8/12/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Opened for The Allman Brothers Band

Tuesday, August 12, 2008
Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
Bethel, NY


a bit of a snoozer, a yawner, like a 4-1 baseball game, nothing too hot, all pretty adequate

plasma man, newark, nj
Fair show at best, and I'm usually a pushover.
It's not that it was bad, it just was.
I did enjoy Truckin' [what can I say!?], but I'm still waiting for the Me and My Uncle : )
Crowd was mostly a non energy unit.
Generally liked the site, but I left early and imagine it was a traffic nightmare getting out.

WarwickAlBuffaloFred, now Sugar Loaf, NY
Bob what the F*** are you tired or on SMACK!!! Maybe you just lost your love for the East Coast.I am still waiting for another show like last Nov. in Albany.Phil was right down the road iI geuss it was put up or shut up eh then? Where is the love of New York you once had :( :( Wake me up when ya wanna lazy lightning or anything w/ balls!!!!

Andrew, Woodstock
One of the BEst bobby shows ive ever seen, i feel that ratdog should be closing these runs, however, with the allmans opening. As compared to the magic bobby brings the allmans seem stale and contrived with far to much noodeling.

The Jack a roe-mexicali, and HES GONE - BLACK PETER were top notch. one of the best petersand he's gones ive ever experienced anywhere ever. THANK YOU!!!!

WE need two sets of bobby, or at least another set after allmans, to make it worth sitting through warren ego fest.


Adam, Crystal Vortex
frist time i've seen bob w/ratdog. was alot more impressed with them then i thought i would be.

jay, roscoe,ny
Hey Andrew,

The cheap shot drug reference is not necessary. Actually, having watched Jerry suffer from his addiction and my own addictions, I find that highly offensive.

Ever had an off night Andrew?

CaseyJonesed, Charlotte NC
well put there casey jonesed. I sure hope the dog shows up 2 plat at canandaigua

potter, cdga,ny
I really enjoyed the show--haven't been to a grateful dead concert since 1985 and it was great to see Bob could still sing like it was the 70's

rac, poughkeepsie ny
First of all I need to say that I am a young head. I am 26 and only saw the band with jerry 3 times. That being said I have tried my best to make up for lost time. I have a collection of over 150 live shows and I have seen The Dead, Phil and Friends, and Bobby over 75 times in all.

Now that that's out of the way I need to say that tonight at Jones Beach will most likely be the last time that I attend a Ratdog show. This band used to blow me away everytime I saw them, I am not saying that every show was maghical, but there was always at least one moment where I was speechless. The last five or so times I have seen them i have walked away feeling like i have watsed my money, last night was no exception. Thank god for the brothers...
Bobby seems to be mailing these shows in, I vowed after seeing them last year at the Beacon that i wasn't going to see them anymore for a while, that changed when the Allman's had to cancel their beacon run. I figured what the hell I need my fix of the brothers so why not give bobby another shot... I also thought that maybe Mark needed to get healthier and get back into the swing of things more. I thought of every excuse as to why the magic hasn't been there. At this point I give up. Bobby shows can literally put you to sleep these days. He slows every song down to a snails pace and theer is just no magic left. Sadly i would rather hear jackie Greene BELT out a Bobby song more than Bobby himself. It truly pains me to say that but when comparing (and comparisons here are inevitable) Phil and his band blow Bobby out of the water any day of the week.

Casey.. While I understand what you are saying about the drug comment being offensive the fact is that it's not an off night anymore for Bobby, it's been an "off two tours"...

Jason, Oceanside NY
I don't know what show some of these posters were at, but they obviously were not at the same show I was at. This was an explosive perfornce! The crowd was into it big time! Bobby and the 'Dog were into it big time! From the twin rainbows appearing in the sky during 'Here Comes Sushine' through 'GDTRFB' the place was rocking. The entire set was incredible and flew by. I did not envy ABB having to follow that performance.

Mr. Charlie, Bullville, NY
Thanks Bobby and the Brothers for a wonderful night!!

justin, oswego
Rain, Rainbow, and Here comes Sunshine! Good stuff! I think Ratdog was great last night. The venue was more uptight and controlling than I expected considering it's the location Woodstock happened.

