6/29/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Gov't Mule opened

Sunday, June 29, 2008
Greek Theatre
Los Angeles, CA


Great MK solo on half-step.

Show seemed slightly off, perhaps just my perception.

Great interaction with the crowd. Watchout for the Bathshroom breaks. :)

Safe travels guys; please come back soon.

Fat Pat
Anaheim, CA

FAT PAT, Anaheim, CA
Don't agree Fat Pat. Outstanding show - felt like they came out ready to go with the one set only format. Beautifully played "Easy to Slip", "Dark Star" jazzy and wonderful, "Bertha" with Warren felt like a big party, everyone grooving and having a blast, then the whole rest of the show I would have to say was played with great emotion.

I've seen the Dog many times over the past few years, same with P&F, and the quality of the musicianship this show was just outstanding. I was with my pretty fussy jazz / blues head friend, and he was really impressed. Such a fun show - thanks Bobby and gang! Bummed I can't catch the San Diego run. I'm sure it's going to be rocking by the water!

Enjoy this run folks - it's a good one.

Jammin' J, Santa Monica
First ratdog show ever, seen Gov't Mule many times in NO.. great tunes and people. I loved every minute of it!!
Played balloon games with a new little friend of mine for a bit too :)
Scottie where are you?


Kristin , NY
First time to the Greek Theatre - loved the open air setting and the multi-colored lights illuminating the enormous pines all around the ampitheatre. The Bucket was sweet. Nice tempo slow down in the middle. Bobby's voice was a little rough reventing him from going off to hard at the end (it loosened up and was fine the rest of the show.) The Easy to Slip was enjoybale and lengthy. Dark Star had a long musical intro. Thought they were going to abort into something else, but then Bobby stepped up, "Dark Star crashes....." Nice! Bobby then introduced Warren and his key boardist and they got the place rockin' with a smokin' Bertha. Warren and Bobby trading verses back & forth. It was hot and everyone was smilin'. The acoustic combo of Black-Throated Wind and FOTD were a treat. Robin played a stand up bass. Bobby went off during the BT Wind he was really into it and Mark jammed during the FOTD - lots of pickin'. In between songs, there was a little band bantor. Jay suggested to the crowd, "If you have to go, don;t forget to visit the rest shrooms." To which Bobby replied, "His lips are moving, but nothings coming out." then Bobby encouraged everyone to visit the voter registration booths outside the venue to register to vote. Back to the music....Half Step was great and the Samson somewhat a surprise pre-stuff. I was expecting the usual Sunday Samson encore, so knowing this was already played suggested the encore choice was wide open. Out of stuff came the song we have all been waiting for....Morning Dew. Rumors that it had been on the setlist earlier in the tour came to fruition. It was moving, everyone solo'd, they sounded as if they had been playing it all along. It was sweet. They busted back into for a second jam att the end - a clear signal that they wanted more as much as we did. The GDTRFB was rockin'! Next stop SD x 2.....can't wait!

Get Weir'd, SLO, CA
Great show. Awesome set-list. The 'Dog was up for this one. Morning Dew really put me in the way-back machine Mr. Peabody. Bob had it going-on for sure. Way cool to see Mark back at it. Going to the Shows always has the smile factor. Me, you , and thousands of our friends. A lovely day in the park, and some evening groovin' with the 'Dog. Every show is a good show. Be safe and we'll see you soon.

Dave B., Granada Hills, CA
Another great Greek show. Good summer time vibes. I got lucky and was able to take some pictures from the front of the pit. I'll send a few shots to Dave later to post on this site. Bertha with Warren Haynes was the best, although I loved Morning Dew and the encore was rocking. One of the best Going Down The Road Feeling Bad I've heard in a while. Good to see Mark Karan in top form. Ratdog is rocking! Thanks Bobby et al.

Paris, Irvine, Ca.

Paris Merriam, Irvine
So, I have been to many Ratdog shows, Im from the East Coast but have seen many west coast shows. I always seem to get stuck next to some of your typical L.A. a-holes at the Greek, but we moved and enjoyed the.........
Smooth, Jazzy Easy to slip,
good Dark Star,
Amazing Black Throated Wind,
Amazing half step,
MOVING Morning Dew, cant believe that was 1st time played,
Fun night, just wish they would play a smaller venue in L.A and keep some of the fringe people at home.......
See you in San Diego!

