8/25/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Opened for The Allman Brothers Band

Monday, August 25, 2008
Star Pavilion
Hershey, PA


WOW! Sounds smoking! Someone please make a review! I hope this show was as good as the setlist!

Louis, Chicago, Ill
What an amazing show! The band was hot, the setlist was incredible. Took our 13 yr old daughter to her first concert and we couldn't have asked for a better show. Everyone loved it!

Mindi, Palmyra, PA
Grate show.Bobby and the band were playing tight.Took a friend her first Ratdog show she had a wonderful time

Jeremy, Lewistown,PA
Ok..you'd like a review, here it goes, I'll do my best.

Here Comes Sunshine is a welcome opener and seems to bode well for a good show. The jam at the end was a little meandering and there were several different songs it sounded like it could go into but was happy it landed at Big River. The set went along nicely and then hit upon the song that affected me the most up till then--Estimated Prophet. My mind and body really seem to respond to this song and it was great to hear once I got used to the different pace at the beginning. The jam was great and I was psyched to hear it turn into the second verse of the Other One.
When the Stuff came around I finally had the chance to take a break and when I came back they started up with a Wonderful Stella Blue. I just loved it! Then came a song which could possibly top that for me, which was St. Stephen. I have fond memories of listening to this song in times past and it was awesome to hear it again. The Eleven is indeed a complex song but they really pulled it off.
I thought Jeff's playing really stood out tonight as did Robin's. Jay was great as always and added some really tasteful jazzy drumming on She Belongs To Me. Bobby and Mark were in fine form. When Lucky Enough rolled around I cringed a little bit because they didn't play it well when I heard it before but at Hershey they were Much better. Blackbird and FOTD were also delightful. It was a fantastic experience overall I must say.

Scott Probeck, Boulder, CO
The Dog was in great form last night. The sound was fantastic and the crowd was completely electrified by the setlist for the evening.

Hopefully they will comeback around next spring/summer.

BC, Harrisburg, PA
Had a fantastic time and the show was outstanding!! Blackbird was great, St. Stephen is always a delight to behold and the 11 was terrific! Oh, so grateful for each and every show I can attend and experience!!
Bonus - Bobby and the the Brothers revisiting Highway 61 Allman style - OMG!!!!
Live music IS better - bumper stickers should be issued.
Amen to that!
Thanks a bazillion, y'all!!

Marnie O, Phoenix, AZ
great show. love this double bill. the bands really play well off of one another. Loved the setlist. RD highlights for me were Estimated>OtherOne St.Stephen>WTB>11
ABB highlights Don't keep me Wonderin' Come and go Blues HW61.

fantastic show here comes sunshine started one of the greatest shows i ever seen took my lady for our first show togeather blow our minds many more to come

mike, fayetterville pa
Weak opening but strong finish with awesome accoustic Blackbird>FOTD. Bobby sounded pretty good until the Brothers brought him up for Highway 61. He runs into the microphone, loses the lyrics and his guitar couldn't come close to touching Warren or Derricks. Just gives me a new appreciation of the ABB.

db, baltimore
From Rapture to ruin.What a wonderful trip gone oh so bad.We all know what a mystical experience it can be,how you can seemingly be transported to a higher level of concioussness by the music itself.So,imagine being on this sometimes utterly exhilirating {Deal} trip.Front row,center stage for the unparalelled delight of Estimated Prophet.Once again the band undoubtedly confirms for you what you have suspected in the past but for some reason you are still totally amazed when it happens.At certain moments the music causes what seem to be actual physical changes in your head.No mind altering drugs involved,just you, the band and the music.WOW!!I had really been looking forward to going on this triip,I knew it was going to be great but this is unreal.I was so into the moment that I had totally forgotten that there was going to be a foreign element added to this magical mix.
I don't have anything against Warren Haynes,I thoroughly enjoyed the ABB set but when when he joined RD on the stage the experience was not enhanced, it was infected.He doesn't fit.The uncommon fluidity and cohesion of RD is is destroyed by his loud,choppy quick hitting style.I was transformed from a butterfly back to a caterpillar,slumped over the rail in front of the stage,head hanging in utter disappointment.Thankfully there were still moments of bliss when he faded into the background but when he resurfaced death was sure and swift.I long for the Fall and Winter shows when only the purest of spirit inhabit the stageand ther is no threat of a foreign invasion.That is my take on the show,if someone could appease me and maybe see things in a different light, i would be most Grateful..........And Bobby, you either need to take a break or see a doctor, forgetting words and walking into microphones is not the perfectionist Bobbie Weir I know.i hope you are well and......namaste.......

