7/1/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Gov't Mule opened

Tuesday, July 1, 2008
Humphrey's Concerts by the Bay
San Diego, CA


killer show, pure and simple -- and this venue is easily one of the best in the country, and the band overtly loves it.

tight, high energy ensemble playing for first half of show, then soared still higher during kc moan and the weight.

warren then helped propel the show into the zone during birdsong and the band more or less handed him the reigns for the rest of the evening -- to their collective delight. lots of smiles all around

"stuff" was inspiring and "of another world" -- and then the mark/warren guitar dual on sugaree was smokin'. JBG perfect way to end the show bumping up on curfew. for warren fans, this is a 'must have' show.

what a set-up for tonite's show. estimated was on indio setlist, and looking for it tonite along with a sailor>st.

thanks to the band and warren for this gem.

gordon hensley, washington, d.c.
Top notch. The threads that I have read thus far regarding the tour made such claims that the pace of the shows was too slow or too much of a jazz odyseey. After seeing last night's show I had an aural ehphinany that the music has changed tempo but has amalgamated into a different beast all unto itself that personifes the nature of "dead" music. Bobby beens playin these songs for 40 years, of course its gonna be different. Embrace the change. Warren's omnipotent presence did'nt hurt things either. Cheers

Eric Dahlgren, Atlanta
I am happy for all the people who really enjoyed this show, but this one didn't do it for me. I guess that is why we all keep going back for more to find that show that moves us. With that being said I am really looking forward to tonight. It may just end up being the one for me. I enjoyed the althea, and thought the jammin during stuff was real strong.

Tim, Tampa, FL
This show and Venue was outstanding!!! This tour is shaping up to be off the hook. Bobby and the boys are on fire. I got to say, Cortez the Killer, Warren is not missing around, unreal. Loved both sets cant wait for tonight!

Ryan, SLC, Utah
what is proven by the above reviews is that bobby could play puff the magic dragon into playin into dark star back into puff, walk of the stage, and people would rave. nice venue, a setlist that is a whos who of songs you hate to see, one after the other, all played at a snails pace, without passion or inspiration. thats the fact, jack

hiphop, newark, nj
Whatcha talkin' bout, hiphop

Arnold Drummond, New York City
hip hop has it right, i'm afraid. snail's pace is being kind. this show bored the living hell out of me. is it jay lane or is it bobby dictating the tempos?
after seeing kruetzmann a few weeks back, who is older than bob by a few years, this was dull and SLOW.
nice venue though, and because there's a sucker born every minute, i'll return to see weir play again.
puff the magic dragon! LOL!

mitch , nyc
There's noting like a Ratdog show at Humphreys....period! How about that whispered verse in The Weight? The Sugaree was insane! It was great to have Warren out there from Birdsong through Johnny B Goode. Hoping we get an encore tonight.

Get Weir'd, SLO, CA
I too thought the show was a bit slow but still very good. I have been to all the varieties incarnate of the Dead going back to the mid 80's. We should be thankful we get anything, Bobby could walk away a rich man anytime he wants so we should all thank him and Warren for keeping it alive. I loved the sax player busting right out of the gate on Shakedown and the KC Moan was great. I love it when Bobby reaches for the acoustic guitar, hopefully we will get a Peggy-O tonight. My girlfriend had never been to any Dead related show before and was very thrilled as well. The venue was great except the long lines at the john. And any members of the band that read this please keep up the good work, we all appreciate it and love it. Don't let a few disgruntled know nothings skew the overwhelming majority who still think it is great no matter what form it takes. Warren gets better every time I see him, thanks bro.

MikeG, Erie, Pa
Sounds to me like Mitch and Hip Hop got a serious case of hemorroids on their flight out to the west coast and are a bit salty. Sorry if this is not the rocking shows that you saw at The Ritz in NYC by Bobby and the Midnights in the early 1980's. Dudes, lighten up and enjoy what you got. I'd give my left nad to be able to attend tonights show. For all you mellow heads out there, enjoy tonights show!

Peace out!

Joe Mama, West Coast, USA
What a night of great live music & what a pairing! Wonderful sounds, sights & smells. Last night's show was fantastic and easily worth the trip. I have a sneaking suspicion that Warren, Bobby & the rest of the boys were just warming up and will give us all another great evening to send us off into the July 4th holiday. Humphrey's is definitely one the nation's best venues and it's certainly located in the one of the best cities. Hitting up the beach in La Jolla & Mule & RatDog...life is pretty damn sweet. Thanks to Warren, Matt, Andy, Danny and Bobby & the boys for making great music.

