10/30/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, October 30, 2008
North Fork Theatre
Westbury, NY


maybe it was due to it being first night of tour, or maybe the Dog just got some of its issues worked out since i saw them last (mix, tempos, blah, blah) - my impression is that these guys were on fire wire to wire! no real "hang your hat on it" epics in the set but it mattered not. My first time seeing MK since he's been back - terrific. really going for those higher spaces without reservation. the arrangement of queen jane was particularly pretty and sparse, chimenti with some beautiful playing on the grand piano there tomorrow never knows was thunderous, as was playin' - bobby composing on the fly, calling out some very interesting and sonically powerful progressions -this also translated to victim - which benefited greatly from the full band approach with bobby on acoustic, just soaring and frightening and strangely angular and daring - fantastic stuff. little other one tease coming out of "stuff" (which was off the hook, jay lane blowing it up). might as well brought the place down. real high energy all the way around, bobby in great voice - plenty to look forward to on the tour - enjoy!

drew, LB, LI, NY
very tight out of the gates. GDTRFB never ended nor did Playin. thought it was other one ended up knockin. can't wit for tomorrow. bobby's in town.

dc, astoria
Having felt that in fact the band had been playing slow and sluggish since Mark's return, especially at that last putrid run at the beacon NYC shows, I was quite pleasantly surprised to see the boys, on the opening night of the tour, polished, together, but most importantly, inspired. The first set started right at 7:30 and was extended and interesting, lots of bobby tunes all night, upbeat, starting with a hot music-minglewood. Queen jane melodic, they love each other with the haunting organ playing reminiscent of Melvin with the jerry band, a trippy spacy tomorrow never knows- rousing mamma says into the classic playin was very well done and greatly appreciated in the great theatre in the round that is the music fair, once home of fiddler on the roof with the legendary zero motzel, a Jerry like figure in his own right. anyway, the vicitm or the crime accoustic had this insane jam, was truly played at the highest level, and attained a corrina type of heavy beat, into the smoldering laste time, into an ashes and glass that meandered here and there and everywhere, a masterpiece of introspective doom. The knockin on heavens door was well received, played slowly and with great passion and sung with so much feeling, into the crazy hot GDTRFB which Bob just couldn't put down. "And the crowd goes wild..."

liebo, ardsley. NY
YOWSER! Nice way to charge out of the starting gate for the 2008 Fall Tour! The Music Never Stopped, indeed...felt like Bobby let it develop at its own pace but that applies to every song on this night, nothing felt like it was truncated, all of the jams within the songs felt "just exactly perfect" in length and execution.

Minglewood was the shout-out to those "LI girls", Queen Jane was actually beautiful and Youngblood was pure fun and a very kewl placement in the 1st set. TLEO almost reached the epic heights of the Beacon 2007 version but was great in its own right but the true gem of this set was the extraordinary TNK, which gave me the feeling that I was being taken on an interplanetary voyage, easily the best version ever seen/heard by this very humbled DogFan. This is why I place my trust in Bob...

Jus' Like Mama Said was excellent and the closing PITB was totally rock/space solid & closed out a nearly 1 1/2 hour 1st set.

You Win Again was beautiful in its own right to start off the 2nd set and then followed my personal highlight of this set, a totally developed Victim Or The Crime that rivaled any version that I've ever heard live or on tape and the one that I've been waiting for Bob and the boys to unleash. This sucker was dark, deep and sinister, reaching into the bowels of despair. Yeah baby, THIS is what I'm talking about...

The Last Time was its usual raucous self and Ashes and Glass was space personified, Stuff kicked butt and Knockin' was played with a beautiful reverence. GDTRFB was off the hook and kept going and going much like the Energizer Bunny and Might As Well was a great way to end a great night of the Dog. Other than the fulfillment of a fantasy setlist (which none of us actually get, I think, lol!) I personally couldn't have asked for any more from Bob and the boys in the band and here's to a great rest of a Fall 2008 tour. May they continue to play at this inspired level...


PS: A special shout-out to my concert-going-mates Bruce & Mike and to Tony & Rob, great to see you guys again!

ajcmixer, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
What a way to kick off the Fall Tour! Show was awesome!
Great energy and the band sounded great!
After the disappointing run at the Beacon this Spring I was wowed last night!!!!!
Queen Jane was awesome. Youngblood just a whole lot of fun and well received. Thought Knockin on Heaven's door was well done but my personal favorite of the night was Ashes to Glass!
Well done and look forward to a great rest of the Tour!

tchase, white plains ny
I was viewing this show from just behind Jay. The boys were totally into it having fun and really letting all their improvisational skills fly. Up tempo and great song list led to a outstanding performance.
That was SPECIAL, and the band left it all out there.
Big kudos to Bobby and the band.

Bob, Bethpage,LI
Sat behind stage near Robin & J. with Plenty of room to Boogie. Boys put on a spectacular performance.
Ashes & glass,TNK,Music Never Stops ,TheyLove Each Other... Bobby came high steppin into town for sure ..
kool perspective to watch J lay the back beat down.
fun nite with kool neighbours..

RAlberty, Vt
Right On TChase! Ashes and Glass was the hilight. Great show to kick off the tour. Crispy. Or were they ever here at all??...

Bones, Sag Harbor, NY
every dog show is an adventure and of the five or so i have seen in the last two years this assumption holds true. i really enjoyed this show, for me had a flowing almost psychedelic mood yet was loaded with powerful rock, like The Last Time, and GDRFB; cool doing two pieces from Reflections (they loe each other and might as well. we left dancing and smiling into the late long island night.

ratdog really has established an important place in my life.......how cool is that?? (no forum replies pls!!!)

marc, haverstraw,ny
I've seen the dog about 20 times.This was the worst show.Hey bobby remember you were in the Dead!That's what people wanna hear.You remember albums from69-74.

len, nyc
this was a great show anybody sez anything else should just stay home, that means you len

tommy, east islip
dear len

this is not the grateful dead; this is ratdog....life is change; and bobby has led this band through a major transition and has made them relevant with old deadheads (myself circa 1970 Fillmore East) and subsequent generations. if you want to hear reworks consistent with 1969-1974 go see Phil and Friends, I love them also and will be at Nokia run. It is all good......

marc, haverstraw,ny
I finally got my Ashes where all the lyrics were comprehensible! It had a nice long jam too. Other highlights for me were Minglewood, TLEO, TNK, Last Time, and Stuff. I even didn't mind Heaven's Door which I usually think is a downer out of space. Well done. Know all they need to do is play the We Bid You Goodnight part in GDTRFB and we'll be all set!

Scott Probeck, Boulder, CO