10/31/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Friday, October 31, 2008
North Fork Theatre
Westbury, NY


well played but a pretty horrific setlist, the casey birdsong combo did not work, and of course the early birdsong means the late birdsong, lets just say that the combo of come together into birdsong is about as exciting as watching an islander colombus bluejacket game, I mean its just boring. come together is the worst of the late in the show deep jerryesque songs, no jam, no notin', stranger was nice and all else was blah tonight. sorry

oscar, brooklyn
It was a long hard week at work. These shows got me through it.... Last night I found the song selection to be blah...minus a few exceptiions. Tonght, I thought they ripped it up. I'd just like to tip my cap & say thank you to Bobby & the Boyz

matt, massapequa
1st time/long time.
1st impression: better than I expected but I wasn't expectin' much.
1st half of show was better than 2nd half after LOOOOONG
Crowd was into it and that accounts for somethin, just not sure what - until the cow who needed a bath (with warm soapy water, shampoo and anti-persperant) fell on top of me. she then lowered her top to show off her titians and lifted her skirt airing out the 70's muff mama bush!
Tricks and Treats! Yum.
didn't/couldn't stay for touch of gray and werewolves. Got more than half my moneys worth and none of the wifes ticket cost recouped. she d it all. especially the stinky cow!

herb, Isle of Long
P.S. For what its worth: My girlfriend was the only (from what I saw) black person at the show. The whole scene is somewhat (15 shows Bobby, Phish, ABB) new to her & she has been bored by past Bobby performances. Tonight she was dancin up a storm & told me the show "rocked".

Matt, Massapequa
First set was great! Stranger was good but Mark's first solo sucked and second was better. This is at least show 15 for me and Mark is just not loud enough. Kimmock last year had strong LEAD SOLOS. Casey Jones was awesome though. Bird song makes me want to go to the lot and get a balloon. Black throated was the highlight of a lackluster second set. May not go again. Me and my friends have been going for years and they are losing it. Bring back Kimmock! Peace!

Murph, Williston Park
Why does any one still go ??
Bobby has absolutely nothing left on his fastball, in fact ever since the Hanson boys showed up with him at the wetlands I lost all respect

Gary , NY
Oh the lament of cynics - I've always been puzzled by heads that go to shows, then say how much it sucked blah blah blah. If it's that bad, don't go - life is a series of choices.

Shark, PA
It was fun while it lasted. I must admit I continued to go hoping for a glimpse of "yesteryear" and always walk out disappointed. Bobby is so freakin serious- it doesn't even look like he is having fun out there. He also keeps such tight reigns on the boys. They watch every cue from him and seem SO afraid to GO FOR IT- for fear of screwing up. It's sad to watch. The beauty of old dead shows was that Jerry could take to the face of God and also take you over a cliff- all in the same night- because they just WENT FOR IT! Well, I had a nice run, but my Ratdog days are over.

gr8fuldad, E.Northport
This was my second night and I was in the same area behind Jay. I'll have to give the nod to Thursday's show for tighter jams and song list combos. Thursday just had more flow and not that it matters much to me but on Friday night Bobby lost his lyrics and where he was in song a few times. To be expected.
But Thursday's show was the better of the two for me.
Last nights version of BTL was vintage Bob Weir, it was outstanding.

BOB, Bethpage,L.I.
As Donald Sutherland playing Oddball in the movie 'Kelly's Heroes' said, "Enough with all the negative vibes!"

You folks who are downers need to seize the moments for what they are...not what you imagine they were or could be.

