6/23/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Gov't Mule opened

Monday, June 23, 2008
Idaho Botanical Garden
Boise, ID


This was a great, great show. Sorry to all in PNW. The sound here was awesome. This was far and away the best I have heard any Bob-led band. While I don't rack up the Ratdog shows (read: will not travel for one) I have been through the Bob Weir Band / Bobby & The Midnights / etc. Just about every song (well maybe not Me & My Uncle which was still fun) reached some special places with lots of creative, energy filled room. After reading the reviews of the first two shows, I didn't think Ratdog could possible match the quality of Warren's set. But they did and I was way pleasantly surprised. Bobby's voice and guitar-work were outstanding. Mark played as touchfully and strong as I've heard him. Never a big Karan fan, I came away from this show thoroughly impressed. This was four hours of stupendous music and great times with great folks. Perhaps touring with such a strong opener will spur Bobby and Ratdog to some wonderful places. Whatever it was, it was certainly working last night in Boise!

Adam, Boise, ID
Adam, Boise, ID was right on w/ his review. Great setlist highlighted by a stellar Cream Puff break out & a Scarlet that gives me the chills just thinking about it. Great new venue for Boise. Sound & mix was excellent. Best inspiring guitar work I've heard from Karan. Looking forward to Ratdog in Boise again!

Jon, Kuna, ID
This was a very good Ratdog show with a great Dead song list. Much better selection of songs than the Eugene or Seattle show. It's been a very long time since I heard Scarlet Begonias and Wake of the Flood. The venue was ok but I did not like the VIP roped off section near the stage. Ratdog played great. The weather was excellent and the person with me was incredible and beautiful. I will never forget this show.

rainditch, Portland OR
Just a quick set up,... been seeing the Dead since 1974. I've made my share few road trips and adventures in my day and I'm a better person for being lucky enough to have experienced as much culturally, through their music, as I have. It's part of my genetic code.

Went to the Seattle show on Saturday night and thoroughly enjoyed myself, but wasn't blown away. I thought, "Good night, good music, good friends,..." but,.... I wanted "it". A friend called from Sun Valley and said he had tickets to the Boise show so I arranged a flight and next thing you know, I was being picked up at the airport.

Here's the deal:

The setting: Gorgeous. Botanical gardens nestled beneath the foot hills, next to an old penitentiary. Infield was all grass. Sound was perfect (hats off to their sound tech's).

The show: This was the real deal. They laid it all out. It was a powerful, beautiful, psychedelic, rocking, rolling, freakin' masterpiece. Bob was articulate, his phrasing was spot on, and his guitar playing masterful (the slide on Minglewood was gorgeous). I cried during Baby Blue,.... Watching the shimmering cross high atop the hill to stage left during Black Peter was surreal.

To Jay and Robin: Thanks for being the wheels that made the wagon roll last night.

To Jeff: Brilliant, passionate.

To Mark: The world is a better place because you are in it. You got your sea legs back brother and we are the recipients of your talent and gifts.

It was, in my opinion, the single finest performance I've seen in quite some time. This includes many Phil and Dog shows over the past few years. Tomorrow Never Knows was nailed. Psychedelic, dreamy, colorful. Cream Puff War was off the hook. Brilliant and genuine, thunderous pop funk,... old school with a twist. Black Peter was vintage wine, goose bumps all the way around. Me and My Uncle,... into the sunset baby. GDTRFB was a rollicking frenzy that had the crowd into a hopping, twisting, lindy-hop boogie.

The energy was joyful and pure. I've never had so much space in front to dance (This venue had a "VIP" section right in front of the sound board to the stage. I'm not a VIP, I just paid $15 more to be up there. Well worth it!).

Very simply put, the boys laid the shit down last night. I'm a much better person for having attended and being a part of those five hours with some very incredible musicians. Last night was "it". It's that moment when you are totally there, in the moment, when there is no other place you would rather be. And for that, I am truly thankful

John, Seattle
Great day for Idaho boneheads, BUT, I dont know about trading a dog set for a mule set. I love Warren, BUT, That mule wont hunt. If it is the only way we can get a show here, OK...... RATDOG is strong enough to do 2 stellar sets, so why sacrafice diamonds for silver? And we have a world class lead guitar so Warren can stay on his bus after the Mule set. PEACE! RMFD!

ratdogdan, mccall,id
cream puff war was outstanding - Bobby really impressed me personally with the performance.


garfish, Wondering USA
I thought the show was weak at best. Sound was low, none of that famous Bob Weir banter with the fans, and worst of all....no encore! The band left the stage and the roadies took it apart. Been to many Dead shows throught the years and some Ratdog shows...Bob just didn't seem inspired.

