8/10/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Up North Music Festival

Sunday, August 10, 2008
Ossipee Valley Fairgrounds
Hiram, ME


very disjointed show, never really got going, never gained momentum, horrible accoustic set, boring dark star(s), casey jones in the middile of no where, lame samson closer, nothing really that hot, very few classic bobbys after the stranger opener, the band looks bored yet hasn't played in weeks so whats the problem!?! the band is at a low point.

oscar, omaha, neb.
I TOTALLY disagree. I've seen 40+ Ratdog shows and thought this was one of the better shows I've seen. VERY Grateful Dead-esque vibe, fantastic festival in general, AMAZING set. I thought the band was super-tight, the setlist was phenomenal, the weaving in and out of The Other One/Dark Star/Spanish Jam was gorgeous... Bobby really delivered on the vocals, WAILED on the end of Standing on the Moon... Made my summer. Thank you Bobby.

Josiah Babcock, Portland, Maine
I wasn't at the show, but from just lookin at the setlist, how can ya go wrong with Stranger, Minglewood, Mission in the Rain, Big Railroad, Samson, and Good Lovin. Looks like a pretty hot show to me. Cant wait for SPAC and Candaigua!!!!!

R-Man, Syracuse, NY
Going to have to agree with Josiah on this one. Thought the weaving in and out DS>Other One etc was really excellent. The vocals at the end of Standing On The Moon brought me right back to a certain show at Deer Creek with Jerry wailing on the vast verses. Love to see Mission even if it was a little shaky. Strongest Ratdog show I have seen in a bit. I thought Bobby and the band hit all the sweet spots that you want them to hit on a given song. Felt good as that music typically does to me.

JUSTIN COMBES, Kennbunk, Maine
thought the show was awesome,sounded good, good setlist,nice wheather,good festival,nice time.

Dan Locke, Lewiston
IMHO of all the 08 shows ive seen this one tops them all. Band was much tight and full of energy like i havnt heard them sound since 07 spring tour i'd say. Festival rocked and the weather held out for Ratdog. Cant wait for Hartford!

-Walt B

Walt B, Coventry, CT
I wasn't there . . . have no idea how the show was . . . have no opinion on the set list have no idea how anyone can remember all those lyrics . . . can amke an A, A minor E, E minor D, C, F, and fake a G on the guitar and sound absolutley awful playin the thing but sure wish Phil, Bob, Mickey and Billy woudl get back together (and would suggest Warren Haynes, Steve Winwood and Joan Osborne to assist) and play some dang music that sounds better than (eh hem) me! . . . which ain't sayin much.

Stay cool, all!

Eagle, Rollinsville, CO
Never left a show before it was over, but there is always a first for everything. I was in the front row at the beginning of this show, totally ready to end the weekend in style, but Bobby wanted to phone in his performance instead. I was truly disappointed at lackluster versions of otherwise great songs. Every other band at that festival tried their hardest to leave a memorable performance except Ratdog. Also referring to the people of Maine as "Backwoods" only added insult to injury. Sure, the venue is in the middle of no where, but so are many other venues the Dead used to play. I'm surprised to see Bobby so not into the music.

This show never took off, or even got near a launch-pad.

uncle blah blah, portland maine
I'll agree with Justin...one of the strongest RatDog Shows I've seen. Bobby's vocals IMO were very strong and overall the sound was tweeked awesome. Reeled in hook,line and sinker right from the initial jam

W. Stanton, Center Conway, New Hampshire
hey uncle blah blah,in case you didn,t know the dead was over in 1995,so to compare the dog to them is backwoods.maybe your just coming to realize that they will never be the dead!!!!!that being said i was at the show not the entire weekend but i thought the venue was as about as good as it gets.people seemed to be haveing a real good time,the staff we"re all kids and this place was really laid back.now to the show .it started with stranger wich i,ve seen a bit but always enjoy i new the night was gonna be good when it went to minglwood to mission etc.the dark star beginning was awesome "old school"(incorp. the shakers.)loved other one terrapin standing on the moon sampson good love closer was the best !!!!!!! tons of beach balls being tossed was alot of fun good to see lots of younger people having fun including the real young ones(blonde kid atop shoulders with the shades under ten)kept me smiling.the smoke bomb everyone was dancing threw.never saw that before sooooooo laid back.thanks to the dog for a great night i,ll see you guys in mass on the 16th.also turning 40 on the 25th i think hershey is a must do. gonna pack up the family and the creww and get trucking to penn. we we,re there on the spring run and found bushkill falls really awesome place.one last thing i"m very thankful to be able to still catch the music that i really love and the people that make it happen.hey mk congrats on your 6 months love ya lost sailor drew

drew, fishtown usa
The show rocked in many ways, but all in all my experience was brought down by the scene. Sure it was laid back, and that's cool, but when so many full-on derelicts take advantage of that situation, it can really drag things down. I'm all for a good time, but not when there is so much darkness involved.
I just hope Bobby will continue to play and not be discouraged by the partially horrible scene he brings along with him.

weir-do, backwoods, ME
I too was at this fantastic show. As for Bobby referring to Mainers as bacwkoods folk, he and the band were at a backwoods friends place before and after the show so don't take offense for his humor. Now the show. I have seen well over a hundred Ratdog shows and this one was the bestt I have ever heard the dog with MK. For the first time in eight years him and bobby as well as the rest of the boys were on equal plains. It was simply the best.

