8/28/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews

Opened for The Allman Brothers Band

Thursday, August 28, 2008
Charter One Pavilion
Chicago, IL


wow the dog is on fire right now! Every setlist from the last 9 days has been loaded! COLD R&S & ATTICS!

Jesse, Townsend
I agree, the setlists are amazing - I recently saw 6 shows on the West Coast, and they are smokin' for sure

Ben Anderson, Burlingame, CA
cold rain makes any 1 setter have a shot at excellence, one of bobs better jerrys, a nice show, deep end is underrated, the band obviously likes it, and plays that stuff well, like to hear a hot west LA soon, thanks, go cubbies

Lewis Lafen, minneapolis, mn
Show started off ok and got progressivly worse as the night went by.
Coulple of highlights and Bob was not apart of any of them.
He looked very bad, and he struggled to keep up with the music. Any punch left in these old dead songs was a huge swing and miss by you this show Bobby.
Get some rest pal. you sound like you need it.

deadheadk, Chicago
Totally disagree deadheadk....Bobby was beltin' em out last night!!! Amazing show! Dear Prudence>Sugar Mags was excellent and an A cappella encore of Attics....Sick!
Great Show!

deadheaddan, Chicago
Was there last night-unfortunately have to agree with deadheadk-the energy coming from the stage was non-existent. Bobby looked tired and bored, the songs all seemed to plod along. Actually saw a small spark during Prudence-however, the Sugar Mag was ended abruptly by BW and then stumbled into the SSDD. Attics was an embarassment-almost painful to listen to.
ABB-on the other hand-were on another level compared to Ratdog in terms of energy expended and musicianship.

Livemusic, Chicago
Great performance from Rat Dog. Not sure where the two dudes were that posted those bogus reviews. I was down in 4th row and there was tons of energy. Bob has definitely put on some weight, but his energy levels are still there. Dear Prudence was awesome! I really think Mark performed exceptionally well all evening. Jeff and Kenny were both strong and Jay and Robin did there things as always. My girlfriend had never attended any Dead related concert before and she was pretty impressed, and felt that there was more energy from Rat Dog than the ABB. SHe mentioned that all the ABB tunes sounded alike and I kind of agree with her. Warren and Derek play way too much slide. There is only so much of that you can take. Anyway, a great show at a great venue in a great city, what else can you ask for?

Andy W, Knoxville, Tenn.
Waste not, Want not. Love to be Loved. Geez, I wish there were more shows more often. To the Bobby and the band, and all my Brothers and Sisters out there... a big virtual hug. " 'Cause I mean what I say; I'm having a high time; Living the good life; Well I know"

Peace and good health.

Dave B.

Dave B., Granada Hills, CA
I have been watching set lists because a buddy and me are going to Red Rocks tomorrow- since Cream puff at Saratoga the boys have just constantly keep topping themselves-I saw them at Fantasy and both Humphreys shows and even partied with Bobby at the Bowling alley at Fantasy!!! Never been to Red Rocks in 31 years of seeing the band starting on the east coast before waking up and moving west in 89-anybody who writes critical reviews is not getting it-it is and always will be A REAL GOOD TIME Rock on Ratdog and let the MUSIC NEVER STOP see you at Red Rocks!!!!

Blanch, San Diego
playing in the band was played too slow for it to be the opening number and ramble was also a bit too slow for my liking but i appreciated it nonetheless otherwise this blew the last ratdog show i saw in april out of the water. mk is fire and i feel like this band is peaking. sure bobbys got a gut but after 40 something years on the road i'm sure i'd look a hell of a lot worse. i think his voice sounds almost better than ever and this band just plays really well together. really enjoyed drumz as well. how was attics an embarassment? i've heard much worse versions than last nights..thanks a ton bobby for touring still i'm enjoying every minute of it.........and on one final note. the DJ from WXRT getting the crowd pumped for "phil lesh and ratdog." you should be fired, don't act like a fan and talk about how you loooooove this "extension of the blues" if you don't even know who's onstage with you. its one name you have to remember! jesus. final note pt. II thought ratdogs show at northerly was much better than phils back in june. i still love you phil

Sick, Chicago
How can you call DEADHEADK rude? He was at the show and made an observation. That is what a review section is for its not to just oooo and aaah about how amazing the show was. there are good shows and bad.. I have seen 7 shows on this tour and while some of the setlists have been great teh performances ESPECIALLY from bobby have been lacking,.. he does appear to be dragging out there, he has slowed down the pace of every song.. This (to me) all started after the previous summers tours. ACCORDING TO FOX NEWS THE DEAD ARE GETTING TOGETEHR AGAIN FOR OBAMA OCT 13th and will be TOURING next summer!!!
Maybe being back with the old crew will wake Bobby up a bit!

