6/20/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Gov't Mule opened

Friday, June 20, 2008
Cuthbert Amphitheatre
Eugene, OR


First time at the Cuthbert- and loved it. What a super venue to see this kind of show. Out of doors (bonus for dancing), perfect weather, decent folks, adequate parking lot scene, mostly permissive and friendly staff (I come from nanny city, Seattle, where they insist on beer gardens, etc.- ridiculous)

My only complaint is- where was the rest of the show? The band, along with the rest of us, were just getting warmed up. Ending with TOG and *no* encore? Well, that's just sacrilege.
I'll leave the technical review to others; thought I'd just share my great disappointment that there wasn't more headliner and less opening act.
Yes Bobby, you'd better be back...

SSS, Eugene (as of last month!)
First I must say that I am a Bobby fan from way back. I remember the Dead shows that just never came together and although you had a *great* time, left shaking your head and saying, "maybe next time". That's part of being a Dead fan, you take the not-so-fantastic shows and hope that the next one will blow your mind! Last night's Ratdog show was one of those not-so-fantastic shows for me. Mostly painful, in fact.
Shakedown started off down tempo and that's where the tempo stayed all night. Kinda like no one wanted to break a sweat.... The last 4 songs went from bad to worse with Bobby forgetting the lyrics, etc. then ended abruptly after a listless Touch of Grey... No attempt of an encore - time management issues???
The crowd was enthusiastic and amusing, as always. The toasty guys in the peanut gallery sitting behind us 'Monday night quarterbacking' were a riot and worth the price of admission alone :)
All in all, I love you, Bobby, and will see Ratdog again. You can't win 'em all.

Teri, Eugene
teri from eugene nailed it when she said the show never seemed toget off the ground. i'll always go see bob but this show was slow slow slow. hey, was i the only one who caught the mind left body jam at the end of shakedown.

bigdude, portland
Warren SLAYED us for 2 full hours, cutting in to Bob's set dramatically, and yes, Rat Dog was medium.

First time I've ever seen Bob play a show without doing one single Bob Weir written Grateful Dead Song. Not a one.

I was cursing Warren because after the apocalyptic set he threw down, now I HAVE ot go see Govt Mule every time they come near me.... geeze, thanks a lot Warren....!#@$%#^!$%!

Anyway, 2 star Ratdog show for me.

FYI, Come to the 45th street pub in Portland next Friday for Ramblin' Rose, Grateful Dead Tribute NW... I'll be the fake Bob.

Fake Bob, Portland
gosh. total bummer of a show. where were the BOB WEIR songs? seemed like almost every song was a weak cover or a jerry tune. and played at half-speed... i mean, a mellow shakedown? iko iko on downers?
I love bobby! where was lost sailor? where was even a crowd pleasin' jack straw? weather report for the oregon old school? i loved the venue and the crowd was ready for action, but seriously. warren haynes is fine, but i know why we were all there... the worst ratdog show i've ever seen, and i've seen a lot. sorry bobby.

rudy, euge
This is the first time that I have left a Ratdog show feeling cheated. We usually always buy the live CD set, this time had I known in advance what the show was going to be......I wouldn't have purchased it. The venue was great, the crowd was great, Warren was great.....but, Bobby ,well ....the best part was seeing Mark Karan looking so good. The time curfew had something to do with the abrupt stop. I have never seen a show end like this. I hope Seattle is better for all of you heading that way.

disappointed, Portland
This show was so Bad Even Bob Had to Apologize after Touch of Grey for playing so poorley.... that was a first! Instead of a Happy "Thanks for coming" it was... "uh... I'm really sorry about that one, We're not even gonna do an encore but we'll come back someday".... yeah Bob, you'll come back and give us another opportunity to shell out $40 to hear you murder Loose Lucy for the umpteen-jillionth time.

Thanks but No Thanks

Phil N Friends Crushes Rat Dog, Portland
Wow...does anyone have something good to say about gig #1? I was hoping to hear that Mule went about 75 mn, while RD smoked with about 3hrs like the 3-22-07 Georgia show that is offered for free under podcasts at itunes. I am attending the SD and LV shows (3 in 3 days) I will be speechless if they suck, although I can't think of a DEAD show I did not like. Seems like the venue had something to do with it...a curfew?, are they nuts? So TOG was weak, fire-up a smokin truckin or Terrapin-Dew and fall into a groove. Looking forward to better reviews...help me out...this is the biggest Summer tour in 10 yrs for the boys, Karan's back, the bass player is a machine...this band should rock blind-folded, and on no-sleep. C'mon RD you can do it...stoaked for SD and Vegas. Peace from AZLavaman-

AZLavaman, Anthem, AZ
We are going to both SD shows. Sure hope the sets are longer that what im seeing so far. That would be a huge dissapointment. No offense, but i could care less about Gov. Mule.

Tim, Toledo
bobby what happened after shaking my bones to a ripping mule set i almost could have fell asleep ive seen a iko idont know how many times and ive never seen it so slow the venue itself was great no yellow jackets there i just wish bobby could have woke up and had some more fun well ill see everyone on the road again

boston, eugene
Why's Warren play'ng for Two Hours?

Ratdog should as the Closer Act... do 2 sets.

CaseyJonesed, Charlotte NC
Thank you for a real good time!

Just as the sun set over the amphlitheater Ratdog took the sage to celebrate the summer solstice and opening of the 2008 summer tour. Bobby was sitting on a riser behind the stage waring his cargo pants and tank top looking very fit.

