8/16/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Opened for The Allman Brothers Band

Saturday, August 16, 2008
Tweeter Center
Mansfield, MA


Love Rat-Dog and see them as often as I can, about 10 times a year for the last 4 or 5 years. Hands down last nights show was to worst show I have seen. I don't mean to be negative, love the boys, but it was like they weren't even trying to please but more just wanted to do their two hours and get on the bus to go to Mass, which looked a lot better. First show I have seen in I don't know how long with our a Dylan tune. Dire Wolf was nice and maybe it was me, but the show was a let down, hopefully Camden will be better, I am sure i will.


Chris, Bernardsville
I have been reading the reviews from this tour with the Allmans and have really been bummed out with all the Dog bashing lately. Ya I am a huge Ratdofg fan and I was not at any of those shows so as much as I wanted to chime in I just took it with a grain of salt. Now it is my turn, I was at the show tonight. I have seen probably 25 Ratdog shows and tonight easily was one of the best. If the show tonight had gone 2 sets it might have been on of the best ever! Right from the start with Music Never Stopped the band was just fantastic. There was no lack of energy tonight, the band was totally into it. Bob even came out in front of the mic a few times right to edge of the stage and was interacting withe folks up front. Maybe the fact that they only played 3 Dead tunes tonight and had 3 Ratdog tunes in the set was a contributing factor. this is not the Dead, this is Ratdog, and the Dog was in rare form tonight. I had a friend with me who had never seen Ratdog before ( ya he was there for the Allmans ) he was blown away by them and even he said he could have listened to them all night. Dark Star was awesome and it really was played well tonight, the DS theme was woven through a few places tonight and the reprise at the end coming out of Dear Prudence was a perfect fit. Derek Trucks sat in with the Dog for the last part of DS and all of Rooster. His slide guitar style and Mark's guitar sounded great together, a real high point in the show, the crowd was really getting off! I don't think there was one weak part of the set tonight, each song was right on the groove and the vibe all night was why we come to these shows. I have heard One More Saturday Night countless times but it just sounded better tonight for some reason. The fans ( and a lot were there for the Allmans ) really dug the Dog tonight and let them know it. The Allmans were also fantastic tonight, Did I mention they took the stage just as the full moon came into sight on a crystal clear night? Greg sounded really good tonight, Derek was smokin hot as usual and Warren was well..Warren. Opened with Statesboro, closed with Whipping Post, a great night all around. I hope the vibe from tonight carries on for this tour, you are in for a real treat if you see a show as good as tonight.

Everett, Cape Cod
Just got home and was compelled to do this for the first time after ##shows. Brought my 16 year old daughter to her first show. After Syracuse was hoping for something decent but not expecting EPIC especially following the reviews i've read. Let's start with bad parking lot but with my kid there it worked out well. First time at this venue and thoroughly impressed. Kickin' TMNS, Maggie, DS Jam>Rooster w/ Derek (Who woulda thought Rooster would give me goosebumps w/out Jerry???) My only regret is they ran out of time and Bobby's hiccup during Odessa. Schoolgirl was a little out of place but well played, kinda expected Althea. I always enjoy the improv during Stuff and was thoroughly pleased with the dueling saxes. Wish I could make tomorrow but will have to wait for 'toga on tuesday. Thanks guys for making my daughter's first show not only memorable but AWESOME!!!

aldjinn, ilion, NY
Stellar show tonight. For anyone who bashes, I'm sorry about what place you may be in...because tonight's show was off the hook. If you couldn't appreciate it then I have wonder, as Jimi would say...R U experienced? For me and my crew it was just like old time, no place I would rather be...and I'm not gonna disrespect Phil but the Dog has & continues to carry the torch.

Keith, Norwich
Thanks Everett and what a nice review. Good to hear some positive vibes and energy being spoken about the shows, instead of all the bullshit negitivity! I'm very thankful that Bobby is still out there doing this for us. All of these so called fuck'in Ratdog critics have lost their way and just don't get it. At least a remaining few of us still remember....the music is what brought us all together in the first place. Peace.

jamman, Space
AMAZING set....must admit I was a little worried from reading so many of the negative posts re: many previous shows....Bobby and the rest of the Dog took care of us (me) quite well last night....Thank you gentlemen!!!!!!!