CaseyJonesed, Charlotte
I thought the energy level last night was way up there, more than Thursday, Halloween, Fungus, Fried-day night don't know but it was high, like me. As far as the shows, it was all good, hey it's Ratdog not The Ever So Grateful Dead, the music was tight, some nice jams and a couple of old school Gems thrown in. I am always happy to be there just to see him on stage playing for us. You all need to get of the bus if you don't like it, Critique is always good, but be kind and Grateful they are there for us, Thankful that MK pulled thru his ordeal, nice to see him smiling and jamming, makes us appreciate what we all got.
See you at the next show, off to Phil at Nokia. Thanks Ratdog for a real good time, Oh yeah I liked the TLEO on Thursday. Peace N Roses - DIzzyWithEternity

Jeremy Old School, Huntington
Come on now. The thng is to be, Enjoy, laugh with old and new friends and dance and shake our bones. If you didn't get off on this then maybe its time for you to move on. I've been going to shows errr over 40 years and still love it. Plenty of people want your ticket my friends. Peace

Howie, Flushing
great show last night. i have to agree with another poster that though the setlist could have been better, the playing was top notch. i thought the first 2/3 of the first set was the best. even a song like mama tried was played tightly and had the perfect amount of psycadelicization (*!). the show was by no means flawless, but when has it ever been? i was behind the stage about 50 feet from the drum kit and everyone in the band was visibly having a blast. the vibe in the place was great...this is an amazing and intimate venue. i have to say the past few ratdog shows i have been to suffered from weird pacing or just felt too slow for me. last night felt like a rocker and it was worth sitting in the shit traffic from jersey. of yeah, i also got to high five bobby on his way to the stage.

the quarry, westfield
enjoyed the show; great seats center stage Loved IKO IKO....good mix of tunes but could live without DRUM solo

carol, brooklyn
You know what they say about opinions.
They are like --- ----- .Everybody's got one.
I can't believe anyone would rush home after a show just to throw up a negative review. Where did all these music experts come from anyhow?
I agree with Howie. Shake em up baby.

bigmike, Newark, DE
do i even want to do NYE's????

Jeff, Boulder Creek, CA
hey, now... < bobby, phil, >bobby has heart, the past year has been so sad, the beacon shows were flat, come on bobby, we need you to step up for us... stop playing all the crap and get a good set list together. i love shows and we need more of you bobby...

virgil, hy nw
I don't know what these other reviews are talkin about but I was at a different show
first set was smokin and if you don't like birdsong I don't know what you even go to shows for
the jams in birdsong were the high points that and casey jones
but I guess you actually have to listen to enjoy the music
keep up the good work bob!

John, earth
hey big mike and howie, read and learn. This is a REVIEW page for fans, not for the experts. Here is the definition of a review: "a personal viewpoint of positive or negative nature, offering criticism and dislikes or likes of the subject". You see, its the howies of the world that don't get it, they wouldn't know or care a hot show from a clunker, and therein lies the beauty of the music and the shows, they are different each night and one night can be great, the next ok, and the next may suck, and thats exactly the formula from the start in the 60's and what the band does, spontineity and truth. NOt the same show every night, which is how howie sees them all in his ignorant stupor. Its the TRUE fans that listen carefully and offer honest opinions, its the howies that show up to every show, groove to the scene baby without really listening to the notes with an honest ear, because they love the scene not the music and really have no life at all. IF you don't listen, cannot criticize, think ats all good all the time, then you in fact have no appreciation for the incredible just like mama said on thursday, because you thought everything was oh so great, which its not always, and the true fans know that, not howie! So keep the good and bad reviews coming folks, its what completes the concert after the encore has been played and the band shoves off for their next show. The people who offer criticism are the best fans, the ones who really belong at the show, you stay home howie!

mike, ny ny
i have seen the dead and variations of for 35 yrs...people need to wake up, go with a good attitude or don't go, do not expect Jerry,(it would be grate.but it's not going to happen)... RatDog has totally jelled... they're into their sound ... i thought last night the band wasn't as concerned with doing Jerry tributes but doing their own thing,which i liked and they rocked.... i have seen shows that have lacked energy but this one would NOT be on that list....setlist could have had included another classic but if you were listening it did not matter...they were on fire...keep it movin bobby..glad you make westbury a consistent part of your plans...see you next time...

mk, long island
After the "demise" of the Dead, I always felt that PL&Friends (especially with Warren & Jimmy) were playing far superior shows.