A nice relaxed jam turned into "Shakedown Street" a nice opener for the tour. Mark and Jay found a great pocket which drove the band all ight long. Mark and Bobby were dueling guitars as they extended the jam while warm darkness enveloped the local crowd. Shakedown slid into "Maggies Farm" and some nifty slide work from Bobby. If you like Bobby's unique slide solos then this was a treat for you. Bob delivered all the lyrics on this nigh with passion and energy to the delight of the rail rats which ranged in age from ten years old to sixty five or maybe fifty four.
Perhaps the highligh of the night was "Loser" a song I had almost forgotten about. Bobby delibretely slowed down the tempo and srolled over to Mark and Robin to make perfect gambling blues. This is when you see how amazing Bob is as a bandleader and songsmith. Next a first for me, "Money for Gasoline." A new tune that was played well by the band including nice solos from Jeff and Kenny. Next a routy "Loose Lucy" got the word around town and featured the moment of the night when Bobby screamed and screached the reprise "singing yeah!" emploring us to sing along and match his enthusiasm from the stage. From here a quick switch to acoustic guiar for a soulful "Catfish John" Bobby in his river pants looked the part as he took us on a journey through the magnolia blossoms and muddy banks of the Mississippi delta at dawn. And we all went along despite our mothers wishes. Then Bobby invited "his old pal Warren" onstage for a stirring "Masters of War" A bold and obvious political satement in these times. Back electric for a bluesy "West LA Fade Away" which featured a perfect Ratdog tempo with lots of little treats hidden in the music. Then he tapped the tamborine leading us into "IKo Iko" Bobby warned us all about the girl dressed in orange who "squeles like an old rusty door. Yes classic Bobby under the clouds and moon.
A brief stuff melted into a loose "Come Together" with some of the lyrics evading our hero up onstage but the message of the song remained in tact. With the ringing chords of "Touch of Grey. " Jay Lane pouded his drums making sure this last song was a rocker. Bobby lunging towards the rail as he sang the final chorus to us all. "We will Survive" indeed. And that would be his final words of this splendid night as he apologized, "Sorry folks we've run out of time." But what more needed to be said on this perfect summer's eve.
As we walked through the park under a spattering of wam Oregon rain I couldn't help but feel blessed to see my favorite band in my favorite place. The heart of Oregon.

Tim Grossman, South Lake Tahoe
You guys are all on crack.

The Ratdog set, short or not, was as on as on can be.

Truly a great set. Only reason why they ran out of time was because they were having so much fun with the music that they

Forgot About the Time

Carlo the Ski Nose Popsicle, Portland
Now thats what I'm talkin' about. Thanks to Carlo and Tim for the "kind" reviews. Will I see you in SD or LV? I'll be the one in the "skull & roses" cycling shirt. It's the Dog baby, and the stage reeks of history, jam and goodness, and don't you forget it. With Bobby's recent big birthday and Karan's health restored, it appears that this doggy-style summer tour is a dream date. I hope Warren joins them for a rip or two, but ideally lays back realizing that it is not about "them". But as I used to refer to the DEAD after the Vegas shows of the 90's..."The Mystical Myriad of Musical Magical Merrymakers" will prevail. Kiss the ground, enjoy every beat...we won't have Bobby doin this forever. I will post photos of the two SD shows and Vegas on the evening of July 4th, DEAD-icated in AZ-

AZLavaman, Anthem, AZ
As I said previously, Rat Dog was Medium. I see no reason to exaggerate for the sake of you kind readers. You deserve the truth. For Carlo, Friday's show was not "on as on could be". I've seen the Dog on as on could be and this never hit that mark. 2 stars. Nothing lousy like some other numbskulls wrote, but simply medium. below average. Fun, enjoyable, but not spectacular by any means. Govt Mule had far more of the "Rise and Fall" moments we all go for than the Dog did. Hands Down. Round one goes to the Mule.

Fake Bob, Portland


Cuthbert Cruizer, Eugene
ratdog Eugene photos on the grateful web

mike, boulder
Weak show. Slow, uninspired takes on all the songs. Not ONE Bob Weir song in the bunch. The audience was good, though. Lots of nice people. Seems like folks on this board are mostly in agreement: play longer and drop the languid covers. One doesn't NEED to stretch "Maggie's Farm" or "Come Together" out into 15 minute affairs. Thanks for coming, though. I did have a good time.

barry, Corvallis
i almost fell asleep. peope where stoked to be there. half way through shakedown street i knew that something was not right. the band seemed to not know what they were doing. i think 1/4 of the crowd was trying to stay awake. touch of grey was the only up-beat tune. i love the people and the music, but i almost fell asleep. bobby and phil should play the northwest every tour. i have been feeling down from lack of good ol' fashoned phamily values. i just want to dance and forget, laugh the past away. i know i'm not the only one.
Love bobby though, nice pants!! 1 and 10,ooo that come for the show!!!! do,do,do,do...do,do...do,do

fourleanhounds, mt. st helens
I think it was treated as a warm up for Bob and the boys to get back on tour. I loved the venue and all the people were great. I did not understand WHY Gov't Mule played so long. The songs I did hear were OK at best and I have been "Dead" for a long time. It seemed to me as if it were a dual headliner show. I drove down from Portland for the show and my wife and kids gave me the trip as a fathers day present. Fun trip but it was a letdown.

Trey, Portland