Melanie, PA
Wow enough with the personal blows towards Bobby. If some of you people are so discusted with the band then dont go. I cant comment on the show because I wasnt there, but the setlist from the last two night have looked great to me though.

fantasy, ca
Last saw ratdog at Red Rocks last summer when Steve Kimock was filling in for the recouperating Mark Karan on lead guit. (Mark, amen, brother, way to go to beat that stuff and will keep you in the ole prayers and thoughts, m'man. Good for you and God Bless).

I've seen Ratdog awhole bunch and in many different incarnations since 1997. After reading the posts of the last 2 Ratdog tours, sounds like the band is just going through the motions. Bummer. I have always viewed Ratdog as hit or miss. When they hit (as they did MAGICALLY at Red Rocks last summer) they have a great big, fat, Grateful Dead sound that is the "real deal." When they miss, they might as well be some cheesey GD cover band. (BTW, to dark star Orchestra: You're great musicians, but what you do is the antithesis to the GD. Why not lay it on th elione and try your hand at your own gig, fellas?). OK I'm back . . . .where was i? Oh yeah, what I'm driving at is its time for Bobby to shake things up in the 'Dog -- stale sh*t right now, 1 set shows w/ other bands, 2 dimensional and unispired playing -- this is not in the spirit of "Grateful Deadness".

If Bobby by any stretch reads this -- here is but one man's humble suggestion (pie-in-the-sky, i reralize)of which there are literally zillions: Kimock on lead; Phil on bass, Steve Winwood on keys, Molo on drums, Joan or Donna on vocals. Don't call it "The Dead" when it ain't nor ever was (Another aside '03 & '04 calling that band the
"Dead" was silly -- A for effort, B- for execution). Howabout: "The Muffin Brains."? Ok I am open to suggestions for a name -- anything but "The Dead".

Awright, I've spoken out of school but there ya are.

Eagle, Rollinsville, CO
Same shit from you people just a different show, what a bunch of Ungrateful heads i'm sure you all were complaining in 1989 as well , keep you day jobs because your reviews are biased and full to the brim with bull shit! Bobby is consistently good every time I have ever seen him and every time I do not you people say the show is terrible , get a musical clue and also another band to bash!!! Ratdog!

Adam, Binghamton NY
"Bent my ear to hear the tune and closed my eyes to see."

My point: each show is a microcosm of itself. Read the words to 'Playin'.

I've been at this for a long time and I feel damn lucky to see Ratdog, Bobby and the whole scene. Never thought I'd witness the Music at such an incredibly high level after Jerry died. And now I have,

"Take what you need and leave the rest."

casey jonesed, charlotte, nc
We are lucky to have Bob tour the way he does........be thankful. I say too, has anybody doing reviews been doing what Bob has been doing for the amount of time he has. Unless we are wearing his Birks we cant be to critical.
On or off..... KEEP IT UP BOB!

darkstr dave, nj
My friend and I thought the first half of the show was going along really well,but then from Brown Eyed Woman onward it just fell apart....come on Bob...you've got a ton of your own stuff and even things like Bobby and the Midnites stuff you can throw in.Why SO MUCH JERRY IN THE SETLIST ALWAYS?

Dave, Binghamton
My friend scored seats in the "VIP" section and told me he was yelled at several times for standing up and dancing by people behind him and that the crowd was overall pretty lame down there. He also said it was a pretty slow overall set, by both Ratdog and the Allmans. Maybe they all just had a slow night and need to warm up after a few shows?

I'm hitting PNC on Friday night, hope to post a review then.

Thank you Bobby for keeping on!!

Green Man, NJ
I thought the show rocked.It had it's highs and low's like any other dog show.Hey Andrew I think u have a problem that's gonna bite u in the ass.Jason did Jerry have gray hair when u saw him?

disco, ewing,NJ

bob 36 , willcox az
What everyone needs to keep in mind is this..........
The opening band, No matter who it is, is never great. Its not because of the band, it is because of the sound. The sound ALWAYS SUCKS for opening bands, dont know why, just does. Never as loud as the main act. That is why, I will never see Bobby open for anyone. Tried it a couple times, not worth it, too frustrating. He should never open. He doesnt need to. Dont know why. Anyway, anyone seeing Ratdog for first time, go back and see them when they are the main act with two full sets..........


