6/27/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Gov't Mule opened

Friday, June 27, 2008
Ironstone Vineyards
Murphys, CA


First of all, I write this as a very tired man having to get up after this show to go to work but I wanted to speak to all Ratdog folk before I venture into the "real" world. My girlfriend and I went to this show on a spur of the moment fancy. About three hours before show time, we purchased tix and began the drive from Oakland to Murphys. We had just got back a day ago from SLC and Idaho (my review of those shows will come later) so we were still beaming. As we got closer to the venue it seemed the lazy hazy smokey sky was getting worse.( We actually met someone who's house burnt down and he is living in a motel with his son right now). Anyway, before mondays Idaho show, I hadn't seen the Mule since '01 at the Warfield. I love Warren. And I love the new Mule line up. New to me anyway. Loser rocked and it's awsome to see the two guitar players that both Bobby and Phil picked to play with them after Jerry, jam it out on stage. I agree with earlier postings, Mules set cold be a bit shorter. Ratdog keeps runnin' out of time. It's a shame too because they opened with Terrapin and since I have yet to see the 2nd part of terrapin live, I was excited knowing that it was being saved for the end of the show or the encore. The Cassidy was slow, trippy and sweet. Seemed like it would last forever. That's what I love about these guys. M. Kelly was a surprise for sure. Took me back to when I first saw the dog back in '95. There were no real surprise songs or anything like Idahos Cream Puff War but it was great show and loud as hell. Awsome. Things got really crazy when practically everyone was on stage for a longggg and jammy West L A with Warren and Bob trading vocal duties. Sweet! Anyway, I won't go on about every song. I loved this show. The venue rocked!!! Lot's of staffers but they pretty much left everyone alone. We were in reserved seating and I thought it was odd that there was a lot of empty space between us and g a. Great for dancing though. The setlist said after Dear Prudence that >cassidy>Sugar mags and terrapin encore should have been played. Would have been nice but we got Johny B goode instead and than a sweet Ripple. Thats what happens when you jam an 18 min. West LA I guess. Can't wait for Saratoga. One more thing....twenty years ago, I would have killed to see Bobby in this type of venue. I don't know what's up in peoples heads. I know everyone has musical differences but these guys rock! Not as bombastic as Phil but more of a slow trippy Bob. I don't know about anyone else but what's happening right now is pretty cool. Bob on the west coast, Phil on the east coast with Mickey and Billy and their new bands bouncin' around. All of them giving different takes on the songs we've sang and dancet to for years (started in '87 for me). I even keep seeing flyers for Donna. This is nuts. We're truly spoiled in the bay area. and I'm very 'grateful' for it!!!

desertdan, oakland
Hey friends, where are all the pictures from the last weeks shows??? Thank you!!!

AZLavaman, Anthem, AZ
The venue was great..Terrapin and Cassidy (what I really wanted to hear)were great..All the musicians that play with Bobby really give it their all..I think it was a good Ratdog show overall. Of course if I could pick the setlist it would have been different..Big Iron (great at Santa Rosa), Brown eyed Women( Killer at Warfield), Jack Straw (great everytime every place!) So many songs they can play will knock your socks off . Hopefully every show they do will have a few..Last night , those were,Terrapin and Cassidy. Gov't Mule is a good , tight band..But two hours ? too long! Ratdog played less.whatssup with that ! I've been going to GD since 71 so I'm too critical..sorry. Peace.

Carla, Truckee CA
Ok This was a serious ratdog show and for those of you that take the grateful dead a little too literally it was time for you to pay attention to the main theme of this show and more importantly this whole tour.
Folks the war is on and in case you haven't been paying attention, The message from the band is the same as it always has been. don't sell drugs. From the terrapin opener, some rise, some fall some climb, a direct reference to the big wave incident in the south bay. Moving forward to the cassidy, Bob had the band slow it down and he made sure to ennunciate every word clearly fair the well now let your life proceed by its own design.
the real message came in loud and clear with warren joining the dog and wailing out about the pathetic pay for hauling items. Bobs victim or the crime epotimized the compley struggle between light and dark on said issues.
The poignant Other one made it clear that the heat was coming around and busting people for smiling on a cloudy day. The moral of this story, take it from this old dead head, known as the rabbi, crazy old ben or mitchell Brenner, take it from me, i grew up on dead tour and in a federal prison. watch each card you play and play it slow.
Thats why bobby took you kids down old penitiary road in Boise idaho and played for you on the prison yard. Folks not all people who buy tickets to these shows are your friends
god bless the grateful dead and see you at the next show.

crazyolben, east brunswick nj
we came down hwy 4 from lake tahoe for 3 hours of beautiful forest. met some very cool locals that showed us around the venue. danced and heard wonderful music from 2 GREAT BANDS. thanks guys, was a grand time.

jan, lake tahoe
What a wonderful show. Bob still has it. His voice sounded great. From start to finish a great selection of songs. West LA jam rocked! Couldn't finish a show a better way than a perfect Ripple. Thank you Bob for keeping the vibe alive!

Mountain Man, Arnold CA
This show was a long time coming to Calaveras County -- 4 hrs of Mule and Ratdog was a great welcome back -- Dynamite "Loser" in the Mule set and although West LA was a great jam unfortunately it was at the expense of an expanded set list -- but it warmed my heart to have a lovely Ripple send people home on what was a grand evening overall! Great venue -- hope to see you all again!

scarletroad, Arnold