Kevin, Houston, TX
All in all, a great show.
I just don't understand the "slow show" comments.
Ratdog was never a speed metal band, ya know?
It's so good to see Mark back up there and he is playing better than ever.
Warren and the Mule just smoked! I was hoping for a Cortez the Killer and they played an epic version with Mark Karan. Incredible.
Warren lights a fire when he plays with Ratdog.
We had a great time and can't wait for another tonight!

TooTallTim, San Diego CA
Fantastic show....great venue....what more can you say.

Althea - He's Gone - Sugaree --> gave me chills - good times!

Bobby and Co. have found their groove and you have to appreciate their energy and commitment for putting out solid performances, day in and day out!

Keep Rocking Boys!

Looking forward to another great one tonight!

Pony B, San Diego
Fantastic show....great venue....what more can you say.

Althea - He's Gone - Sugaree --> gave me chills - good times!

Bobby and Co. have found their groove and you have to appreciate their energy and commitment for putting out solid performances, day in and day out!

Keep Rocking Boys!

Looking forward to another great one tonight!

Pony B, San Diego
Bob cant sing anymore, and his lyrical arrangements destroy the band's tempo and the crowd's enthusiasm. Deeply disappointed. Falsetto?! He can even hit the right notes. Warren did his best to save this disaster that ended too late because Bob couldnt find the enthusiasm and pace these songs needed. Why cant he get the lyrics correct? Maybe because most are not his songs, they are Jerry's. Its inexcusable, unprofessional, and arguably disrespectful. Sorry. No more Bob for me.

Mike R, SoCal, CA
Everyone is entitled to their opinion - But honestly, how could anyone not enjoy that show, in that venue.
Yeah Bobby misses a few words (I believe JGB missed a few in his day too) Who cares. So much fun. Warren was VERY impressive opening up as well. I did not see anyone in the crowd that looked dissapointed.....Just a lot of people singing, dancing and having a blast. I think some folks just take everything a little too seriously here....relax and have a good time...everyone else is....

Steve O, San Di - Ago
Point taken. Still its frustrating to see what appears a lack of lost talent on songs we consider so sacred in beauty. It made me sad and was at times painful. On the other hand Warren and Mule are the real deal. The professionalism and talent shamed Dog. Believe me Im not happy about it. Bob needs to rethink his efforts. And while everyone is entitled to their opinion, I have to believe more than a few people are hearing music in their head from years past. Sorry, but thats my perspective, and I am thrilled that there are those gushers that can get the level of enjoyment chronicled here. I miss Jerry and hoped desperately that his memory would be better preserved than what Bob is doing now. There are a multitude of musicians out there doing his music a respectful service, Warren being one. Peace out.

Mike R, SoCal
I am glad that Mike R has decided not to go tonight. More room for the rest of us to groove and the abscence of his negative energy will certainly not be missed.

Get Weir'd, SLO, CA
ok, let me start by saying I love and respect the music and have for as long as i can remember. I have wonderful memories from every show i have ever been lucky enough to catch. Bob is keeping it alive for all of us and our children, we need to just be grateful for what we have. The only downside of last night was the noise, i am talking about all the rude and constant chatter from the people around me. In all my days of shows, i have never been so overwhelmed by excess talking. I mean the soundboard had to turn it up like four times. I just heard nonstop negative remarks all through the show. Why do these people even come to shows if they aren't even there to move to the music. So just putting that out there maybe this will get through to the people who need to hear it. Next time come with positive energy and be respectful for all of us just trying to get our groove on. Much love.

LOU , West Side
Thanks Bob and Ratdog keep it comming!!

justin, oswego
Just got back from the second show (Wednesday night). The differences were staggering.

The energy level was SO much higher tonight. The band played tight, and even though many of the songs are played slower than they were when we used to hear them with GD, they were still played accurately and with soul.

Tuesday's show bored me. Sure, there were plenty of highlights. -- but they were obscured by long periods of mediocrity.

Phenomenal venue, period. Everyone should make it a priority to see at least one show at Humphrey's. Great fan-friendly venue, and security was extremely laid-back (not always the case with Deadhead shows).

Fitty, San Diego
Sounds great. Nice to see a balanced review with perspective. And Humphries cant be beat for sure. Did Mule shred?

Mike R, SoCal
I keep reading on these reviews that some people are having a problem w/the tempo...IMO some of the stuff is a little slower,but, it brings an element of powerfulness to the music that is top shelf..Listen to the Cream Puff War from boise and that flushes the tempo theory down the cam ode....Totally fast and incredibly rockin'

mike w, Sun Valley, Idaho
if you do not like jazz, you will not like ratdog. or if you no nothing about jazz, you no nothing about ratdog.

rc, minneapolis
Agreed 'RC' and Mike W. -- Wed. night's Big Boss Man was played low and slow, dripping with soul......and it could not have been more perfect ....

