6/28/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, June 28, 2008
Fantasy Springs Resort Casino
Indio, CA


What a treat. Bob Weir comes to the Coachella Valley. Bob Weir at a Palm Springs casino??? The greatest thing about the venue was the people and the size- the casino cops were a drag and wanted to pounce anyone with a little green, the staff did not really know how to handle some freaks coming to dance (it was hilarious watching them take people to their seats only to have everyone get up and dance where they wanted anyway) and the sound seemed to displease the band. (WE WANT MORE GONG!) but I LOVED IT.

I have to confess that i almost did not go to this show. But then i saw the setlists that were being played so i said HELLS YES i am going. I dragged a friend with me and we scored some tickets outside.

The song after Music Never Stopped had to have been seventeen minutes long at least- I guess it was a rat dog song- easy answers... It was groovy.

Senor was a trip. Wasnt expecting that. What a sweet nod to the JGB. I was impressed with that. i used to see jerry at the warfield whenever he played there. Then Loose Lucy which was bluesy... Brown Eyed Women was probably my favorite of the night... it was juicy... ratdog song then elpaso which was cool but a couple of verses could have been cut... I called "Truckin'" to my friend long before they played it... it was good but a little slow... the wheel was another nod to jerry that was sweet (do these desert folks know what they are hearing?) followed by stella blue- jeff's guitar was awesome, gorgeous almost close to someone else i many times heard play that song... SATURDAY NIGHT was great, got my hippie hippie shake on... touch of grey was a bit of a letdown as far as song choice but as bob had just asked us to vote it was cool... we survived (maybe) the bushes... the concert was a treat- if it was good enough for bill walton it was good enough for me. No one really wanted to leave- we could have handled another song or ten, but we were pushed out. A dreadlocked tour girl from colorado was selling handdrawn ratdog posters for ten dollars- so i bought one for twenty (I have a soft spot for youngsters on tour). I went and watched the Bon Jovi cover band (yikes) but in my mind i was at Shoreline 89, Broadway 87, Laguna Seca 88, Halloween 92 in Oakland... Carson, Cal Expo, etc.

THANK YOU BOB WEIR! next time we want the pink tank top and really high cut cutoffs and a not fade away with some "HAAAA"s added on.

Davey Dave, Indio (via Santas Monica/Cruz)
Well, we are planning to see Bob this week for both shows in SD and we were out in Palm Desert when we happen to hear bob was out in the desert. So, we went, and it made the whole weekend. What a show! What a fun time. What great songs and wonderful music. El paso was a highlight into truckin. Cant really beat it. Sat night was great. And i agree with Davey dave that Touch of Gray was a bit of a let down, but still good. Overall, such a fantastic time. And then last night i dreamt that Bob wanted my husband and I to join him for soup at his house on Thurs eve after the SD shows. Obviously, i loved the desert show.

Richene, San Diego
pick up the pace boys, not everything has to be played in slow motion

rabbit, omaha, neb
This show was a real treat for me. I haven't been out to see Bobbie since his San Diego Tour in '05 when Bob left the stage a bit early. It was great to get freaky and his songs as always were terrific. I especially enjoyed the accoustic songs and The Wheel. Of course, it was all wonderful and a long needed vacation from the "Rat Race."

Please come back out to the desert!

Courtney Bell, Blythe/ San Diego
Bobby and the boys were an oasis on a hot summer night in the desert. Great for Desert Rats to enjoy some home cookin Ratdog style. The crowd was small but lively and everyone seemed to have a great time, except the Kasino Kops.
As a kid I used to drive up to the Swing auditorium in San Bernadino and the Shrine in L.A. to catch the Dead. This was definately nice to see Ratdog at home.
My first time to see Ratdog, but would travel to see them again.
Come back boys.

K Phillips, La Quinta
What a Blast Small crowd made for small club vibe. A really rare opportunity these days. As mentioned Casino Cops were a joke - no clue - The center rows were reserved for casino high rollers who no showed or sat there. Everyone else on their feet all night. Loose Lucy was killer as was the Senor and Stella Blue! A quick note to so many who post after shows, ripping Bobby and the band for slow tempo and set list choices. Take a few minutes and appreciate what you have. Great Guys playing great music. This is not the Grateful Dead! It's actually great Bob is doing things a little different. Open up your mind - expand musically and appreciate what these guys are doing for our enjoyment!

