11/1/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Saturday, November 1, 2008
Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead
Munhall, PA


Ratdog!!!!! When my son and I saw the Hershey show with the Allman's the thought came to my mind that the boys were their "own" group, with their "own" sound. In other words, they had matured over the past few years. Last night at Munhall cemented that perception for me; and to compare them to what the Grateful Dead or Jerry did in bygone years is a disservice. As all good artists seem to do, they "own" this music now. They play it in a way unique to their own burgeoning talents as an ensemble. My expectations were high: a show close to home at a gorgeous and intimate venue. They exceeded, shattered, my feeble expectations. They came out smoking hot, jamming with no fear. At at least a half dozen or so times Bobby was grinning with gleeful wonder at the magic of it all, as the music played the band. I will leave to others the specifics of the wondrous setlist, the palpable energy exuded, and the other paraphenalia with which deep seated yearning tends to fit an horizon. This, my friends, is RATDOG! They have arrived and are continuing to evolve as their OWN brand of artistry.

David Jenkins, Steubenville, Ohio
Gary NY writes: Why does any one still go ??
Bobby has absolutely nothing left on his fastball

Wow...I just saw him pitch in Munhall and he was in total command. Two speeds on his fastball...his change-up was on and he even threw some over-hand curve balls. Only got behind in the count occasionally. I thought he was being lifted after the 7th (right after stuff) for a pinch-hitter but no, he came out for the 8th (SOTM) and got roughed up a bit~but only gave up a run. True veteran took to the mound to finish the game out in style (Brokedown).

Ratdog 5 critics 2

Bobby's line:
9 solid innings pitched 2 R 1 ER 13 so 4 bb

That's why we call him ACE!

ReggieRon, Pittsburgh
One great show. Ace still has it even the best pitchers have an off day every once and a while. He's Gone and Eyes of the World were as good as I seen in the past 30 years. Can't wait till next year.

Rhoaboy, Pittsburgh
First off, this is one of the best venues to see a show. It's small, intimate, and the sound is incredible!! This was only my 2nd Ratdog show. The first time I saw them was in o7' when they opened for the Allman Brothers. The show was great, the setlist was even better! My only complaint of Ratdog shows is the pace of the music. I think they could be a little more "Upbeat". I never really seem to be able to dance and shake my bones!! However; the tunes still rock and I had a blast! Rock On Bobby!! See ya here again soon....I hope!!

deadheadsteelerfan, Pittsburgh PA
Man, what a great show last night. I really didn't think the setlists from the first two nights were anything special so I knew they had to bust out the goods for the third show.
We had front row center in this awesome really intimate venue, what more could you ask for.
My highlights were the Dark Star, Eyes, Mission, Cassidy, and the Stuff. Kenny looked like he was having some fun during Stuff. Also, Kenny B's solo during Eyes was monsterous.I liked the jams in Easy Answers and Corrina as well.

They really took that Dark Star out there. My only complaint is that the it was the first set ender so it just kinda fizzled at the end. The stage setlist stated that it was suppose to reprise but it never did.
Also, I was hoping for that Franklin's during second set.

All in all....
great setlist, monster jams, & sweet venue = awesome night with the Dog.

Jason, Eastlake
We drove from Cleveland to see Ratdog and was very disappointed in the venue. The Carnegie Music Hall is not suited for a rock band. The jam sessions were screechy and tinny, and Bobby's voice was even overcome by the shitty sound. It is a beautiful venue, but not for Bob Weir and Ratdog. The quality was better in my car on the drive home.

Laurie Sobisch, cleveland, ohio
*Overall, this was a pretty good show. I saw it w/ my "BUDS" the FURman and TWEEK. Dark Star and Little Red Rooster have always been favs. of mine. Bob's axe was sweet on Rooster. Corrina>He's Gone were fun, Blackbird got me goin' too! Was kinda hoping to hear Ten. Jed, but I got my money's worth. I will say though at times some of the Jams got to be a little drawn out and TOO LONG, but always GOOD-times!! This venue, I agree was intimate and had great sound-cool and ornate place! However, since it was built in 1898 the bathroom sit. was ridiculous- ONE toilet, no urinals and a sink. ONE- yes ONE toilet per two rest rooms (for 1020 people to use). Is that even up to building reg. code?!! Anyway, great place to see a show-the whole thing was just a little strange, but cool- just don't plan on using the pisser. Eat-n-Park in Cranberry was a must on the drive home!! Great Adventure!!!!
****PS. I do understand that this type of music is a little laid back, but still-LOUD Concerts & atmosphere aren't really the place for Babies, let alone ones left on the chair behind their pot smoking mother who treats them like a Cabbage Patch doll, or passes them off to the stranger next to her for about a 20 min. jam. My personal fav. was when she bent over trying to be sly hitting a joint in the kids face while it was sleeping! I think ashes even fell on its nose! Bad Parenting!!!-WHO WOULD EVEN PASS THIS LADY A JOINT?! Boy, CRAZY world- I tell ya(smile). GOOD-TIMES!!!!