Jaybones, oceanside
Dead Summer tour!!!
SAw it online today!!
1 Show in Pittsburgh or Philly October 13th.
If all goes well..
SUMMER 2009!

Tim, Toledo
Last night was cool security was laid back inside but sucked outside I heared there was a riot or something there a couple weeks ago so they were being more zero tolerence than normal but anyway the show had its moments I have seen beter but for the end of a tour I was still happy to see Bobby.I got down front row center for the last three songs and the Attics was right on it was very cool.If people are going to bitch stop going!!!The crowd was awesome pretty good mood all around I would never walk away disappointed sure beats sitting at home watching t.v. I am listening right now the 1/2 step was sweet,brown eyed was nice too,Dear prudince very cool also.If someone could let me know the web site they saw the band was touring again would be greatly apprieciated.Would also like to say hi and thanks to the little sweet heart that got me down front row you know who you are had a blast dancing with you.EVERYONE GOING TO RED ROCKS HAVE A BLAST WISH I WAS GOING WITH YOU.

Grateful Ghee, Mundelein Il.
I think that Ratdog played well last night. Not the best played set, but not the worst. Yes Bob seemed tired, raspy to the point of quietness when he sang. They do seem to be running through a lot of songs at similar tempos ( a bit slower than we are used to - or is it just me?) Also, it is the end of a two leg tour and he is 60+ so I can understand. I do not think we can compare Ratdog 2008 with Grateful Dead concerts. Sometimes I wish for that feeling (looking at Soldier Field in plain sight just blocks behind the band playing last night brought back 9 shows worth of memories there) they have some similarities but are not the same, but it still feels pretty damn good to be a part of this thing we have. There is still going to be magic moments made in the very near future by this band.

Mark, Chicago
I got in just as the opening jam started. Playin was slow but the band was just letting people settle and find their friends. The EL Paso was soooooooo slow!!! I loved it. At times I thought time was standing still. Fun. Mississippi half step was also very fun. Lots of RD for me over the years but I have never seen them do it. MK just kicking ass during the end of MHS. Attics was nice but a bad choice for a crowed that was chatty and drinking heavy getting ready for ABB.

If RD was the head line band I would have been sad. However they were the openers so I was happy to see a nice show at a very nice place.

Don't take it so hard everyone. This could be the last time!



Rich B, Palatine
I was in attendance last night with my 16 year old son, his 1st my 40th RD show. I catch them 3 or 4 times a year. We both had a great time. If you are looking for GD tempo, thats not what RD is about. Yes Bobby is looking a bit weathered but you have to be thankful he still provides us with grate music. Everyone dancing around us were having a kick ass time . Apperciate what we have here people its not going to last forever.
Peace and enjoy

wjpotty, GENEVA
OK, never have given a review before but here goes.


Wow, every time I go to Northerly Island I am reminded just how amazing this venue is. For a city venue I cant think of any others that I like as much as this. We had a buddy on his boat right behing the stands, the beautiful cityscape, great sound system (Im not an engineer but I thought levels were great and I had a 12th row seat and also hung back 2 rows from they very back of the back stands for some contrast and to see the rest of our friends. I suggest anyone go see a show there.,,,you will love it.


Thought it was Europe 72' for a bit...j/k, what a great setlist albeit I agree that the attics might nota been the best choice since the Allmans were coming up and people were def. ready to rock, but it did set a nice tone for the break.


OK, so its the elephant in the room so you have to address it. This isnt the GD. I loved the high tempo GD shows I saw, and I loved Bob's high energy, the rhythm devils keeping it in time...but for whatever reason Ratdog just plays a slower tempo. I dont know why, I dont necessarily care for it but I can dig it...just not sure where the slow tempo thing came from. Bob's age? Jay (my bet), Robin? Who knows but its def. slower and I wish they would play faster...thats one thing I really enjoy about Phil's show is the tempo for those songs is like GD tempo and not this slow stuff. Anyhow, its Bobby's band, I dig it, just wish it was faster.


