11/6/2008 Setlist, Photos, and Reviews


Thursday, November 6, 2008
Warner Theatre
Washington, DC


a bit of a yawner tonight, last night was better, nice mississippi jam, terrapin is a bore, too scripted, peter is peter, weak first set too.

wally pipp, scrantonville
Oh my friends, I cannot believe you wrote such a negative report about Thursday's show (and Bonghitwillie I hope your financial situation improves so you don't have to resort to stealing and sneaking around--not cool at all.) I went to both shows, and Bob and the guys played great both nights, but I'd have to give Thursday night's performance the nod for the better one! Band played much tighter, sound system was better (not so painfully loud up front) sax was more of a key element on Thursday than Wednesday. Overall show was bluesy with a great jazz sound by turns, with a sense that the band was really enjoying themselves along with the crowd. Bobby sang "A Hard Rain" so well that he rivaled Dylan. Opening the second set with "Me & My Uncle" was a highlight for me, but then again, I'm a sucker for those cowboy songs. And Rat Dog. Thanks guys!

Anne, DC
fantastic performance. bobby was really into it last night, spitting and all. the brown eyed woman was insane

shaun, baltimore
I went both nights and simply loved both nights. The Warner is a great venue.

The highlights this evening for me were Lucky Enough (one of my fav Ratdog songs), Cream Puff War, Ashes and Glass, Black Peter and Throwing Stones.

I turn 50 tomorrow - who needs a birthday present after those two shows.

jmvfrva, Falls Church Virginia
My first Ratdog show. After 23 Dead shows, nice to see Bobby again. He looked and sounded great. I enjoyed the music and venue. Brown-eyed Women and Loser were 1st set highlights for me, and 1/2 Step, Terrapin and Throwing Stones in the 2nd. Throwing Stones can sometimes be a yawner, but it blew me away last night, really solid and spirited. And a solid overall performance the whole night.

whirledeyes, DC area
I've been to 8-10 shows in the past 5-6 years and last night's was my favorite. I like the way Bob Weir plays guitar and last night was a master class--a silken, sensuous touch. He's like a weaver at the loom, and lush, flowing fabrics issue from his hands. I have always thought Mark Karan played well, but I like him best when he's about 2-3 choruses into his solos. It's like he does the obligatory Jerry-like stuff, then he gets to be himself--he tore it up numerous times. I haven't seen the Dog since last summer in Charlottesville, and a number of arrangements have been freshened for the better, including the end of Throwing Stones and Half Step, and all of Schoolgirl. Black Peter and Hard Rain, too, were especially well rendered. I thought they were all really into it last night and am glad I went. It was a shame, however, how lightly attended the show was in the balcony. Security, too, was obtrusive and heavy-handed. I look forward to the concert disks of this one.

Rich McManus, Bethesda
This show was smokin!! Def the better of the two nights. The issue with the sound was resolved and the band was much tighter than wednesday.

Vocals were on point on Here Comes Sunshine. Brown Eyed women set the pace for what was an awesome first set of music. Loser was the best I've heard in recent years. Lucky Enough was a real treat!! That song really showcases Bobby in a more progressive style. Cream Puff was a surprise and surprises are always nice. Quinn was good. Little Schoolgirl was really hight energy...Bobby was lovin it.Then to Ashes and Glass.... Def the best i've heard it. They threw in a breakdown / Jam in the middle .... Absolutely Awesome!!!!

Me and my uncle... Cowboy Fancy as Bobby would say. Nice Hard Rain.. though I was hoping for a Masters of War. The boys lifted The Warner off the foundation and took use for a ride the rest of the night.1/2 Step and The Wheel were spot on. Terrapin was rockin. Black Peter was nice. I haven't heard it in a long time. Throwin Stones was good. One of the btter At a Siding's that Ive heard and Flyer to close the show. WOW!!

I'm really surprised by some of the negative reviews. This show was great I couldn't ask for more.

Gratefulgabe, Springfield, VA
All I have to say, Greatest Show ever.