Adam, Boston
I agree with Adam. Not a big fan of Weir opening, especially for the Allmans.

navlen, maplewood, NJ
AS for the drug quote from dude,it was very out of text and uncalled for.Anyway,as for the northeast show's I think they are bread and butter for Ratdog.Maybe some people have to high expectations of what a show should be like .Ratdog are on the job site people.Dont you have good days and bad day's ?.Atleast the northeast fans get to see more of them throughtout the year,it seems that way.I live in the south,and all I can say is that all of the southeren shows that I have seen have been outstanding.The rare gems that Ratdog throw's my way have been classic concerts.See ya'll in Asheville this fall,I hope!!!!!!!!!!!!

tnaaron, kingsport
i have seen ratdog play 38 shows since 1998, mostly in new york... seen them with string cheese and with the allman bros the last 2 years... i prefer seeing bobby play when they are on there own... 2 sets... why ratdog doesn't flip every other show with the allman's is my problem... saw them last year at darien lake and they opened... great show, but most of the crowd was there to see the allman's play... giving bobby the option of playing the same old dylan songs is getting boring... needs to mix it up more... remember, jerry died in 1995 and so did the greatful dead... if you are not fan of bobby, then go see phil and friends, cause every one knows phil can't sing... never had and never will will.... if you are looking for a "dead show"... well bring out your bootlegs and enjoy otherwise take what you get and get on with it.... looking forward to 'toga on tuesday and cemac on friday.... peace frogs out

stellablue, phoenix, ny

Came in late - all the naysayers take a breather and live in the moment ... The Mexicali-Brown Eyed-He's Gone-Jam-Black Peter was stellar ... I mean c'mon, couldn't miss the tribute to Jerry there being near anniversary of his death. Just happy to be still hearing it all this many years later - wouldn't have imagined it would sound this good. The GDTRFB encore - nice ... thanks, Bobby!!!

Joe C, Cornwall
Listened to this show on the archive...I'll play it every time I'm having trouble sleeping. Bob....have you heard Phil & Friends? They blow your band away.

RikMcnik, Miami
this is sad, way to much bitchin in here. i dont know what the average age is of you all in here ,but it sucks. be good. dont know if ill ever see it but this generation of hippie wannabes needs to regroup

jack, ga.
Well I must comment with with Jack...It's sad that it's coming down to who's band is better,phil's or bobby's..It wasn't meant to be this way..Hey man,if you are disapointed in the band..DON"T GO!!!..stay home..One thing you do have to look at is Bobby is no longer 35 years old..I think we are blessed to have Bobby,Phil,..mickey even billy is out and about doing things..Come on!!!..bobby hasn't stopped since jerry's passing,my man has to be tired..see bobby was out moving and shakin..you can say Bobby loves to fill up a full tour..look at last year?toured non-stop almost..phil is a little more smoother,picks good freinds to tour with and moves in a slow pace..bobby has been doing some running to satisfy as many heads with good music..I have seen some slow shows from bobby ..but there was never a time during any Dog shows..that a moment..maybe even 3 minutes that,the show didn't grab my heart ..and have the gratefulness that runs threw my veins..and say thanks boys..I needed that..Hey if you are looking for the magic..it's always there..you just were not feeling it!!!!!.."once in awhile get shown the light in the strangest places if you look at it right"..and another thing?..how many times has jerry had off nights?Many and many!!but the band always made up!!!and jerry was not 60 years old!!!..any members of ratdog..phils band ..the allmans...THANK YOU,THANK YOU and thank you ..for the long strange trip..it's been a part of my life and soul..FOREVER GRATEFUL..FOREVER DEAD..peace and love to all.!!!!!!