Raymond Romanoski, Orrington, Me.
I never compared Ratdog to the Dead. I may have been sensitive to the backwoods comment, so I will digress, however it does not change the fact that this was a boring show. If you thought it was good, thats your opinion and you are entitled to it. I've seen much better RD shows in Maine. I'm just sayin is all.

uncle blah blah, portland maine
Now, now kids...

The show was hot, and I agree, all the boys were on an equal magical plain The flow was impeccable. Bobby slipped on a few lines at first but it wouldn't be bobby if he didn't. You may even hear me yell at Kenny in the tapes to keep up after stuff but I felt for him and his lack of breath with no bass and a super hot stuff!! Consider it a rally for the troops cry Kenny! I was upset with the short set but lets face it we got a first look at the short set dates with the Allman Brothers approaching. MK took me places I was dreaming would come true again this time last year. Thank you Mark! And how can you forget the Phillesque bass hit Robin nailed us with that knocked the flies off the wall. Listen to the tapes... lobster boats heard that off the Portland coast. Blah, Blah... it was Hiram man... be thankful to be backwoods I hope to find that in life someday!! I was a 3 day camper and I agree there was an open market I have not seen in a long while but my idea of fun is mine and yours is yours.... as long as you don't F with mine, I am all good with that. Unfortunately weir-do we will all have to deal with what we may call as dangerous or dark when we gather in large groups. I don't feel the consumption levels you have seem at Dead related shows through out the year however the state of the nation is much different from the first show until Sunday's... as sad as it is too say I think most young kids are products of their environment. Let's all just hope Bobby will continue to put up with us for many years to come... All we can hope is that young minds like the kid Drew mentioned (I will submit pics of him tomorrow) will continue to grow the mindset of we few who actually get it. By the way I apologize to his father for saying he was the coolest F-ing kid in the place while he was standing there... but face it man.... he was!


Mike in NH, Manchester, NH
We are backwoods folk. . . .

telekinisis , Carrabassett Valley
Was at the show ,front row/second row let a beautiful blonde stand in front of me,that made my show anyway!
The show had highs and not so highs.Bobby`s mic had some bugs in the begining-saw Mark throw his guitar in the
middle of rif to grab another one,didn`t miss a beat!Never heard You Win Again by RD before (Felt a Jerry like presence during Standing On The Moon ) His spirit lives on
I was so pumped to see Bobby again and the rest of the guys see Mark in such good form I don`t see how anyone could give a bad review (They must not be true Dead Heads).What`s better hard shelled Lobster or softshelled
lobster ?It`s still Lobster !!!! I just hope Bobby got the tee-
shirt of Jerry inside the Steal your Face that I made and
had a stage personal place on stage for him . Long live the
boys Bobby,Phil,Mickey, Billy and Be grateful to have shows
to review peace&out

Grateful Dan, Norway , Me
I was not at the show but I am really looking forward to the show I am going to see.Everyone needs to stop bitching about bad bad preformances and just be happy you ge to see the boys while they are still around.I have seen over 200 Grateful Dead related shows with almost half being with Jerry.Some were not as mind blowing as others but I always left with a smile on my face.Everyone kick back relax and enjoy the ride.Saw Rat Dog in March and it was awesome.See you at the end of the Month.Thanks Bobby.

P.S. Reunion at Alpine would be nice again in the near future

gratefulghee, Mundelein il
i was there and my five year old , and my husband dead front of bob...sort of reminded me of jerry...
anyway the best time in my life adn my son well bob waved at him.. what could be better for the next generation.. that show was the best....

jacki, Greenwood Me

Setlist should read: Standing on the Moon-> Dark Star Jam-> Spanish Jam-> Samson & Delilah

Without question a very clear and distinct Spanish Jam, not just a quote.


Josiah Babcock, Portland, ME
I loved the show!
I don't get a chance to see RatDog much anymore cause im bogged down w/ my own playing, but i was captivated and happy. Happy that Bobby still plays,happy that he pulled out the Gibson e.s.335,and happy to hear the entire set.
P.s. Just for the record , I think maybe the "Backwoods Phillies" reference was for ladies only.

Jeff Merrow, Back,backwoods,me
was there all weekend. Bob was great. Everything was great. Why people are bitching, i don't know. Definitly felt jerry there during Standing on the moon. made me very emotional. can't wait for the orphium in b-town!!!

Ben, Burlington, VT
I thought the show was great . Not a very good festival vibe wanna be cops as security guards. Railroad Earth where amazing!

Savage, Old Orchard Beach Maine
Been all around the country seeing the Dead in my younger days...live and raise my kids in the backwoods by choice, ten minutes from the Fairgrounds and teach at the school down the road. (Starbucks is only a half hour away. But if you want ice cream think about it before 10 pm!) Sorry if there was Darkness for some. It is not our typical style here. Thank you Rat Dog and all the good people for shaking your bones and singing your hearts out. SOTM and Terrapin...what more is there to say? Come back anytime to eat the berries, swim in cold, clear water and watch the fireflies. No upnorth this year. Maybe next?!

boobear, Porter, Maine