J., Youngstown, OH
Decent show, but it was impossible to hear Bobby's vocals in the balcony.

I thought that the Lazy River Road was the highlight of the night, followed closely by the He's Gone>Eyes. Big River was also pretty sweet.

Overall, next time, I'll keep my 50 bucks. Most of the jams were overly long and boring, and the biggest disappointment to me was Cassidy>Dark Star, which was pretty uninspired, especially the Cassidy.

Also, does anyone actually enjoy "Stuff"? What is that? For those of you who had bathroom problems, that was the time to go for me. I couldn't even be in there for that.

Frank, , Pittsburgh
The night started out bad when we got stuck in traffic and missed the first 3 song. I heard most of Mission from outside and got in during Lucy, never been impressed with Ratdogs version. Rooster was OK, Cassidy was maybe the most disappointing song of the night, it wasn't bad, but the jam was short and I thought that the buildup and return to the main song was weak. DS was good, I also thought it was a strange way to end the set though.

The second set started off with a good Blackbird, and a pretty good Lazy River Road, one of my favorites. Corrina was good but long, always seems like it's drawn out too long-a lot of repetition. It seems strange that Corrina could be longer than Cassidy. He's Gone was excellent, but marred with mistakes. Eyes was the highlight. Kenny stole the show here. Stuff>>SOTM was excellent, OMNS was a good closer. Brokedown was less than stellar to say the least.

This was maybe the worst show I've ever seen from Ratdog. The sound was extremely poor, but could have been because I was in the back of the balcony stage left. Couldn't hear Bob. Mark's gear was causing problems too. He had to come out during the break to get it straightened out. Seemed like the boys just couldn't get on the same page. Keeping with the baseball theme, this was like watching a pirates game. Still, ain't no place I'd rather be. (Dog show, not pirates game)

Pickeyes, east butler pa
Lots of negative reviews so far. I was actully quite impressed with the show. The opening jam was probaly one of the best, most intersting opening jams i've heard. Easy Answers was fun, Bob was having fun jumping to the front of the stage and rocking out with everyone. I thought Loose Lucy was kind of weak, but thats about all. The cassidy was great. Second set- Blackbird>Lazy River Road was amazing, very well played. Eyes of the World was the highlight of the night, Bob nailed it vocally, and everyone had great solos. Then the encore: Brokedown Palace. It was so sweet and such a moving rendition of the song. Great way to end the show....4/5 stars....

Tyler(Friend of the Devil), Buffalo
Nice Show, Bad Accoustics in the Room. The sound was really muffled and did not do the vocals any good. Bob was in Great spirts and looked really healthy.

Enjoyed being in the front row in such a small venue, but again the sound was pretty bad, and a slip knot with out a Franklin's somewhere in the set...huh.

Fivemiles, Dayton OH
My boyz and I have been to hundreds of shows. We know what we hear, and last night was one of Ratdog's best. Bobby is back. He was fully engaged, charismatic, animated, and elicited up some extended jamming, all of which were strong, to the point, and landing home every time (well, as much as anyone can outside of Jer). Eyes was epic, epic, epic. Mission was over the top, the sound was incredible (at least in front of the speaker it was!), and Ive been coming to the Burg for over 30 years, and the Dead never dissapoint there! Good job you Berg heads, even if you do wear those rediculous steeler steel your face shirts.

Harley, Cleveland
i thought this show was solid over all.. mission was flawless and kenny's eye solo was great... but the rest was just another ratdog show nothing life changing but definitly a good time...

this venue is a nice venue for school play and ballering rehearsal... no way is this place a rock venue...

i was off to the left in the balcony and the sound was mud... i was hoping it was because of my location but i saw mule at the same venue tonight dead center front row balcony which is normally a seet spot and gain the sound was mud...

its really a shame pittsburgh doesn't have a better venue

benny, pittsburgh
always been a Bobby fan!!! They rocked it out once again . . . I have seen Ratdog several times and I thought the energy was very high . . digging the setlist and love the energy they pour into the Jerry tunes

surprised at the comments on the sound . . i thought it was great from the first floor . . and have seen several shows from the balcony and never had a problem - - where is Dan when you need him

peace out and vote

oldhead, Gibsonia, PA
What a small venue!! Saw friends from buffalo, and canada, Sat in upper right balcony, and thought the sound was great!!! Actually sat in a folding chair behinds my seat because the seats were NOT designed with 6 foot tall people in mind 110 years ago!! ALL YOU NEGATIVE PEOPLE SHOULD JUST BE HAPPY THAT BOBBY IS STILL ALIVE AND DOING SHOWS!! Go try to catch a Jerry show today. Yes ratdog is not the Grateful dead. Yes bobby plays things different. Love the ratdog, love Bobby for what he gives us. Love catching up with old friends. STOP complaing about things, be happy for one day we will have no ratdog.

