4/12/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Wanee Festival

Saturday, April 12, 2008
Suwannee Music Park
Live Oak, FL


I thought that the set list was average Rat dog. They played with some grate intensity last night. The dark star was so tight. It was my 16th One More Saturday night(but to me it's always good). They rocked the house
They played songs that was good for the crowd. There was a lot of people there that have never heard Ratdog before. I have seen the band 40 plus times and to me I was a bit disappointed in what they played. They played it great and I loved every minute, but I just wanted to hear some songs that I have been searching for all tour. You know

Well I am so glad we all went to Wanee. Had a great time
and can't wait to go back. I really hope The dog will play there again next year. I will be there!!!!!!!1

Ramble on red, Vernon CT
it was my 5th show this tour, and was no better or worst than the others. Most ratdog/dead tours had smoe average show, some lame ones, and maybe a few killers. This ratdog tour the differences in the shows was negligable and minute, the energy levels were similar, just so so, the set lists were similar, just so so, and in the end it was indeed a mediocre tour, but considering the high hopes and expectations with the big and healthy MK back in the fold, surprisingly few epic moments, ah yes some great ones, but nothing hair raising. If i never hear another late set come together its still too late, a song with very little to offer except nostalgia and a nid to the great john lemon, pick a jerry, any jerry, and put it there instead ( I wanted a slow to lay me down, where'd that one go?) and the cassidy/ dark star/ birdsong reprises are as predictable as a switch watch, as some guy used to say. Not that its not great fun but after all this is a review, not another ass kissing session as the groupies who so gushingly write in think. see ya miami, sammy

flip, miami beach
the show was probably the weakest ratdog show i've ever seen. predictable setlist, uninspired playing, yet another dark star...yada yada yada.....blah blah blah.....dark star
maybe bobby should think about hanging up his pirate shirt for a while, until his muse returns.

i will have to say the hard rain arrangement was interesting, but certainly nothing stellar. the touch of grey was awful, and that is being kind. all in all, the ratdog set left alot to be desired.

keith, georgia
The show started out great but after Come Together it just kinda fizzled out and the encore was weak.

The Wanee Family Jam was the highlight of the day.

widespread g8r, Hallandale Beach Florida
I agree with widespread g8r. Show started off great, very tight playing with MK tearing it up the whole time. As soon as the too slow and uninspired come together the rest of the setlist was very predictable and not very exciting. The One More Saturday Night closer was very expected (saturday night at wanee...) but was rockin nonetheless. I was pumped for the encore because with such a typical and predictable setlist I was hoping for something great to close out the tour, but i was wrong... touch of grey played slow and sloppy, not the finish i was looking for. Oh well, maybe next time. Still a really fun show and the music was superbly played (for the most part), I just wish the boys would have given the wanee crowd a show filled with some more surprises instead of the same old same old. oh well, see ya next tour!

Doghead, GA
I'm reading these only average reviews of shows. Not to be selfish, i hope you all have agreat ratdog shows too. If you wanna read about a great one, read the reviews of the 11/04/06 concert at the Stanley Theater in Utica NY. Thanks. Hope to get to More Ratdog shows. Maybe the allmans will be on tour late summer? i sure hope so they were great last summer.

D-person, Oswego, NY
50th time seeing Ratdog. I thought they played an awesome set of music. The whole weekend at Wanee was great. Best concert experience I have ever had. Every band at the festival ripped it up. Best festival I have been to. I love partying it up, but sometimes at the festivals in the northeast you get the impression the party is more then the music. Not here. The music was the main thing going on. Just awesome. Very friendly vibe to the whole weekend. Ratdog better play at Wanee next year. I'll always go to Wanee.

Godfrey, Vernon
I don't know about everyone else I got freakin soaked during Del and the boys. Hearing Hard Rains Going to Fall>LLR gave me goose bumps loved the rain songs. Always a treat to hear you play Bobby. You make this world a better place.

Steve, JAX, FL
I read here that ramble on red has seen the band 40 times!. Im going to use rambles post as an example. I have only seen the band a handful of times, and I feel as lucky as anyone that ever saw a famous act. I can tell from all the rest of my various concert goings, whats great playing and what isnt really hot. I was real real lucky one of those Bobby shows was amazing if not legendary. For god sake ppl thats Bob Weir up there, as important as any musician or star that has ever been on stage. To say that you feel a "little disapointed" in a show or shows doesnt really hold up too much. Its like eating the same favorite dinner night after night, and saying you are a little disapointed, it just doesnt make much sense after a while. Being a dead head and following a band for show after show was created in another era. All the rest is just some delicious gravy. Am i supposed to use "gravy"? sorry lol. By all means keep posting whatever you will, im not saying against that. Hope to see Ratdog again sometime. I can't wait for this seasons concerts to get on a roll, see you there.

D-person, Oswego, NY
Not sure what the majority of the reviewers here were smokin, but I thought the Wanee 'Dog set was one of the best in recent memory (and for what its worth, I too have logged 40+ 'Dog shows since the mid 90s). Bobby's vocals were strong and true (not always the case the past few years), and the Hard Rain, in particular, kept me smiling for days!

Natedogg, St. Simons Island, GA
I thought Ratdog was great and I had no preconseved notion on how it would be. I was not a big "deadhead" but I had roomates that were and at Wanee I kind of looked forward to the show in a subliminal way. I would go again to Ratdog and I always go to Wanee. It is no doubt the best American Festival in the country.

Jim, Dedham, MA
This was a great show. It was not super high energy, but the playing was nice and smooth and they tailored the set list to what was going on. It was suposed to rain later that night and they played Hard Rain & Looks like Rain. I remember laying in the field looking at the beginings of the sunset and the clouds looked like those choppy Florida tie dye skies.

Jackstraw->Cassidy->Darkstar was stellar with keys and lead going back and forth. Bobby was strong and did not forget any lyrics, played great rhythm. They played a slow mushroomed out psychedelic show in which is what Wanee is all about. Maybe some of you missed the vibe.

I saw Ratdog with Bob and Bob, I have seen the Grateful Dead with Jerry, Furthur, The Other Ones, and this is one of the shows I come back to and enjoy on the regular.

Floridabwoy, Jacksonville