Great 2 nights....Wed. stole the show!

Can't wait until we meet again boys!!

pony b., san diego

to my ears, it was a great show indeed. I like how bobby is changing the arrangements. shakedown had a tempo and key change that was refreshing. schoolgirl was almost rockabilly, k.c. moan was country bluegrass, all of which i found refreshing. when warren joined at birdsong and stayed to the end, thats when i thanked my lucky stars for bein there. Warren is one of the best in the game and his contribution elevated the songs to their deserved majesty. Humphreys really is a fantastic venue. kinda like a tropical house of blues... bottom line: the magic continues

jesse, missoula
Humphreys is top notch but has ONE MAJOR MAJOR drawback. Its the seating. The Foldup chairs are zip-tied to each other and spaced closer together than a Delta flight. You can't dance in the space allotted or even sit. When I tried to sit down my knees where in the person's in front back.

Mix alcohol in the mix and that's why people are complaining about the drunks and the behavior. ITS THE SHITTY SPACING of the SEATS.

Took my wife and had a damm good time dancing in the aisles.

That was one pricey show. Wanted to go the next night but couldn't afford it. $80 ticket X 2, $100 for a baby sitter, $100 on booze and food for two. One set of BOB, Bummer but still worth it.

Dro, san diego
PERFECTLY ORCHESTRATED "3 in 3". This is about as close to being on tour as I can get, and when I saw 2 SD shows followed by "The Joint" in Vegas, I produced a flawless itinerary, gathered the proper companions, then quickly set sail. Less then 1 hr of sleep since leaving Vegas behind this morning, has put me in the perfect state-of-mind to paint my master piece. "3 shows in 3 days" resembled the days between ie '92-'95...3 shows (in a row) every year at Sam Boyd Silver Bowl in Las Vegas...which I attended 4 of the 5 years. These remain (for me) to be the highlight of my DEAD outtings. And now as I listen to the discs from this past couple days (offered from the merch table at the show entrance), I have an undeniable desire to dance, despite being wiped. The SoCal scene at Humphreys was just dyno, cool salty air, boats everywhere, DEAD-Vet Bill Walton in the crowd (groovin with a beer no less/he did 3 in 3 also), "strangers stopping strangers", boats in the marina 15 ft west of stage right, perfect audio, a hotel with a Hawaiian feel, tropical foilage, cool 60 degrees...it could not have been better. Killer open with SHAKEDOWN, classic wah-pedal jam, put you on the psycedelic bus immediately...deep bass voice saying "just gotta poke around"...woah! Into a slightly funky BIG RIVER, lite-n-snappy, kind of like the fresh and spicy California ahi rolls that were served at every corner. "I'm gonna sit right here until I die"...made me feel like I actually could do that. MONEY FOR GASOLINE...fun and head-bobbin. GOOD MORNIN LITTLE SCHOOL GIRL, was not sure in the intro what was coming, bass man/Robin, like a figure in a wax museum, that plays with pinpoint accuracy, like a metronome. Such a solid player. ALTHEA "the crowd weaver", fun to groove and bop thru the crowd, high-five-fellow-heads and melt into the night. "I was born to be a Bachelor". Next Bobby says, "Gee, we're going way back in time here". We all sort of mentally grabbed our chairs and watched as he and Karan strapped on acoustic guitars...and strommed into KC MOAN, which was acoustic bliss. "Well she sound like, she got a heavy load", classic old school. THE WEIGHT always reminds me of July '87 in Anahiem, with Dylan and the DEAD. "Put your load right on me". Great piano from Danny Louis from the Mule. Birdsong...Bobby says "Security...who is this guy?"...as Warren joins them on stage left. Warren answers by making seagull and dolphin sounds with his guitar. Warrens lyrics on this were great, sounded alittle like Traffic in his tone, sweet. "Fly thru the Night", melodic, trippy, nearly a space jam, with a perfect sequeway into HE'S GONE...which appropriately started off with Bobby singing "Rat in a drain ditch". "Nothing left to do but smile-smile-smile"...slight lyric wipeout, but hey now, WALSTIB. More deep bass vocals...who is doing this?, Karan?, cool! Into Stuff (rather HOT Stuff I might add) with a laser-like cutting guitar solo, jazzy sweet bass, and the classic "SALT PEANUTS" riff...what a jumpin jam. Next a lucious SUGAREE, stellar guitar at the end just dripping with flavor. 3 in 3 baby...what a way to go, so strong!!! Warren wrapped with vocals late in Sugaree, before the final (is this an encore?, yes it is/an '08 tour trade mark) JOHNNY B GOOD, still with Warren bopping in an out with licks and lyrics. Slow, fast, sideways, backward, it's tunage "DEAD-ized"...if you want old school...listen to a '77 show. But with all the jam bands out there, the fact that this music is still on the road, is truly a diamond in the rough, and played this well, is quite remarkable. Especially with Bobweiser/King of Weirs leading the parade. The scene is all there, I was asked to chill, hang, bake and fly...all of it...and wasn't that half of it anyway? Gave Mule and the Dog a 10 for the venue selection/shows followed suit...was like a slice of the Napili Kai resort in Maui, the grounds, and vibe was oh so kind. Catch this tour friends...just a complete score!!! I will write-up the SD show #2 and the Joint, as soon as I get some much needed close-eye. Thanks for listening, my photos of the 3 shows will be listed under Brad Burnham. PEACE-

