYN USA
Well that was one great show... the band, the venue, the hummus place across the street... even the crowd which looked about 90% male, with at least 50% drinkin'! Setlist was great... the variations and segues were on the money. Wish I had tix for the rest of the Beacon shows, for the rest of the tour for that matter...yeehaw Spring is here... nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile!

Barbara (BeadGrateful), Highland Mills, NY