The Ratdog show on Halloween had the makings of a real memorable show if only the 2nd set was played with the same intensity and conviction as the 1st set. The 2nd set started with a great "chestnut" in Catfish John but then it made a wrong turn and was just a "paint by numbers" 2nd set.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put together 2 sets of equal intensity.

With that being said I just want to add Bobby: Thank you for a real good time.

gary, flushing, ny
no review,wasent there...takin mom to Greens,nc. show.She's Bob"s age,last show for her was 4/1/04..all I can say for the start of the fall tour is that,sounds like a great start/typical NE reviews ,a bunch of thumb suckers...

anthony, kingsport
I think the problem with the east coast is you guy's get too many shows!Howie is right there is plenty of people that want youe tickets and we all want them in the midwest.

Grateful Ghee, Chicago
I agree with mk.....have been seeing Dead shows....and variations for 30+ years....and have seen Dog about 20 times, Ratdog is not the GD.

That being said....

They truelly have jelled...and last night, in my opinion, was outstanding. I brought a friend to his first Dog show...and he was a veteran of many GD shows in the 70's and 80's, he was floored.
His comment, "I was expecting the Dead, this was totally diferent, what an amazing sound and energy, I loved it"

Bobby and the boys tore it up last night....keep it up.

JT, rockville centre
First of all I would like to say that all you east coasters are so spoiled! You guys get the dogs entire tour one after another and you still complain. Sounds like a lot of these fans arent happy with seeing a million shows a year so maybe you should just stay home and play on your computers. I know that some shows arent as good as other ones and vice versa. I cannot review this show because I havent heard it. The setlist looked pretty good to me though. The one song that I could do without is the come together. Everything elso looked good. I love the birdsong. Ratdog does this really well. Especially the way they go back into it in the 2nd set. Smokin! As far as the people who always love to compare to the GD should stop. Ratdog isnt the GD. If you want the GD you should put in a bootleg and listen to it. Ratdog has a new fresh sound and twist they put on the music. It is cool. Keep rockin Bobby!

Fantasy, santa cruz ca
the first set was great. Nice changes to old songs- loved the ending of casey jones. i'm no expert, but this was my favorite ratdog show- iko iko- fun , touch of gray, casey jones- very good-

Chris, NY
Hey fellahs, I am not sure where the extreme negative comments are coming from in regards to Bob and his performances. We should all appreciate that he is still playing and providing us with a magical new touch to classic grateful dead tunes - its original and fun. Thank you to those who understand and post legitimate comments about Bob's great dedication in providing great music. Take care

trent, richmond VA
Great energy, well played...set could have been more classic but the vibe put it over...the crowd was having a blast...looking forward to Phil on sunday.

Silkfarm, Brooklyn
I'm goin too the boston show on the 8th,,,,that being said....i cuaght i real great show on halloween....GOV't Muleat boston,was 1 of the best musical experiences i ever have had.....play a strickly Floyd 2hr sec set....abd it was really really really good....sights sounds....i hope the aud recording will do it justuice....quad sound also.....1 superb show.....bobby this week ...can 't wait....heynow heynow

Ronnie K, salem ,nh
Bobby turns round to J as he was sequeing into Reprise Birdsong & with a smile he takes his arms & does this chicken wing dance thingahmajig & turns back round & faces his mic... talk bout jestures.... pretty kool Bobby. Keep On Keepin On... gut some great musicians alongside you....
A Dabba Dabba Dew to Wilma & Fred my neighbours of 2 nites. U guys are quite Festive.....