Tim, Lancaster Pa
Took my 22 year old son with me to the show. Great little venue to see a concert. Great crowd, courteous staff, and yes the music, it was great!!!! Went primarily for Ratdog, but ABB playing was the icing. Great set selection and sound. Band was really tight as usual. Not to worried about a few hic-ups. Not to many shows I have seen where any band plays a set without a blemish here and there. By the way, forgot to mention my son had a great time at this type of concert!!! Hope Booby comes to Baltimore again soon.

Incredible show from both the dog and brothers. More than worth the 6.5 drive to get the double bill. Stella Blue Blackbird and Hwy 61 were hi-lites for me. Had to drive home all night so completely sober thoughout and that was a blessing because it was one to remember! Save the trouble with the lyrics on EP, Bobby was in great form and Derek was on fire! Just a fantastic night for dancing!

melissa, NC
I got to the show just in the nick of time, hoping the tickets were indeed left at will-call for me. Thankfully, they were there without glitch. How delighted I was to be in the 2nd row, dead center, looking up at Bobby and the boys jamming on such a perfectly painted summer night. The set-list was tight, and quickly reminded me why I love this band. St. Steven, Estimated Prophet, and Stella Blue sounded sweet. I thought the sound was great overall, and Jeff and KB were in fine form. I don't get to see Ratdog too much, maybe twice a year, and this show was very special. It was my first time at Hershey Park and this venue was sweet. Easy in, easy out, no traffic, kind people and small, which made it real nice. I thought Jeff and KB rocked when they played with ABB. Bobby seemed to be a little bit out of place when he stepped in on Highway 61, almost as if he couldn't keep up with Warren and Derek. It is, however, nice to see them jam with each other's bands, but kind of looks like they're both a bit uncomfortable doing so. I did think that Warren picked his spots well and I wasn't as dissapointed as Tim (previous review) was with Warren being onstage with RD. I though it was enjoyable to see them have such a good time. Derek Trucks truly rocked, and reassured me that he is one of the greatest. The crowd had a great vibe, and there was a wonderfully sweet smell in the air. A fantastic night indeed... like I would've expected it to be anything less.

Jon Peske, Greensburg, PA
Hey Tim, if Bob Weir didn't forget at least one or 2 lyrics during a show, it wouldn't be a normal Ratdog show! Having seen the Dead and Ratdog hundreds (literally) of times, I can assure you that Bobby forgetting lyrics is the norm! But they still rock and carry the torch, thankfully!!

Steve, Las Vegas
You sound like a complete clown. Haynes owns it.
Sounds like you took too much of the brown acid years ago. That was a good time. Go see live music, it might open that narrow mind of yours.

just a fan, hershey,pa
That show was AS SWEET AS HERSHEY CHOCOLATE! What a cool place,small crowd,great vibes.Both bands were a 10! RATDOG is every real deadheads dream band,PERFECTLY PSYCHEDELIC ROCK and ROLL! GO FURTHER! The Allmans are SCARY GOOD! DEREK TRUCKS is this generations guitar GOD!And OTEIL,I thought the boat trip KBM was good, SOMEBODY CALL THE POLICE!!!!!!!!

chipper, northfield nj
I thought Ratdog was great in Hershey. The Spanish Jam mixed with the Other One sounded great. I am typically a huge ABB fan but thought they were off most the night. The magical it of improv music was with Ratdog many times through the night, not so much with the ABB. Bob looked lost during Highway 61, and messed up good with the lyrics. The only word I could make out was shit a couple times. The Sax and keys for Same Thing reallt helped them get a good jam going.

joe, lancaster
First of all I would like to thank the staff at Hershey for allowing us to be free during the show. It really made for a laid back setting. Second - Thank you Bobby for what you do and the magic you have. You take me to a place where I can forget all the madness and chaos in the world, even if it's only for a little while. Third I would like to thank my boyfriend Keith for getting me to the show early so I could hear and see them through the fence sound check "They love each other" which was the highlight of my day.

Betsy, Newark, DE
The show was really great, and i loved here comes sunshine to open, the venue i could do without, but jay was awesome as usual... thanks bobby for a great time

Wally, Lake Ariel, Pa
first show in 2 yrs, wow how much i missed it. great time!!
bobby sounded great. caught the fever again, i can't wit till fall tour!

Shawn, White Haven,Pa
WOW, we've seen RatDog a combined total of seven times and Hershey was our favorite. Hanging out in the parking lot before hand you could tell it was going to be a great show, everybody was real pumped up, and you could hear at least five different dead songs blasting out of open car windows. When it was time to go inside we sat in our seats off right of center in the back. However, once some more experienced Dead Heads started dancing, we had to move the party to the front row and dance in the aisle. Security was pretty tight as fan after fan was stopped at the front row to check their ticket. We were lucky enough to stay up front until Deal before security told everyone dancing to go back to their seats. We realized our seats were really in the center, and we'd been sitting in the wrong section. When we got to our real seats, we were there for Stella Blue (beautiful) and St. Stephen (my favorite song) the crowd got really into it. When we came back from a quick break, a taper had his equipment sprawled out over our seats. He told us no problem, we could have his seats in the 4th row! By the time we got up there it was time for ABB. One word: intense. Great crowd full of crazy people, lots of dancing, beautiful weather, Bobby and the two best guitarists of today, Warren Haynes & Derek Trucks. FANTASTIC night filled with my favorites. MAGICAL.