Mike Bogart, Bel Air, Md
This was by far one of the best Ratdog shows I have seen in a long time. Next to to the Terra Alta shows in WV. I have seen many and the 11/6/08 performance kept me rockin through the entire show!

the Cream Puff war was the hilight for me, Ratdog never fail to hit you with one suprise, and Cream puff War was it.
A shock to the system!

Every song had great energy, there were no mistakes and tey all had extened jams, that sucked you in and spit you back out!

The "Quinn the Eskimo" had a Casey Jones teaser in it and used the casey Jones lick in and out of the song!

"The Wheel" was turing and you can't slow down, even with the reggae beat they put into gear. the lady wth a fan and Terripin was as crisp and clear as ever! and "stuff" was super funky!

Black Peter was a pleasent suprize, it was played in a more upbeat way, and had, massave jam out at the end of the song.

Then throwing Stones ended the set! Man i was waiting for it all night! Everyone was rockin to this one! the band put the heat on DC, and the audiene fueled the fire! With Bobby's stern vocals and ringing guiar chords, Mark rippin it up, Kenny blowing solos on the horn, and the Audience chanting, we lit a fire under the MAN!

Precision, Inprov, and positive energy, this show had it all!
Neil Lewis

Neil Lewis, Stevensville, MD
How long are these shows running 3 hours? Are they starting on time.

I am an old timer and need to make arrangements for Saturdays show in Boston.


Brendan, essex, ma
Pretty solid show. Not the best Ratdog i've seen, but a good night. Started off kind of slow, they had some trouble getting into the opening jam, and HCS was kind of plain. By Cream Puff War>Mighty Quinn they were on fire. Very nice Ashes and Glass too. Great acoustuc choices. Very jammy Wheel, and an ok Terrapin. Highlight for me was Throwing Stones, i called it before the show. Bob was loving really getting into it, so was I...

Tyler(Friend of the Devil), Buffalo
This was a great show because the band was really into it. Some can argue about song choice, but the fact is that the band played great all night. "Throwin' Stones" is not my favorite, but they played a great version - full of energy, very tight, built up nicely - so it was a great song. There were some nice surprises, and the "Hard Rain's Gonna Fall" was probably the best version of a Dylan song I've experienced by Ratdog. It built up beautifully, and was clean and solid. My expectations are quite high, and this show met them because you could tell the band was energized and really put all they had into it.

Tom Cohen, Washington D.C.
Always good to see Bobby having fun. Let us not forget it is not the Dead. Yes, I do miss Jerry's licks and voice, but Bobby does the sceen proud. Warner is a great venue for the sound. Oh Yeahhhhhhh!!!!!

both nites were grate and how was terripen a bore lol dont no wat ur talkin about

ratman, buffalo
Can't agree more with nick from nyc

will Pot, geneva

Cletus, Harrisonburg
Thougt the show was fantastic as always and I never complain about a Doggie show. This also was the first time I've been to a show sober and ended up getting way more out of it. Saw some old friends too which made it even better.

Spanky, Fairfax, VA.
Hey Maggie Rose.....Check out "Owsley's" sights and sounds on this home page...Both Werewolves and BTW have great sound (especially with good head phones plugged into the computer) ...then, when they're done...a whole bunch of songs and shows will pop up at the bottom. Many from this tour and many GD shows too! I saw a great Franklins with Branford just gettin off right next to Jerry, plus an hours worth of other good stuff. I hope that helps.

This music is subjective and that's an amazing thing....It's all about the band's "head n heart space" and "our" head n heart space....in every given show. Sometimes we're all clicking on the same wave length and the show's mind bending and sometimes we're a little off...Either way, (just like the GD) they put "it" out there every night....taking chances that may lead to pure musical love or to a total train wreck. I love that about this type of music. I am so happy to see all the younger "heads" out there as it proves Bobby and this band truly have "it." I, for one, have enjoyed watching them evolve into this great beast, capable of doing great things every night out. And...I agree...I sure wish we'd see more of em out here in the West.

I look forward to the next west coast run and wish you all safe travels and loving shows:)

schultzy, Scottsdale