5/31/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, May 31, 2008
Casino Ballroom
Hampton Beach, NH


bobby and band sounded great. time off served him well.
one of the best bobby shows ive seen. second set dear prudence was fantastic. Never seen bob so animated, interacting with crowd, especially during hell in a bucket.
Overall couldn't ask for a better night.

scott, squid8995
Dull, dull, dull. I'm a big fan of just jamming along but every song went on forever and not in an interesting way, just verse after verse with each instrumental break just getting louder instead of more interesting. Ugh. Many fans were glued to the floor for most of the show. The first set plodded along (playing was just ok but the pacing of the songs was horrible) and all hopes of the second set sparking things up died after the first three songs. Walking on the beach was definitely the highlight of this night.

raff, dover. nh
Fantastic show. Vibrant and full of energy. Played three and a half hours, great set list. Any one who didn,t enjoy it is a sour puss

maarten, plymouth,nh
Someone wake me up when it's over, first time in 25 years that I walked out of a Dead or Bobby show. The setlist indicated that I didn't miss much in the last hour. I love Bobby and I'll keep going whenever I can, but last night was the most boring show I ever saw.

Jeff R, Portsmouth
It felt like the band was missing a spark the whole night. They seemed like they were concentrating on long jams too much and there were very few Rocking songs. I understand there has to be some longer spacier jams to enjoy the rocking tunes but the tempo was just way to slow last night. I'll still keep going to see Bobby and the Dog until they day they hang it up but this years Hampton show just didn't do it for me.

Steve O, Sandown, NH
Raff,dover,N.H. is right ON with his review. I have felt this way for awhile. If I was Bob Wier I would fire the whole band but the bass player and find some new people that can play.

Fuges, Magnolia, MA
what a night! all I can say to those who didn't enjoy it for whatever reason is "You get what you give" and "The show is yours and what you bring to it will be what you take away"

I've never been showered by Karan so beautifully as last night's Dear Prudence. Tremendous performance.

ggloyd, bridgton, me
Everyone has a right to their own opinion BUT, those of you who thought last nights show was too slow or thought there were too many jams or thought it wasnt rocking enough really shouldnt go to shows amymore. What is wrong with you?? Shakedown--Rocking Maggies--Rocking Bucket--Rocking Liberty--Rocking Eyes--Rocking Prudence--Rocking
Bobby had such high energy last night, Mark was en fuego and after all, they are a JAM band, so how can there be too many jams Steve O???? You need to not go anymore.
Last night was Rockin!

adam, boston
Bobby was on fire last night, and the band shared the flame. The energy level of the band was incredible and they had me dancing all night. Bobby I want to thank you.....for a real good time

Travis, worcester
Nothing better then the boys at the beach!!!!

Front row just left of Bobby and he was on FIRE! Scott is right he was more animated then I have ever seen and I catch him every chance I get. Making faces, laughing, Mark was the same way.

This show was hot and the energy from the crowd was tremendous. Wait until you hear the CD the crowd will be heard the whole show. I thought the roof was going to blow off the joint when he came out to encore in the Celts jersey. God it is good to have Mark back!


Mike, Manchester
I can't believe that people are complaining that the band jammed for TOO LONG(?!?!?!?!?) TOO LONG?!?!? too long?

that's kind of the point for a band such as Ratdog (a 'jamband')...they jam -- and when they jam for a long time, often it leads to some of the most incredible and high-energy music and magic that this band truly is capable of creating.

anywho...my review:
the first set was un-be-f___ing-lievable. LONG jams, very deep and intricate improv and band interplay...teases galore.

the first set, in my opinion, "set the bar too high" -- and though 2nd set WAS fun, and with excellent highlights throughout...it was just NOTHING compared to the brilliance of that first set.

BUT -- don't snooze on set II, just go for the first set, well, first.

Jus' Like Mama said > TNK > Hell in a Bucket -- (HOT DAMN!!!), Lazy River,
Prudence > Throwing Stones.
She Says > Liberty (I love that song),
and Eyes was incredible. just incredible.

great show Bobby, and so good to see Mark back on his axe. :)

out of four stars -- I give this show five.

peace, love, and anarchy...JBJ

anarchy747, Watch City, MA...
Last night was freakin' sweet! I'll agree the first three, maybe four songs were a little slower than normal. But I think it was at Hell in a Bucket where they really picked it up! I felt the whole second set was rockin' though. I loved Kimock with the band, but Mark was really on fire last night. The whole ballroom floor was swaying from people dancing. The band really enjoyed the energy of the crowd and so did I! I've never heard the Ballroom so loud, the band had a huge smile as they walked off stage! Hope to see you soon, Bobby.....