RAlberty, Vt.
I've about heard all I can stand of the negative reviews. I can still remember watching a show in the late 80's where Bob would come in early on a song, or Jerry would trip up his fingers on a lead, and the crowd would cheer and smile because they loved the music and loved the band and just couldn't wait to hear what was next. It was an experience with the music and above the music. We never sat in the camp ground and complained that someone didn't jam enough, or someone else throttled the pace. It was a privilege to be there and we loved every minute of it. If you want Bobby and the boys to live up to some standard that only "recording artists" can obtain, then get the f out of the theater, this isn't for you. In case you haven't noticed, this isn't the same music. This isn't the Grateful Dead. I'm guessing some of these reviews are from people that never even saw a Dead Show. Those that suggest Bobby should hang it up should do the same themselves. As for me, I've got my Tampa tickets and I can't wait. Play what you like boys, i'll be dancing in the aisles like I used to do. Play on!

Mark B, Palmetto, FL
I've been seeing Grateful Dead, JGB, Legion of Mary, Kingfish, Jerry Garcia Band with Nicky Hopkins, the Godchauxs, etal. The show was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There's something wrong with your hearing if you thought differently. Remember, Jerry died 13 years ago, so Jerry is not writing the set lists. Bob lets his computer pick the tunes.

How could you not like a show with Casey Jones, Werewolves of Londen, Black Throated Wind, Big Railroad Blues, Catfish John, Mamma Tried and the night before with Minglewood, Might As Well, Ashes and Glass, Playing in the Band, Going Down The Road Feeling Bad.......... etc.

Garykeys88, Baldwin
GREAT SHOW. My wife's 2nd and my 4th this year. Compared to the last tour, this was awesome. In fact it was awesome compared to many shows I've seen.
We drove down from Syracuse for both shows and we're happy the first night and even happoer the second night.
NOt sure why all the negative reviews - people in front of us, behind us and next to were dancing. Smiles everywhere. Great setlist we thought. Feel Like a Stranger, rockin' Casey Jones, Odessa was smokin even if Bobby did forget some lyrics, Big Railroad was great. Yeah, Easy to Slip I could do without and Bird Song is great at first but it does drag.
That 2nd set was our weekend highlight. Catfish John is one of our faves, BTW was good, Silvio and Tequila? c'mon if you didn't like that then not much will make you happy, and take that into an IkoIko - WOW. Come Together was great in my opinion, we love the Beatles covers. Finish Bird song and our first Touch of Grey was cool. And of course the once a year Werewolves of London ! Everybody we saw was having a good time. So from our point of view, it was great. We were on right of stage near the last row and though the venue was awesome, not a bad seat. Can't wait for next year. We'll go back. Planning on Scranton if we can fit it in.

jim and sandy, syracuse, ny
You guys are CRAZY, listening to my tapes the music is great, as usual. Supplication Jam and Touch were great on the playback. Don't like it, Don't go - More room and tixs for us to shake our Bones.
Peace N Roses - DZ

Jeremy, Huntington, Strong Island
I'm no tour-junkie or expert, only my second RatDog show (been to a bunch of Phish shows, saw the Dead once) ....

I felt like it was my birthday when they played 'Baby Blue', loved 'Iko Iko' and was dancing the whole show with the exception of Drums/Space. My only disappointment was that it wasn't longer.

Jon, Massapequa
yea seriously, that show was bommbbb. i had a great time, thank you bobby!!!

kelllly, albany, ny
Saw both shows at Westbury. Thursday night (my 20th RD show) rocked but Halloween night ripped!! More energy in the place too. I see a lot of people knocking the second set. I don't get it?! Catfish was a nice opener IKO IKO rocked!! And who in their right mind didn't like that Bird Song? God Bless Janice!! This ain't the Dead people! It's Bobby. It seems to me they are playing with Heart and Soul! Just my too sense. Nice job Bobby. Keep on keepin' on. PS: the captain fell in love with a lady like a dove. thanks to the thursday night girl behind the stage. you had me smiling all night... keep on dancin'!

