4/9/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Wednesday, April 9, 2008
Rams Head Live
Baltimore, MD


Having been way up front for this show and last night, nyc and pa., I can say that the tour seemed to peak out in stroudsberg, went no where in NY, and really slowed to a screetching halt in baltimore. Yes the sgr mags was nice, but overall the band seemed to lack the ability to muster up any real extended energy as a whole, and the shows all had huge boring gaps where a nap was in order. They just seem tired to me, and I feel play a bit too much Jerry and not enough of the real bobby classics, the lost sailors, estimateds, sgr mags, let it grows, black throated winds are too few and far in between, and the shows get bogged down with bobby doing too many jerry or dylan tunes, but thats just my opinion. The first set was a disaster tonight, the second set was better, and the whole show was better than last night. The sugaree at the beacon was beast, maybe the best song of the 6 shows I saw, nothing in baltimore blew me away, and I feel bob needs some R and R, some west and welaxation at wast. sorry

boomer, md.
The Band smoked!! Two nights in Balto. first night real good second night GRATE !! Come on boomer, Truckin -loose lucy -loser to open the show . Both sets were killer!! boomer, maybe you might need the R&R? The band played with tons of energy and we can only hope they can pull us down the road for years to come. THANKS TO THE BAND !!!!!!

stevel, balto.
Overall it was a spotty show, but I don't think it was for lack of energy or effort. Bob was pretty animated and it sure looked to me like he was having fun and putting in maximum effort. Some classic lunges, hand gestures etc... Truckin and Loose Lucy were pretty run of the mill sing alongs. Loser was a nice surprise as far a song selection goes..and I thought the band got comfortable and in a groove with Walkin Blues. They had a nice shuffle going on and there was nice lead work all around. From then on the rest of the first set was very well played.. in particular the ripping West LA Fadeaway lead from Bill Kirchen. Crowd went nuts.

The second set as a whole was very disappointing and dull.

charles, fuller
Made the 800 show @ RAmshead.. Tight show.. The sound was not as good on the first level but on the second floor the sound was great.. It was a pleasure to be in attendance for the show.. The 3rd floor of the parking deck was a real good time. loons everywhere..

Jack Straw, Cumberland, MD
Have I seen better played whole shows- sure, were there moments where I was thinking "this is what it is all about"- definitely. Being a Dead fan who saw shows with Jerry, I am ecstatic to be able to witness Bobby play every time I see him because there was a time, for me, that I didn't know if I would "feel that vibe" again. I "felt that vibe" last night, and that's saying a lot, because there were some Grateful Dead shows where I didn't "feel it". So I say "THANK YOU" to Bobby and Ratdog for keeping this music alive!

the 800th ratdog show was great, not the best one i have seen but a good ol' rock and roll show, compaired to the county-fied tuesday night shiow. The highlights of this show were, the "catfish john" and West La fade Away with the guest keyboardist and guitarist. As well as the semi acoustic Desolation row without keyboards. Hell in a bucket was smokin Even though Bobby burnt out out on some lyrics. The crowd had no problem lighting them back up for him. It was good to catch the first "Sugar Magnolia" of the tour as well. The band was full of force and delivered.

Neil Lewis, Stevensville, MD
The upper balcony is the best place in that venue to hear the show. Lots of energy, great songs, they were clearly psyched to have made it to 800. Glad to have been there, Bobby still kics it after 40-some years. Amazing!

Kinglear21, Laurel, MD
two great shows at the rams head - one of the best venues to see the greatest band in America. Mark is achieving new heights. the band is smoking.

joe, new jersey
yeeehhaa I'm still grooven! agreeing with most of the slow reviews of the east coast shows, I was blown away last night. I thought the band was tight, the sound on the 2nd floor was primo, and Mark was awsome! I am a true fan of Penns Peak (and miss RD playin there) but Rams Head is a tie! The doors were blown off!!!!

bigpondvisitor, philadelphia
royal oak was top notch!

etw, standingonthemoon
2nd show was weak. since they changed the venue and took out the walls by the bar it just killed the acoustics on the first floor stage left. wheni went upstairs it sounded so much better. lame show with little energy... and you people knock DSO and the ABB....lol

jackstraw691, baltimore
Caught both nights at the Ramshead, great venue! Both shows up and down. Wed ended very strong. Ship of Fools is an old fav. Sugar Mag smoked especially on the second deck, & Brokedown Palace was a nice pull to end the show. Left me wanting another night. Worth the trip. Bobby, come to the middle of the country sometime!

GFLded, Austin
My first Ratdog show...I saw the Dead a couple hundred times between '69 and '76...just a few times in the 80's...I last saw Jerry alive in the early 90's. I've beeen digging all the new incarnations of the Dead and have been bummed the last couple of summers that they haven't been touring. For some reason I haven't gone to see any of Bobby or Phil's own bands. Anyway, my brother saw Ratdog in Tampa recently and insisted that I see them when they came to town. So I did...

First, the venue was fantastic. Better than the 9:30 in DC in my opinion...especially for us old bastards, thanks to the seating upstairs. We got there 30 minutes before show time and sat first row center balcony the whole show. The sound and comfort level was great. I ventured downstairs for a while during Sugar Magnolia and the sound was still pretty damn good, but it was indeed better upstairs. Met some nice people too.

The band smoked right from the start. The jam going into Truckin' right out of the gate was too cool...the groove for Loose Lucy was fabulous and Loser topped off an incredible first half hour of the show. Ramblin' Rose was amazing. I do miss Jerry singing some of these tunes, but I think Bobby and the band are giving them beautiful new life. I love how his own playing has progressed and what can I say about the band...great stuff. The rhythm section was tight and crisp as can be...I love it.

When I got to the reviews here and read a few I decided to listen to the CD's I bought there before writing anything...I wanted to make sure I had heard what I thought I had heard. Well...the CD's are even better. It's true, they really sounded that good.

So thanks bro...your CD's are in the mail!

And thanks to the nice people that I still meet along the way.

And ofcourse, thanks to the band for keeping on keeping on...

Gordon Wallace
Burke, VA

Gordon Wallace, Burke, VA
Some very intense moments which made me so thankful that I got to see the Grateful Dead in the 80's a bunch of times. I do not like the venue. Way to crowded and no where to sit where you can see the stage and hear the music (the limited stadium seating not withstanding.) Maybe they should consider playing in some college gym like the GD did a couple times at the University of Vermont (check out etree for 4/13/83.)

Michael LaBua, Baltimore
The purists who critique particular shows or tunes played are missing the boat. It's all relative. What's one man's trash is another's treasure. Comments like it was a "lame show" tell us more about the speaker than the music. I feel blessed whenever I am able to see and hear this band in person, and spend time with friends and likeminded freaks. Who cares what they play? Were you able to enjoy it, or were you too concerned with sound quality or selection? Blessed I am......

Lazylightninlover, Burke, VA
Great Venue IMO!
I can understand why artists keep coming back(7 times Ratdog) .
It was my first time in Balt. MD Loved the ongoing restoration and pride around and by the venue.

800th show shared with everyone that night whether you knew it was or not. No need to oversensationalize the event! Great interaction between betwix and amongst both audience and band. If the band seemed haggard to some then bring on Haggard or Hank Williams or Cash cuz this show was tailor made for a dancin fool with walkin blues like me and yours!!!

Very tight, yet loose RATDOG was and they continue to be a comfortable fit wth those who can wear it.

Thanks to all who participated.

odessa, NH