little bear, boston,ma
I thought overall the show was good, Wasn't sure if it was just going to be a warm up for Mt. Jam. Good to see mark back up there. As much as I love kimmock, I think mark is a beter fit for the band. I dont think he's a better guitarist, Kimocks probely my favorite if not one of my favorites playing today. It's just mark seems to fit the band better they all have chemistry.
Highlights from the first set was the eyes which was unexpected for a first set tune, and Liberty. I liked the selection of the acoustic tunes to start the second
YOU WIN AGAIN, LAZY RIVER ROAD, HARD RAIN. The dear prudence was the stand out of the whole show and not necessairly my favorite tune. All in all the band had alott of energy, and I danced saw some friends and had a blast. I dont think musicaly it was something to rave home about, or something to complain about.
On a side not my friend brought his son to the show and it was his first. I think the kid is about 11, not sure. At the set break they went to use the bathroom and ran into someone who I guessed worked for the band and they wanted to borrow my friends son's Celtics Jersey so bobby could wear it durring the encore. So they gave him backstage passes to meet the band, and a new shirt. I just thought how cool of an experience it had to be to be a young kid at your first show, with your dad. And have bobby come out wearing your jersey and then get to go backstage to meet the band. I think thats cool no matter who you are but as young kid that's gotta be epic. Definately a cool father son moment. I was real happy for them

wharfrat04, nh
This was the first time I have ever walked out in the middle of a show.been following the Dead then ratdog since 78. In a nutshell the dog done died in Hampto

direwolf02, Derry NH
Aren't opinions great? Here's my take:
AWESOME SHOW! How can anyone complain about hearing Ratdog on a Saturday night? What would ya rather do? Loved all the tunes, the band was working hard and the vibe was friendly. It was a music never stop night! Come again:)

vtdeadfan, B, Vermont
I had a good time at the show last night, not a GREAT time. I shouldn’t complain, anytime to spend time with Bobby and the boys is it a date to remember. It was fantastic to see Marc matching Bobby stride for stride, he hasn’t missed a step, but I think Jeff broke the piano banging on those keys so hard.

Dear Prudence saved it for me, but all and all the show was a little flat. A I think Dixie Cups were rolling over in their graves, what happen to “Iko” it just could find itself. I am always a sucker for “EOTW” and it was a nice surprise with a Hank Williams balled “You Win Again”. On the whole I would set the “Ratdog o’ Fun Meter" should not be set as low as 4 out of 10 but a 6.5 is a little more accurate.

I hope the music will never stops, see you all in Hartford.

Qzmoto, Boston, MA
I saw the kid walking back to his car after the show smiling ear to ear! Thats so cool, what a great experiance for the kid and his father. I didnt know the rest of the story thanks for the insight Wharfrat04! See you all when Bobby opens for the Allmans...

little bear, boston,ma
Not a bad show but not the best. Great to see Mark playing again-had some huge leads. Dear Prudence was great but Throwing Stones seemed not fall into its groove. They seemed to find/make a big jam everywhere. Bobby's voice wasn't as strong as I think he would have liked (he retreated to his slide at the end of Hell in a Bucket for a little bit) and the sound system couldn't quite balance him in.

My pet peeve: though I enjoy One More Saturday Night, does in need to be the encore all the time? They probably should play the tune every Saturday show, but move it around the setlist. I was craving an Even So.

That being said, I've been to nearly every Casino Ratdog show and I'll be there again. The stuff about firing the band is an unreasonable comment.

c k, Strafford NH

bigboy, stonechester
I thought this show rocked, not just good but great. The set list was just exactly to my liking! Fire the band? That's just wrong. You folks that did not care for this one are entitled to your opinion but I respectfully disagree.
It was good see MK back looking and playing strong! Kimock is great but MK belongs there.

Codfish, Hudson
Hey, I'm 15 years old and that was my third Bob weir concert and i thought it was the best one. I wish i could have seen the dead but this was as close as you could get to a real show. the atmosphere and everyone was just awesome. i no that the parkin' lots at the dead shows were a show in them selfs but last night was aweosme. shakedown street and one more sat night were awesome.

DeadHead27, Litchfield
Saw the show from right in front of Bobby 2nd out from stage. Energy level was amazing and interactions between Bobby Robin and Mark were intense. A great venue, fun town, to see a show. Also good to see lots of 17-18 year olds hangin seeing the band for the first time from the rail. Who were those two blonde girls bobby kept looking at? LOL.

xxxtrader1xxx, Huntington NY
Saw the show from 1st row, right in front of xxxtrader1xxx with my son(Yo man, thanks for covering our backs LOL). Not sure why anyone would complain about the performance. The band was tight and Mark was just intense and right one. Every chance he had he just wailed of another amazing bit of fret work. I'd say an 8 or 9 out of ten. Oh and the setlist called for St. Stephen / The Eleven, but I am sure that due to a long technical delay after intermission it was switched to Aiko, as well as NFA was dropped from the set ending (I got the set list). Given those changes, which may have made it a 9.5 for me, it was a great show!

