8/27/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Opened for The Allman Brothers Band

Wednesday, August 27, 2008
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI


A wonderful show, it was fun taking my nephew too his first Bobby show. A excelant sound. Just too much booze. Bobby and the band.All had smiles a great vibe. And as usual most sit in the parking lot .Duh .Just a old man who goes, for Every Note .Hope all had fun .

smileydave, Michigan
Maybe 13 years and 2 months to late, but I finally got my eldest daughter to her first show. Don't just look at the setlist, this was an awesome show from start to finish. A great time was had by all. Lost Sailor/St. of Circumstance might be highlights and Bobby's making papa bear proud on the ballads like Baby Blue and Black Peter.

Peter, Kzoo
Really enjoyed Black throated wind and Lost Sailor. Made it worth it.
Sad there were so few when Ratdog went on stage.

Tim, Toledo
Hell Yeah!
I took my fiance' to her first show. She never saw the Dead but it was really nice for her to experience this show.
She was jumping up and down, screaming and clapping her
hands. No words can express being able to share this with her. She was way more into Bobby then ABB.
Baby Blue, Tomorrow Never Knows, Dark Holllow, Black-Throated Wind, Lost Sailor>Saint, Black Peter (very emotional!), TMNS was really great as well! and of course
Ripple (beautiful version!)
I was really present to how much I miss the Dead, but Bobby really delivered!
Go see a show when it comes around, and pray for another
"The Dead" tour!

Iam, Michigan
Just jump in and swim the waters are great!
Bobby and the boys delivered another great show.
Amazing jams from start to finish.

Sunshine Daydream, Dark Hollow
Jam > The Music Never Stopped > Minglewood Blues> Baby Blue, Jus' Like Mama Said, Tomorrow Never knows, Dark Hollow@, Black-Throated Wind@, Lost Sailor > Saint of Circumstance > Stuff > Black Peter, GDTRFB
E: Ripple

my review of the show;

Last night was amazing. it took us 5 hrs to get there after the long border crossing and then traffic on the I-75, but let me tell you i would have drove day's to see this show. I wanted to go to NY last Friday but got sick and missed the show and when I saw the set list I was disappointed, they played all my favs and I had no idea what they would bust out last night. Each song was very well played and the sound was great, so that's my review of the music. We were up near the front and I have to say at 41 I can only pray I look as good and have the energy Booby does and the heart as well. I want to thank the band for doing this day in and day out, as a musician who travels allot I know what the road can do to you, but when you love what it shows and it shows with this band, it's a good as it get's and i saw the Dead 150 times, if you think that the music stopped after Jerry died, your are missing out. Thank you Bob "For A Real Good Time"

david hickey, hamilton ontario
Great Night of music!

The Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance>Stuff>Black Peter sequence was "Beautiful".

Only wish Warren would have joined them for a tune or two.

Tdog Farrell, Wayland
What a way to spend one of the nicest days of the summer! It was great seeing all you good people again.
Bobby never seems to let me down! (awesome show)!
Hate it when Shakedown gets Shookdown tho....
Met alot of new friends including our 'Angels from Akron'!
Bummed Im not headed to Chicago...
Love the Bro's too!
See ya next time !!

Brent, Alpena
I took my four year old daughter to see Bobby last night. I am happy to complete my circle. Bob has always been a love of mine and every show is joyous for me. Thanks Bob, my daughter loves you!!!

Christina, Kalamazoo MI
Very good show last night. My car battery died so I got in a little later than I wanted, caught the end of Minglewood, which is a song I really like and was bummed I missed most of it. The rest of the show was great, the acoustic set was phenomenal and the rest of the way out as said before was just amazing. Goin Down the Road had everybody grooving-by that point it was getting pretty crowded, and Ripple was very cool. Just so good to see Bob, only the second time i've seen him in concert, the first was the Dead tour in '04. ABB was smokin last night too, incredible show from Derek and Warren, the rest of the band too, especially Gregg, but the guitars were awesome last night.

Josh, Flint, MI
Great show! Your missing Baby Blue from the set list. Ripple encore was a treat.

JimiG, Westland
What can I say? This was my first "Dead" show and I was absolutely floored. The traffic was heavier than anticipated so I ended up getting to the venue late. Finally made it to my seat about halfway through TMNS and continued to watch mostly in stunned silence for the rest of the set. It's not really possible to pick a highlight for me, as it all just blew my mind. The whole band sounded great. I'm a long time ABB fan, but on this night there just was no contest. RatDog smoked.

Had meant to see them the last two times they were in Royal Oak, and while I regret those, this was a mighty fine introduction.

Bought the show and have listened to it a couple times since. Still hits me the same way. I hope more experienced fans will check it out and enjoy it as much a I did.

Sean, Michigan
GREAT SHOW!! I went to the show by myself but from the from the moment I arrived to buy my ticket and was given a "miracle ticket", I knew it would be a special night. Bob and the band were great. The old tunes brought tears to my eyes, remembering back to the old days. I sat with a wonderful group of people and the ABB were also awesome. I'm 56 and have seen hundreds of Dead shows but this one was special. Thank you everyone!!

David, Columbus, OH
I saw the Grateful Dead many times from 1990 to 1995.
I also bought the disc and have been listening to it nonstop since.

Just Like Mama Said (I am really into this song)
Dark Hollow and Black-Throated Wind
Lost Sailor>Saint of Circumstance
Black Peter
And of course Ripple.

Iam, Michigan
Good Show. Black Throated Wind was Fantastic! Tommorow Never Knows was great music for the Head!

Kelly, Dayton OH
Bobby and the boys were great. I was hoping for a better setlist but you get that sometimes. You go to a show hoping for some of your favorite tunes and you get something else. It wasn't a bad setlist but just not what I drove over four hours to see.
Highlights for me were 'Jus' like mama said', 'Black Throated Wind', and 'Black Peter'. The Music Never Stopped is always a great way to begin a show and Ripple is always a nice way to end a show, but I had that beggining and ending so many times.
The Allman Bros. were good too, but I was there for Ratdog so ABB was a nice bonus. Derek played awesome. I can't stand Warren Haynes so I am so grateful he didn't come out during Bobby's set.
All in all, it was a fun night.

Jason, Eastlake, OH