Excellent but I dont really think that Jay and Robin (see: tempo) do the music justice since the bass and drums really drive the music. Karan's playing is great, have always loved Bob's fucked up way of playing, and Chimenti is the man. I am sure Jay and Robin are very good at what they do, I just dont enjoy their laid back to the point of boring styles. I really think Robin hides in his shell too much, scared to bust out...or its just not in him. Jay just kinda goes thru the motions.


End of tour, over the age of 60, whatever...I dont care. if you are going to perform...then perform. I have never bought into the concept of "appreciate it while you have him"...thats a bunch of crap and Im sure Bob would hate people using that as a crutch for him just not delivering the goods vocally. He has such a great voice...Im just not sure why he holds it back. Age is bullshit, end of tour is bullshit, he's just zoned out. The voice is there, Bobby please just let out the beast again! Tour less, take a longer break (if you arent playing one set) but it just ddidnt seem he was giving it his all. I love Bobby's voice, always have always will, I just dont feel that I heard it last night. Dont know if this is a dig, but its just eerily reminiscent of Jerry in 94/95 where the voice would come and go when Bobby has always been the rock.


I enjoyed the hell out of this show as I do each time I see them, but I am really starting to think these guys need a little kick in the ass! Get some sleep boys, rest, then come out and give the goods! I know Bobby enjoys it but he doesnt seem to be projecting it that much anymore. I really hope he finds his passion again, and if not, and perhaps this is just the limit of the band, thats too bad. But I dont think it is, I think they are great...put on great shows, but they coulda been so much better with some energy and passion for the vocals, plus a little more upscale rhythm. I have always gone for the music, and I will always go for the music, so this is how I review shows in my head. Hope I dont get trampled for this review but its what I heard. Again, enjoyed it but left with a little desire to hear my old rock star buddy Bobby again. Maybe he's gone but I dont think so, he aint that old yet!

Deepbay, Midwest
MK absolutely smoked on BEW, this was worth it alone. Cold Rain was awesome, liked the slower Playin and the country tunes, Prudence was real nice. As much as I love Attics, an a capella version was not a good choice for an encore before the ABB especially with a tired Bobby voice, but he belted out some nice verses on I Shall Be Released with the Brothers. All in all, nice show at a nice venue, security? What security, very laid back, lots of dancin in the aisles, everyone had fun. Thanks Bob!

Dawg440, Chi-town
What a perfect night in Chicago! A great venue with some legendary entertainment. Ratdog is not the Grateful Dead but is the best thing to bring us back to those times we all know and love and miss dearly. BW didn't have to be on the stage that night but I am glad he was. Loved the set list can't wait until they come back to windy city.

Zeke, Chicago
People like to dis the band on energy levels and all of that but I was more than happy with the show. The venue was great, the weather totally agreed and there were more than quite a few moments when I got chills all up and down my spine. I liked Bobby's little belly, it reminds me of the one I am growing in my accumulating years, although I was only about 18 when I saw the last show, I still remember it like it was yesterday and I definitely have to thank them all for all the smiles and tears throughout the years. Quit dissing the band, they did JUST FINE.
I must say that there were many highlights but I can't find words to describe how hard it was for me not to bust out crying during that INSANELY BEAUTIFUL ATTICS!!!

Let's do it again and soon!

I know OBAMA is important and all but let's get a tour going again with the other guys. One show for a benefit is not gonna cut it. We miss all of you guys and it couldn't be that much of a problem for you all to strap on the old equipment and give us a little run.