Bentley, Ashaway,RI
oh boy, oh boy, i am still livin from last night, missed the first song but was there for the rest. and let me say i had a great time, bobby set was great, dear prudence just makes me smile, the allmans were on fire, the weather was perfect and the moon was full. what more could you ask for? thank you bob weir!!!!!

chris, somerville, ma
Yes indeed, a very good Dog show. Crowd was into it from the start - lots of Deadheads, dancing, grooving and supportive. All of my Dead shows were '73-'80, I have impossibly high standards. The boys reached that special place more than a few times last night, starting with Music Never Stopped and then in Ashes and Glass and Dear Prudence, to name just a few high points The Allmans were phenomenal. Derek Trucks blew the crowd away. I agree with Everett, if you have tickets for this tour, forget the negative reviews out there, you will likely see an excellent show.

Kevin, Medway, MA
Look...I'm a fan of Ratdog. Seen them many times. I continue to have a recurring issue with them whenever I see them, though: it feels so sloooooow. Even when they're "kicking out a rocker", like One more saturday, or Odessa, it still feels sloooow, sometimes even laborious. Maybe that's the sax/jazz element that they're heavy on. Last night I got to the show exhausted from moving into our new house, and I needed something to shake me up. I was ready to dance, but by Dear Prudence I needed a nap. Allmans promptly brought me to my feet and got me groovin....

Bobby, Boston
Haven't been to a Ratdog show for a while so I checked some recent reviews here. I was somewhat disheartened to see reviews that made it seem as if this was an off tour and that I couldn't expect much from the show. Maybe it was my low expectations or maybe the band was just spot on - but last night's show absolutely rates as one of the best show's for me. Maybe it was because we listened to Fillmore West 1969 on the way and in the lot and it got me tuned in, as it were. But at one point during the show I turned to my friend and said "*nobody* plays like this anymore, this is simply amazing." I'm a set list kind of guy, but for this one take the set list and chuck it out the window - its all about the playing. Not just hard rocking, not just noodling, no determined quest for perfection (seemed to me that Bob gave himself a pass on his normal screw ups - about time). I cannot wait to grab this show and see if my impression of the show still holds up. Hands down, fantastic group improv. Ratdog became more than the whole.

tim, new hampshire
Nothin' left to do but smile, smile, smile. The rock and roll gods have certainly smiled on us once again, as we're here in Boston on a family vacation at the same time Bobby's here. Coincidence? The second Dog show this year for my 12-year-old twin daughters and it was another stellar Saturday night. Bobby even talked to us a couple times, letting us know they started Dark Star a few nights earlier, but didn't end up doing it. Can't help but laugh after seeing some of the recent reviews...this was an all-time tremendous Dog show, even at just two hours. Dark Star and Rooster with Trucks...are you kidding me? A breathtaking Dear Prudence. Additionally, Mark has been phenomenal since getting back this spring. I'm truly grateful that I was able to share this one with my darlin' daughters. See y'all in Chicago Aug. 28th.

Rock and Roll Guru, Milwaukee
I'm sorry - I was so disappointed. I looked at all the previous night set lists and was so excited for last night - but ended up being so diappointed. They started off so well with Music Never Stopped - then from there on in I just thought it was slow and boring. Never got going for me. This was the third show in a row I've seen of them that I've felt this way.

Jim, Belmont, Ma
Jim-either wake up or keep your thoughts to yourself. That was some of the best rock-n-roll you can hear in todays musical world. I am tired of all the arm chair quarterbacks who have such negative reviews and attitudes. Be thankful you were there and saw music that good. Trust me, 20-30 years from now, you will be telling all your friends how awesome that music was we saw last night. And if you still fell negative about it, remember what Judge Smails says in Caddyshack: "The world always needs ditch diggers, Danny". Go dig yourself a ditch and keep your negative thoughts and vibes there! Peace to everyone who had as great a time as I last night!

Ralph, Cranston, RI
The show was pretty good. Not the best, but not the worst. The Derek Trucks collaboration was clearly the highlight.

bertha, middleboro, ma
Last night was the second time I saw Ratdog this year. The first was at the Wanee Festival. I have to say this right up front, I saw the Dead in the 70's, 80's, and 90's and wasn't a huge fan but did go with friends for the experience.