AZLavaman, Anthem,AZ
Great start for a 2 show set. The venue was friendly and compact. Those in the boats were a fun addition to the scene. Drove from Tucson with my friend who is a total Mule addict. Mule's set was strong, love to watch Warren do his thing with his pick and fingers. Dog was right where they should be for a one set show. I was close enough to see the looks on Bobby's face as he would figure out what to sing next, which made for a personable time. Bill Walton and his lovely wife were 2 rows in front of me, so needless to say I was shifting around alot to see the stage :) Crowd was ok outside of a couple of folks who thought they were at a Dead show. When they realized it was not going to be Dark Star for an hour, they chose to just chat with each other. I for one love RatDog and hope to see them again and again as long as they choose to continue to make the music.

Jerry D, Tucson, AZ
....I have no idea how anyone could think that Humphrey's is a top notch venue? It could be one of the worst places on the west coast to see any kind of jam band. For jazz, acoustic type stuff the place is great…you can sit (no dancing) drink a martini and hang with the blue hairs…. for Mule or Ratdog????….beautiful place…awful venue

They cant play past 10:30pm the max volume is 96 db. which as a point of reference is not loud...hell it is barley audible when you mix in 1400 screaming fans. For $86 per seat it would also be nice to have more that one restroom for every 150 guests….


I will be sure to catch you for the next Barry Manilow show I attend….e.g. so long

Ratdog and Mule,

Stick to 4th and B or SDSU Open Air Theatre…although Bob if you slow that pace down just a bit more that Manilow crowd may show up.

sdjam, San Diego
I don't understand any bad review. Ratdog has been awesome on 6/28, 6/29, and today. Ratdog is jazzy type band hence the sax. Bobby and Ratdog keep getting better and better every year. Been seeing them regularly since 2000. Mark has been outstanding and the band gels in and out of jams very wel. It will never be like the dead but there trying to be their own thing not the dead. Kenny Brooks on Sax, Jeff on Keyboards, Robin on Bass, Jay on Drums and Mark on guitar makes this sound awesome. Do not compare them to the dead just listen to the great music and enjoy.

Bill , Cheyenne Wyoming
We were second row center, and during Althea, my 2 year old daughter was crying at SeaWorld and we had to leave. And still, I just loved the show and it was so worth the trip! My highlights was Cortez the Killer, that Other One jam was nothing short of just incredible, and loved the Shakedown and Althea. The Bobby / Warren combo is as good as it gets for me. Don't ever stop rockin Bobby. We love you.

Steve, Scottsdale
sdjam hit the nail on the head. The time and, more importantly, db restrictions at Humphrey's really hurt the venue. I've seen alot of shows there, and its just not loud enough to be a great venue...though it is a very pretty place.

The show was cool, and I didn't mind the slower tempos too much...I'm trying to enjoy it for what it is, and not what the dead were. Besides, there was the show after the show at Humphrey's Backstage Lounge. Electric Waste Band tore it up like the good ole days...fast tempos and ripping solos. For me, they were the best part of the night. Why aren't they touring with Bobby?

Stu, San Diego
I called the Shakedown opener and it just got better as the evening by the Bay went on!! One of the Best venues you can go to in the US and Bobby and the boys treated it with Jerryrespect, Althea/Weight/Bird Song/ Hes Gone/into Sugaree, it was almost like bringing him back, Ratdogs Jazz/Reggae/Rock is something we all should appreciate!!! See ya tomorrow night Ratdog

Blanch, San Diego CA