Ray, good ol' west virginia
Awesome show! As always, I purchased a copy of the show that night only to be surprised that it was the 300th Ratdog Live Recorded show! I went home with a SWEET Ratdog travel cup too! I thought the venue was pretty neat, however I would agree with J on the toilet situation. Oh and by the way J, that was me that passed that "parent of the year" the joint. You know what they say; A friend in need is a friend indeed! See you all at the next show!

deadhead623, Youngstown
The show could have used a lot of work. Not trying to be negative, but it just was not a quality ratdog show. The venue was beautiful, but I was not a fan of the acoustics. Good setlist. The jams seemed to run-on and the boys sounded like they were ignoring eachother. Karan is amazing, but I fancy r-dog with Kimock much more. Dont get me wrong, I love ratdog, but they just didn't bring the heat tonight.

Steve, Rochester, NY
I thought the show was sweet, and to be honest Karan is the best man for the job with Ratdog...he is just smoking! Loved Lazy River Rd, and Eyes was just AWESOME . I have been to the first 3 shows on this tour and let me tell you this is the BEST I have heard them in a long time like Beacon run march 07.. They are sounding great, awesome energy from all the boys. I thought Kenny's head was going to explode during some of his solo's. AWESOME!!

Erik, Emglewood
This show was awesome, I feel blessed to see Ratdaog in such a intimate venue. Mission brought tears to my eyes. Remembering Jerry and all those great shows. So what if the sound wasn't up to some peoples standards. This was my first night out in 2 years without taking my kids to a show with me! So, I guess I can just appreciate it more, with no complaints! Ratdog rocks. Thanks for the good time Bobby! Can't wait to see ya again.

Erin, Uniontown PA
A good, solid show; maybe it was the setlist but they had
more energy than I would have thought (third of three nights, hauling it from NY). First set better than second, some lulls (what's with the tempo of Big River these days?). And, finally, we could hear our man Bob's guitar better; he's no slouch, turn him up.

KGoon, Etna
what a great show, Dark Star, Eyes Of The World, Cassidy,Help Slipknot,,,,, WOWEE, i never danced so hard well since June of 1993 Grateful Dead,at Soldeir Field, IL .. what a Show im a RatDog fan forever- i traveled from Cinti to Munhall, Pa to see this show, and i will do it again next year,,,Wow what a show.

estimatedprophet71, cin
Man, I can't believe some of the negative reviews. You guys have some bad taste or something. This show was pretty stellar, especially compared to the first two shows of the tour. The setlist was great! Yeah, it kinda sucked not having 'Franklin's' but that 'Eyes' made up for it.

I thought the sound was really good but then again I had front row center so maybe it sucked up top or in the back.
Kenny and Mark were smoking through out.
I actually enjoy alot of the 'Stuff'. They bust out some crazy shit sometimes and like tonight they are usually pretty interesting. Kenny was making some funny facial expressions during 'Stuff' it was great.

I'm glad Bobby changes up the arrangements of Dead songs. The Dead always played the songs the same way all the time so it is nice to hear a fresher arrangement of GD songs. He sorta modernizes them. 'Big River' sounds so much better these days. 'Easy Answers' and 'Loose Lucy' were so funky with really nice jams. 'Dark Star' is a waste as a set closer. You kinda need it to go into a song and without that transition it just kind of just fizzles out like it did tonight. It was a monster version though.

I really don't get people calling the jamming boring you guys must come for the wrong reasons.
Also, I am very grateful that there were no sing-a-longs, thank god they didn't play 'Tennessee Jed' for that reason alone.

Awesome show and pretty interesting venue.

Jason, Eastlake, Ohio
yeah i agree, i thought the Stuff was one of the highlights of the show!! "Dark Star" you gotta feel priveledged to see a Dark Star, that was a Funky dance show!! Cassidy was great!! I agree with the guy above, some people are in it for the wrong reasons, to complain, i dont think so!! The Stuff was a Jam oohhhweee!

estimatedprophet71, Cinti Ohio
Someone was complaining about the batroom situation....there were bathrooms downstairs, as well as the one in the lobby!!

deadheadsteelerfan, pittsburgh
I am sorry folks, this venue is a disaster. We were in the left side of the balcony, about 10 rows back. The sound was terrible - totally unacceptable. (I later found out that this venue has a reputation for poor sound quality, which raises the question of why they chose it). Based on the other reviews I will accept that not all seats were equally bad, and some may have been great. But mine was a waste of money. Pure and simple. Next time, come back to Cleveland where we have several great venues such as the House of Blues or the Agora Ballroom.

Otherwise the show had great energy and the setlist was solid.

Truckin1853, Cleveland