Ratdog I like. There drummer is a monster, the guitar player is extremely tasteful, and Bob seems to be like a fine wine ageing gracefully. I did enjoy last nights show and more than likely would go see them again. I look at it this way "it's summer time, lighten up" Onward and upward.

Jim, Dedham, MA
I was very impressed with last night's show in Mansfield. I've been a long time Ratdog fan since 1995. I've loved the band up until the beginning of this year. To me it seemed that most of the shows from the Spring and early summer 08 Tour were less than average. The band played very sloppily and had a really slow tempo. Last night show totally turned things around. The band was tight, nailed every song note for note and the tempo was perfect. I had a huge smile on my face from ear to hear from the opening of The Music Never Stops through the end of One More Sat. Night. LR Rooster with Derk Trucks was off the hook. He is such a talented guitar player. No complaints about last nights show at all. Thanks guys for a great show!

Steve O, Sandown, NH

Steve O, Sandown, NH
Last night was my 35th show in 4 years. The show was better than their last show in hampton (which i walked out of during the second set) I will no longer travel to see them. last night gave me the feeling that ratdog is crapping on New England why don,t they just save their gem songs like maggies BARN for their west coast fans. As for me the DOG DONE DIED

Dave Plumley, Derry NH
i wanted to add, that i cant afford to go to all the shows hoping to get that dead retrospective i'm longing to see. i know that ratdog is not the dead, but as well as they play, i for 1. must admit, that the tie to the grateful dead is the number 1 draw for me. in the 70s and 80s, if they were playing in the northeast, we were there. 4 kids later, i have limited resources. going to a show is a treat for me, and as most would agree, i want the best i can get for the costs of going(tickets, gas, drinks, food, hotel room, sitters, using a sick or personal day off).

mark sassak, nashua, n.h.

mark , nashua
I'm not sure why, their is all this negative vibe spreading about. I've spent a life time playing Dead, where I my self am a guitar player againplaying Dead and I though that was one of the best shows Ratdog has done in a while. I mean they are all good shows, but this was a stella performance and only 2-hours to do it. The best thing being we left with a copy of the show right from the sound-board. All Sundy I listened to it over and over and yes it was very real, alot of energy, I thought it was great to Derel Trucks playing slide. The one thing I was hoping for was to see Warren coem on and play soem lead, but hey you can't have everything, All I can say is thank you Bob Weir and company for another Stella Performance.

D. Carter, Douglas, MA
Really though,The Ratdog setlist was very well done.
I loved every minute of it,and could care less what the lemonheads think.
The Allmans were very good also,That "It Hurts Me Too"was probably the best song of the night.
Much Love and respect to both bands

BobbyZ, Bridgeport,Ct
Ha ha ha ha, Had a blast! Review coming as my remembering gets up to speed! Dark Star usually sends me walking around the venue but this was nice to just relax the dance and catch our breath, forget the setlist people it's the playing that was on top. the band and the folks were right at the same place at the same time, Derek trucks to play slide on red rooster OH YEAH! After the first few hundred shows you grab these gems and hold onto them tight. Sorry if you didn't enjoy this show. I really enjoyed the Ashes and Glass >stuff> dear Prudence> Darkstar> St. night. I was hoping to talk with Mark again after the Dog set like I did at hampton. but this place is too big. Mark HI ! I hope the puppies are doing great.

Loren, Nashua

mike flynn, reading
Ralph - do you know what the word 'review' means? It's a person's subjective opinion of how the show went. In my opinion - which I'm asked to write listed on the site - I did not enjoy the set and I described just that.

Just like in your subjective opinion - did enjoy it. So piss off....