Adam, Boston
oh yeah. this show was tasty, top to bottom. no-filler setlist. everyone firing on all cylinders. bobby had a couple of moments of timing confusion early on but they were handled and it was gravy from there. sahweet easy to slip. bertha was nuts. let me just say to anyone wondering if ratdog morning dew succeeds - it was beautiful and on the money. I'll take some dog-dew anytime :)
It's not only good to see MK back looking healthy and happy, but I swear his new lease has even more juice. my man is absolutely rockin it up there.

complaining goes no where but i gotta let two things out: mule should get 50 mins, and bobby should play 2 sets. and secondly, this is the third dog show i've seen where bill walton obstructed my freakin view - put him on the side of the stage or the back of the lawn! Hee hee....

good stuff boys! see ya in san diego...

dan, los alamitos
Wow. Strongest RD show I've seen to date.
Really moved me! Makes the old tour monkey scratch at the neck! Good Job Bobby!

Big Dave, Chino Hills
Went to see the Mule on Sat. in Ventura so I was pretty warmed up for this one. Loved the mule set again. Banks of the deep end was sweet. Bobby seems to be getting better and better. The bucket was cool and I loved the half step. I wear an old beat uo Mornind Dew shirt to ever show I go to so I was pretty stoked to see the first ever Dog-Dew. Great show.

Scottie Too Hottie, Redendo Beach
Good job Bobby. I know Jerry was riding with you for this one. Friend of the Devil, Bertha, Morning dew, gdtrfb.
At least im enjoyin the ride. God bless the grateful dead and see you at the next show.

mitchell brenner, east brunswick nj
AMAZING BLACK THROATED WIND and AMAZING HALF-STEP, DARK STAR AND First Ever DEW was Astounding... also enjoyed samson and delilah, bucket was a great opener too.... only song that was a bit lackluster was fotd, but it still had a great feel to it.... warren sitting in for bertha was FUN!!!! oh yeah to Easy to Slip was my first so enjoyed that

peter mauch, la
There is something about the Greek in La that makes one feel as though they're in the high sierras or some magical place and not in the midst of LA. i was in the Pit nice and close to bobby and it looked like he was a bit dazed during bucket, even lost his balance ever so slightly a couple of times-- ahh we're all getting older. In spite of messing up the lyrics it was well played, in fact the whole damn show was really well played. Easy to slip had a nice long jazzy jam to it, and Bob played with the lyrics on it a bit--" not so easy to slip" . The Dark star was gorgeous -- close your eyes and go, the bertha as everyone has said was boppin and fun. Miss 1/2 step just amazing really as was the Dew, and the coo Jazz jam during Stuff with Jeff, jay and Robin like bela Fleck and the Flecktones. A great musical rearrangement of my DNA at this show. Just wish there coulda been more of it last night-- the 2 hour set flew by

Jeff, Los Angeles
Seen a lot of Ratdog shows, but this was one of the best for sure.

First Morning Dew ever. What else can you say?

Bill Walton rockin' in the pit - I think it motivated Bobby to play more Dead and it worked. Fantastic Dark Star, Miss Half Step, Bertha, Black Throated Wind. Liked Friend of the Devil.

The weather was perfect and the vibe was pure.

Bobby seems to have tightened up the shorter set routine. A few prior shows the band just didn't get going on the short leash. Here, though, they were crackin' throughout.

Great to have MK back, and he is playing better than ever.

Bill S., Ventura
I've been a Deadhead since '67 but this was my first RD show. Very good show but not transcendent like the good Dead concerts. Bobby strained a bit on the high notes - not surprising he doesn't have the range he used to have, but still great to see/hear him again after all these years. Morning Dew was great, but miss Jerry - got the feeling Bobby does too during the show. I agree with the other emails about some of the audience, and that the Mule set should have been no more than 30 minutes or better yet, just Ratdog alone, even if only for 2 hrs. They diluted what otherwise would have been a great evening of Dead covers. Looking forward to the next Ratdog concert.

jonathan rocklin, los angeles
Wow! probably best show Ive seen (about 30 shows). Greeks is beautiful. Im goin back. amazing set list...awesome harmonizing in FOTD and 1/2 Step. Black Throated and DEW gave me chills. Jay Lane is an animal. thank you bobby

Jamon Whipple, Phoenix
Good times at the Greek. The Mule rocked and are certainly worthy of the 2 Hr set. Great Beatles combo in the middle of their set. She Said>Tomorrow Never Knows.