casey.., florida-philadelphia
This my first time writting a comment..and I felt the need too..It sickins me to read some of your comments..and really saddens me too ..Some of you..NOT ALL are so ungrateful..none of these guys need to tour..they have plenty of money..Ive been going to shows for the last
28 years..starting going when I was 16..was there in chicago..on the last day..and with all that being said..Id still rather be at a show..in that moment..I was blowin away by the scene inside the show..a combo of beautiful parents teaching there children well, old tour heads{family}
old hippie mama's,old papa hippies who looked like santa claus..it was beautifuly filled with energy..walking into this venue there was a giant rainbow..that started at the front gate and just happened to end at the start of the stage..it was the pot of gold..an awesome jam to start the night off with into here comes sunshine>easy answers>
She belongs to me..at first I thought we might have gotten a Queen Jane..but all the same it was a beautiful cover of a bob dylan song..into a mama tired >Truckin that got every person singing along..even the buzzed up beer kids on the white blotter danced there danced there asses off..come on everyone knows truckin..right into an
@ Jack-A-roe into a strong Mexicali>Browneyed..I dont know about everyone else but there was some polka dancin going down..He's Gone..{deep sigh} for a song that was written about Mickey harts dad..This time it sure had a jerry's gone feeling..I looked around during this song to get a feel for what was around me..as I shed my tears..I saw other heads in aw..and other kids talking out loud {in
front of recorders} waiting for a up beat song to dance to..not knowing the music that is dancing in there ears..Bobby sang Black Peter with so much conviction in his voice every hair went up on my body... Hes voice was kinda horse and haunting during the song..and my friends they come around again..completely my hightlight..I enjoyed this ratdog show alot..the venue was pretty cool..It had a deercreek feel to it..I realize this is not the Grateful dead..I am thankful for everytime I see them..I realize the pace of each song is a little slower now..But do know this I heard every lyric and every strum of each guitar..clear and true..nothing left to do is smile,smile,smile ...

P.s Mountain Jam enuff said.. as far as I see it..Trucks and the drummers owned the allmans show.. As I saw it..trucks is such an amazing talent..his guitar playing blew me away..Greg allman was such a disappointment.he was not on his game..off key.. But did sing it takes alot to laugh and a train to cry wooohooo..to bad nobody knew..what they were hearing..because it wasnt *one way out* and also stormy monday was hot . ..warren pulled out an amazing * The weight* But why does he tease black magic women..and turn and go to the left completely..transtions into other songs arent as smooth as they appear sometimes with this guy..and at
times hed just gets loud with the same guitar licks over and over again..I forgot to mention The other one tease..which was a musical peek..the same songs the allmans always do were good..In my opinion if trucks was to leave the allmans..they would not be the band that they are..it would be gov't mule..lol..

hippiegirl1973, buffalo
well said casey :-).
((((ratdog)))) were Great in seattle jun 21st!
they sometimes play in a laid-back way - that's fine with me. they have great dynamics and range; i'm dancing to all the tunes :-).
wish i was at jones beach this year as i was last year. safe journey and then play on :-) (((((jay, mark, jeff, ken, bob and robin))))))))

Glinda, victoria

Saw Ratdog a few times and this show was good.

For all you whiners out there. Save your money and dont come to the show.

I come for the music and I thought it was great.

Not too many warmups you see will play for 2 hours.
So enjoy it while you can.

Bob , Highland,NY
First time for Ratdog and I can't believe I stayed away this long. This was GD related show number 78 - I've seen GD starting in 1980, Jerry Garcia Band, The Dead, The Other Ones, Phil with many combos, Bobby & The Mid Nights. Was never a big Bob Weir fan until Bethel Woods show. I thought Mama Tried was best I've seen. Jack-A-Roe was nice. Brown Eyed could have been better, but was nice the here. I thought the rest of the show was pretty good. I'm going to see at least one more show this tour.

Dan S, Metuchen, NJ
I think people who are really critical are expecting too much. Bob's 60 years old and we are damn lucky to have him perform the old songs in a way that's not a BS nostalgia fest. Max, we might have Bob performing like this is another 5-10 years. Enjoy it while you can and "lighten up Francis." Look at so many of the other bands from the 60's and 70's that kept touring and are/were completely insufferable.

If anyone thought Black Peter was mailed in, then you were not at the show I saw at BW. He put his soul into that version, especially the end of it.

DogBone, Milford, PA
Ratdog on a bad night is better than almost anybody out there for my musical taste. Maybe the east coast fans are spoiled from seeing them so often. They're more than welcome to bring their ups and downs to the midwest. Of course some shows are going to be better than others. If they were all amazing, ingrates would complain that every show has the same level of whatever - energy or tempo, etc. Think about the dozens or hundreds of great shows they've given us every single year since '95. Life would suck without Ratdog!