Steve , San Di Ago
Wow after years of just cd's and dvd's it was great to hit a show again. Quite a trip to see a mature crowd (age and attitude) but we survive. LOVED Stella Blue and Loose Lucy. Was hoping to hear Looks like rain, but I can't complain.
Show was so good, I think I will make the drive down to San Diego to catch the shows there as well. Great job Bobby and boys, and great job to the crowd for no problems...just lots of friends and good music

Jeff, Redlands Ca.
That whole experience had such a good vibe to it all! Killer room and pool at the Holiday Inn! Had a great time poolside guys! I met some of the coolest folks all over that place! The show had absolutely no "scene" except for the mini one we created in the lot. I heard it a few times that night, "It felt like prom! " That's how intimate the setting was. Even though our seats were somehwere in the back, we got to sneak in close enough to have Bobby's spit on us (well not really, but it's wishful thinking!) Booby was a bit of a tease here and there eh? He pulled out some surprise moves! I loved the "Loose Lucy" I am still kicking myself that I didn;t bring my camera in. I would have had some amazing close-ups! Great rare show. Had a blast!

Chinacat, Fullerton
Great show! The tribal cops where a little abusive but the small crowd and venue was great. Holiday inn pool was a cool spot away from the casino. I had the most wonderful time dancing 6th row center after they opened the seating up. The lovely woman who sat next to me, who are you?? I saw you at the Greek the next night. Peace to all!

Kezardead, Mammoth Lakes
WOW! it has been years since I have heard this music live! what a great time - the venue was bizarre- the crowd so much fun, and the music was SO MUCH FUN!

mikky, bermuda dunes
this had to be my favorite show... I really really REALLY loved the songs, the whole overall vibe, the SPACE to dance which is practically non existent at most RD shows nowadays (packed into HOB's or stuck in asiles at theatres etc..) I had the best time and most of all THANK YOU BOBBY for my wheel! You have no idea how much I needed that...

would love it if the dog played this venue again, I had no problems with staff or security, if fact, they went out of their way to be really nice.... we had in / out privledges, no bag or body check, I was not harassed in the least for dancing in the asiles, or dancing whereever I pleased...

thank you thank you thank you for Indio Bobby and the Dog...come back ANYTIME!

Rachel, Los Angeles
Wasn't really planning on going as money is very tight. When my buddy told me his roommate is friends with a tribal member and he got us two tickets I hopped in the car! Our passes didn't tell us anything about where to go so we walked in, went to the tribal coordinator and she shoed us the green seats and said to sit wherever we wanted. Front row, right in front of Bobby! Never expected that! What a great show, I haven't seen Ratdog since 99 or 2000, I've been missing out! Great setlist, though being so close the curiosity got the better of me and I read it, still I was shocked since they dropped Estimated and did The Wheel instead, no complaints there. Senor was a real treat, never expected that one. Great band, Mark Karan is wonderful. I'll definitely be catching 'em next time around. Time for another studio album guys, it's been how long?

Mark, Hawthorne
Great venue and very nice opening with Music nev Stop,the band was very crisp and Bobby noticed early in Senor Mark was on-hot Loose Lucy into Brown Eyed and me and my Sis, who came from VA Beach for 3 shows thought the Version of Truckin was Fantastic,then a pretty Wheel and a very sweet version of Stella which got to almost everyone and of course night was completed with a Rockin version of Saturday, on to San Diego - Ratdog Rocks!!!

Blanch, San Diego CA
Loved it to the max!!!! Set list, crowd, casino, the whole experience was awesome!!!!! Didn't go to the shows in my home town, San Diego, though I wished I would have since I just couldn't get enough of the music and vibe. Opted to get out of town for a change of scenery, since I've never made it out to the desert and I'm so glad I did. Can't wait for more shows!!!!

Nancy, Encinitas, CA