Bones, Sag Harbor, NY
you east coast boys suck come@see us calif. boys nye @ will show you how to party grateful dead style

dennis, bay area
Have seen 30 RD shows including 6 this year and all i have to say is WHAT???? this was an awfully weak show very forgetable, had its moments but too few to save it not to mention ending at 11 great job guys c'mon for the fans bring some heat.

kyle, mamaroneck NY

Lenny, nyc
I really couldn't complain having been a year since my last Ratdog show the band seemed more refreshed and on their toes than usually. Heard some old chestnuts, favorites being Mama Tried, Big RRB, BTW, and Silvio which I did enjoy even with Tequila thrown in. All I have to say is how can you not have fun on Halloween? Is was worth going just for Werewolves of London. I didn't think deadheads could be party poopers. Might as well have a good time.

Bob, Danbury, CT
Well... To me it's unbelievable that some would disparage the work and the time Bob and the Boyz have commited to RatDog. I have been to 26 shows over the past 4 years and each of them have been unbelievable experiences. In fact, the shows are never the same (which is amazing in itself), there is magic and surprises every night! Can't wait to make plans for my next show. I was there Thursday and Friday at Westbury and there was no disappointment only joy! great! In fact I saw the setlist behind the stage next to Jay's kit and it changed the experience. It was cool but a part of me wanted to be surprised! Anyway, the nights were Well played and creative. Lots of Love to Bobby! Can't thank him enough for a real good time. Think it is a blessing that he can continue to rock. My advise get it while you can. A good attitude...

The Big Man, Northport, NY
3 lil lwords black throated wind period

steve , queens, ny
I look forward to ratdog everytime they come to westbury. Of all the places to see a show, that venue is probably the the best. Every seat is close and the sound is great. I can understand people not happy with a set list or the quality of the music not being up to par, but we should all be very grateful that we still get the chance to sing and dance to the best music in the world! I must admit that i am critical of the band and can't disagree with the negative reviews ot the shows, but when was the music ever perfect? Some of the beauty of the dead was that they were almost never perfect night after night, and we all loved that about them. So we should be thankful for every opportunity we get to see bobby and the boys.I may not like every show but i will always love the music!!!!

petro, glendale,ny
This was the second of six shows that I'm going to see on this tour after seeing them in Hartford in August and deciding that now, for the first time since '95, was the time to chase a Dead-inspired band and I write it that way specificially because I've never gone to a RatDog show expecting the GD. With that said, those that pay their monies (as I have) have every right to express their opinions and it's just that and it's all good. I just happen to think that these two shows in what has to be one of the all-time coolest venues ever built were as well played as I could have hoped for, even if they scripted together my personal setlist from hell in the 2nd set (other than the gorgeous-to-my-ears Black Throated Wind). But I learned that lesson really well back in the GD days and now understand that a well played show with a sucky setlist is far better than a great setlist played in a mediocre fashion. So regardless of the setlist I danced as hard as I could to four sets of the Dog over two nights and look forward to repeating it again starting in 10 days or so. And for those that aren't having such a good time anymore, the elections last night epitomized one of the greatest gifts that we have here in the USA: Freedom of choice.

BTW, I personally thought that the sound was damm good for both nights even though Mark did seem to get buried in the mix at times on Halloween. But what I saw was a band that, especially on Halloween, was all smiles most of the time and may they continue, IMHO, this inspired run that they're currently on.



Alex, Sunnyside, Queens, NY
Wow so many complainers,funny i didnt see anyone with a dissapointed look on there face.That was the best show ive seen from them at this venue,and ive seen all 6 last 3 years.Seems like many are expecting so much more but those same people complaining would be reeling as i would if bobby decided to stop touring.Great concert,great band/Cant wait for the next one.

dan, franklin square

small problem in the set list it wasnt dred scott as fake jeff sitting in on stuff, it was wayne lynch

wlstrat, new york