Robert, Boise
Famous Weir banter??? Like, "Hey, Phil my dog has no nose ...", "Take a step back"????. Sound was Low?? Sheesh the sound was decent clear back to the port-a-pottys. And there was a 10:00 curfew that they played right up to. It's a new facility in a residential neighborhood; by contract they could not have played a minute more. Better luck next time I guess.

Adam, Boise, ID
Anytime Mr Weir whishes to return to Boise with any band of musicians he wishes, he will be welcome. There is a lot of talk about the volume but I gotta say, it was great, yes my glasses did not viberate lika at a Van Halen show, but there was never any question about clearly being able to hear, even within the out house during those MANY visits. I knew a lot of people there and it was kind of nice to be able to talk and hear them talk back.

Lastly and most importantly, when musicians get to be my age, and really don't need the money, I can only aplaud them for continuing to share their wonderful art with us, they could of packed the Superdome and yet they came to the Idaho Botanical Gardens, now thats a long strange trip

Elkgutz, Boise
Amen elkgutz! I have been thinking the same. Bobby could easily sit back on his riches. He doesn't have to continue the grueling tours, playing small venues for comparitive pennies. Yet he's still coming around, obviously giving his all, pushing his music to keep on growin' and giving us all another chance to experience this stuff. Thank goodness!

Adam, Boise, ID
AMAZING that's about all I have to say. I hadn't felt that much joy at a show since the mid to late 80's. Hat's off to you guys for a perfect day of music . Every member of the band was spot on and to you Bobby...... you proved what a rock star you really are. THANK YOU...... an John ? thanks for coming out . It was the icing on the cake.

Mike Wallett, Sun Valley, Idaho
Right back at ya Mike. It was a treat. Great meeting Kelli as well. It was definitely old school. Remember walking in? I said, "This is Veneta 82,..." And damn sure didn't get a modern day boogie in the barnyard,....?

John Hebert, Seattle
If you didn't enjoy this concert, I don't know what you do for fun. It was the best of the 14 RD shows I've seen. First time I've seen bobby outside since CO in '00. The band blew out the complaints about tempo issues. Inspired? Bob was plugged into this show, IMO. I can't read his mind either, but if that was uninspired, then bring more uninspired shows on ... What you guys haven't mentioned was the mindmeld during Playin' that went a LOT of places ... Even So, Bucket teases during TNK, reggae lilts during the PITB jam ... AND THEN the two crescendos in the Scarlet jam and the TWO takes on the bridge in Black Peter ... You know the part ... "See here how everything ..." Not once, but twice. If this show was on the East Coast, people would be raving but b/c it was off the beaten path, and I don't even know if a tape will circulate on archive, it's kind of been treated cooly. But THAT is not fair. If that wasn't a good RD show, then there ain't never been one ...

Murphy, Salt Lake City
Ok, Im writing this after seeing the SLC and Murphys show. I'm a little slow. First of all, the sound was great. but I paid the xtra 15 buckeroos and only made a trip to the prison wall once. So I'm not really sure how the sound was back there. second (and I'll repeat what's already been stated) Cream Puff War! very nice. not hugely jammed but rockin'. third....what a surreal place to have a show. A lit up cross looking down upon us from the east. A port a potty lined prison wall. The guard towers would have made excellent concert viewing seats. Factory smoke stacks to the west. and a blue sky above. Made for a fantastic Here Comes Sunshine opener. All in all....I had a blast! Lot's of room to dance. good vibes in Idaho. and I finally scored my ultimate oakland A's shirt to take back home. I love how Ratdog plays these old songs slow and trippy. Like a psychedelic summer meltdown. Not comparing here....but I love how Phil and Bobby have different takes on these songs we love (love Phil's shred fest's also). Thanks to the dog! and Boise! and just have to say...GOOD to have MK back!!!

desertdan, oakland california
Hey now ! I consider myself an old head- first show was Salt Lake City in 1970. I haven't traveled to see shows in years but have seen every Ratdog and the one Phil and Friends show that we were lucky enough to recieve in our corner of the planet. I turned to my freind Bill sometime in the first couple of songs and said " You know the one song I'd really like to hear is Playin' " And, if I keep listening I might get to hear every song I want 'cause now I can add CREAM PUFF WAR !!!! I got my St. Stephen in 2004 in Nampa. HEY- for my money these guys can come and play in my back yard any time they want. And two bands for about 50 bucks - It's ALL GOOD. peace

freewheelinfranklin, boise id
I was kicked out for smoking nugs.

john, durkee