Jim , Belmont, MA
ralph from cranston is one of those guys who has no life and cannot even begin to fathom that someonw may have a negetive opinion of a show. thats what a review is, duhhh! and a real fan can say a show sucks and will not have to dig a ditch or 30 years from now remember how every damn thing that bobby ever did was so amazing, bedause its just not that way. you and those like you are stepford deadheads, in your little euphoric fog, not a bad word to say about even the worst dark star ridden show, because you have nothing else to live for. put on your ipod, put on the dog, and YOU dig the ditch.

jim, boston
Although I haven't attended any of this tours shows (partially because I not a big Allmans fan and partially because I prefer smaller more intimate venues) I feel like laying down my 2 cents worth for the record. I have enjoyed seeing Ratdog live now and thoroughly appreciate when the band is on. Since predicting such magical moments is entirely impossible and since costs for concert tickets do eat a hole in your wallet, I must say that staying home and listening to last week's show on archive.org with a beer or two suits me just fine. If I can make it to the show, great. Otherwise, I'm not complaining if I can kick back and listen to the Dog in the privacy of my home without the negative comments or fruitless comparisons to Phil or the Dead. I am thankful that taper's make this possible.

Bob, Danbury, CT
Great night, Great music. Many thanks to the drummers in our lot letting me play guitar with them......Bertha/Peggy-O/GDTRFB/Jack A Roe. See you in Hartford.

grateful.ed, madison ct
Got into the venue about 10 mins before the Dog went on. Very very good show overall. Lots of energy to start it off. The MNS opener was great and very well played. The $ 4 Gasonline was awesome much better then the Mountain Jam version which was waaaaay too slow. Best part of the show to me was the ashes and glass. Def worth goin to the show even if it was at one of my least favorite venues. Def still feel Ratdog has been bringin it like they havnt in quite sometime. Cant wait for Spac and Hartford.


Walt B, Coventry, CT
I don't know where all this is coming from. Saturday was great -- good sets, good lot, good weather, good people. I don't think anybody above even mentioned 'Hard Rain's Gonna Fall', it was totally perfect. The two bands complement each other well, too. Rat Dog WAS a little more laid back, but they fed off each other very well, and let the Allmans turn up the guitar awesomenesswithout either set overbearing the other. Gonna be a good tour, trust the Buckman.

buck, wayland
For the record...I have seen the'dog quite a lot and believe that Bobby truly was the heart and soul of the Dead. Saturday night's performance left me in the cold. Perhaps, it was because they played only one set. Perhaps, it was because they are used to be the headliners and not the opening act. I found their song selection to be well, weak. They played only one set. The tempo was a bit slower than what I am used to. Dylan ain't exactly my favorite cat, musically. Would have preferred more vocals and less instrumentals. I had to sit next to a complete bastard from Keene, NH who insisted on aggressively dancing, bumping, and other unwanted touching. I told him politely to mellow out, but his behavior persisted. Had to think long and hard of the consequences of making him leave the concert on a stretcher.

Peace and Love to you all,

J. frank of Upton, ma

J.Frank, Upton, MA.
Great show. High energy from the band, especially after Derek Trucks joined in for the Dark Star jam and Red Rooster. Not my most favorite set list, but song selection is a personal choice. The band picks the songs and we go along for the ride. And a great ride it was. THe older hippies make for an enjoyable evening, they appreciate the moment and know how quickly it can all go away. I was suprised to see the venue less than half full at the start of the show, must be hard for a band to get cranked up when people are arriving during your set. The people who were there for the start of the show projected good energy toward the band.
PArking in VIP was hassle free. The allmans put out a great set, only wish Susan could have played more.

John I., Coventry, CT
i had a great time, went for the music. different night different show . everyones has their own review. lets keep it cool. joe

joe, burlington,ma
Its all about the music and the vibe and RATDOG delivered!

I took my 5 year old son to his show and he loved it!

I felt like we warped back into 1989 at this show except for no shakedown street in the lot….

Trucks jamming with the Dog on Rooster are as good as it will get in 2008.

I really felt the band had much more to give after One More Saturday Night but the 11 pm cut off obscured that from happening.

Govt Mule played until 12:30 @ Hampton beach a few weeks ago. That will never happen in Mansfield….

Listening to some dead tunes under the harvest moon with my son was awesome!

RastaManDan, Sandown NH
I dig that everyone has their own view of the same show. Some people dug lthis show whereas others, like myself didn't. No two views of the same thing are exactly alike. Just as no two Dead shows are exactly alike. If there was something that made the show cool or enjoyable for you, I dig that and thanks for sharing that out. If, on the other hand, someone or something marred your evening, share that out too because someone else might have shared a similar experience.