Gr8fulDbon, Bloomingdale, IL
okay... some context here. Security outside the show was harsh to say the least, somehow they managed to control an entire parking lot of a sold out show and an adjoining beach! Lets not let that happen again. I remember a huge beach party there for phil two years ago. I experienced this concert on a very drunk head, nothing else other than some pot from kind fans, and I found this night to be a landmark in my GD side project career.
Playin came out of a slow meandering jam that hinted at the wheel. The slow pace was perfect as the theater was half empty and people were just beggining to stumble into their seats. The jam spun delightfully round in circles not really going anywhere but making me smile anyways. At this point the grandstand was empty, offering a great view of the band, the skyline and soooo much room to dance. Ramblinrose was great, bobby spoke the lyrics clearly and there were plenty of exciting peaks. Coldrain had everyone up and boogying and was tight as ever. Then they lost me for five songs. But I can't complain as this was mainly due to song choice not fitting what I wanted. Evenso>Deepend was really really well played but I just would've rather heard some old dead song I guess. But it was so well performed that I can't officially register a complaint.
Since this was the one bobby show of my summer, I had fantasys of the acoustic selections but his song choice kinda kicked me in the balls which is to say those are the last two tunes I would've picked out. (how bout a monkey and the engineer?) But again they nailed everynote and I can't complain.
Brown eyed women really got the ball rolling, as a song that I never really associated with epic jamming, Mark really pulled the rug out from underneath me on this one. Huge solos and plenty of funkiness to go around. This momentum carried on through half step although to me it seemed abbreviated and should've been stretched out longer.
Stuff kicked ass and dear prudence came out of no where and rocked like no other beatles song ever will. considerable brain melt on this one. by the time "round round round" came around, everyone was jumping around and singing, holy shit what a song! They could've ended there but instead decided to toss in a half baked sugar magnoliia, lazy execution aside, the venue had really filled in and now that everyone was singing along it finally felt like a real rock'n roll show. it was alot of fun but I'm really sick of hearing ratdog close with this song. and then it stopped! I really coulda used another two hours.
I kept waiting for the band to pick up there instruments when they came back out but never did. This accapella attics was the single most touching moment in my music listening career. bobby with his hands at his side like a goddam choir boy singing his heart out. held up just fine to the american beauty version for me. the crowd was silent, we could've all sang along but it was just too damn beautiful to interupt. a few verses and a few tears later the band left the stage and I felt like i had witnessed something great,. my buddy who was along for his first show turned to me and said "this is what heaven is like"
i guess i didn't think they'd have nine dollar budweisers in heaven but i felt damn good.
allmans failed to catch me, it all sounded too similar and jams went on for to long, lyrics to grim, but maybe I was just exhausted from that amazing ratdog show. i must've been, anyother night I would've boogyied to the bro's but everything seemed pointless after that attics.
until bobby came out for "i shall be released" never in my wildest dreams did I imagine they would pull this out again. pure crystalline goodness. when it cam time for bobby to take the second verse the instruments really died down and bobby sang it like an old man who had seen many hard times. it made me so grateful that he still comes out to do this for us.

Panamafredd, Mil-town WI
The show was killer! Short but Killer. I think they left a song out of the set list here. I swear they played Loser.
ABB was ok. Trucks was killer, nice of Bobby to come out to wake us heads up with I shall be Released!
I vote for the Dog! ABB just could not make me dance except for maybe southbound and Aitn but one way out.

I am sur I heard them do Loser. Attics was the bomb.

No hassles at the venue until after the show.

I guess you cannot smoke near the lake. Thats what the CPD had to say. WTF?

Pistol Pete, Chicago
Really great show, but to short. The Dog just doesn't seem to get to the Windy enough. Cold Rain and Snow was a solid run and Dear Prudence as great as ever. Bobby did look tired but the man has been doing the road 40 plus years. This is the closest you can get to The Dead in my book. Sure miss the days. After the ABB started I just couldn't get into it any more and got the hell out.

Bobby get so rest and remember we love you in Chicago.

Iouridr, Chicago
got there late no tix hung out by the beach,great sound out there.next time thats were i'll be security is very harsh out side the venue, great set good show.allamans souned better than ever, this being the first and only show this summer i am always gratful to be hearing the songs i love so much played by such a talent played the way he wants them to be played (not the way you want to hear them).can someone tell me what bobby was saying, he seamed to have a long speach about something we could not make out the words

brent, rolling meadows
got there late no tix so we went out by the beach and listened good sound out there but could not make out what bobby was saying in his speach, never heard him say so much from the stage if someone could give me the jist that would be grate. its far out hearing the songs i love so much played by the guy who wrote many of them and the ones he didnt he has made his own. the dead never catered to any ones mood i feel for the fans who compain that a song was to fast or to slow .i say let the music play the band and your head and hearts if a song is telling you to slow down may you ought to. thanks

brent , rolling meadows
I really enjoyed the show!! Bob is, no doubt, a little weary. Think about it, in the backdrop you have Soldier Field. The last place the Grateful Dead played. There has to be some significant emotions going on for Bobby (and Phil for that matter). Look at setlists for Ratdog and Phil and you have always had a somber tune that gives tribute to Jerry. Attics and I Shall be Released with ABB are two examples. Anyone notice how Bob was pointing to his strumming arm at the end? And also his deliberate/slow beating the rhythm down to close. He is looking a little road weary. Time to get some much needed rest my friend. I'll be back for the next show!!!!!!!

KB's, Chicago