Rachel & Mike Bogart, Bel Air, MD
HOW SWEET IT IS IN HERSHEY!!!!!!!!! The 'Dog does it again! The venue was perfect .. you fellow 'heads out there, it was such a great time, thank you to everyone. I thought this was an awesome show ... The cool August breeze - the great tunes ... and the piece de resistance -- the breath-taking sunset in this small, friendly, outdoor venue - as a gorgeous rendition of Stella Blue touched my ears. I was in the front row dancing my xxx off, but kept looking around behind me at the sunset and I really wanted that moment to SINK IN to my permanent memories ... It was one fantastic moment. The song that touched me the most was LUCKY ENOUGH. Jeff's piano playing literally had my spine tingling ... this band is so FRICKIN' TALENTED, they constantly blow my mind!!!!!! Loved how they went right into the Other Ones ... closing with The Eleven !!!! SWEET!~~ Haven't been to a show yet where Bobby doesn't mangle lyrics, as the other guy said, it's part of the territory.. expect it. Just the fact that I've seen him NOT botch Desolation Row and Masters of War, two phenomenal and complicated Dylan songs .. is a feather in his cap. I actually think it's endearing that he goofs .. he's only human. I thank my lucky starts every day that these guys keep playing their music - IT TOUCHES ME DEEPLY!! Keep going guys ... !!! CAN'T WAIT TILL NEXT TIME !!! chris in York pa

chris, york pa
trust me...when Bobby flubs a line the entire crew backstage gets a kick out of it and cheers him on to get back ontrack. "thats my captain!!!" as their monitor tech would say.

roasted1, minneap
This show turned out to be great I think for everyone, for the crowd and for both bands. The big thing for me was that you could tell that Bob and the rest of the guys were having a real fun time. Bob was smiling the whole show and was real interactive with the crowd, I've seen shows where he just comes out does his stuff and leaves without saying a word to the audience. So all these elements I really liked because going to a great show is less about me but more about seeing the band have a good time enjoying themselves. Bob also sat aside the stage with his coffee mug while the ABB played so I thought that was pretty cool too. The weather was perfect, Band was perfect, had no problems with other fans, venue ... (mostly just had a problem with the fold out chairs) was o.k. Highlights for me personally were Here Come Sunshine (even though I've heard a lot live and was a little dissapointed, it turned out to be the best I've heard and seeing the band having fun made it real good), and also Estimated Prophet was just perfect, being played perfect at the right time as the sun set into the red sky, Then the band went full speed into The Other One that included a smokin' hot Spanish jam, after they needed to release all that energy they settled into a beautiful Stella Blue which took me by surprise cuz it slept my mind to see when they might be playing that favorite again. Then of course they came to what I predicted right a perfect St. Stephen

Mike Bogart, Bel Air, MD
Bobby/Rat Dog was fabulous! Specially Blackbird/FOTD.
Maybe I'm the only one that did not like ABB at all - Statesboro Blues (opener) was good, but sounded too loud and distorted and I think went straight downhill from there. We left early, didn't want to ruin the glow from RD, and after all were there for RD - we wanted to leave happy and we did!

JennyO, State College PA
Great weather,great venue,great staff,great people and the best music America has to offer. Went to see ABB but RD was a super bonus. They all took me to a higher place. I'll be there next time. Thank you all.

Turtle, Lancaster PA
An awesome evening with Bob Weir and the Allmans. St. Stephen rocked my world, as did Big River, The Other One, Deal, and Here Comes Sunshine. My only *slight* disappointment was Estimated, i felt that it was a little slow....but it still sounded phenominal. Warren Haynes was a fun guest, and did a great job on The Eleven. I am going to my 3rd RD show tonight and I'm hoping for Help on the Way as the opener.

The Allman Brothers disappointed me with the lack of Ramblin' Man, but were amazing nontheless. Derek Trucks is the greatest slide guitarist I have EVER or WILL EVER see, completely mesmorizing. One Way Out was fun, so was the Statesboro Blues opener. Stormy Monday was excellent also.

Bob Weir gets a 308,956 out of 10, and the Allmans got a 203,845 out of 10.

Oh and my 10 dollar bootleg t-shirt capped off the amazing night, as did school the next day (just kidding about school, it sucked as usual).

A.K. Smith, Bel Air, MD