The Dog also solid, the playing was great although Bob was a little off vocally on a few of the songs. Good selection of the Jerry songs highlighted by Dark Star and the Morning Dew was superb.

Greek is a great venue but something needs to be done about the curfew. Goin' Down the Road was a little abbreviated to get done by 11.

Safe travels to all!!!

David, Northridge
Honestly, the music started a little slow, but oh man, did it sure pick up ? That Half-step was killer! I was thoroughly impressed by Govt Mule. It was my first time really hearing them. Great, great show. Great, great people in the crowd! Had too much fin with theis mini tour'08/ Thanks so much to Pat, Jen, Kima and Eddie for making it happen!

Chinacat, Fullerton
Good positive reviews - thanx guy & gals.....

my 1st time for any show at the LA Greek, great venue....didn't even feel like I was in LA.

I loved the show, both Gov't Mule & Ratdog. Highlights for me included Soulshine, then Bertha with Warren, and Black-Throated Wind.

See yas @ Humphreys's, Get Weid'd from SLO.

Ben Anderson, Burlingame, CA

Ben Anderson, Burlingame, CA
I love the Dead. Always have. 1st show 1967 St. Louis Armory. And I love Phil & F + Rat Dog. And I loved the Greek show.
Was I the only one who noticed that Bobbie was completely out of it! He was dropping lines right and left, slurring his words, looked totally confused up there. I'm worried about him. At points he looked like he was staggering.
I loved the way everyone rose to the occasion to help him. But is he ok?
I guess what I'm saying is I've seen Bobbie in every possible meta-physical condition and I've never seen him so out of it.

directfitz, LA
Wonderful show, and though Bobby did seemed a little dazed at times, the music and the crowd in the pit were electric. Many thanks for the music boys! It really is a little sad that the Greek has that early curfew... the setlists passed out at the end of the night included a China Cat and I Know You Rider that unfortunately never materialized! At any rate, very happy to have been there, and looking forward to the next time the Dog come around (the Mule was pretty darn sweet too - loved That's What Love Will Make You Do! Reminded me of some recent JGB shows at the Coach House and the Mint where Melvin graced us with his voice).

geokills, City of Angels
Maybe Bobby was tryin' to tell us something when he mentioned "the restshrooms". I won't say he can't handle his "veggies" anymore because he played great but he was almost as spaced as the girl that hung out with us during the first set. ( I bet they both got an extra dose) (and if you're out there Nicole, keep on twirlin'!!)
THANKS to the Dog ! best set yet. Thanks to the Mule. GREAT set -- hadn't seen those guys in years - ( I won't let that happen again)
Thanks to all those within vibe-shot . great dancers great time !!
too bad about the Greek ushers who wanna be cops -- you guys gotta take it easy --the ONLY bad vibe was from these ushers who must have thought they were cops working a rock concert. - sheeeesh!

Mark Radmilovich, San Pedro, CA
seems liks a short show ;(

Jason, Pittsburgh
Gov't Mule is so under rated! They rocked! Had a great show w/Kristin and the bouncey ball kids! Kristin where are you? email me burgerberger@yahoo.com...as for Rat Dog it was a "day off" at one of the most beautiful venues and nights at the Greek Theatre. Bobby is taking on the Jerry look and diet...

Scottie, Woodstock,NY
Fun show! My wife's first, and my first Ratdog in a while. Veeery nice- good clean sound and good crowd energy all in all. Very powerful set, both in selection of songs, ordering, and the power of Warren and Bob playing well together. Very long slow groove-we'll get there but not in any hurry kinda feel, but a very intense strong clear vibe underneath that ramped the intensity in places unexpected. The bobby-sit-in-with Govt. Mule thing was very nice...possibly the best Watchtower yet...jazzy, slow and intense, coiling like a snake. Hard to belive they can work such magic with mere musical instruments! Masters of their craft at the top of their Game. Wow! Thanks guys!

jimbro, Grass valley