Surf2Be, Hampton, NH
evident by opinion the gig flew over some peoples heads
just like momma said.... eyes flew hard rain was played with heart.... dear prudence indeed one more saturday night is a thirty some year tradition liberty was coool kenny and jay and jeff rocked solo robins eyes solo was rad.... sunday samson to close a cool east coast weekend. god bless the grateful dead and its offspring

rc, minneapolis
A fun and very solid show to start the summer. This is my 32nd year seeing Bobby so I'm going to weigh in with the long view. To each his own but those of you who complain perhaps you should take a step back or do somethinbg different for a while. Bobby is 60 years old and he's still putting it out for the heads! It doesn't get any better than that. I thought the band was in fine form-the jams on Shakedown, Maggies, Eyes in the first set were superb as always. And does it get any more fun than a big Aiko in the middle of the second set? thanks to all the juiced up hampton heads for the enegy on that one. And the throwing stones was overt the top as usual-shades of 83 in my opinion. Did anyone else hear the little snippet of "Shenandoah" at the start of Dear Prudence? Sweet indeed!

Jeff B, St. Johnsbury, VT
Well I hate to say it but, that was one of the worst Ratdog shows I have ever seen out of going to 60+/- shows. It just was Dull, Dull Dull. There was no spark like there usually is at the Casino Ballroom. I walked out during Dear Prudence. I am a huge fan, but I guess you are bound to catch a boring show once in a while. I just didn't expect at the Vibe the Casino puts out. Peace All...

jaybone, greenfield, ma
My impression was that the concert was awesome. I'm glad I went. Small venue, beer was flowing (wallet is now empty), The players are incredibly talented and they served up a nice balance of tunes and vibes. Nice mix of nastalgia without sounding archaic. The drum solo was stellar. My only beef is with the sound guy. Maybe there was an acoustic reason, but I couldn't hear he vocals very well at all. The sound was better close to the stage, but even standing next to the sound board I could barely hear Weir sing. When I could hear him, he sounded great.
I'm looking forward to the next time they are in town.

the farmer, Springvale, ME
I can understand not being into a show--I fell asleep during a Grisman concert some years ago--but I can't fathom how this show was boring. In fact, it was a heck of a lot better than what I expected. Saturday Night may be repetitive, but with the Rondo jersey getting the crowd whipped into a frenzy, it was about as intense as that song can be played. Dear Prudnce rocked, as did Throwing Stones, EOTW, Liberty and more. Now I'm trying to find a few more shows to schedule in. Thanks Bobby!

Blue Mule, New Boston, NH
Great Live Music, Great Friends. Can't think of a better way to spend a Saturday night. Anyone who walked out just doesn't know how to have a good time. Next time don't even bother going. Let someone who wants to be there have the ticket.

When will this show be available for download?

hiropr, Salem, MA
This was another great show. People that want to complain shouldnt go. Sure I have seen a better ratdog show but this is by far still a great one. Really been enjoying the You Win Again. Bobby is back!

mr.fantasy, ca
I know the shrooms were good, but you shouldn't spread them on retard sandwiches! C'mon the songs were too long? Hello?! i THOUGHT IT WAS A GREAT SHOW!!!!!! i'D LIKE TO THANK BOBBY AND THE BOYS 4 A GREAT TIME!

macknb, dunstable, ma
We all have opinions. Some are ever critical and some wouldn't dream of saying anything negative about The Dead or Bobby. The latter remind me of the little girls in highschool that thought Jerry was a god. Two of the best shows I ever saw (deadhead since 82) were right there on the beach last October. STELLAR. The worst was this one. This show was slow and boring. Who cares about Dear Prudence? I went home early. Please do not be so arrogant as to suggest that people who didn't like this show should stop going. I don't love every song the Dead ever played, and I won't say I loved a show just because I do love Bobby. This is a review of one show, not a testimonial to my loyalty.

JR, Somersworth NH
Had sometime to think about it and I am realizing that the show was that good. There were a few excellent jams...my favorite was eyes though. I thought the show was tight and the band looked great. I am very happy to see the dog again...as always!!! keep rocking guys!!! The best band touring at the moment hands down

biggdbear, dover nh
Had a great time. I love that venue so much. I thought that Mark tore it up. He sounded so on it was ridiculous. Kenny was
the man that night as well. Jay(who is always sick) seemed to just be chillin behind the drums. The iko iko was the best song of the night for me. I could of done with out the Dear prudence. Great show. I will always try to make to Hampton Beach!!!!!!11

redness, vernon