Two things that I saw that were disturbing. One was how the Mansfield Police were harassing the younger concertgoers with trivial searches. The other is how unprofessional the parking lot attendants were. It seems that once Comcast took over management at this venue, things have changed, but not for the better.

J. Frank, Upton, MA.
this is my 3rd try. the band played extremely well on sat. i like the allmans songs but i am not an allman fan, but i AM a deadhead. since 1976, i have been to over 300 shows. most were great, some were not. as time progressed, songs started to fall into groups. some were 1st set songs and some were 2nd. based on song titles alone, i cant tell if it was a good show or a mediocre 1. i do know that my ultimate show would have 2 sets of 2nd set songs and absolutely NO DYLAN COVERS. hampton was a big let down for me, and the sound quality there is lame at best. im 50 now and due to responsibilities, i must curtail the use of party favors to enhance my experience. maggies farm is a lame song to begin with, and i wish they would not insist on playing it, or at least save it for california shows. To bob and ratdog: going to a dead show was a big event for many of us years ago, and we have fond memories. maybe we are trying to recapture a little bit of our past that made us happy. its sad but a majority of people went to see the allmans on sat. i went to see ratdog. im a good customer, and a big fan. dont let me miss that 1 show. i cant afford to go to 10 or 20 shows so that i dont miss that 1. even the press in boston questions why u guys do so much dylan. he is touring right now. let him do his junk. AS 4 PROBLEMS WITH THE VENUE, THE POLICE (THEY WERE OVERBEARING), OR LOT ATTENDANTS - FILL OUT LIVE NATIONS SURVEY/ CALL LIVE NATION/ OR COMPLAIN DIRECTLY TO THE VENUE - MY COMPLAINT IS THEIR PRICES FOR SODA AND WATER FOR THOSE OF US WHO NO LONGER IMBIBE.

mark, nashua
Couple of comments: The parking lot was full of cops who didn't quite understand that a Dog show is an event. They needlessly hassled peaceful people doing their thing. The lot is sectioned off so you can walk four rows before the you hit the next section. Didn't find any baloons!

I came for Ratdog and see them everytime they come to New England, and Bobby always delivers! I love the small venues like 750 people in Lebanon NH, but will take in any show I can. Little Red Rooster, Dark Star, Money for Gasoline what else can be said other than the BEST Dear Prudence I've heard Bobby & the Boys play yet. Awesome SET wish it was longer but must say you'll never see an opening band like this again in your life-time. It's good to hear Bobby play some signature DOG tunes as well. GREAT EVENT! Allmans were even ok...

Kosmic Charlie, Hudson, NH
I think it's cool that people are debating in the review section - as I usually go here first to see what's up. Nice to get some other perspectives instead of the usual gushing about how wonderful it all was. I've been to a bunch of dog shows ('97 - 2008) and was also at quite a few GD shows from ('84 - '95). Based on all the back and forth about how the band has been sounding these days I felt compelled to chime in. First thing I wanted to say was that for myself, and I think a lot of other heads, the experience of a Dead related musical event is not limited to the mere musical notes that are played on any given night - it's never that black and white. The reason the Dead scene grew so much since its humble start was was that people dug the scene and the vibe and the togetherness of the whole ritual - music, audience, lot scene, etc. And that's a big reason that I still like to go to see Bob, Phil or whatever member of the Dead is out there playing. Shit, if Bob can still make it on stage at 100 I'd probably go to hear him mumble Jack Straw through his dentures just because he/his music has had such a big impact on my life (pathetic maybe, but true). I have, however, noticed a few things about Rdog that could be improved or changed or whatever: the band DOES seem to play kinda slow almost the entire show - I think someone said something about "only being able to ride in the granny gear" or something like that. Anyway, slow is okay for a few songs or whatever, but I don't see why they can't then switch tempo for a few "rockers"?! They aren't that old. Also, I think they could axe the "opening jam" thing - that seems to slow them down and get them in a rut - save the stony space stuff for later in the show. How about stepping onstage and just knocking out a good old non- granny gear Bertha, The Promised Land or what have you -seems like that'd be a better way to say hello to the audience. And while the "jazz" sound of the band is cool, how about using the sax a bit more selectively - god knows KB can crush it, but sometimes the music just doesn't need sax. Let him chill for a few tunes (ans not just the acoustic stuff) then bring him out for Eyes, Estimated and tunes that fit well with the sax. Been listening to some of the shows of this run on Archive and also to some of the spring tour. All has a similar feel to me - kinda slow, loose, meandering "jazzy", lots of missed lyrics by Bobstar. The band has the power to change it anytime it wants right? I say shake it up a bit. Once you've covered certain ground, why not move on. The band has already made the point that they aren't the Dead and don't play exactly like the Dead, but a little bit of that old Dead fire wouldn't hure IMHO.