Adam, Indianapolis
i thought the show rocked. traveled a ways to see it, and it was worth it. the mama tried and jack-a-roe were pretty special. a great gdtrfb closer, a lot of fun. the truckin was great.
bethel is a cool venue, but i found the crowd kind of annoying in the seats. the lawn was great, but a general lack of energy elsewhere, even for the allman's.
this show was very good as far as i am concerned. sure, the huge jam numbers weren't necessarily there, but that doesn't mean it sucked at all. jay lane was great.

Lew, Bonaventure, Qc
low volume, low energy. Bob are you still a rock band? whish you could rock out more like phil

TK, New York
for those of you who thought this particular show was weak you have no clue. right from the opening song of hc sunshine, i could sense a lot of energy in bethel. mama tried,mexacali and brown eyed had everyone dancing at least from where i was sitting. between the pavilion and the lawn, there was a huge space to dance. reminded me of when the dead used to have speakers in the hall.Black peter topped it off, thanks bob

rob, long island
I get pretty used to the Ratdog split decisions. Always seems like there is a lot of back and forth on the "worthiness" of the band. I was sitting in the 8th row at Bethel and I was on my toes every second of the set. Lot's of Jerry songs, but what's wrong with that? To those saying the crowd was dead, security up front was a bear. You couldn't hardly stray from your seat w/o some old lady telling you you're breaking the rules. It's a new venue and I think they'll work out the kinks over another season or so. But it's also a beautiful venue with great sound and some of the nicest surroundings one could ask for . . . ABB was a thrilla too. How can anyone get tired of Warren vs. Derek propelled by 3 drummers? Greg is icing on the cake after that . . .

Jay, Milanville
I apologize to those offended....I geuss jason from oceanside states it BETTER!!!I"ve seen the Dead 300 some odd times i stopped seeing them when Brent died causeb it was all down hill from there..Ya i geuss BOB is just haven an off night !!! Ya right 2 Tours now!!!!!

Andrew, Woodstock
I wasnt at the show but i listend to it and thought that it sounded great. I do know what some of you are talking about when Bobby plays in a bit of a slower tempo, but this show wasnt like that at all. Personaly I'm not as into the slower shows myself but have heard magical moments in those as well. Anyway Bobby continues to change it up and play the songs his own way and i think that is great. Hey I think the Jerry tunes have been great and look forward to more. The Jackaroe-mexicali-browneyed really got things going. I give this show a thumbs up!

fantasy, ca
Great show, great time, loved to see my old pal, Evan. If we're bitching now, what will we be doing when all this Dead-related stuff is over. Be happy these old geezers still go out and play the songs we love. By the way, what is wrong with "slower-paced" rock?

glenn, walden
Judging a show on a setlist you didn't hear or who played first is very cold.Commenting on Mark's health and if he should be playing is even colder.Most people wouldn't even go to a show if they a common cold other then playing in a band while fighting back from cancer.Just sit back and let the music play the band.Ratdog provides community,relaxation/vacation,entertainment and real life memories.BE THANKUL and GRATEFIUL.

NICHLOAS, Scranton,Pa
I was at the FILLMORE EAST in NYC almost 40 years ago for a show where (a new band) The Allman Bros opened for the Dead. It was great to come full circle....GREAT SHOW!

TinaJ, New Windsor, NY
First time seeing RatDog...having seen the GD many time, I was a bit skeptical. Sorry I waited this long. I enjoyed the show very much. In fact I am seeing them again on Oct. 30th on the Island. I really like some of the RD music like TwoDjinn, Ashes and Glass, etc.

As many have said..I am grateful to still see and hear the old music.

Jeff, Salisbury Mills, NY
don't try and disect it folks, take it as it is. Good vibe walking in under a double rainbow, how could it not be a great night?

Mike, Hamptonburgh, NY
I attended this show i thought it was amazing the here comes sunshine such a funky opener and easy answers always fun, the only thing i didnt like was acoustic halfway through but none the less the set was hot!! the two dijn at the end was deffinatly the climax and have not been able to find a better cut of the tune since! And dont leave reviews that just bash the band because Ratdog had a sound they were "REAL"!

Tommy Cancel, Florida