Noam, Boulder
Well I guess It's my turn to add two cents. My first dead show was in sept 91 with Branford and Hornsby and from then on it was all about the jazzy reworking of the music. I admit even before 95 I saw some solo Bobby shows and many after 95 and soon lost interest because "it wasn't the same as the Dead." A decade or so later I decided to go to a Lesh show because he was playing with John Schofield and again it was about the music for me not just about seeing Phil or Bobby solo cause I couldnt see the Dead. Ratdog is it's own band and should be evaluated as such not as a Bob Wier solo act to see in hopes that it will live up to your memories of what the Dead used to be. I'm sure Bobby doesn't need the criticism or the money... so lets just take the good with the bad and be thankful for what is as well as what was. As for me I loved the show and after seeing Dylan the next night I think Bobby does Dylan songs even better than Dylan and for me He can do as many Dylan covers as he likes... i.e. the killer Master's of war at mtn jam a few months ago! Anyway just my 2 cents... I'm sure its been said before... and a big thanks to the Dog for that Dark Star under a full moon... B

Bob, Albany
well i've only made it to two Dog shows this summer, and this show wasnt the better of the two, but that doesn't mean by anymeans i'm giving it a negative review. I can't believe i see reviews saying that they werent even trying or anything, the double sax was sweet i love seeing kenny rip the sax. That "the music never stopped" was intense and "dear prudence" was another sweet one. one of the best prudence's i've heard them do... and closing with "one more saturday night" was a good one to end on cause as far as i could see had all the ladies dancing which is always a nice aspect... personally i dont know why bobby is a opening act, in my opinion Ratdog is a main event... keep on keepin on

Space, Ya Face
after reading alot of these posts,i will agree with some of the bashings,not of the dog,i trully enjoyed the show much more than the allmans,but the venue ,security was tough and the prices for anything are UNREAL.i go to phil bobby and dso pretty much no matter wher they are in N.E. and though satnites show was not the end all beat all,they have kicked out beter shows in the past,last nite was fun lotsa dancing and good lafter with my freinds ,and i loved it ,and after all isnt that what its all about?isnt that why we take the chance?no matter what the band did or didnt do my advice to all is to embrace and nurture each and every show as if it were the last , remember the smiles and dancing,the lafter ,the food and overall acceptance of our trully unique social compact. :)

D-man, nattle mass
I usually Lurk to see how the shows are unfolding.

Overly Neg and Overly Positive reviews often get me wondering about how the show actually was..

I was not at the show, but D/L a great FOB recording and gave it a serious listen on Sunday. For a single set show I thought is was loads of fun. The Music Never Stopped, Money for Gas, Dark Star>Rooster, Ashes, Prudence all were nice and tight.

Noam, Boulder said it well in his/her review. Saw my first Dead show in 82' and 60-70 shows with the boyz. Our mantra on tour was "Your responsible for your our Orgasm". You have control of how it goes.

This is not to say that some of the Dog's shows drag or have some weak spots, most shows do..just some of the super negative reviews suffer from unrealistic expectations and/or not taking control of the evening...

If you find yourself not able to enjoy the scene, it is probably time to give it a rest...sometimes the rest allows you to revisit and see the beauty of it all..

Back to Lurking

Beasty, Nashville
only been to a few r.d. shows.The first ones I thought were excellent. This one I kind of thought was being 'mailed in'. Never got going for me. If I have never been to shows before, I probebly wouldn't go to another one. Actually, at first I sort of had the sense that Bob wasn't feeling well or something. Kinda of disconnected and voice seemed a bit weak or strange from what I've heard in my other R.D shows and about 100 G.D shows. Just my opinion. Others I know who went didn't think it was up to snuff either. Sorry, again just my opinion.

Bomar, Rutland